Feeling Stuck? How to Get Unstuck and Move Forward!

Updated: February 24, 2020


When are you? As you experience yourself in this moment, are you really present in the now?

Of course, we’re all physically here right now, but most of us don’t often truly live in the present moment. Our minds have the incredible ability to draw us back into the past and propel us into the future, all while we go about our day-to-day lives. While it can sometimes be good to relive old memories and dream about our future, living in the past or future more than the present can also keep us stuck. 

How many times have you found yourself in a repetitive cycle you just can’t seem to break? Or, what about getting caught up on a future outcome, while avoiding things you need to focus on now? We’ve all been there, myself included. So what do we do to come back to our present moment and get unstuck?

In my #1 bestselling book, The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in Your Life,  I teach you how to work with the map of your life. I lead you through a profound process to discover the inner landscapes you inhabit on your path—the unseen patterns, hidden motivations, and family legacies—and show you how to break free of whatever is holding you back from the super amazing and meaningful life that is your birthright. And, one of those things that can keep you stuck is time-wandering—living “somewhen” other than the present moment.

Here’s a short set of questions to find out “when” you’re often living:

  • Does your mind often wander to past relationships or old frustrations or “failures”?
  • Do you ever run scenarios in your mind about conversations you’ve had with someone or are about to have with them, taking your attention off, say, driving your car?
  • Have you ever found yourself sitting in a meeting and running through scenarios that have nothing to do with it?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself anticipating the worst to happen, just like it once did in your past experience? (I.e. He/She will leave me, just like the others.)
  • Have you ever found yourself back in frustrating situations that are eerily similar to your past and make you feel powerless?
  • When you’re frustrated with something in your life, do you tend to focus on your past or future rather than deal with your current emotions and experience?
  • Do you over-focus on getting to a goal and then get frustrated because you aren’t where you want to be?

If you answered yes to any of these questions (and I don’t have to be psychic to suspect we all had at least one yes), it’s a sign of being somewhen else. And, when you’re somewhen other than the present, you lose your power in the now. As I’ve often said, (along with many others) the present is where all your power is! Each moment is where you have the magic wand to direct your life.

Of course, there’s absolutely no shame in having slipped back into an old landscape or in getting caught up in anticipating a future event. We all do, especially when we experience triggers and come upon an anniversary of a loss or event that caused pain. After all, we’re all on an adventure of life that has its dramatic elements; we can’t avoid frustrating landscapes altogether because challenges are part of our human experience. Indeed, some places are marked on our maps for us to visit repeatedly. The problem is that if we run away and refuse to face those experiences, as we often do in distressing or frustrating situations, we end up on autopilot. Even worse, when we avoid our emotions, we’re likely to find ourselves back in the same emotional place again. The good news is that when we practice mindfulness and recognize that we’re somewhen else, we claim our power to choose where we want to be. To have compassion for yourself for not being here right now actually brings you back to the present. And, as you learn to work with your map, you increase your power to remain in the present, to leave a difficult landscape when you’re meant to, and to avoid unnecessary trips to lands of sorrow!

So, what do you do when you realize the emotional landscape you are now inhabiting is familiar? For example, perhaps you’ve ended up with an “unavailable” partner who is eerily just like your last partner. Or, maybe you keep finding yourself in a dysfunctional work environment. Or, perhaps you’ve noticed that you keep ending up around negative people. Remember, your inner emotional landscapes are what create your outer experience. When you experience the same landscape, again and again, it’s a sign that you haven’t truly taken the lesson of the place. Yes, you may feel you’ve done all the work, but there may still be wisdom that you previously overlooked. Likewise, Spirit is urging you to live more in the present. Since much of our interaction with our maps is unconscious, we all tend to keep getting snapped back into traumatic emotional landscapes. The more mindful you are, the more you’ll recognize the synchronicities in your life. You have to become aware of where you are, when you are, and who is guiding you. Then, it’s much, much easier to get out of repetitive landscapes.

Understanding the true nature of time also helps us break the pattern of revisiting the same difficult experiences in our lives. In elementary school, most of us were taught that that time is linear, but it’s actually a spiral or fractal. Imagine a three-dimensional coil that spirals from the past to the future, looping around and around. Time is actually surreal. Even if you look at a historical timeline, you’d see that conditions repeat themselves and what is old becomes new again.

