Spirit Is The Source Of All My Supply!

Updated: March 14, 2016

Are you a mindful manifestor? Do you take responsibility for the way you react to life’s adventures? Do you know you co-create reality between two essential truths?

1. – the power to deliberately create reality lies with the right use of imagination and mind combined with a surrendered faith in a Higher Power.


2. – There will be times when you will have to surrender to Life on Life’s terms, to admit there is a great Mystery that will dash your desires to the rocks once in a while but if you hang in there you’ll see and experience wondrous miracles as long as you don’t take on an identity of victim.

It’s easy to think life happens to us.

What if it happens for us?

Yes even the really crappy stuff. Yes, the other shoe you’re so freaked out about dropping might really drop! Yet there are miracles hidden in the darkest places. And like I’ve said in many of my posts it’s our job to find them.

And our attitude is so important. If I let fear lead – quell surprise- more fear. If I step into life with gratitude and high on hope – Magic slippers are mine.

Let it rain shoes! I’ll build a new closet or trade out the old ones!

I was first introduced to all of this new way of thinking via a wonderful old woman who was honestly my first real spiritual advisor and mentor. I met her when I was in drug and alcohol rehab over 30 years ago. Her name was Marguerite and she reminded me of Aunt Clara from the tv show Bewitched- a slightly forgetful immensely compassionate and hilarious magical woman. Marguerite was kind and colorful and eccentric -always wore a moo moo in bright colors and always gave me cookies and tea when I visited to learn about all things spiritual now that I was clean and sober and trying to understand the “meaning of life”.

I loved her and she accepted me as is. She called me her exotic bird and trust me in my early recovery I was more freak than exotic. I needed love and she opened her heart. She was the mom I always wanted.

We were talking one afternoon about my circumstances. I had left home but still felt obliged to my family. My parents were now very poor and barely living off the sale of the collectibles they had accumulated so they could pay the bills. My sister and myself were helping best we could but it wasn’t enough. My dad was 80 and suffering from dementia and my mom cried every time I spoke to her about how everything was getting worse and worse. The bank had taken our family home my mom was earning 8 dollars an hour at a dress shop and I had some serious doubts about whether life was fair etc. etc.

And to be honest I was not getting how my thinking could help me out of this frightening mess. Fear wove its way into our lives and took us all hostage. I was so afraid of losing whatever meager thing I earned at the time I put all my money in a safety deposit box rather than in an actual account! What if “ they came?” and took it away? It will be always be raining bad news.

Marguerite in her wisdom listened for a bit then promptly gave me two books that to this day I still go back to when I need a reminder of how the small human mind aligned with the Great Mind could be so powerful.

The books were Positive Imaging by Norman Vincent Peale and The Dynamic Laws of Prayer by Catherine Ponder. Whenever I wanted to go on and on about my victim story she would give me something to read in these books until I got the message. If I could be mindful of how I use my imagination and mind and put them to positive use, as a repetitive ritual, reinforcing these positive ideas over and over, really cultivating a relationship to God eventually the outer conditions of my life would change. They would reflect the consistent frequency of thought I was thinking. As I think so shall my life be.

She said simply “ Give it a go. What have you got to lose?”

Of course she was right. Now 30 years later, I’m still working the universal laws as I learned them from these books and more, practicing spiritual principles, keeping my focus on the outcome I desire for the highest good, surrendering my fears and letting go control of the form reality is supposed to take (according to my wants that is ha!) And most importantly expecting good to come out of the world, out of people, through me and for me.

It was and still is hard work but worth it.

I’m where I am now because I refused to see the conditions of my life as the source of my supply. Money or the obvious lack of opportunity (especially back then when I literally had no idea how I would live week to week) directly in my view was not the right lens through which to look at life’s potential.

I learned Spirit was the source of my supply and my job was to keep my thinking mindful and clear, staying connected to Spirit, open to receive and being willing to trust that if I kept acting as if all was well, it would be eventually.

What I have today is intangible and you can’t buy or sell it. It has no status and yet it lends me such power although you might not notice it. Today I run my life on Gratitude and an unerring Faith in a Power greater than myself that has opened a portal to miracles and extraordinary things, all found in ordinary life.

