The Swan!

The Swan


This card represents a transformation from one state to another. From the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan, this signals a period of growth that will ultimately be life-changing. The Swan says that you may change so much that you may not recognize yourself in the end. Most important, it’s time to honor and love this change within yourself, for then only the most beautiful reflection will shine back at your from the mirror of your life.

The Swan says, “Dive in; you will love who you become.” It also reminds you that you need to trust your intuition and your psychic gifts to guide you as you go through the process of wonderful and ultimate change. The Swan is the companion of the High Priestess, who has the ability to part the mists that serve to separate Avalon from the physical world. The Swan can dive into the lake on her behalf and find treasure that human eyes cannot see.

The Swan reminds you to see with your heart and listen with your spirit . . . and the whole world can be magically transformed.

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