In his book Fractal Time, my friend and colleague Gregg Braden talks at length about the way in which conditions repeat in all of our lives, both collectively and individually, like the fractal pattern found in all of nature’s creations. The phrase “history repeats itself” is rooted in truth! Every time we’re invited to respond to outer events that repeat in cycles and patterns, we have an opportunity to change the course of our destiny.

Likewise, when we begin to think a certain way about ourselves inwardly we can also blindly engage in an unwanted pattern that places us in familiar inner landscapes that we haven’t yet mastered. In other words, how we think about ourselves and the world we inhabit is the key to how our lives unfold. Repetitive cycles are invitations to liberate ourselves; we can be mindful and bring awareness and healing to those troublesome landscapes so we stop going back to them. When we embrace this truth about the nature of time, we no longer feel lost. We see that with loss comes gain, and with death comes new opportunity, just as winter thaws to spring.

The cyclical nature of time also teaches us the importance of surrender and patience. Just as the winter snow can’t be forced to melt and the new buds of spring bloom can’t be forced to bloom, you can’t force things to happen in your life on your own timetable. 

When you’re mindful and relax into the seasons of your life, you can truly enjoy whatever is happening in your present. You can embrace being single, parenting your children, or being at the height of your career. You can take things as they come, knowing that life is always moving. 

When you slow down and surrender in the way, you actually have more access to time. Hopping through your past and future and back again actually ends up rushing time by creating stress in your life. Before you know it, you’ve spent hours analyzing, worrying, procrastinating, and so on. By stepping back, you finally find the clarity to navigate through your present… and you tap into your power to alter the Map of your past.

Yes, I did just say you can alter the Map of your past! 

When you slow down, you give yourself the space and power to rewrite and heal the stories in your heart. With this new clarity, you’re able to venture confidently into your future knowing that you can traverse similar landscapes without frustration. You see that you have the power to choose your perceptions about whatever you’ve experienced. 

You can transform memories of lands you traversed long ago, and even awaken new memories that match up with your new perception. Our memories are actually quite selective. Even in the moment when an event occurs, our minds can distort our perceptions dramatically to make it match up with the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we have about ourselves, others, and the world around us. With the passing of time and those memories become more unreliable. We can get lost in the details of our memories, but if we look to our Map, we recognize the emotional experience and learn what we can from it, which then allows us to leave it in the past. 

In the book, I talk at length about how working with my perceptions and my Map enabled me to completely transform my relationship with my mom and awaken new memories that matched my new perception. It’s really possible to alter your past experience!

Remember, now is where all your power is to shape your Map—past, present, and future!


Close your eyes as you focus on your breath. Let all your thoughts fade away and then ask yourself: Where am I? Allow your inner awareness to show you where you are and this place’s features. Then ask When Am I? Am I now, or somewhen else?

Then, in your journal, take some time to describe the landscape you were just pointed to, and then answer the following questions: Have you been here before? Are you in the future or past? What emotions does this place invoke? What lessons are to be learned here? Have you been here before? If so, does it feel like you keep coming back for a reason? How can the experience of being in this particular landscape help you today?

As always, I’d love to hear your experience when you explore the power of knowing when you are and your insights from the exercise. Please share your thoughts!

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  • Gerry Kenny

    Hi Colette,
    do not tell Mark but: I Love You (that’s why I am here?)
    Today 02/24 is the best day’s reading you have done ever.
    You look happy healthy and full of fun.
    BTW: March 17th is Saint PATRICK’S Day.
    I visited a store in Sea isle NJ in 2017 and they had
    a large sign celebrating Saint Patties Day, they refused to believe
    it is St. Patrick’s Day even when I produced my passport as proof I am Irish.
    We had a good laugh and the next day the sign was no there.
    However they replaced it with the correct wording, well done them.
    Thank you for today’s reading you made my day.
    I wish you and Mark(c) good health great happiness and a fantastic future

  • Linda

    At first I got no where then I went to the past. I used to work in Silicon Valley and would walk at lunch. In the middle of all this innovation there was a house that had a donkey right next to the walking trail. I used to love to stop and say hello. Nice memory. It made me realize the not I receive from movement and our four legged friends♥️

    • C. G.