The greatness within you and me is only a thought away, a prayer away, a step away.

Perspective and perception is everything really.

Did my new thinking change my parent’s circumstances? Unfortunately not but I was able to show up differently, be more compassionate, present and accepting without resentment. That alone was worth more than anything.

One thing I can promise you, once you really get you have a co-pilot in Spirit, a manifesting partner always there, life will stop being a series of random bumps and self will run riot collisions with shoes dropping every where you turn.

I don’t mind them so much anymore.

It will really begin to feel like an adventure.

Love to hear from you if any particular book influenced you when you began this journey? What did you learn from it ? Why did you love it?

Ok now – tag you’re it!

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  • Lisa byGraceGoi

    Colete .. That was a terrific blog .. my first book by Catherine Ponder was the Prospering Power of Love .. I got it at the Unity bookstore on Eglington Ave. back in 1982 .. It had a profound influence on my life .. The chapter on the 23 rd Psalm really opened my eyes in a huge way .. Throughout the 80’s into the 90’s I read all of her books, I loved the Millionaire series .. Eventually I ended up teaching a prosperity’ class based on her books and Eric Butterworth’s book Spiritual Economics .. Besides those books I would say the Masters of the Far East by Baird T Spalding is among my top books series .. Also all the writings of Joel S Goldsmith have been huge .. There have been other ones for sure .. But these are the ones I always return to ! .. Have you ever met Catherine Ponder ? .. thanks for sharing your story .. It is so helpful and reminds me to change the lense I see life through .. Totally awesome ! .. You give me courage to change the one thing I have total control over .. My thinking ! .. And oh yeah I am a ho’oponopono user .. That is my go to tool .. With all these teachings and tools I can do anything .. As long as I stay out of my old story .. Working it ! .. And you gently guide me along .. Thank you

  • Alannah

    Beloved Sparkly Colette. As usual, you write exactly what I need to read, for the circumstances I am currently experiencing, and I know I’m not the only one! <3 I am at a point where even living week to week has become virtually impossible, with everything around me breaking down, literally. I am unable to work, but have not let that affect my belief that I can manifest the reality I need to be able to give more, to be of service to the divine. However, I keep letting the dreaded "I" raise it's ugly head. I spent my younger life being the 'fixer' in the family until I was no longer able to, and then I was of no further use, so am now (blissfully to be honest) estranged from my two person family.
    Everything is getting worse, despite my careful planning, it's my fault, I am failing, I am not 'enough'.. me, me, me! Talk about ego! I am so busy blaming myself, I constantly forget to just put it in the hands of Spirit, and trust. I have the faith, the belief, the gratitude and the love. I have three furbabies that are my life and joy. I have read so many books on my journey I couldn't single out one, but thanks to your beautiful words, I have stopped giving myself a hard time, I will stop allowing that ego voice to keep getting in my own way, and just surrender to Spirit.
    Thank you, bless you, and I love the shoes! xxxxx 🙂 <3

  • Karishma

    wow! this was one inspiring and thought provoking read. Actually, I do feel I need to mention how much “Remembering the Future” has done for me. I simply love the goblin meditation and I mention it to anyone and everyone I can. It has helped me in ways words cannot express. Thank you!

  • Nina

    When I really started taking my spiritual journey seriously in 2008 I listened to Oprah and Ekhart Tolle’s podcasts on A New Earth and I also read The Power of Now. I come from an academic background in science som for me it has been an on again off again relationship with my spirituality and my inner powers, therefore I found Ekhart’s teachings on the right frequency for me. And I would definitely recommend The Power of Now to everyone.

    Also, I love reading your words and thoughts and the way you share your journey with us. Thank you!

  • Prospera

    Thank you, Colette – this resonates with an experience I had back in 1988 when I was telling a new friend how my life, as I knew it, was going to hell in a hand-cart. Quietly, she said, “you are not without power in this situation.” Then she lent me The Game of Life and How to Play it by Florence Scovel Shinn. Yep, many light-bulb moments in the reading and I’ve never looked back, never felt like a victim ever again. Sure, my situation got worse, but only because it had to so I could move on. To this day, I regularly tell myself, “I am exceptionally lucky and richly blessed.” That phrase makes bubbles of joy rise in my chest and puts a smile on my dial, no matter what. I’ve since read many other similar books, but I’m eternally grateful to my (still) friend and Florence. Bless her, and bless you – a friend in Spirit who I often consult through your decks – I have them all! Namaste.

