The Sacrifice!

The Sacrifice



To sacrifice means “to make sacred.” The sacrifice is an offering of gratitude made from the heart, a feast of love prepared for Spirit. In olden days, sacrifices sometimes involved rituals in which blood was offered to the gods. For example, in the Bible, Yahweh preferred Abel’s sacrifice of one of his lambs to Cain’s offering of vegetables and fruits. In Middle America, however, Quetzalcoatl, the Lord of the Dawn, came to teach that Spirit preferred our songs and our prayers to the blood of humans or animals.


The Sacrifice asks that you offer to Spirit that which is most precious to you. Your offering will be sanctified and returned tenfold! You will be elevated to the altar at which you have been praying and meet the divine at the table with the heavenly feast. You are a welcome guest in this banquet. Your heart is the only worthy offering you can bring. Life has been generous with you in so many ways!


What is the one person or thing that you feel you cannot live without? It is time to offer it all to Spirit so that it may unfold, as it will. Do not cling to the old form or allow your sacrifice to weigh heavily upon you. You have sacrificed yourself and your dreams for too long. Now is the time to rededicate yourself to your journey. When you “make sacred,” you open the doors to infinite wealth! Do not delay.

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