The Daily Oracle Card Reading Course is a 3-Lesson online course to help you get in touch with the best adviser you’ll ever have – Spirit.

It teaches you the fundamentals of dialoguing with Spirit on a daily basis to help you adjust your actions or interpretations of events, people and overall challenges.

Oracle Cards are your direct line to Spirit.




The content in this course is awesome. From videos to Live Calls to PDF’s to downloadable mp3’s, we got you covered to really succeed in this course.  You will master doing daily oracle readings for yourself, friends & family and more…


We don’t just give you access to this course while we’re doing it, but rather – we let you come back as many times as you like. And we’ll always let you know when we’re doing refresher courses. You’ve got the keys to the city, so use them when ever you like.


We’ve all made the mistake of buying something that just wasn’t right for us, so if you are dissatisfied with the course or you just can’t master the technology, don’t worry, we don’t want your money if we can’t make you smile.


The online course is divided into 3 separate lessons over a 3-week period.

It all starts Monday Feb. 8th – 15th – 22nd.

Live Calls:

​Feb 10, 17, 24 –7pm est


The Nuts & Bolts – how to ask a question effectively, getting into the right state of mind, reversed meanings, and so much more.


Use Your Intuition To Read Between The Lines – Each card has a meaning, and how they fall in line can further effects their relationship & meaning.


The Daily Practice – The fun and easy part, just doing it! You’ll learn some of the techniques Colette uses to really center and focus on the message.

You Will Learn…

  • How to master asking a question so that you get the answer that gives you the best guidance.
  • How to do a 1-card reading.
  • The difference between an upright and reversed card.
  • How to do a 3-card reading and interpret the relationships between the cards.
  • How to work with multiple decks.
  • How to use the cards daily to help guide you in relationships, financial situations, work related subjects and much much more.

What’s in the course…

  • 3 Lessons with 10 videos per lesson.
  • 3 Lessons each  containing a workbook that go into great details about doing a proper reading.
  • Meditations and Processes for creating a neutral state of mind to get the best and most accurate readings.
  • An online journal to do your readings with the Daily Oracle Card App and then keep so you can refer back to them at anytime. This will help you do a reading, experience the result, and then go back to see how close you were and what adjustments you need to make to your approach.
  • A section with over 200+ video readings that Colette analyzed from prior students, her interpretations and advice on how the student could have tweaked their interpretation or questions to get a clearer answer. These videos are full of great content.
  • Lifetime access to the course and all of the content including the 3-LIVE calls with Colette that will be available as streaming audio and as downloads.
  • And more…


Three times a charm!

This is where all the magic happens. Colette will field questions from audience members on a live teleseminar line. You’ll be able to join by both a toll free phone line or you can get access via your computer on a special landing page where you can also type your questions to Colette.


Don’t worry about it, we’ve got you covered. We record all calls and then load them up on a special CALLS tab in the online course platform, that you can listen to at your convenience.

All calls are downloadable as mp3’s so you can listen to them where ever you go.


A 3-Lesson Online Course that will enable you to really harness the power of dialoguing with the divine, making your life easier and purposeful.

The Daily Oracle Card Reading Online Course is a 100% interactive training program. After you complete the payment, you will get access to the members-only area with all of the training videos, audio downloads, exercises, and more.

Join NOW for just $97.00


Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

•Includes lifetime access to the 3-Lesson online course and 3 weeks of live coaching calls

The Daily Oracle Card Reading Course  is a digital product. After you complete the payment, you will get access to the members-only area with the course content



Click on the tabs below and you’ll have a very clear view of how this course is presented and all of the great components that make up this course. From email notifications of each component to live calls info, to life time access to course materials.




  • You’ll have access to more than 10 in-depth videos per lesson, pdf downloads with more info, some mp3 meditation downloads and more…
  • You will have plenty of time to go through the lesson before the call on Wednesday night 7pm est.



  • Each Wednesday you’ll receive a reminder email to let you know all the details of the call with links to the online platform or phone numbers to call in.
  • If you miss the call, no worries, the next day everybody receives an em​ail with links to the replay of the call.
  • All calls are downloadable as mp3’s so you can listen to them anywhere you want.



  • There is no homework, just HomePlay. HomePlay is a pdf of the major points of each lesson to help guide you to a perfect reading.
  • Processes are short guided meditations that enable you to get to a neutral place so you’re not projecting your wishes or desires on the outcome. But rather a very neutral and detached acceptance of the guidance.



You can’t go wrong with this platform, we’ve got you covered in every way possible.

  • Audio & Visual
  • Multiple platforms including computer, cell phones, tablets & phablets and iPads.
  • If you can get online, you can do this course.
  • EVERYTHING is also available as a download.



  • Yes, we have a place for you to hang out with other classmates, ask questions, and do readings on each other. Its a Facebook page we’ve set up just for this class.



You won’t miss a thing because we will remind you with emails.

  • Lesson releases with links to the online platform where the lessons live.
  • The Live Call reminders with links to the CALLS tab so you can join us by phone or the web.
  • You’ll receive the reminders for The Call replays as soon as they’re loaded up into the Calls tab in the course.