  • Kristi

    Love reading your blog it gives me so much inspiration. As I was reading the latest, I just had to comment on something that “popped” into my head. When you were talking about the two books that have helped you so much I looked at the last names and it came to me to peale away the layers and ponder the outcomes. The last names of both artists. Just a fun thing I wanted to share.
    Love you and am so grateful you share the loving being that you are.

  • Vee

    Louise L. Hay’s You Can Heal You Life is a classic for a reason…I was quasi-living in a blind, contracted state of victimhood until a friend gave me this book a few years ago. I often go back to it for a dose of revitalizing wisdom on self-love, living in the now, forgiveness, compassion, trusting life! It makes a world of difference and was my “gateway drug” to so many other wonderful light workers such as yourself. Wow, let me take a moment to appreciate that.
    Thank you so much for raining light, Colette. You are a luminary. Xoxo

  • Kiran

    Loved this blog, so good to have it reinforced that Spirit is the source of our abundance. My first books in this area were Brian Weiss’ “Only Love is Real” which introduced me to reincarnation in a way that I could relate to. This was important for despite growing up in the tradition where reincarnation was accepted, the principles that I learnt as a young child were very much that things happened to you. The next two books were James Redfield’s “Celestine Prophesy” and the “Tenth Insight”, both of which encompassed the principles of trust and manifestation through thoughts and beliefs. Loved the concept of souls group and our mission here, that was introduced in the “Tenth Insight”.

  • Maureen

    I was also given the book “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale when I was 20 years old. I was in a dark place and had already suffered from bouts of depression. I read this book and committed the affirmations to memory and still use them to this day. I’m now in my 50’s and this book started my personal spiritual journey 30 years ago. Thank you Colette for the reminder to once again focus on how we want our lives to be. We had such vivid imaginations when we were children, – why not harness that imagination and bring to fruition what we truly desire in this life.

  • Danielle

    You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay. I was introduced to it by a friend at the time. It absolutely changed my life!

  • Diana Boles

    I often refer to myself as a “recovering Catholic”. Strange as this may seem, there is a simple catechesism lesson that I carry with me continuously. “You are never alone”—–1st grade, 1956, Our Lady Gate of Heaven Catholic Church—–my little grey booklet. It is actually the pulse of life that I was raised with.
    My grandmother was “Mrs. The Pope”—- but love and God and Spitit and your Gaurdian Angel are always with you — was always the message she delivered every time she could see that I needed encouragement. (Like the little girl of 5 from last weeks legend). The lesson of living with that guide in your heart and habit in your mind will carry you thru EVERYTHING!! And it has. That constant budding of grace will flourish into protection as well as progress. Call it prayer if you like, but it is more like a Quickening. It is continuous – it is the breath we cannot live without—–it is the pulse of Mother Earth and Father Sun. It is the remembering of past lives and the aching in your bones and the knowing that it was and ever shall be—-the Quickening — The Big Bang — the hum of rotation and the heat from the movement. Even those who chose to ignore or even deny “It Is” have a sense of “It”. This is the basic truth. So many authors have written of this belief. It is the thread of the theme that remains the constant to all of us.

  • Martha

    What an amazing story. Thank you for the inspiration. My go to books are the trilogy including The Game of Life & How to Play it by Florence Scovel Shinn and Letting Go by David Hawkins.

