Shared Wisdom 2020-february - Colette Baron-Reid | Oracle Queen | Founder of Oracle School

In Personal Mastery you owned your power. Now it’s time to present the new grounded you to the world in healthy and meaningful ways that make a difference in your life and to those of the people you most care about.

Without losing the Personal Mastery momentum, returning to your old patterns, or transformation overwhelm

If you’ve completed PERSONAL MASTERY, done it several times, or only partially gotten through it, and you’re looking to take all that you learned and now bring it out into the world, then you probably already KNOW that you now need to ease into that strength with all the relationships in your life.

So I’ll spare you the speil!

No need to go deep into what we talked about a lot at the end of Personal Mastery; the integration of the new you and how that will affect those around you.

Afterall, you probably already know that as you started to grow and experience your inner strength, the new you that was hiding dormant, people started looking at you differently, and that might have created either some great rekindling of those relationships, or push back from people who didn’t like to see the new you.

So at this point you probably know, that in order for you to deal with those relationships and not give up who you have become, you’re going to have to play with some new rules.


Even if you’re lucky to have made these momentus leaps and bounds in Personal Mastery because you took the time to really dive into it, upgrading to the next level…

…The Shared Wisdom Experience will also:


The confident newer you will be able to engage in relationships in a way that serves you and the highest good and not have your codependent self rear its ugly head again. They will honor and respect you as an individual as you project compassion, grace and confidence.


Projecting that confidence will allow you to set boundaries that are healthy for you, earn the respect of loved ones and co-workers, take ownership of your job either as a boss or an employee that will garner the respect from those you work with, and enter a room knowing that you bring something of value to it.


With you in the front seat again, you’ll re-discover the passions you set aside and explore them, not as something frivolous, but as something of an extension of your soul. Regardless of whether you know what that passion is, something will awaken; art, writing, Tango anyone? The heart wants to be expressed, The Shared Wisdom Experience is the springboard for that.

Even Though The Reason To Take The Shared Wisdom Experience after Personal Mastery is the logical personal upgrade you should make…
…the process of actually projecting the new you to the world is anything but easy.

Expect the world to accept the new me? Good Question.

How’s that going to turn out?

And so now you decided to show the real you… the authentic, unique, inspired self.

You set some boundaries with your family, told people at work that things were going to have to change, you decided on some new creative projects, you campaigned for the ‘no drama’ rule with those around you; you’re just working the new you as best you can.

But with your best-self put forward, you just run into so much resistance by those around you not wanting the change, or worse, the goblins inside you resisting the change and telling you… see, no-one wants the new you.

Here’s why people give up before the miracle happens when trying to express their authentic, unique, inspired self to the world.

Without the support and the knowledge of how to deal with their resistance goblins… they fall into their old patterns

They fall victim to questioning their worth, getting stuck again, losing their self confidence, the list resurfaces and the goblins take over the asylum.

Here’s why it’s debilitatingly crippling; the goblin that just won’t shut up.

If we’re going to do life on life’s terms, then we’re going to have to deal with set-backs. That’s life, right?

And the minute you get into those set-backs, you find yourself not having time for you. And once you go down that road, it seems like an irreversible choice until things come around again.

It’s all so exhausting, will it ever turn around?

In all likelihood, there are going to be people who took Personal Mastery and think they have it all together. Change they’ll find out, is the enemy of comfort. They’ll go into the world and run into all the roadblocks not listed on their map of life, with “hope” as their driver. 

But despite their best efforts, things get in the way they just don’t know how to handle.

But that doesn’t have to be your story… 

Which means…

Even if you’re starting to see those roadblocks popping up, this is a golden opportunity for you to get ahead of them and know how to navigate them when they pop up.

That is… if you can avoid those crippling mistakes people make when they fall back into their old patterns.

The Common Reasons People Stay Stuck After Personal Mastery and Never Own Their Unique Authentic Inspired Self…

…and how you can be the exception

Reason 1

The New Me? Who Wants to See That?

Now, you might be thinking, the new me, who wants to see that? Who’s going to accept that? 

Consider shows like America’s Got Talent or The Voice, where it’s not about talent as it is about people owning what they’ve got and going for it. We just love that, don’t we.

So… if you catch yourself asking; What value do I add? Will I make a difference? Does anyone even care what I have to say? … the answer is an overwhelming yes.

Being yourself is the greatest gift you can bring to others, because ultimately ‘your story’ matters to someone, and can potentially help a lot of people.

