Astrology, Debra Silverman and Acting Out the Zodiac!


Updated: November 29, 2009

Astrology Debra Silverman Acts Out the ZodiacIn Astrology, Debra Silverman and the New Moon in Scorpio, I introduced you to Debra Silverman and the response was fantastic.

Marc (my husband) and I are big fans of Debra’s and, since you’ve shown that you are as well, I’m going to post one article each week devoted to a zodiac sign and her acting out of it.

I really encourage you to watch them all as the knowledge and insight you gain into each zodiac sign may help you in your professional and personal relationships. 

Additionally, we, all, have multiple zodiacal influences in our astrological chart so having an understanding of each of those influences can, certainly, help us to better understand ourselves.

And, so, we segue from Debra Silverman’s performance of “Scorpio” to the next sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius. 

As you’ll see in Debra’s performance, Sagittarians are positive, good natured people who can take a walk on the wild side…in the most lovable way, of course!



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