The Beverly Hillbillies and YOUR 4th Chakra!!


Updated: December 9, 2009

The Beverly Hillbillies Colette Baron Reid Psychic Medium‘Tis the season to be jolly!!

Do you feel jolly yet?

Not even a little bit of cheer?

Maybe you are even a little crabby but who wants to hear it right?

Our society tends to accept only positive emotions. We love experiencing bliss, optimism, enthusiasm, and love. We adore anything and anyone  that makes us feel warm, relaxed and calm.

But what about the more negative, uncomfortable emotions, fear, anger, and sadness that can at times be life-saving?

A baby screams with anger and fury if its needs aren’t being attended to in a timely manner, but we don’t judge the baby as being spiritually defective because he is grouchy.

However, when your needs aren’t met in a relationship in a timely manner, do you think that getting fussy, crabby and angry is being negative and spiritually un-evolved?

If you are eager to maintain a forever pleasant attitude  no matter what the circumstances,  beware!

You are increasing your chances toward 4th chakra problems including heart, lung and breast problColette Baron Reid Psychic Medium Granny Beverly Hillbilliesems.

On the TV show, The Beverly Hillbillies,  even though Granny Clampett  used to try to get rid of her anger by singing and screaming a hymn, “I’ve got JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY, Joy in my Heart!!”, she still lived to a ripe old age without heart disease, stroke, breast cancer  or dementia because she always let everyone know when she was angry.

We know that women who hide their emotions behind a brave, stoic, pleasant face have an increased risk toward breast cancer.

The next time you’re feeling negativity, remember Granny Clampett and find a way to release it…with boundaries of course…but release it nonetheless.

You’re 4th chakra will thank you for it!

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