Middle World!

Middle World



The middle world is the realm of day-to-day reality, and the playground of the living. It is the present moment, where everything is happening. Yet the middle world is created by the future, not only the past, and it is a mirror of the invisible realms. When things are right in the middle world, heaven and Earth support everything. When they are not right, heaven and Earth must be brought into order as well.


The Middle World shows up when conditions are favorable to your undertaking. Do not hesitate. Move forward, as heaven and earth are smiling upon you. The time is right, so be expedient, but mindful of not being reckless. The world is your playground, and what would require great effort at any other time can be accomplished with ease right now.


Do not try to correct in the earth what needs to be corrected in the heavens. The resources to support the change or endeavor you are considering are not readily available to you yet, so it’s important to ask for help from the invisible realms, from helpers in the upper world. For now, wait.

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