Goddess Power Recommended Reading

These are the books that I feel are relevant to working with the Goddess and her many aspects, as well as some of those that influenced my thinking as I was called to create this deck. Educating ourselves about our collective history and the ramifications to our evolving culture is crucial if we are going to take part in its birthing and healing. The inclusion of White Buffalo Calf Woman and Spider-Woman came after a respectful consideration of their important role in Native American spirituality. Since we all live on land previously the domain of these great peoples, I highly encourage you to learn about their origins.

Some of these books are dense, while others are easier to read, but all are well worth the effort. If you’re willing to dive in, I will warn you: expect an emotional response. I was initially shocked, then angry, then so bereft, I had to undergo an initiation of grief I was not expecting at all. I am surrendered now and committed to adding my voice to the many who are rising up in the world to help initiate a more egalitarian, healed society. We can do that only by restoring the feminine aspect of the universe to its rightful place.

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