      I used to live there in Silicon Valley. Actually I grew up there. I treasure some of the memories I have from there before Silicon Valley was named Silicon Valley. I don’t know where he is but my heart still beats for high school crush.

  • Linda

    That was supposed to be “joy” I received from movement and our four legged friends 😉

  • dtaborah

    Always inspiring…gently to awaken without fear I am filled with gratitude for the love you so generously share. 🙏🏽

  • Mary

    I am starting to go through a major change in my life and was excited to see your blog. This reading was totally spot on for me! Thank you Colette for gifting the world with your readings and insights!
    Abundant Blessings!

  • Pippa Dooney

    I find my self wobbling in the present easily tipped by thoughts of the past and future. I feel a tight frozen landscape. I am sitting in a fear landscape. I am waiting to find out if I have secondary breast cancer and the past rears it’s head at me despite the fact that so far the lump to touch appears harmless but there is doubt. I await an ultrasound. The potential return of the disease feels like a catastrophe in waiting. My mother died of this disease and I am being called to learn that I am not her but can create a Sense of myself based on faith, trust and the present moment. I don’t have to follow in her footsteps. I want to base my life on trust.
    Thank you for this exercise. I find it helpful to write it down as an offering to the protective forces of the universe.

  • Eva

    Yes.. I’m exactly at this point of discovering..how why I’ve been living my whole life..thinking that there wil be always betrayal.. abandonment.. Or left behind or unattended..I mean..those are the emotions that travel with me in all situations since a little girl.. Beeing so talented..and full of possibilities..was a Fact..that I could perceive..but the Shadow of a Grey Future..fill with clouds and sadness and end of orojects was alwsys ther.. I remember vividly a Dream I had before or around 6 years old.. I was terribly aguish and sad..as a little girl..standing in a Dark Night ..dress in white with flowers in my hands..facing from a distance the Grave of my two parents..like I lost them at that Age..those were the energies surrounding my life at that moment…but they were alive..but I was akready “Unattended”.. The youngest of 4 childs was to much for the package..I was definitely left unattended..and has been my whole life..trying to get back..thst love and support that was not receive..my sisters learned those same patterns from my Parents..and it in a way perpetuated the story for me of been abandoned.. and shaped my believes about how life would Be.. Thank You for this “Blog”.. I feel a tremendous compassion..for this brilluant little girl on this mission of awaking to these terrible generational patterns.. It’s my Self..and I just want to embrace Her and tell Her..thst the Universe Loves Her..and that Help is at Hand ..to Grab the Hands of the loving Beens on Earth and Spiritual.. That .. The Map..is Open ..and We have Spotted..the Issue..Healing is in the Process lastly.. New Visions..New Decisions..Transformation Alchemizing.. And Freedom to Build Up Blocks..New exoeriences..New Life.. A Better Version of Self..Abundant..and Wiser.. Beautiful Story after All.

  • Amber

    This is helpful. I just rewatched your interview with Bruce Lipton on your channel from years ago now and you talked about this process. Symbolically speaking, I’m like in the thicket of Saturn energy here so its a difficult time for me and I’m kind of making myself stuck or feel stuck with all these different limitations—so this is helpful to hear you explain more. So when I did the exercise I went to a place that looked a bit prehistoric and I thought I heard a dinosaur but as I listened it sounded like an elephant just sounding it trumpet over and over again -like there was an emergency of some sort. The land was seemingly vast dry cracked with cliffs surrounding it . It also had little mini fires spread out -so not really conducive to new life. I took this to be the place of an illusion of panic —the shadow screaming there’s something wrong and also of deeply rooted fears, beliefs and ancestral patterns (prehistoric element) also my trauma … What’s interesting is how much the image matched the card I received in my picking number 2 for this weeks energy forecast. You picked it up and said of the panic attack card 😂 so interesting how this aligned. I do perceive to be at an important rock bottom of sorts…yesterday I got an offer for a small opportunity and I’m going crazy about it ….naturally if this is when I am etc….I did have to change the imagery because it was too upsetting..I brought the elephant water and told him there was no emergency….I then, remembering another one of your processes—called in a bird…and a gigantic swan came….thanks colette 🤍

  • Anonymous

    Hi Colette !
    Thank you very much for your posts. I enjoy reading them and we appreciate your presence and advice. I got the Goddesses Oracle cards, we will like to read their messages. As for getting unstuck from cycles, I guess I had to learn to let go of this idea that I needed to prove myself that someone who looked like another person from my past could give me what the other person promised but took away from me. As if the new person had to make up for the person from the past only because he looked like him. I realize that my wish was futile, not sincere and unecessary especially because I have my best friends who have always been by my side no matter what. What more could I ask for. Thank You so much All of my Friends !

