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July 30 – August 1, 2021



At the end of OraclePalooza, you will have a practical, spiritual map to help you claim the sacred vision of your future and make your dreams a reality.

During our magical three days together,

I’ll guide you through the stories of your life as a landscape on a mystical map. Through metaphoric scenery, you’ll make sense of your unique journey and be reminded that we are all connected to each other and to all of life. 

Using the Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, I’ll guide you through readings, meditations, and enlightening group conversations.

Throughout the weekend, I’ll also perform intuitive readings with select attendees—a moving and healing experience for everyone who bears witness. 

OraclePalooza is a mystical, moving, memorable event that will leave you floating for weeks to come. 

And guess what? While gathering in person is magical, so is convenience. 

We’re bringing OraclePalooza to you! You can enjoy this virtual experience from your favorite place, on your schedule, and in your sweats! 

“Thank you for your amazing gifts
of love, sharing and blessings.“

“I had an awesome weekend reflecting, acknowledging, and loving self. With love, and blessings to you and all!”

— Elizabeth Guzman

Connecting with others and the hosts, as well as hearing from Spirit.“

This was awesome. You guys did an excellent job of creating a welcoming and inviting event. The breaks, the dancing, the meditations. All perfect

Angelina Hunt


Meditations, Spiritual Connection, and a Whole Lotta Intuitive Guidance!

Sessions with me!

Using the updated Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, I’ll guide you through impactful and transformational exercises for a dive deep into your magical, mystical self.

Breakout Groups!

You’ll break out into small groups to share the magic, talk about the cards and make real, lasting connections with other spiritual, heart-centered seekers.

Guided Meditations!

This is one of the most transformative and beloved aspects of OraclePalooza! I will lead you and the group meditation, exponentially raising the vibe with my brand new vision journeys into the landscapes of your life.

I cant wait!

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3 jam-packed days

of fun, mystical and practical activities

to empower you to trust you’re becoming who you’re meant to be

Over 3 full days, we’ll look deeply at the maps of your life—where you’ve been, where you are now and how to find that glittering spot on the Map that beckons with promises of sanctuary, abundance, harmony and serenity. 

Day 1

When you trust the journey you’re on has a magical essence and reclaim it for yourself, you’ll move through this time of transition with excitement, curiosity, and hope.

On Day 1, you’ll experience:

  • A BIG warm welcome and introduction to the mystical map of your potential.
  • Interactive sessions that explore different areas of your unique relationship with the Universe. You’ll discover that nothing is wasted or gone forever. You can reclaim the part of you that may have disappeared.
  • Oracle Card readings from my Enchanted Map deck.
  • Small breakout groups to meet and connect with other attendees from all over the globe to share your Aha moments and epiphanies.
Day 2

As spiritual souls having a human experience, our Divine purpose on earth is to become the best version of ourselves. Day 2 is all about appreciating the inspiring journey Spirit has planned for you, so you can create your very own Field of Dreams! 

On Day 2, you’ll experience:

  • Interactive sessions about reinvention and creating hope in your life in partnership with the Divine. We’ll talk about honoring your dreams and recognizing that magic lives in the domain of the inner world.
  • Affirmation creation activities so you have a script to follow and words to live by.
  • Oracle Card readings from my Enchanted Map deck.
  • Small group breakout sessions with other like-minded, big-hearted people, where you can share epiphanies and meet new friends from all over the world.
Day 3

The reality we’re facing these days is tough to square when we think about the Universe, but we can control how we respond and to claim something even better before it happens! On the closing day, you’ll claim your power as a magical mapmaker in partnership with Spirit.

On Day 3, you’ll experience:

  • Inspirational sessions focusing on how to trust yourself completely and claim a sacred vision for your life.
  • Enchanted Map Oracle Card readings.
  • Small group breakout chats to reflect and appreciate how far you’ve come together.

“I loved the experience!“

“Thank you and your beautiful team. I’m still dancing with my emoji paddles on my Facebook calls, my friend loves it, so the joy lives on😘

— Jeanne Le

It was incredible!!!

The energy that came through was unbelievable, never thought it would be possible through an online event. The concept was fantastic: the contents, Colette Baron-Reid’s amazing energy, and the breakout groups, they made it real and interactive. All that made you feel part of it, rather than just a long distance spectator. I can really feel a change in me and my energy levels. Also, you are able to reach so many more people than in local events. I would have never been able to join if it wasn’t online. Forever grateful ❤️🕺

Catharina Von Bredow

Special Bonus Sessions

Spirit Jam

Friday, July 30th

During this evening of mediumship, we celebrate the magic of the Universe and our place within it.

Spirit Jams are where Colette delivers messages from friends and family on the other side to their loved ones in attendance.

If you only attended OraclePalooza for Spirit Jam, you wouldn’t regret it, and it’s included in your ticket price. Maybe there’s a message waiting for you!

Intuitive Coaching

Saturday, July 31st

Last year’s Intuitive Coaching with Colette was one of the most-loved sessions of OraclePalooza Virtual!

During this interactive evening session, attendees are invited to ask Colette any questions they need intuitive guidance on, and Colette provides answers by demonstrating how to use Oracle Cards and your intuition to tap into the Divine guidance of the Universe!






A Special Bonus
my gift to you

A Swag Box!

I’ve hand-picked my favorite things to support you through the event and beyond! Inside you’ll find:

  • an exclusive, comprehensive spiritual Workbook

  • a copy of the Enchanted Map Oracle Deck

  • OraclePalooza Pen

  • Emoji Paddles 

… and a few other of my favorite little treats as a surprise.
And, we’ll ship it straight to your door!


Note: we can only guarantee domestic deliveries 1 week before the start of the event. 

