“With Colette’s guidance and with friends who support my growth, I feel very safe. I’ve learned that it’s good to get support from like minded spiritual friends within the Oracle Circle community, and this group shares their private stories and ready to uplift and dance in the fire with you - that’s rare to find. You feel witnessed, cheered on, and that your presence matters - that brings me hope. As an indigenous person, that sense of belonging is what I’ve been searching for a long time, and Colette has welcomed me with open arms.”

Trisha C.

“The Oracle Circle is a safe space for me to learn, grow, and glow in this supportive community. I love the Spirit Jam events, and I’m blown away by how much information we receive each month in the moon readings, suggested questions/card spreads, meditations, and more. I’m so glad to be part of this circle.”

Michelle B.

I am a newbie to this wonderful Circle (which feels more like a family re-united) and have already received such wonderful insights, inspiration and clarity regarding my next steps; with that reminder of how what is meant to be is meant to be!”