  • Jennifer lloyd

    It was your book Messages from Spirit that help inspire me in my early stages of growth. I lived today’s blog, I totally get the accept the shoes falling and how great I Get To build another closet! Your book came into my life at a time my lineage of a psychic/ medium was awakened for the last time and an acceptance within me was finally happening. I was adopted as an infant and raised by an amazing family, after my moms death I sought out my birth parents for info of history to pas to my children one day. However Spirit brought me much more. I found a lineage of who I am and who I come from on both sides of my family. Then suddenly that thing I knew that made me different , was now that thing that made sense to me. However I was afraid , could I really hear dead people? How could I know these things about people ? Is this a low energy fooling me? I found you and your books, I found oracle cards ( I met you in Chicago and you signed my wisdom of the Avalon deck) you helped me embrace me and now after 13 years , I’m settling into my practice and have launched my dream ” The Mediums” I travel city to city gathering 4-6 mediums inviting them to share the stage with me and show the different styles of mediumship all while keeping ticket cost down and helping with grief healing and awareness to others . Your book inspired me and helped me move through fear. I love who I am today and look forward to my future , bring on the sparkly shoes! I do hope to share a stage with you one day and meet that new puppy! Thank you for all you have done for me through your cards, and books , I attended you map workshop years ago as well. I love my new landscapes! Take care

  • Marie-Pierre

    Thank you Colette for this excellent article; I shared it on my FB page, because many of my beautiful clients are struggling to understand how they should face their their circumstance. After a cancer, many miscarriages, burn out and financial problems, I too felt that my Guides were working against me (I tried to fire them actually!). As I started to work as a channeler, I realized that all of this was meant to guide me towards my best life and be of service to others. Now that I figured out that trying to control situations and challenges is just slowing down the process, I surrendered my fears and ideas of how everything should turn out. I let the Universe and my divine team lead the way (I give them ideas of what I would like, and then off they go!) It’s so much more relaxing, and the best part is that amazing things are happening! Things I could never have thought possible (we sold our house in 1 month to travel the world with our kids, and see where life takes us… To me, that’s pretty darn magical;)

    I love your oracle cards by the way (Enchanted Map and Wisdom of Oracle). I recommand them to my clients all the time.

    Keep up your beautiful work 🙂

    Marie-Pierre Chaumont

  • Josee Bellemare

    Good morning Colette,
    Thank you for this great message. My story is very much in line with yours…. and my very first book that literally saved my life was The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy.
    It helped me see that life is amazing…and beautiful and it opened doors to fantastic possibilities. Since that book i have been on a learning and growing path that i am excited about. It has been around 16 years since then ….hundreds more books, ideas and lessons…. and the difference in me now is that I see light where I used to see shadows….i believe that i am in a beautiful universe! 🙂

  • Valorie

    Amazing! Thank you so much for writing this. THIS was the message I needed to hear. I’m so glad spirit moved thru you and allowed me to hear this message so clearly. Thank you!

  • Ram

    When I was 11 I read Being Happy by Andrew Matthews (Por Favor sea feliz-I read it in Spanish) and it really help me to understand if I worried something would happen…it would happen!!! Of course there were many things I couldn’t understand a child…funny how I forgot about that later on!!! Also Your Erroneuos Zones by Dr Dyer helped me to become more tolerant of myself and others and made my High school years a bit more tolerable…looking back isn’t it amazing how life always made sure I remembered even from such a young age how powerful I am?? <3

  • Linda

    The book that changed my life was “The Four Agreements.” That book held far to many “ah ha” moments than I can go into in this forum. The one major point was, “Don’t take things personally.”

  • Nancy Drope

    Sacred Choices -Crystal Neimi
    Mandala of Being is a great reminder of staying present.

    Colette I Practice digging myself out of Victimhood daily.I Struggle with letting love in intimately and live with a very strong Aries . I work to break patterns and accept things as they are looking for there purpose in my life. What are they here to teach me. I reach out ” let thy will be done”. So glad to have your cards as a tool. Xx Nancy ….Happy Spring enjoy your puppy !

  • Serena

    I need a Marguerite in my life right about now 🙂 Sounds like such a blessing. Maybe about 6 years ago on your website you used to list books that you liked or recommend (don’t quite remember) and there was a book on shamanic healing that I looked at and then bought without really thinking about it. About a year later I started seeing a practitioner who uses shamanic healing techniques and have since then come to be acquainted with different approaches to Shamanic healing. When I learned your Invision process I realized that it was very much like a Shamanic journey. Started out from a book on your webpage and then came (full circle?) right back to your process :-). I met a few “plastic shamans” along the way but I also got to know the healing power of the drum and learned so much about traditional healing or what people call shamanic healing and eventually I will find my way back to my own ancestral connections to such healing. Was it the book that really influenced me? Was your website the first domino? More than a particular book I think these signposts, which started with you, are what really helped me on my journey. Thanks Colette!

