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“I have been and continue to be blessed beyond measure with the knowledge and experience I have gained with these amazing courses in Oracle School.”

I learned so much about myself and my connection to Spirit has strengthened exponentially. When I first began, I really had no idea what I was getting into…old patterns were strong and I just wanted/needed a tool to help me know I am worthy, I am loved, that Spirit loves me and has my back. Yes, life and some unexpected craziness still happens but I know with all of the meditations and my council, I can navigate through any storm.

Eve M.
“I feel so peaceful but so overwhelmed with love for you all. Thank you Colette and Anna and Jill and Marc you are truly amazing!”

I’m so glad I was led to you. My life has changed into one of beginning to really know who I am, being okay when I’m ‘muggling’ and not wizarding, learning to like myself and not see myself as my old story. It’s been therapeutic and I know it’s just the beginning for me as I’m a beautiful story in motion and not a victim anymore and that is my greatest freedom—that and the connection with Spirit and this fabulous group. You all rock love you xxx

Vanessa H.

The Building Blocks Of Your Personal Transformation


Personal Mastery
Integration Experience
Shared Wisdom

Value: $997

The Personal Mastery Experience:

The Journey Begins…

You deeply yearn to know more, live more, and become more. In Personal Mastery, you’ll travel deep within yourself to articulate and claim what your soul already knows is possible.

Using Oracle Cards as your guide, you’ll learn the truth: that you’re a powerful co-creator with the Universe. Your truth is found within yourself no matter what’s going on in the outside world.

Dates: September 20th – November 15th, 2022

Value: $497

Integration Experience:

The Immersion Begins…

During this six-week immersive experience, you’ll work closely with seasoned Oracle School Mentors to integrate all you’ve learned in Personal Mastery into your life.

You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, get insight and guidance on your unique spiritual plan and seize the learning opportunities the aha moments and epiphanies afford you.

Dates: November 16th – December 27th, 2022

Value: $1997

The Shared Wisdom Experience:

Traveling into the World…

No lesson is complete until we’re able to share it with others. In The Shared Wisdom Experience, you’ll see how to claim your wisdom through knowledge and your lived experience and use it to benefit others around you.

Using the Oracle Cards (and creating Oracles together), you’ll discover how you, in all your uniqueness, can help heal wounds of the universal human condition. Through introspective activities and group work in a safe container of love and support, your contributions will become part of a beautiful whole.

Dates: January 6th – April 11th, 2023

Value: $1997

Oracle School Community & Mentors

Your Oracle School experience wouldn’t be complete without being able to share the journey with other heart-led travelers. You’ll gather in a private Facebook group to share your discoveries, practice with each other, and create life-long connections. Along the way, you’ll be guided by Colette Baron-Reid-trained mentors, always on-hand to provide gentle direction, cheer you on, and accelerate your learning.


Are you wondering if enrolling in Oracle School
could possibly get any better … YES!

Check out these incredible bonuses when you join before September 18th at 11:59 PM PT!

Value: $26.00

Wisdom of the Oracle Deck 

This deck is Colette’s #1 best-selling deck with over 250,000 copies sold. This 52-card deck and companion guidebook will allow you to interpret messages about all aspects of your journey, with over 250 independent meanings!

Value: $297

The Oracle School
Experience Gift Box

At your Oracle School midway point, we’ll send you a brand-new exclusive assortment of Oracle School goodies, including surprises galore AND a bundle of Colette’s Oracle Card decks to add to your collection!


Value: $49

Wisdom of the

In this interactive video training series, Colette goes through each of the 52 cards from her top-selling Wisdom of the Oracle Deck! Each 5-minute video shows you how to read a card intuitively. That’s over 4 hours of video training, broken into easy-to-understand, easy-to-watch bite-sized sessions!


Value: Priceless

Oracle School
Certificate of Completion

When you complete Oracle School, you’ll be awarded a special Oracle School Certificate of Completion in recognition of your commitment to engaging in this journey of the soul.


You get all of this
but above all else…

The Oracle School Experience will give you the confidence and resilience to finally see that you can work with the gentle forces of the Universe to manifest the best life possible.

You’ll lead a purpose-driven life filled with awe, gratitude, and deep fulfillment — no matter what is happening around you.


I Love Numerology…Let’s Run The Numbers!

When you join The Oracle School Experience now,
you’ll receive…

Personal Mastery Experience

$997 value

Integration Experience

$497 value

Shared Wisdom Experience

$1997 value

Oracle School Community & Mentorship

$1997 value

BONUS! Wisdom of the Oracle Card Deck

$26 value

BONUS! Oracle School Experience Gift Box

$297 value

BONUS! Wisdom of the Oracle REVEALED

$49 value

BONUS! Oracle School Experience Certificate





These Exclusive Surprise Bonuses Are Available During OraclePalooza Virtual ONLY!

You’ll also get…

Welcome Celebration Lunch with Colette

Meet Colette for lunch? When you enroll in Oracle School, you’re invited to a Welcome Celebration Lunch on
Sunday, September 18th, 2022!