  • Brenda Cooper

    This hits home. I needed to hear this again. I’m stuck and working on changing and getting unstuck. I’m sooooo tired of being where I am. It’s definitely a something to learn from.

  • Marina

    Thank you I feel so lost right now this message calm me down Thank you

  • Nancy Briscoe

    Wow…powerful. I am stuck in a negative experience from my teens (62 now!) and I’ve only very very recently figured out just what the issue is! I am now focusing on not letting past experiences dictate how this experience will go, as I have repeatedly thru my life! I will have a more positive outcome this time, as I am NOW in charge, and not lead by THEN! Thanks so very much for your insight! I’d love a copy of your book! Namaste!

  • Ginny

    Dear Colette, Your reading today couldn’t have been more perfect. So needed. It was shocking how apt your reading was, except I know how astute you can be, so not really! Ha! You tapped right into a chaotic week, alright. May I say that is generally not so for me. I’ve done very well with being a positive person enjoying my very lovely life. But I saw something on-line so disturbing – only a glimpse, but it so affected me as horrific, and struck close to home, that the shock put me into a tailspin, that took several days to pull out of. Plus, I determined I am quite helpless to ‘fight’ this awful ongoing occurrence. BUT, as I slowly came to realize, and as your cards confirmed, I can continue to do the positive thing in support of helping – steadily and continually (my card was #3 – Chop Wood!) – as much as I am able – in organizations that help combat the horrors. I volunteer with animal rescue. Card #5 pointed out, being in that ‘community’ with like minded people is the ONLY way to feel like the human race is worth saving. Because, seeing what I did, I felt ‘orphaned’ (card #6), trying to understand how I could feel as I do, and other people can actually do what they do, like we were from different planets. So I will continue to Chop Wood, work with my beautiful animals, give to similar charities, help the people who are fighting deeper into the fray than I can stomach, sending them strength. This was a stellar reading – and you picked up on the extreme passion of the week just past. It was a hard one to come to grips with – thank you. You’ve given excellent direction and I’ve taken strength from it.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      oh wow I feel you on this one. I feel most days humanity has become a rapacious parasite that nature will eventually tire of and the only way to save our humanity is to love animals, care for them rescue them and help heal the earth as best we can. I too feel there are some people who do cruel things to animals are not from the same species as me. Incomprehensible to me and we are all accountable. O boy.. don’t get me started.

  • Renee Sugar

    As I write this I am still concerned about whether I am doing this correctly? Nonetheless I allow my thoughts to emerge without judgement or censoring.

    I’m a child; standing beside the teachers desk. She is guiding me, coaching me; protecting me. I do resist this, as the independent free-spirited part (my soul) needs to figure things out; test possibilities, learn, attempt, fall, fail etc. I dislike someone  giving me instructions. I don’t enjoy rules and planned agendas. I don’t feel free to test my wings, it  feels restrictive, and constricting. Little by little this person begins to leave me on my own. Part of me is really nervous, insecure, and afraid to make a mistake or fail. Will I be punished? Not sure at what age this began; the fear of making a mistake. The need to not let anyone see my vulnerability, to know that I appear to be strong, and independent, confident, but underneath I struggle with these two polarities. Wanting to be on my own, proud, free, self-reliant, accomplished. Does this come at the expense of being alone? I push everyone away, I need an inordinate amount of solitude, time and space to discover who I am.  The strengths, and talents , the gifts, mine to develop. I have let go. I stand alone. This feels good. I know I am strong. I feel complete. There is no mirror. I am free to be this person I have always wanted to be. ” I am myself, my self alone.” William James 
    As always Colette thank you for creating and allowing safe space to share. For your thought-provoking topics and for your time and attention reading our comments some which are lengthy, (especially mine ) With gratitude and lots of love.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      oh Renee I love your comments thank you for sharing. Totally identify with everything you shared