  • Linda

    Colette, what an amazing story , especially when your adviser had so much faith in you , what an inspiration for others . My story is I grew up with three sisters,until I was six years old , when my parents divorced ,my mother couldn’t provide for us financially ,my father was an alcoholic , we were all separated as kids and grew up in different homes , we didn’t have any food in our house , my twin sister and I had to actually go out and steal food a few times , which was not my nature , then we were moved to the country in the middle of no where and had to live off the land , we mostly ate fish that we caught that day ,we lived in a tent for months , it was a different , but this was the choice my mother made for my sister and I ,my mother was abusive woman ,sill trying to forgive , not easy . I apologize for the long story : ) ,So after moving back into the city , at the age of 12, I got a job at 13 ,selling corn on the highway by myself trying to contribute , then I worked 3 different jobs till I was 16 ,I moved out at the age of 16 and left school to work full time ,to support myself , and always have , I remember ,feeling so alone and lost at times , trying to survive , I was determined to never be in that situation ever again , I went to a mall , and I just broke down , couldn’t stop crying , it just all hit me , then a wonderful woman came out of nowhere and gave me a hug and she let me cry on her shoulder and talked to me and told me” I have my highest power with me , and I have done so well in life ,”she was I believe she was an angel sent to me ,she told me to always stay positive and things will come my way , with a few bumps along the way but I managed to get my life in order , as the years went by I still remember that woman that was sent to me at the mall ,her words made a difference in my life , positive thinking and knowing we are never alone ,struggles we have is just a bump in the road ,it our choices that make our lives better . thankyou and God Bless …… Linda

  • Patricia

    Love this blog! Have been trying to recall how it was that your wisdom came into my life, but it happened with perfect divine timing. It’s been a couple of years now that I have been following you and I have been going through a really difficult life changing time. Your wisdom and the cards have been very instrumental in helping me find my way out of my darkness. Thank you.

  • Arnie

    Hi Colette, the books that influenced me tremendously when I first began this journey are the ones that encompass the “Journey of the Soul Series,” authored by Sylvia Browne: “God, Creation, and Tools for Life (Book 1), Soul’s Creation (Book 2), and “The Nature of Good and Evil (Book 3).

  • Shelley

    Thank you, Colette, for another beautiful post. So many teachers and books have come my way since I began sincerely asking, in prayer, for help over the years.
    One, in particular showed up in a funny way. I was already in recovery and, through the power of prayer (and study and footwork) I was offered a job at a treatment centre which was aligned with my values and beliefs. When I got my own office, there was a book left behind on one of the bookshelves I inherited. By Florence Scovell Shinn, titled “The Game of Life and how to play it”. I was astonished when I started to read it, as I was already using the work of Louise Hay and what really tickled me was that Florence Scovell Shinn was writing about the same principles, but decades before. It was a “leg up” for me, in my spiritual practice that somehow turned up the volume on what I already sensed to be true. The same experience happened to me when I read your books, Colette. It feels like a confirmation or remembering of a central truth that I’ve always known at some level. Another big life changer for me is the book “A Course in Miracles”. I needed a teacher to guide me through deciphering it but once I understood it, it is now a staple for me . Much love to you and to All. ♥

