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Transformation Success Stories

I have been and continue to be blessed beyond measure with the knowledge and experience I have gained with these amazing courses in Oracle School. I learned so much about myself and my connection to Spirit has strengthened exponentially. When I first began, I really had no idea what I was getting into…old patterns were strong and I just wanted/needed a tool to help me know I am worth, I am loved, that Spirit loves me and has my back. Yes, life and some unexpected craziness still happens but I know with all of the meditations and my council, I can navigate through any storm. My life is good and my fear of the unknown has lessened. This amazing school hands down has empowered us with the knowledge that we are part of a much bigger game.

– Eve Makstutis

I am beyond grateful and really feel blessed having been able to go all the way 😉 Oracle School gave me back my wings and when standing at the edge now, I no longer am afraid to jump because I know my wings will carry me high up into the sky! And like Angelina Jolie in the movie “Maleficent”, in the end my world was once more painted by the bright and vibrant colors of love and joy🙂

– Michaela Stenersen

I feel so peaceful but so overwhelmed with love for you all. Thank you Colette and Doug and Anna and Jill and Marc you are truly amazing and I’m so glad I was led to you. My life has changed into one of beginning to really know who I am, being okay when I’m ‘muggling’ and not wizarding, learning to like myself and not see myself as my old story. It’s been therapeutic and I know it’s just the beginning for me as I’m a beautiful story in motion and not a victim anymore and that is my greatest freedom—that and the connection with Spirit and this fabulous group. You all rock love you xxx

– Vanessa Haywood

Our Most Popular Programs Work Together Synergistically to Help You Claim Your Highest Self and Feel Calm and Confident in Your Own Skin


Personal Mastery:

The Journey Begins…

You have a deep yearning to know more, live more, become more. In Personal Mastery, you’ll travel deep within yourself to articulate and claim what your soul already knows is possible.

Using Oracle Cards as your guide, you’ll learn the truth: that you’re a powerful co-creator with the Universe. No matter what’s going on in the outside world, your truth is found within yourself.

August 20th, 2021 – November 9th, 2021 

Value: $997

Integration Experience:

The Immersion Begins…

In this six-week immersive experience, you’ll work closely with Oracle School Mentors to integrate all you’ve learned in Personal Mastery into your life.

You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, get insight and intuitive guidance on your unique spiritual plan and seize the learning opportunities the aha moments and epiphanies afford you.

November 10th, 2021 – December 24th, 2021

Value: $497

Shared Wisdom:

Traveling into the World…

No lesson is complete until we’re able to share it with others. In The Shared Wisdom Experience, you’ll see how to claim your wisdom through knowledge and your lived experience and use it to benefit others around you.

Using the Oracle Cards (and creating Oracles together), you’ll discover how you in all your uniqueness can help heal wounds of the universal human condition. Through introspective activities and group work in a safe container of love and support, your individual contributions will become part of a beautiful whole.

January 7th, 2022 – April 26th, 2022 (Integration Ends: April 26th, 2022)*

Value: $1997



Oracle School Bundle Bonuses

Bonus 1

Invision Process

Any soul traveler needs tools and provisions for the journey. With the Invision Process, you’ll learn the extraordinary process based on my #1 best-selling book, The Map. You’ll discover how to quickly and easily short-circuit your stress response in any situation. Using the language of metaphor, images, and symbols, you’ll empower your soul to communicate freely and fully, leading to insight and growth.
April 2022 (Exact Dates TBD)*

Value: $997

Bonus 2

Personal Mastery Swag Box

The best part about going back to school is the trip to pick out just the right lunchbox, pencils, binders, and notebooks! We’ve done the shopping for you. Just in time to kick off Personal Mastery in August, you’ll receive a limited edition Back to Oracle School supplies box packed with everything you need to start class in true mystical style!

Value: $197

Bonus 3

Shared Wisdom Swag Box

…Because TWO swag boxes are better than one! We’ll get you ready for the Shared Wisdom Experience with a brand-new exclusive assortment of Shared Wisdom goodies, including surprises galore AND a bundle of Colette’s Oracle Card decks to add to your collection!