  • Bec

    Hi Collette!
    Always amazes me how spot on your readings are! Thanks for this article too! Yes I have been stuck lately. Yesterday, I went to the beach and was so in my future head I forgot to notice my beautiful surroundings. I am now looking forwards to addressing some big issues that have been repeating for a long time around abandonment and rejection. I am so grateful to you for your insights! Best wishes to Mark too!!!! Hugs Bec

  • Jean

    SOOOOOOOOO FUNNY you decided to ask the global queston about things going on this week and your first card being NEVER ENDING STORY. I kid you not, “every time” I’vbe asked a question about media/news/public issues and what I can do to help / be of servie / save myself from it all, I’ve gotten… NEVER ENDING STORY. Your cards are BA-BOOM-POWERFULLY-SPOT-ON!!! Since soicial media has entered the scene I’ve been failing miserably at liking it. Please, before I hear another thing about it being, “A gr-r-r-r-reat way to stay intouch with my family across the country or it’s sooooooo easy to share photos with everyone in my family or it’s so convenient how you can let people know in one click about something that you want them to attend or know about,” I GET IT. That’s all good, “BUT” how come it’s so much about all this other crap … Wait! I’m not even going to list it all you know what I mean. With that said, I’d like to spin this around to the positive and say, “Thank God we have a choice at all times to either buy into all this nonsense or turn the media hooha-ness off and get present with your own life. All this media junk is custom designed to make people feel horrified, bothered & upset anyway. None the less, what I got from your reading this week was just what spirit ordered for me, “CHOOE OTHER and continue on the path of focusing on where I want to go and what I want to do with my life. It’s volumes better than getting distracted with thing I can’t even do anything about or with people who value reporting about their day numerous times throughout day. I simple relish enjoying every special moment of my life and not saying a single word about it to another human being.

  • Sue

    It’s the situation that comes to mind. Moving completely to a new place. Both innocent and trusting and adventurous. As I did in my 20’s first to San Diego and then to Santa Barbara – following the choice of my spouse. Santa Barbara supported me through the artistic environment, friends, and the relationship of the elderly woman whose caretaker’s house we stayed. But it came with a price of responsibility and cooperation. We live in Seattle due to another spouse’s choice. I’ve established a good community, live in a supportive cooperative, but also involves mutual responsibilities without ultimate autonomy. It comes down to choices between priorities of compromise: with marital unity, personal spaces and how to figure balances of other interests not compatible here like playing an instrument. All of which are negotiable. But…I wonder of the parallel. Give and take for sure. Meanwhile — I tried again, and just saw the mountain trail, hiking with woods and trees and forests. Time to head for the outdoors more. Balance the city with the wild. Integrate! No need to toss out the old that supports a whole life…not yet! haha. Because the urge for autonomy surges but a move would be like before — totally new. One was isolated. In San Diego. The other in Santa Barbara, like here — worked despite the interactive responsibility. At this point, I’ve gained some awareness that may guide our plan to check out some property overlooking Mt. Rainier….with private space. Hmmmmm (hahahah! we’ll see)

  • Cynthia Eyer

    My entire life I have sought to end our family legacy of abusive reactions and lifestyle. With my astrological reading with Elise she revealed that is why I chose to be born to my family—to end the “Never Ending Story.” In being who I am, which is so very different from my family, my spiritual connection alienated me in different ways to each of them, and collectively. I became the “black sheep”. I see, today, that us black sheep are not susceptible to being “sheered” to the bone by life’s circumstances like those who follow their never ending story and don’t “sweep” out that which does not serve them. AND at the same time I created my own “never ending story” which I thought served me. I have always, intuitively, been an activist by allowing myself to be the catalyst for change for the greater good. Oh boy and girl!!!! You know what I mean.
    My card is no.6 this year because it’s my sixth year in life this year. My name and birthdate is no.8 and today I received messages from the Universe about the no.8. I separated from my husband over a year ago, sold our home, moved into an apartment for ten months and then moved to Maine from NC this January 19th. So card no.6 is very relevant for me this week, as Sunday I sent out emails and spoke with a yoga instructor (my first class in this area), to get connected as a volunteer in several areas with meditation and ecopsychology’s “Way of Council” group therapy for women and those whose child has ascended. My son ascended in 2003 and I want to eventually open a Spiritual Center that affords and offers others in these two areas, “empowering them in life coaching” in their transitions in these areas. I’m in search of where I belong and how I can reach out in my new community, and life, while getting unstuck from my own stories. I know that the best medicine for helping ourselves is to reach out to help others.
    Blessings in the Light of Abundance MiLady 💖
    “Life is Our Opportunity to be the Difference”
    (Self, 1989)