  • Renee Sugar

    Thank you Colette for sharing. Only in retrospect can we appreciate how far we have come.
    You’ve come a long way baby!!!! You are truly an example of the Phoenix rising, and are an inspiration to so many. But this requires a commitment and much inner work. Not MAGIC by any stretch of the imagination!!
    I am a voracious reader and fortunately live next door to a public library which is a wonderful gift. My life is impacted by books sometimes in audio form/podcasts every single day. Recently I have discovered Barbara Stanny an author and advocate for women & (men) who are “Underearners”. One of her four books “Overcoming Underearning” has been a key to unlocking the door to exploring my belief system and how it relates to money. Through a series of exercises I began to examine how I viewed money. Many creative artists are known for undervaluing their gifts. In order to shift the belief system I had to examine what I experienced in my family home; and what my attitude toward money was. Many of the outmoded practices were still a part of my practice. I grew up with my mother always saying “What do I need that for”?? If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it”.
    Just a little background about the author. She is the daughter of one of the founders of H& R Block. She was married to a compulsive gambler who was investing her inheritance and losing it in bad deals while she signed all of the necessary paperwork to authorize these transactions. One day she went to the ATM and there was no money in the account. Her husband had left the country and she had three daughters to support. Her father refused to loan her money to cover an over one million dollar tax bill. It was absolutely imperative that she become educated and quickly about managing money and how to attract it by
    serving the world from the place of her deepest pain which became her purpose. This can heal and be of help to many people to take action toward becoming empowered regardless of the past. I mentioned a book The Game of Life by Florence Scovel Shinn. From reading this very small book I have designed a series of affirmations which I practice everyday with my arms in the air, victory pose which I learned from Amy Cuddy who is a social psychologist
    and Harvard professor. Her new book Presence speaks about body posturing and how when we practice assertive poses, she speaks of doing this before an interview. It elevates your confidence, and yes it makes you laugh too!!! This past week I had an unexpected message from a recruiter in Texas. She had noticed my LinkedIn profile which includes a gallery of art images. I don’t often check that source, but something prompted me to do so. She was recruiting for a position in Toronto, for a very well-established company. So we arranged a time to speak. I did put my arms in the victory pose and danced before the call. I really would not have visualized myself working for this company. The salary is higher than I have imagined. Yes there is power taking the information that is available and integrating it into our daily lives. Now one of my affirmations is ” I NOW declare it is time to exceed any prior limitations to what I can earn. It doesn’t matter what the history might have been. The recruiter advised me that the presentation has been sent to the employer, and now I need to let go and trust that if this opportunity belongs to me, and serves the best interests of all concerned, then I could well be working for this employer. What surprised me was that out of the thousands of potential candidates for this kind of position, because I included examples of my portfolio on the profile, that attracted her attention. I am not a cookie cutter kind of corporate fit, so that could affect the outcome; however what a compliment to receive the invitation. It was a real boost to the spirit. So I started to visualize myself living in a new apartment; with a view, and lots of light streaming in and a bedroom, and was getting excited just imagining it. This whole story is a collaborative exchange between the authors and how I process the information that they share. It is always an ongoing story of consciousness, and making informed choices to do something different. Most of the books are a vehicle to share the shadowy beginnings complete with struggle and pain, and follow the thread to a new beginning and often transformation which impacts so many people by the sharing. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have a place to share and exchange on this blog. It is a very important part of my life. I really appreciate it, and hope that it reaches the right person.

  • Gail

    Hi – I look forward to your weekly forecasts. Thank you so much. I have been reading “spiritual” books for almost 20 years, but when I was advised to read “Conscious Souls” by Robert Schwartz, I hit the floor! His book was so insightful that when I was finished the book I could not leave its presence. I carried it around in my car for a month! It is about the contracts we make before we incarnate each time. Who knew? It explained so much and cleared my head for the future to come. Robert changed the name to something like “The Life We Choose” but if anyone wants to find it, putting his name in Amazon books will bring it up. He wrote a second book as a companion as well. Great information. Keep being you Colette!

  • Arnie

    I learned about both Father and Mother God, how we were created, my soul’s purpose, and the Dark Side. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these books because they confirm and validate both my life’s major and minor themes, Justice and Lawfulness, as well as the fact that I am, indeed, a Spiritual Warrior for Mother Azna and a Mystical Traveler. These books serve as an AWESOME springboard for ALL of Sylvia Browne’s books!!! INDEED!!!

