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The Oracle School Bundle

A 10-Month Transformational Journey from the Inside Out

Here’s What’s Included in this Oracle School Bundle:

Three of Our Most Popular Programs
Working Together Seamlessly and Synergistically…


Personal Mastery:

The Journey Begins…

You have a deep longing inside of you, a yearning to know more, live more, become more. In Personal Mastery, you’ll travel deep within to articulate and claim what your soul already knows is possible. Using Oracle Cards as your guide, you’ll learn the truth: That you’re a powerful co-creator with the Universe. No matter what’s going on in the outside world, your truth is found in relationship with yourself.

September 28th, 2020 – November 16th (Integration Ends: January 4th, 2021)*

Value: $997


Invision Process:

Equipping Yourself for the Road Ahead…

Any soul traveler needs tools and provisions for the journey. With Invision, you’ll learn an extraordinary process based on my #1 best-selling book, The Map. You’ll discover how to quickly and easily short-circuit your stress response in any situation. Using the language of metaphor, images, and symbols, you’ll empower your soul to communicate freely and fully, leading to insight and growth.

January 11th, 2021 – February 18th, 2021*

Value: $997

The Shared Wisdom Experience:

Traveling into the World…

No lesson is complete until we’re able to share it with others. In The Shared Wisdom Experience, you’ll see how to claim your wisdom won through knowledge and experience and use it to benefit others around you. Using the Oracle Cards (and creating oracles together), you’ll discover how you in all your uniqueness can help heal wounds of the universal human condition. Through joint activities and group work in a safe container of love and support, your individual contributions will become part of a beautiful whole.

February 22nd, 2021 – July 19th, 2021*

Value: $1997


Oracle School Bundle Bonuses for
OraclePalooza Virtual Attendees!

Bonus 1

Personal Mastery Swag:
The best part about going back to school is the trip to pick out just the right lunchbox, pencils, binders, and notebooks! We’ve done the shopping for you. Just in time to kick off Personal Mastery in September, you’ll receive a limited edition Back to Oracle School Supplies box packed with everything you need to start class in true mystical style!

Value: $97
Bonus 2

Shared Wisdom Swag:
…Because TWO swag boxes are better than one! We’ll get you ready for The Shared Wisdom Experience with a brand-new exclusive assortment of Shared Wisdom goodies, including surprises galore AND a bundle of Colette’s Oracle Card decks to add to your collection!

Value: $197
Bonus 3

Oracle School Facebook
Community & Mentors:

Your Oracle School experience wouldn’t be complete without being able to share the journey with other heart-led travelers. You’ll gather in a private Facebook group to share your discoveries, practice with each other, and create life-long connections. Along the way, you’ll be guided by Colette Baron-Reid-trained mentors, always on-hand to provide gentle direction, cheer you on, and accelerate your learning.

Value: $1997
Bonus 4

Wisdom of the Oracle REVEALED:
In this interactive video training series, Colette goes through each of the 52 cards from her top-selling Wisdom of the Oracle Deck! Each 5-minute video shows you how to read a card intuitively. That’s over 4 hours of video training, broken into easy-to-understand, easy-to-watch bite-sized sessions!

Value: $49
Bonus 5

Special Certification:
When you complete Oracle School, you’ll be named as a Certified Oracle Guide in recognition of your commitment to engaging in this journey of the soul.

Value: Priceless

Let’s Do the Math…

Whip out your calculator and
add this all up!


When you join Oracle School now, you’ll receive…


Invision Process – $997 value

Shared Wisdom – $1997 value

BONUS! Personal Mastery Swag Box – $97 value

BONUS! Shared Wisdom Swag Box – $197 value

BONUS! Oracle School Facebook Community & Mentorship – $1997 value

BONUS! Wisdom of the Oracle REVEALED – $49 value

BONUS! Special Oracle Guide Certification – Priceless


Oracle Cards

But Wait, That’s Not All…

Special Surprise Bonus Offered During OraclePalooza Virtual ONLY

Oracle Cards 101

The Ultimate Course to Confidently
Read Oracle Cards
in just 5-minutes a day
(over 30 days)

Value: $197
More Bonuses

You’ll also receive these EXTRA Oracle Cards 101 bonuses:


Wisdom of the Oracle Card Deck – $26 Value

6 Hours of Extra Pre-Recorded Training Videos with Colette – $1,257 Value

Library of Mediations – $ 19.99 Value

TOTAL VALUE: $1499.99
TOTAL Oracle Cards 101 Value With Bonuses

That brings your Oracle School value
to a grand total of $7,830.99!!





OraclePalooza Virtual Price
for the Oracle School Bundle

(Not Offered Any Other Time)


12 Easy Payments of $249


12-Month Payment Plan


Save Almost $500 And Pay


Save Almost $500



In this time of seemingly endless questions…

Are you ready to discover endless possibilities?

This 10-month immersive journey will transform your life, generate a new sense of self, and show you the truth your soul already knows and recognizes… Your unique purpose in the world!

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be COMPLETELY delighted with your Oracle School experience! Register now with confidence, knowing that you’ll have 14 days from the start of Personal Mastery to make sure Oracle School is right for you. Just let us know by October 12, 2020 that you’re not satisfied, and you’ll receive a full refund (minus the cost of your Personal Mastery swag box + shipping) — no questions asked!

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