***International orders can take up to 3 weeks for delivery.


US and Canada Customers Require At Least 4 Days to Guarantee Swag Delivery Before the Event!

“Thank you so much for doing this -”

it’s brought up a lot of stuff for me to think about–life changing!”

— April Kaskey Angotti

It was magical.

“So many hidden feelings are opening up for me. The virtual events are really powerful!”

Gerda Smith

oraclepalooza virtual 2021


We bring OraclePalooza Virtual to you at a fraction of the price of a live event, with ALL the connection, energy and FUN!

Typical Live Event

*average costs

  • Admission: $997
  • Airfare: $500
  • Hotel: $591 + taxes
  • Transportation: $89
  • Food : $250
  • Snacks: $50

$2477 USD


General Admission, including all of the below!

  • Live access to 3 full days of mystical, magical, and moving sessions with Colette
  • Spirit Jam – a night of magic and mediumship!
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Keepsake OraclePalooza workbook
  • Swag box, including The Enchanted Map Oracle Deck!

$79 USD

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“We laughed, cried and danced so much in three days..”

“I feel like we were teleported to the land of Woo! Thank you & your entire team Colette Baron-Reid!!” 

— Dana Hauser

Such an amazing group…

“…the combined energy of us all is absolutely wonderful. Really looking forward to tomorrow!”

Charlotte Everett

See your life

for the wonderful, inspiring adventure it is!

OraclePalooza Virtual is all about seeing your life as the incredible adventure it is. You’re going to learn to see your life stories as a landscape on a mystical map and chart your path forward.

with my guidance, you’re going to:

Release Old Stories…

you know, the ones that hold you back from claiming the life you want. We’ll rewrite the stories that play on loop in your mind to read like tales of hope and possibility.


tap into your intuition…

Discover the practical, easy-to-follow steps to tap into your intuition and to trust your relationship with the Universe so that you can move forward in your life confidently and at peace that all that is happening has a greater purpose. 


embrace your worthiness…

Embrace your worthiness as you are and celebrate the sacred vision for your life!

When you join me and thousands of others who share the same intentions, dreams and goals, a magical shift will happen for you and humanity as a whole. 

No shift is too small.

However tiny it may seem, every step forward you take on your spiritual journey will make a meaningful difference

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“…illuminating brilliance. Loved every moment. ♥️✨”

Asha Frost

Thank you so much for sharing and lifting us all up.

“I’m so grateful. I will continue to use the techniques as they have been amazing! This has given me some beautiful perspective, and it’s surreal to feel at peace and in alignment 💫💕💖 Will be keeping it up 🙏🏽🥰😘 Thank you again 💝”

Cat Rotondo

You have questions, I have answers!

Why should I attend OraclePalooza?

I’m so glad you asked! These are a few of my favorite things about OraclePalooza…

  • Connect with your spiritual family (and make new friends!)
  • Practice reading the Oracle Cards for yourself and others, even if you have no experience with cards!
  • Get real and share your truth in a supportive, non-judgmental environment
  • Experience one-of-a-kind guided meditations and vision journeys
  • Be part of the exponential vibration increase that happens when a large group comes together with a common intention
  • Celebrate to your heart’s delight
  • Get the chance to be randomly selected to receive a live reading or coaching with me
  • Create memories that will last a lifetime
  • Take home an incredible swag box of valuable resources, gifts, and surprises

I’m new to Oracle Cards! Can I still attend?

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome at this event—from beginners to more advanced Oracle Card readers. If you’re ready to learn more about the secrets of the Conscious Universe, and gain the confidence and clarity to pursue your dreams, this is for you. You don’t even have to know WHY you’re attending! (If you have that deep down sense that you’re meant to be here, that’s all you need to know. Trust your intuition.)

I attended OraclePalooza Virtual last year. Will this be the same material?

This year’s OraclePalooza Virtual is full of brand new teachings, meditations, and exercises! While there may be a bit of overlap with concepts I’ve shared before, what you will learn and experience at OraclePalooza will be new

We’ll go deeper, we’ll explore more, and you’ll reach new levels of transformation. This is your chance to reconnect with friends from last year and meet new friends from our “Woo Crew” in a more intimate manner! At OraclePalooza Virtual you’ll be able to practice your new skills, share your “wins” and deepen your connection to the Conscious Universe. It’s one part learning, one part celebration… and an experience you’ll never forget!

What happens once I buy my ticket?

Within a few minutes of signing up, you’ll receive a detailed welcome email with all the information you need! Please know even though this is a virtual event, you will be required to “check-in” for the event a couple of days before to ensure prevention of any technical difficulties prior to the event starting on July 30th. We will be in touch via email with check-in details, swag box updates, and an invitation to our private Facebook community as the event gets closer.

When will I get my Swag Box?

We know you’re excited to receive your swag box full of items to make this event a truly unforgettable experience. Swag Boxes are not shipped immediately, but will be shipped closer to the start of the event. Please know that we can only guarantee domestic deliveries one week before the start of the event. International orders can take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

When and where is the event?

OraclePalooza Virtual will be hosted on a virtual stage along with a special dashboard. Access to resources, games, activities and more will be available via the dashboard as content becomes available. 

Please see the schedule below (know that we reserve the right to make minor modifications to best serve you). 

  • Friday, July 30th 11:00am – 7:45pm ET 
  • Saturday, July 31stt 11:00am – 7:00pm ET 
  • Sunday, August 1st 11:00am – 5:00pm ET

Click here to convert the times to your time zone.

Have another question not listed here? 

Please contact [email protected] 

Don’t have fomo

(fear of missing oraclepalooza)

and miss this once-in-a-year-experience!

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