  • Lois

    The best book I read was Seth Speaks. I don’t remember the authors name. It totally changed my thoughts on life. I still totally believe in God, but I also believe I’ve lived before and I’ll live again

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I love that book too.. its by Jane Roberts. I got into the Seth materials around the same time. Totally shifted my perspective

  • Arnie

    Hi Colette, certain things are fated. That is why I patiently await with TREMENDOUS JOY, EXCITEMENT, ANTICIPATION, AND EXPECTATION of what I AM EXPERIENCING…REAL SOON…AS MY AWESOME DESTINY!!! INDEED!!! STAY TUNED!!! DON’T BELIEVE ME, JUST WATCH!!! By the way, I noticed I submitted my first comment today at 10:49AM and the second one at 11:15AM…that’s 26 minutes apart!!! That’s my dad working behind the scenes!!!

  • Arnie

    Hi everyone, me again!!! I noticed, of course, that I submitted my second comment today at 11:15AM and the third one at 11:28AM…that’s 13 minutes apart!!! Spirit is confirming and validating that I AM A VERY LUCKY GUY!!! INDEED!!! STAY TUNED!!! DON’T BELIEVE ME, JUST WATCH!!!

  • Shannon

    Hi Colette, I Love your Blogs!
    I remember as a teenager picking up my older sisters book “You can Heal Your Life” Louise Hay.
    All these years later it stil stuck with me and I recently purchased it for myself. Glad That I am revisiting this book. ?

  • Rosie

    Loved this post today! So timely. Had a recent bout of seeing things through the wrong lens too. I feel it’s turning around finally. Thanks for reinforcing the idea that I am a co-creator. The book that influenced me most in terms of letting go of attachments to things that don’t serve me is Untethered Soul by MIchael Singer.

  • Lily Rose

    GM Colette. Thank you so much for all you’ve shared. You are making such a wonderful difference in my life and the way I think and react. You give me encouragement and hope when I see none. Your life lessons you so freely share are helping me immensely. The fact that you shared that you are a survivor blew me away. I see you as a sparkly being. You reminded me that we are on our journeys and our thoughts and attitudes are powerful. I have hope that I’m not limited because I am a survivor! I like your weekly readings. I’m enjoying your daily “raw with CBR!” Your blog I read just now was magical! I used your Wisdom of the Oracle cards this morning to ask for help from my father who crossed to the other side on September 24, 2015. I asked him which cards he would like to use and he picked yours! He came through so clearly by using your cards that are so blessed and filled with Spirit – I am grateful to Dad, Spirit and you for helping me to remember I am loved, I am okay and I’m right where I’m supposed to be and I’m not alone. Blessings, love and hugs to you Colette.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for sharing and a BIG thank you to everyone who has added to the conversation!

  • Candace

    Hello Colette, Kinda just what I needed to hear today…I’ve had this fear which felt like a weight on my chest for almost a month and have been manifesting from that place. Basically, the biggest pillars in my life have crumbled. I’ve felt sorry for myself, played the victim card, and retold my life story over and over…all this has at last brought me to my knees. Leaving my only option: to surrender. But, it gives birth to a lightness that I haven’t felt in a loooong ass time – Faith in a Divine Plan and the timing of it all! It takes patience to get to that space. An Elder once told me now that I’m more conscious, I can’t go back to thinking the way I used to and my lessons will follow suit. Truer words could not have been spoken. It’s funny (more ironic, less lol!) but I asked the Universe if I’d be able to handle life’s bumps when my situation changed (family, career, etc) guess I got my answer because now I know I can! First fave book: The Power of Intention, Dr. W. D.
    Love C

  • Remika

    Thank you for a beautiful blog post; one that I certainly needed to read today. I’m beginning to see more and more how a shift in how I perceive things can really change the outcome of my life. I’ve always been drawn to books about stories with deeper meaning; one of them is Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist. I still find myself referring back to it; I feel that I can now relate to where he found himself working in a shop instead of pursuing his personal legend. Even though he had the stability he wanted, something else was calling to him to continue on his journey. I feel as though I’m being called to pursue my personal legend now more than ever. Thank you again Colette 🙂

  • Sara

    I have been called upon this week to perform some mindful check ins. It seems that perhaps my life has become a bit more unmanageable lately!!! I have had pneumonia since December…something I told myself would happen and then, of course, it did!!! I have been tasked with actually PRACTICING the mindfulness I tout everyday. This morning I began once again chronicling my stinking thinking and lo and behold, in my email was this blog!!! Wonderful synchronicities are a part of my daily existence, as long as I allow myself to notice them!