•click on the arrows to reveal the answer.


Do I need to own an Oracle Card Deck to do this course?

You do not need to own an oracle card deck to do this course because we have built in a special online program similar to the one you might have used on Colette’s site. However, you will have a chance to buy 1-3 decks at checkout at a reduced rate for class participants only.


What if I’m not good with a computer?

There is nothing hard about this course. If you know how to push a button, then it’s as simple as that. You click on something and it starts to play, or download.

You can’t break anything!


I’ve never taken a course like this, is it hard?

Is it hard? Well the course isn’t. It is very intuitive, straight forward, and easy to follow. With practice, you certainly will get better at it. Online courses in general are very easy because you can return anytime you like to review anything you are not clear about. We’ve also made it a downloadable course so you can take the material with you to listen to or read the pdf’s.


How much of my time will it take up?

Now there’s a frequent question. The answer is simple, as much time as you want to devote to it. Like going to the gym, the more often you do it, the better the results. The more time you spend working with the cards, the better you’ll get. The better you get, the bigger the life changes come. The quicker you’re able to remedy situations, relationships, financial commitments, etc… SPIRIT has got your back, but you need to know how to converse to SPIRIT.


Why is this course for me rather then something similar with another company/person?

Colette is one of the most respected teachers in this field. She has created 6 oracle card decks with different themes that are among the most accurate decks available on the market. Colette is an expert in many ancient divination tolls such as the Norse Ruins, I-Ching, Pendulum and the Tarot and has taken the essential guiding principles and blended them together along with Jungian psychology to create decks that are easy to use, relevant, current and very precise.

She’s also an incredible teacher who has been teaching this system for many many years and knows how to guide a person to do it for themselves. She’s created an online learning platform that is tried, tested and true. You can’t go wrong with Colette.

And if that’s not enough, Colette is world renown as an author with Hay House publishing, having penned several books and oracle card decks, she’s the TV host of Messages From Spirit in Canada, and she tours internationally to bring audiences her very own special brand of inspiration entertainment.

But please, don’t take our word for it, look around, and if you come back we’ll welcome you with open arms and to really drive home that were serious about you getting exactly what you came here for, we’ve given you that awesome 30 day money back guarantee.


Is this class for beginners or experienced oracle card users?

This class is for everyone. Whether you are an experienced reader or you’ve just been introduced to Oracle Cards, you will great great insight from a master Oracle Card creator and expert.




Each week, Colette will go over each lesson and field a live Q&A session via our web and phone system. Can’t make the call? No problem. You can submit your questions in advance and all calls are recorded and archived.


We’ve set up a special Facebook group for this course, so you can jump on at anytime and chat with fellow students.


Very fast and responsive customer support. Nothing too big or too small. We love all challenges and will work extremely fast to resolve anything you throw at us.

Sara Dougherty

Great Place To Start

”I highly recommend starting here – jumping in to the world of insight and creativity beyond the intellect – I enjoy how this balances my creativity and insight – and you will too.”


Love This Course and Colette

“I started doing the lessons yesterday. I like that she showed how one card can used to answer a relationship question then it could be used to answer wealth question. Colette is a good teacher. Even if you’ve been reading oracle cards for a long time or short time this course is for everyone. Colette uses her three decks and explains her cards and their meaning, upwards and reversed.”

Shirley M ChaseKathleen Lamoureux – The Numerology Coach

A Course For Everyone

“I’m a numerology coach and I love Colette’s decks and am using them for my oracle readings for the visual and tactile client. I just signed up and am very excited to learn from Colette and receive her wisdom because after all she is the modern version of the “oracle.” If you are into metaphysical disciplines, who would not want to learn from her ancient wisdom that goes so far back it’s probably well – believable. In love and spirit to you Colette”


Colette Is Just The Best–There I Said It!

“I can say from my own personal experience, that there is no one better to learn this ancient skill, than from Colette Baron-Reid, and her amazingly accurate Oracle decks. This class will take the “nervousness” out of reading Oracle cards and replace that with the fun and confidence that is so needed when reading for yourself or others. You will absolutely love it!”

Michele Domingo

30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

We have all made enough regretful decisions in life and so we promise that your deciding to try this course will not be one of them!

We have taken all the risk out of it. Give it a try for 30 days and if are not happy just send an email and 100% of the course fee will be refunded back to you with no questions asked.

Consider These 4 Facts Once More:

The Teacher

Colette Baron-Reid is a phenomenal teacher with years of experience in this field.

The Dialog with SPIRIT

What would you pay to get the best advice on anything and EVERYTHING?

The Simplicity

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid, is our moto. We’ve made a course that is user friendly and effective.

The No-Risk Guarantee

If you’re not happy, we haven’t earned the right to keep your money. We’ll give it right back. That you can take to the bank.


The Daily Oracle Card Reading Online Course is a 100% interactive training program. After you complete the payment, you will get access to the members-only area with all of the training videos, audio downloads, exercises, and more.

Join NOW for just $97.00


Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

•Includes lifetime access to the 3-Lesson online course and 3 weeks of live coaching calls

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