We’ll meet over Zoom, and I’ll introduce you to the seasoned, professional mentors that will help me support you during your time in Oracle School!

Oracle School Welcome Live Call

Ready to get started now? You can! On Tuesday, September 20th, join Colette and Head Mistress of Oracle School, Anna Saether for a live Welcome Call and receive access to the welcome module of Oracle School!



That brings your Oracle School Experience value to a
grand total of $5,860+…



12 Monthly Payments of

$249 USD

Enroll Now

Total Investment $2988

SAVE $491


One Payment of

$2497 USD

Enroll Now

Pay In Full and Save!

Prices are going up, up, up everywhere you look….But not Oracle School!
Join now and get all the access for the same price as last year!

Money-Back Guarantee

I know this to be true: there is no other experience like Oracle School in the world, and I’m not exaggerating. BUT we want you to be COMPLETELY delighted with your Oracle School experience so register now with the assurance that you’ll have until October 5th to make sure it’s right for you.

Just let us know before October 5th, 2022 at 11:59 pm PT that you’re not satisfied, and you’ll receive a full refund (minus the cost of your Wisdom of the Oracle deck + shipping) — no questions asked!

What People Are Saying


How much is the Payment Plan?

The Oracle School Experience Payment Plan is 12 monthly payments of $249. A total investment of $2988.

Can I switch from payment plan to pay in full?

Yes! You have 30 days (from your first payment) to switch from the Payment Plan to Pay in Full! Just contact our customer service team at [email protected] when you are ready to make the switch!

What is the refund policy?

We offer a full refund before October 5th, 2022. Just let us know no later than October 5th, 2022 at 11:59pm PT that you’re not satisfied, and you’ll receive a full refund — no questions asked! (minus the cost of your Wisdom of the Oracle deck + shipping)

What are the Oracle School dates?

  • Personal Mastery Welcome Call is September 20th and the Orientation Call is September 28th.
  • Personal Mastery officially starts September 30th – November 15th, 2022.
  • Integration: November 16 – December 27th, 2022
  • Shared Wisdom: January 6 – April 11th, 2023

When are the live calls and are they recorded?

All of the live calls all happen on Tuesdays and alternate between 2 PM & 7 PM ET (New York Time).

All are recorded and uploaded to our learning platform within 24 hours of the call for you to watch if you can’t make it live.


  • Sept 20: Welcome call 7pm-8:30
  • Sept 28: Orientation call 2pm-3:30
  • Oct 4: Module 1 call 7pm-8:30
  • Oct 11: Module 2 call 2pm-3:30
  • Oct 18: Module 3 call 7pm-8:30
  • Oct 25: Break week – no call
  • Nov 1: Module 4 call – 2pm-3:30
  • Nov 8: Module 5 call – 7pm-8:30
  • Nov 15: Module 6 call- 2pm-3:30
  • Dec 27 – Special Holiday Year End Call 7pm-8:30


  • Jan 10 – SW Module 1 call 7pm-8:30
  • Jan 17 –  SW Module 2 call 2pm-3:30
  • Jan 24 – SW Module 3 call 7pm-8:30
  • Jan 31 – Break week – no call
  • Feb 7 – SW Module 4 call 2pm-8:30
  • Feb 14 – Break week no call
  • Feb 21 – Module 5 call 7pm-8:30
  • Feb 28 – Module 6 call 2pm-3:30
  • Mar 7 – Break week – no call
  • Mar 14 – Module 7 call 7pm-8:30
  • Mar 21 – Module 8 call 2pm-3:30
  • Mar 28 – Break week – no call
  • April 4 – Integration call – 7pm-8:30
  • April 11 – Celebration call – 2pm-8:30

Is the training done with you?

Yes, Oracle School is an interactive experience including live calls with Colette and Oracle School mentors to assist you along the way.

Do you offer scholarships?

This program has already been whittled down to the most affordable pricing and payment plan. We would recommend you speak to a program expert if the program is right for you.

It’s Time To Decide …

If you’ve read this far, there’s definitely something in you calling out for “more.”

…And you owe it to yourself to honor the whispers from your soul … “This! This might be what you’ve been searching for!”

The last few years have been full of uncertainty but I also know this – this time of transition is ripe for transformation, and that’s why I so want you to experience what’s available to you through the Oracle School Experience.

Experiencing Oracle School is like passing through a portal from the land of black-and-white to the full technicolor version, complete with ruby slippers and fairy dust!

The joy… the abundance… the miracles… the relationships… the clarity… it’s all waiting for you.

But you have to be willing to meet your Higher Power half-way.

In any quest, there comes a moment when the hero must step out in faith. That’s what’s being asked of you now… to trust in yourself, in the process, and in your soul, that you are deserving of all that the Universe has to offer you.

When I finally accepted my spiritual calling, and committed whole-heartedly to living out my highest intentions, I went from down and out to empowered, happy and proud to get up every day and make a meaningful contribution to the world.

You can do it, too.

Something inside of you is stirring and ready to awaken…. will you answer the call?

Love you always and forever!

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