Value: $297

Bonus 4

Oracle School Facebook Classroom & Mentors

Your Oracle School experience wouldn’t be complete without being able to share the journey with other heart-led travelers. You’ll gather in a private Facebook group to share your discoveries, practice with each other, and create life-long connections. Along the way, you’ll be guided by Colette Baron-Reid-trained mentors, always on-hand to provide gentle direction, cheer you on, and accelerate your learning.

Value: $1997

Bonus 5

Wisdom of the Oracle Revealed

In this interactive video training series, Colette goes through each of the 52 cards from her top-selling Wisdom of the Oracle Deck! Each 5-minute video shows you how to read a card intuitively. That’s over 4 hours of video training, broken into easy-to-understand, easy-to-watch bite-sized sessions!

Value: $49

Bonus 6

Oracle School Certification

When you complete Oracle School, you’ll be named as a Certified Oracle Guide in recognition of your commitment to engaging in this journey of the soul.

Value: Priceless

You know I love numerology…
let’s run the numbers! Whip out your calculator and add this all up!

When you join Oracle School now, you’ll receive…

Personal Mastery – $997 value

Integration Experience – $497 value

Shared Wisdom – $1997 value

BONUS! Invision Process – $997 value

BONUS! Personal Mastery Swag Box – $197 value

BONUS! Shared Wisdom Swag Box – $297 value

BONUS! Oracle School Facebook Community & Mentorship – $1997 value

BONUS! Wisdom of the Oracle REVEALED – $49 value

BONUS! Special Oracle Guide Certification – Priceless


But Wait, That’s Not All…

These Exclusive Surprise Bonuses Are Available
During OraclePalooza Virtual ONLY!

Oracle School Welcome Celebration Lunch

Join Colette and your new spiritual friends for a welcome lunch to celebrate joining Oracle School! Colette will host all the new students together virtually on Sunday, August 1st at 3 PM ET to personally welcome you in and tell you about the magical woo-filled moths that lie ahead!

Value: Priceless!

Get Ready for Oracle School with Oracle School Orientation!

Ready to get started now? You can! In this 3-week program, you’ll set yourself up to get the most out of your Oracle School experience and get to know your fellow spiritual seekers before the first lesson! You’ll gain access to a welcome call plus 2 more LIVE calls with Colette, and a library of pre-recorded mini-lessons!

Starts August 2nd, 2021

Value: $497

That brings your Oracle School Bundle value to a grand total of $7525

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In this time of seemingly endless questions…

Are you ready to discover infinite possibilities?

This 8-month immersive journey with other heart-centered, spiritual seekers will transform your life, cultivate a new sense of self, and show you the truth your soul already knows… your unique purpose in the world!

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Transformation Success Stories

Despite being nervous and hesitant to join Oracle school again, yes again, because I had to come back, I knew it would welcome me with new challenges and opportunities that I needed in order to continue to grow into a more resilient human. Oracle school fosters an amazing community that really comes together and it helped me to reclaim the permission to return to myself. In retrospect, this allowed me to cultivate a deeper compassion and kindness for others, which is the best homecoming gift I could have received from this program

– Gregory Perkins

I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful, helpful, loving, welcoming Oracle School group. I am so proud of myself for the growth I have experienced in my life. I am a much calmer person and I am able to share with my boys how to talk to Spirit and our guides. I am a more grounded, centered person who has found so many wonderful treasures by reading and being part of this wonderful group. I am forever grateful for this school, and it’s amazing leaders.

– Tammy Lewandowski

I’m in tears. Such gratitude and joy. I feel the love and respect. It’s been an honor and privilege to be in this group. I have grown in so many ways, healed old wounds, let go of things and “friends” that I needed to. I have better boundaries and my creativity is outta of the box. I’m a way better version of myself that I was last year. I lean into things with more ease. I love knowing that I can step back and say “Hmmmm ‘That’s Interesting.’

Lots of love and gratitude to you all. Looking forward to what’s next. Sending love and peace to you all. Thank you, Colette, Doug, and Anna. It’s been an amazing ride so far… XOXO

– Lisa Silverstein Silverman

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