Anyone who’s serious about owning their personal power is eventually going to have to step up and be seen. And the people who love you, will be your biggest cheerleaders.

So… who wants to see the new you? Just the rest of the planet.

Reason 2

Don’t Want More Change

People can be uncertain the next level, but they also know the old self isn’t working for them.

Maybe they’re also thinking they’re not ready for more change, especially when considering how those close to them will have to deal with the new ever flourishing self

Readiness is a state of mind and heart, not a state of capability.

So let’s ask… if not you, then who? And if not now, when?

If you wait until you think you’re ready life will pass you by.

If you seize the moments that present themselves to you, miracles happen. You’ll give other people around you permission to also get brave.

Change is GOOD! You know that.

Reason 3

Didn’t Finish Personal Mastery

They didn’t finish Personal Mastery, and they’re thinking… I’ll be lost, I’m not ready for The Shared Wisdom Experience, I won’t know what I’m doing. 

Well the great news is that The Shared Wisdom Experience is not Personal Mastery, however… the two support each other. They’re like two separate streams flowing side by side. 

If you got your toes wet with Personal Mastery, it’ll be easy enough to jump into Shared Wisdom and pick up, wherever you left off.

And no matter where you’re at, you’ll be supported every step of the way by Colette, Doug and Anna, as well as a loving community.

And with lifetime access to both, you can always go back and do them again. You’ll always get something new from them, because you’ll be someone new.

Reason 4

No Time, No Money

No Time and no money always becomes the biggest considerations, and we get it. 

This is going to take your time, and it is going to take an investment on your part.

And we know that it may not be for everyone. It may not be in your budget.

But for those of you that are ready for this, we don’t want you to miss this opportunity… to take it to the next level.

What if the time you put in now could save you years of future disappointment and bad situations. If you learned just one thing that changed your whole life for the better, wouldn’t that be time well spent?

And what if The Shared Wisdom Experience helped you avoid costly mistakes, wouldn’t that be well worth it. 

A little investment now in time and money could pay out big dividends in all areas of your life. That kind of return is priceless.

Reason 5

Too Much Time Has Passed Since I Finished Personal Mastery

Yep, that can be a problem. You might have taken Personal Mastery a few years ago, and now it’s all a blur.

How do I ask the question again? What is an Anchor card? 

Those are some of the challenges you might think you’ll run across, but once you get going it’s all very intuitive. Things will just all come flooding back in by the nature in which Colette approaches The Shared Wisdom Experience.

It’s hard to forget what you intuitively already know. After all, this is your connection with the Universe and it likes to speak to you in the language you know best, your intuition.

You will remember what you need to remember, and the things you’ve forgotten you’ll have a loving supportive community that will help you.

it’s easier than you think! just follow the…


Even though everyone who’s gone through Personal Mastery has a greater chance of success; feeling like they left behind a lot of baggage, and now feeling like they are lighter, and are experiencing a freedom and joy they haven’t expressed in a long time – it doesn’t mean they feel ready for what’s next.

Some of you will feel ready to upgrade to the next level, while others will get scared and excuse themselves from getting their needs met.

And the main reason for this, as you probably know by now, is that anyone can say they want change…

…but without a strong reason and a good plan, they’ll put it on hold until they really need to, or worse–never.

As long as you can prevent yourself from slipping into the negative self-talk and old patterns you came into Personal Mastery with… the path is paved for you to really move out into the world and project the authentic, unique, inspired you that your loved ones and the world wants to see shine.

One that allows you to express yourself unencumbered, unleashed and empowered. The real you!

The Key Ingredient is a course that supports the changes you want to manifest into the world.

With your permission, that’s what I’d love to show you on how we’ll create a success path for you.

Present the new grounded you to the world in healthy and meaningful ways that make a difference in your life and to those of the people you most care about.

(Without losing the Personal Mastery momentum, returning to your old patterns, and without transformation overwhelm)

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the last 40 years and combine them with the key teachings from my books, then use Oracle Cards as the vehicle for you to make lasting change. 

Using a system called the ‘Proof Loop’, you’ll track the changes and experience the change. 

You go from feeling like you’ve just found the new you, to feeling like you can confidently be the new you so you can experience what it’s like to be a person who lives their authentic, unique,  inspired life.  

Along with Doug Upchurch who has 20+ years experience in adult education, intuitive coaching and spiritual development, not to mention being one of my very first students over 20 years ago… you’ll be led through my cutting edge and proven exercises to help you on your personal and spiritual development journey.

