Soul Retrieval!

Soul Retrieval



Soul Retrieval is a practice that helps you recover a part of yourself—your energy, your enthusiasm, or your innocence—that you have lost. At first, we’ll use soul retrieval to recover from our hurts and heal our childhood wounds. Later, we learn to journey to recover our original nature—that self that never left the Garden of Eden, who still speaks to the rivers, to the trees, and to God. When we return to Eden, we are whole again.


You are no longer fragmented; you are one with Creation. You have healed the cause of the pain you feel, so you do not need to dwell on it any longer. Really, it’s true! If you are still hovering over an old wound, find a new flight path. Don’t be distracted with the little stuff you’ve already mastered. Go for the big one, the journey back to Eden.


When did you compromise what you truly believed in to be loved or accepted by someone? Think back over your life and find the time or times when this happened. Vow never to compromise your integrity again. What have you agreed to in the name of love that you know is deeply wrong? Make it right this instant.

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