  • Kristin

    OMG! I cannot believe how this week’s reading was speaking directly to me. I chose card #2 but they ALL were spot on with what I’m going through and struggling with right NOW. Even your examples of thinking patterns were identical to what I’m dealing with in my head. This reading helped me to recognize my patterns and detach from the old story so that I may rewrite it for my greater good and the good of others. I am so Blessed to have your presence in my life and I appreciate your love and guidance! 🙏❤️😘

  • Kelly Wahl

    As I read the subject of this weeks blog, I skimmed it. I then saw today’s oracle card post, “Higher Power”. All I could see were all the beautiful pink hues which represent heart healing for me. When I read, “get out of your own way because there is a higher plan for you to serve” or something to that effect, it reminded me that I’m “stuck” because I’m in my own way! I’ve known this but kicked back on the fact that I’m in healing still from my grief. I don’t know what it was / is TODAY that hit me but it’s like “I’ve healed as much as I can” get out of your own way.
    However, I’m still just SO tired! Like soul tired! I do the bare minimum of work (my work: massage, readings, healings) to get by because I’m too tired to do or give anymore.
    I’d like to think it’s just this Mercury retrograde in Pisces telling me that I must retreat and go within to rediscover how to give love back to myself but I call BS. Lol
    When I did the exercise I was here in present day & mind but just “here”; just blah.
    Thank you for the inspiration and more so for venting it out in this community 🕊

  • Karen Mears

    I’ve been here so many times I don’t even see it anymore. Alone, surrounded by chaotic female energies at work, surviving financially, crowded apartment…blah. Not really wanting to be here, present and past are all the same blah. I am able to get present with my cats and animals at work. It is a lovely place to be. Hard to do with people and myself. I’ve learned I don’t want to be here, this isn’t what I wanted for myself and yet it is what I created. I try but can’t sustain change, lack of progress if very discouraging. My weight is now anchoring me too. I have the time to work on this but not the inspiration without any progress.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      just don’t give up remember its not the thinking mind that can make the changes it is the subconscious that needs the attention xoxox

  • Sandra

    It’s interesting. There are so many levels and that’s why I am continually learning, it’s ongoing, it never stops.

    Why is it that we come here on earth to learn? Once we learn, then we are in position to teach (not preach), to help others as best we can.
    Why is it some of us experience but only learn in order to teach others, often times it’s “do as I say, not as I do”. We know what’s good for us and are able to share that but have a hard time doing it ourselves and sticking to it. Does it mean we are here to learn, and apply once or more times to acknowledge the effect but, however, teach and offer our experiences but only randomly apply it to ourselves?

    I have to apologize, I feel I have a hard time articulating my thoughts. I do hope it makes some sort of sense to someone.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I understand all of what you are saying! we are all here to learn.. accountable for our lives, some wake up some do not, no one is perfect..

  • Shelley

    Thank you Colette for your readings and blog. I love these words of truth.
    I feel content here and now. In this moment, I am lacking nothing, and all is possible. 💖
    Much love 🥰

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on beating Viral Meningitis. It had to have been frightening when your sight went dark. I keep getting a ‘bee in my bonet’ to tell you about 12 in 1. A progressive nutritionist recommended them to me when I had a cold that kept coming back. They worked & thru the years I’ve used them. So I was fighting a bug lately; we’ve all been there. Baking my body to kill it, garlic in bean, kale & the kitchen sink soup , cinnamon-clove-lemon water, resting. It wasn’t working. I took the 12 in1 and was better in a day. I know you had a virus, but it’s flu season. Health food store, $17.99, biochemic tissue salts: Dr. Schuessler’s are the ones I have. They work on a subtle level to balance the body’s tissue salts. Homeopathy is said to be the most powerful medicine by its proponents. And keep the back of your neck warm. Wishing you joy, good health and prosperity.

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