The Shared Wisdom Experience isn’t just more of Personal Mastery…. It’s moving from the inside out. The part of you that’s ready to show the world who you truly are; a unique, inspired authentic being.

Yes, in this course you’ll start to experience how the whole world becomes your Oracle. 

In this course you’ll find the bravest parts of you through a carefully, well thought out system that’ll take you step by step toward the best version of you.

You’ll understand how to share your wisdom with others so they can see their own potential. 

THE END RESULT: The new grounded you walks through the world in a way that makes a difference in your life and to the people you most care about. 


is the first program of it’s kind that uses Oracle Cards to…

Confidently Present Yourself To the World

Great confidence boosting exercises that will enable you to read like a pro for yourself and others. Mirroring exercises to get over false beliefs you may have of yourself.

Do readings with each other, practical calls, live readings on the calls with examples, real play exercises (not role play exercises) with active feedback with what worked and what didn’t work. 

Engage in a loving and supportive community that enables students to practice with each other privately. Sharing how it shows up in their lives, from their lived experiences.

You’ll take it beyond the reading to sharing your wisdom with another.

You’ll gain the tools and experiences to help you share your story in a way that has lasting impact. Through the process, you’ll see just how much your story matters.

Use Your Precious Time on This Planet For Truly Soul Fulfilling Relationships

Leave small talk behind and have meaningful conversations.

See the world through a different lense so that the things that matter most become the things you focus on.

Become aware of the things that pull you away from the passions you care about the most, and learn to set the boundaries that enable you to pursue them.

Supercharge Your Relationships with Everything You Learned in Personal Mastery

You learned how to work with the cards in Personal Mastery for yourself, now you’re going to learn to share your wisdom with others in such a way that it has lasting impact on people you work with and your everyday relationships.


the course outline…


Re-entry mode from Personal Mastery into The Shared Wisdom Experience.  Helps you to get back in tune with yourself. Preparing you to work with others. It’s the  introduction of boundaries; helping you distinguish yourself from others.

  • Translating the Wisdom of the Cards
  • Difference Between Reading vs. Sharing Wisdom
  • Ethics & Personal Responsibility
  • Leaving the Personal Self
  • Permission and Boundaries
  • Using Your Body as an Instrument


This module is about building an Oracle Council from multiple decks. Getting advice from more than just one deck, blending the decks, and connecting your query to the deck that best speaks to the situation.

  • Doing Readings to Aid in Decision Making
  • Doing Readings on Relationships
  • Doing Readings on Professional/Career Topics
  • Working with Multiple Oracle Decks
  • The Power of 2nd Opinions (from the Oracles)


This is the module that really goes into setting healthy boundaries. You will understand where you end and someone else begins so that you don’t get enmeshed in their stories and vice versa. 

  • Setting Healthy Energetic Boundaries
  • Dealing with Resistance & Anxiety
  • Advanced Techniques for Staying Neutral
  • Beyond the Personal Self
  • How to Effectively Close a Reading


Understand how to work with Oracle Cards to help others understand their current story in motion and how predictions and timelines can impact your reading.

  • Past and Predictions
  • Linear Time vs. Fractal Time
  • Reading Stories in Motion
  • Fixed Future vs. Mutable Future
  • Choice Points


Seeing the evidence of how the outer world is your Oracle so that you can go beyond just the cards to tap into your intuition to share wisdom with another person.

  • Understanding the True Nature of Cledons
  • Dinner Plate Reading
  • Psycho Dynamics
  • Archetypal Human Experience
  • Spirit Animals
  • Revealing the Story for Others


You will be ready to move to the Integration phase to start to practically apply your own learnings with others in your life.  You will co-create a Living Oracle with your fellow students that connects you to the wisdom of the Collective.

  • Connecting the Collective Unconscious (Jung) and Connected Universe
  • The Akashic Records
  • Sacred Power of Talismans and Ritual
  • Intentional Synchronicity
  • Moon Cycles and Moon Spreads


Not  only will you get the entire Shared Wisdom Experience online course for life, but you’ll also get these exclusive bonuses that go along with this course to give you the interaction with teachers and students that really expedite the process.


This course is a certification course and you will receive a physical certificate that you can frame and hang on your wall for yourself, or your business.


After the modules are done, Colette and Doug with then begin the integration process with 3 more calls (one per month). The purpose of these calls is to talk with students and coach them through the integration phase. The calls become another teaching tool for the student.


