Oracle Cards

Oracle Card Reading for the Month of June 2023

The Monthly Forecast Reading for June of 2023 is here! Watch this reading for a high level view of the […]

Manifest Miracles Turbo Style!

Good news! As we navigate through life, we can master and shift our emotional state to access feelings of contentment, […]

Oracle Card Reading for the Month of May 2023

It’s time for my Monthly Forecast Reading for May of 2023! As always, this reading is both predictive & prescriptive […]

Oracle Card Reading for the Month of April 2023

In April, we’re being encouraged to leave the past behind and sail into uncharted territory. This means learning to let […]

Oracle Card Reading for the Month of March 2023

In March, we have to let go of our resistance and allow the flow of life to guide us. This […]

Oracle Card Reading for the Month of February 2023

Are you wondering what energies you can expect in the month of February? This is the monthly video where I […]

Psychic Readings & Predictions: Can You Change the Outcome?

Over the years I’ve received tons of emails from people asking for my thoughts on predictions they’ve been given by […]

5 Things You Need to Know for Your Vision Board

A Vision board is a fun, practical, and magical tool to help you set intentions and create a life guided […]

Five Things You Need to Do NOW To Prepare for the Winter Solstice

As the days get shorter and shorter, we approach the Winter Solstice – the day of the year with the […]

Cord Cutting Ritual to Reclaim Your Energy

Some experiences and moments in our lives seem to just stick to us like dirty gum on the bottom of […]

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