Oracle Cards

Open to the Universe by Integrating Your 7 Energies

When you start to strengthen your relationship to Spirit, you start to see the connections in all things.  The connection […]

Create Your Purposeful Connection to Spirit: The Seventh Energy

Higher thought. Spirituality.  Liberation.  God consciousness. Understanding. Wisdom. Does that list seem way too ambitious for little old you to […]

Trusting Your Intuition: The Sixth Energy

Intuition — our sixth energy — is a natural part of all of us — although many of us were […]

Honoring Your Authentic Self: The Fifth Energy

When asked about how he was able to create lifelike, detailed forms from blocks of marble, Michelangelo answered, “The sculpture […]

The Sacred Practice of Forgiveness: The Fourth Energy

It’s through our relationships with those close to us that we get to work out our spiritual growth — and […]

Embrace Your Unique Identity in the Sacred Collective: The Third Energy

There was a time when I was so disconnected from who I was at my core, so out of balance […]

Setting Spiritual Boundaries: Learning to Flow Like Water with Your Second Energy

This year, we’re being called to take a more active role in the Collective — to break down what separates […]

Mindfulness Practice: Opening Up to the Possible

Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create the landscape in your mind that you call “here.” The challenging element is that […]

Compassion and Connection: Fulfilling Our Divine Purpose

As spiritual souls having a human experience, our Divine purpose on earth is to actualize into the best version of […]

Compassionate Action: A Radical Approach to Giving Back

The other day, I was on one of my rare excursions outside our home at the local grocery store. I […]
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