The Shared Wisdom Experience Facebook group. This is where the spiritual rubber hits the road so to speak. As in Personal Mastery, a lot of the work is done in the group. Students will be guided to work with each other and practice that week’s teaching with each other.


Each week, Anna holds a zoom call to bring up students and help them practice what they’ve been learning. She’ll enable students to gain experience on each other and guide them through Colette’s process.


The Living Oracle is an Oracle created by all of the students in their class, using their Shared Wisdom and art to create the Oracle, which will live permanently on Facebook, and accessible to just the class students to go back to anytime they want. It can grow and grow, and gets more alive over time as the Wisdom of the group collective brings together many unique stories and perspectives that can speak to the human condition in each of us..


“There are moments in your life where you can look back and say definitively—that’s where my life changed. Shared Wisdom was one of those moments for me. Shared Wisdom gave me the courage to heal old wounds—places in my life where my heart was still broken. You see, Shared Wisdom isn’t just another course teaching you something new. It models a way of life moving through the world in a more connected and more co-creative way. With my Shared Wisdom community by my side, I healed my heart and found my voice, my joy, and my light. Now, I can’t imagine moving through life in any other way. Thank you Oracle School for giving me the gift of knowing myself.”

—Jessica Paschke

“I stepped forward into Shared Wisdom with a feeling of awe and anticipation! Colette, Doug, and Anna opened so many new doors to growth and wisdom via the Oracle Cards. I was introduced to new spreads, new decks, new friends! Wow! I gained more confidence in my own abilities to share wisdom not only for myself but also when I read for others. And yes, I’ve taken Shared Wisdom twice. Each time was a new experience in awareness and well worth it!”

—Charlene Scott

“When I joined Oracle School I was lost, hopeless and giving up on life searching for something to help me through my struggles. Oracle School has given me the tools to heal myself from the inside out. I fell back in love with the most amazing person I know… Myself! I choose to live my best life and this path lit up my journey, awakened my soul and taught me how to show up in my life and be at peace in the storms that come, not of them. Personal Mastery is where I scratched the surface. Shared Wisdom is where I transformed into this amazing self I truly love. I have met amazing people and formed life long friendships. I went from terrified and isolated to “hello world I am here”, strong, courageous, happy and loving my life”. Oracle School will continue to be the greatest gift/investment I have made for myself. ”

—Kandis Miller

“Don’t Hesitate! Shared Wisdom is a lifetime gift for yourself! You can feel the magic! I experienced lasting changes in every area of my life. As you progress through the course, you will elevate your life more and more, you will synchronize with the Universe for your higher good, new opportunities will appear in your life, limitless spiritual growth, clear connection to your life mission, and so much more. Shared Wisdom made a rapid transformation for me. I waited 2 years to start the course because of time and money, and I was in conflict with myself. Now, after I finished the course, I can tell that the abundance came to me with the knowledge, energy, and high frequency that I experienced in Shared Wisdom. I blossomed!”

—Yaara Orpaz

“I hold deep gratitude for the soulful up-leveling of Shared Wisdom. I gained more spiritual confidence and discovered new layers within myself to heal and integrate. When I began to understand how a Loving, Universal Intelligence speaks to me through my soul, oracle cards, other people, the cosmos, and everyday life, then the idea of a ‘true shared wisdom’ became an actual reality for me, one that has had such a profound impact on who I am today and how I relate to the world. I am truly grateful for this course!”

—Maria Ayyat


The Shared Wisdom Experience will give you the confidence to present the new grounded you to the world in healthy and meaningful ways that make a difference in your life and to those of the people you most care about.

You’ll complete the course with a certification, knowing your story matters, confident that you’re mentally ready in both heart and spirit; knowing that the investment in yourself was well worth it, and time well spent.

But unlike other programs, we don’t want to see you go through the entire process to only find out you kinda, sorta, maybe got it. We know you’re going to love The Shared Wisdom Experience, but first start by…

Enroll right now, watch the introductory lesson, look over the easy to navigate platform and course delivery method, then by the end of Module 2  you’ll either feel confident & excited excited that you’re really getting and will want to continue, or you won’t. 

If you don’t feel that we’ll be able to have you experience the confidence to show the new you to the world, just let Jill at [email protected] know within 14 days of Module 1 beginning, and we’ll refund your entire investment, no questions asked, and you can go back to taking what you learned in Personal Mastery and applying it to your life until you’re ready for your upgrade . Seriously, if that’s what you really want. 


The Shared Wisdom Experience

The FULL Shared Wisdom Experience

You get all 6 modules, 8 live calls, cheat sheets, pdfs for each lesson, transcripts and every tool you need to be super successful in The Shared Wisdom Experience.


Bonus 1:

A physical certificate you can frame on your wall.
Value: $1997

Bonus 2

1 call per month with Colette and Doug + wrap up call
Value: $4497

Bonus 3:

1 call per week for 3 months
Value: $2497

Bonus 4:

Fun loving supportive community and practice area
Value: $1449

Bonus 5:

Lifetime access to Oracle created by students
Value: Priceless

When you add all that up, you get a value of $12,437.00

But when you enroll today, you get access to everything for just:




  • Full course access
  • 3 integration calls 
  • Practice calls a month with Anna Saether
  • A Certificate
  • The Shared Wisdom Facebook Group
  • The Living Oracle




  • Full course access
  • 3 integration calls 
  • Practice calls a month with Anna Saether
  • A Certificate
  • The Shared Wisdom Facebook Group
  • The Living Oracle

Enrollment is now open
…but closes midnight Thursday Feb 13th.

What Others Have Asked before saying “HECK YES!” to The Shared Wisdom Experience

The first lesson drops on Feb 17th

Here is the SCHEDULE:

Modules Released

  • Module 1 : Feb 17
  • Module 2 : Feb 24
  • Module 3 : March 2
  • Break week: March 9
  • Module 4: March 16
  • Module 5: March 23
  • Module 6: March 30

Live Calls

Call #1 – Course Orientation : Feb 18
Call #2 – Module 1 : Feb 25
Call #3 – Module 2 : March 3
Call #4 – Break Week – March 10
Call #5 – Module 3 : March 17
Call #6 – Module 4 : March 24
Call #7 – Module 5 : March 31
Call #8 – Module 6 : April 7


Call #9 – Integration Call #1: April 28
Call #10 – Integration Call #2: May 26
Call #11 – Integration Call #3: June 23
Call #12 – Integration Call #4: July 21

The real answer is you have all the time in the world. Once you enroll, the modules get dropped on schedule, but then you can go at it at your own pace. You have great support in the Facebook group. The lessons are more experiential than Personal Mastery, so it’s more interactive with fellow classmates. Once you get going, you won’t want to stop. You’ll naturally make time for it because you’ll want to be there. The more you get involved, the more addictive it becomes. It’s awesomesauce with a punch!

It wouldn’t be the first time that someone enrolled for The Shared Wisdom Experience without fully completing Personal Mastery. So if you’re thinking… I’ll be lost, I’m not ready for The Shared Wisdom Experience, I won’t know what I’m doing. 

Well the great news is that The Shared Wisdom Experience is not Personal Mastery, however… the two support each other. They’re like two separate streams flowing side by side. 

If you got your toes wet with Personal Mastery, it’ll be easy enough to jump into Shared Wisdom and pick up, wherever you left off.

And no matter where you’re at, you’ll be supported every step of the way by Colette, Doug and Anna, as well as a loving community.

And with lifetime access to both, you can always go back and do them again. You’ll always get something new from them, because you’ll be someone new.

Even if you aren’t planning to use this course in a professional setting, just think off all of the benefits. You can be of service to friends, family and aquaintances. Learning to do cards for yourself and others is a beautiful way of sharing your gifts with others, and helping them find answers in their lives. Most of the people who take The Shared Wisdom Experience have absolutely no plans on doing it as a profession.

Just like Personal Mastery, The Shared Wisdom Experience isn’t just for people who consider themselves highly intuitive or psychic. This course is designed for the average person who knows they can get a connection to the Universe through the use of Oracle Cards.

The old adage comes to mind… if not now, when? Readiness is a state of mind and heart, not of capability. Noone can honestly say they are ready for any kind of change. The real question becomes… do you want the change? 

If the answer is a resounding YES… then this is the community to do it in. You can’t do life alone, it makes everything that much tougher. And the program has been set up with an amazing support system that allows you to change at your pace.

Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard. Mile by mile, life’s a trial. We take it slow and steady to get there in your time.

It doesn’t matter, we’ll be working and practicing together for about 6 months.

Sure the course is just 6 modules, but we’re around for a long time to keep practicing and enjoying the Facebook community support system. So if you fall behind, you can always connect with other students to get clarity.

And Anna will be doing a lot of practice calls per month so anything that throws you for a loop can get clarified in there.

You can’t really fall behind, because we’ll be around.

We extensively covered that in the guarantee section above, but basically you can’t lose. Enroll and if within 14 days, you feel it’s not for you… we have a ‘no questions asked’ return policy. If you want a refund in that period, we’ll refund your ENTIRE investment for The Shared Wisdom Experience.

We do offer a great payment plan that is spread over 12 months. It’s only $189 per month. And if you do need to shuffle things around one month becuse things get tight, we’ll work with you.

All throughout the integration period, Anna will be doing practice readings. Once you’ve completed several readings and you feel like you’ve got it, then you get certified. But basically, everyone gets certified if they complete the integration phase.

No problem, if you don’t want to get certified, you don’t have too. You never have to do a practice call either. Just tell us you don’t want to certify and we’ll honor that.

Lifetime access to the FULL Shared Wisdom Experience with all 6 modules, 8 live calls, cheat sheets, pdfs for each lesson, and every tool you need to be super successful in The Shared Wisdom Experience.

The Bonuses you’ll get are a certification, 3 integration months with Doug and Colette with 1 live calls per month, 3 X 90 minute practice calls a month with Anna Saether, The Shared Wisdom Facebook Success Path Group, and lifetime access to The Living Oracle 

The Shared Wisdom Experience is perfect for you if…

…you’re a Personal Mastery student and want to continue the process and witness the change in how you relate to people and the dramatic difference in you. 

…you want more intimate relationships, whether it’s with your kids, your partners, colleagues, etc… If you want richer relationships, The Shared Wisdom Experience is for you.

…you’re a coach, in the healing practice or anyone in the helping profession. You’ll uplevel your relationships with all of your clients and bring a whole new level of understanding to your awareness to them, and share that wisdom with them.

…you want to be more confident in all areas of your life. If you’re willing to reflect on how you interact with others, then the end result will be more self awareness and the ability to project a more confident self to the world.

…you’ve been on the personal transformation journey, done a lot of work on yourself, or are on a spiritual journey; The Shared Wisdom Experience is a perfect fit.

…you trust the cards, and know they can help guide you, then this program will get you results.

…you’re looking for a path to wiser relationships. Getting more grounded in spirit, your own wellbeing and less in other peoples’ business. Saying more with fewer words. 

…if you’re ready to work with other people in this program and do the work, you’ll get these results; you’ll create healthy boundaries and see where you stop and other people begin… no more unhealthy enmeshed relationships. 

…you’re ready to bring the authentic unique inspired self to the world. The Shared Wisdom Experience will support that every inch of the way.

…you’re excited to get going and want to share your uniqueness, your story, with the world.

If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then you are in a perfect position to enroll in The Shared Wisdom Experience so you can present the new grounded you to the world in healthy and meaningful ways that make a difference in your life and to those of the people you most care about.




  • Full course access
  • 3 integration calls 
  • Practice calls a month with Anna Saether
  • A Certificate
  • The Shared Wisdom Facebook Group
  • The Living Oracle




  • Full course access
  • 3 integration calls 
  • Practice calls a month with Anna Saether
  • A Certificate
  • The Shared Wisdom Facebook Group
  • The Living Oracle

Enrollment is now open
…but closes midnight Thursday Feb 13th.


“As a busy professional, I was a little apprehensive about joining Shared Wisdom for fear that I may not be able to keep up with the coursework. However, I soon found that with the schedule set out by Colette, I had more than enough time to commit to the program”.

~ Tracy Jackson

“I honestly believe that this course is one of the very best investments I made in myself.”

~ Mary Elizabeth Babcock

“Joining Shared Wisdom might bring up the question of time but what’s really happening is the first resistance to change. Being a full-time mommy, wifey and in search of my purpose, I was able to attend and keep up with all the lessons given within the timetable. Don’t let time stop you from experiencing change.”

~ Elise Severino

Disclaimer: As with any educational personal growth program, your experience when working with Oracle Cards may vary from the consumer testimonials on this page. Personal growth, self awareness, and transformation are personal and subjective – and results vary from person to person. Success in this program is dependent on how much time and commitment you are willing to put into it. Learning how to work with Oracle cards to help navigate your life and co-create one that is authentic and prosperous takes time, effort, and dedication. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your results. This is not a ‘quick-fix for your life’ scheme. We believe the content of this course provides you with excellent quality education and powerful tools and strategies you can apply toward manifesting your best life. These students agree!

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