  • Barb

    Hi Collette I love and look forward to your weekly blogs,
    This week it truly resonated with me. I can truly understand and can relate to your path is chosen for you and are led by divine power that sometimes knocks you down hard that at that time is so devastating and cannot see any good from it. Fifteen years ago I hit my lowest and faced my biggest fear I ever had it was dying from breast cancer. I knew I needed help and I made an appointment at Wellspring a Cancer support center. I met this most amazing lady she uplifted my Spirit and helped me face my fears and changed my life. What was amazing about this lady was she had terminal Cancer and she felt well enough that day and decided to come in to the center to provide support to other Cancer patients. I know she was sent in my path from divine Spirit for a reason. I found out six months later this lady passed away. From that day forward I faced all my fears that led me in a career change and started receiving abundance in all aspects of my life. I eventually retired from a Corporate Company, so that I could pursue a Spiritual path in teachings others on how they can heal themselves without spending thousands of dollars on traditional or holistic therapies.

    Thank you again Collette

  • Shea

    Well this post was just perfect for today! Going to start another stack of books to read, and quite happily. Spirit has me resting right now. One of the books I read recently that absolutely changed my life is Brene Brown’s Rising Strong. By the time I finished it last fall I was ready to rumble and actually managed to get myself fired. Now this has created some challenges as you can imagine, but I see it as an opportunity to re-set my course. A lot of faith, sometime daily, sometimes wavering. Egad. Thanks for your excellent work Colette. Saw you in Vancouver last fall. Wonderful. And can highly recommend the new Oracle cards. They seem always to be right on for me.

  • Catherine

    Dearest Colette, you always inspire me regardless of what is currently happening in my life.

    How lucky you were to have an Aunt Clara in your life that you could sit and talk with about whatever. What a blessing! I have made amazing changes in my life in patience, acceptance and other areas, but my life still remains one of a lack of abundance in practically all areas, and so, after years and years and years of studying, making changes, and getting better at accepting what is, I’m really at the point where I think lack is what I am supposed to be experiencing, and that is disheartening.

    There have been so very may books that have made a difference to me, but A Course in Miracles is probably close to the top of the list. I still study it to this day.

    One point I have a hard time with is… whether spirit is doing things TO us or FOR us, it seems spirit basically call the shots. I’m unclear where my intelligence, free will, and sense of reasoning come into play. I see these as tools I can use to make my life what I want it to be, but that choice may not be mine to make, apparently. So, I’m back to the age-old question of why we are even here. If spirit is deciding what is in our best interest and what we should be doing, and our best option is to go with the flow, what are we learning besides how to relinquish control?

    Thank you so very much for your incredible blogs. I look forward to them every week and save them for future reference. You are such a beautiful lady and I am honored to have found you. All blessings, dear one.

  • Christiane Koeksal

    Hello Mrs. Baron-Reid:

    I like to thank you for writing your own story, it reminded me in some ways of my own. What You have learned in your younger years, I am just learning in my later years. Because I have to admit that I have been ignorant for believing in spirit. After my dear husband passed suddenly (due to a medical mistake) after a perforated appendix operation, within in 6 days he died suddenly. I had a hard time accepting his passing, it was a waste of a very healthy life and a very loving person. My luck was, that a former colleague of mine told me about a medium, I had no idea what that meant. Make a long story short, my husband is every night with me, and the things he shows me and does for me is simply amazing. That’s how he was to me in real life, caring and loving, that for 46 years. We met, 2 hours later he asked me to marry him. I never believed in life after death, I was shown I was wrong, and I am so glad for people like yourself helping people like me. I am currently trying to get answers from the hospital about his passing, of course, they will not admit to anything. I am fighting them now for 2 1/2 years. My mission is to change the laws her in Canada, so that the medical staff has to report any death or medical errors publicly. I hope I will be successful.

    Respectfully, Christiane

  • Diane

    One of my all time favorite books is , “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.” I used to carry it around in my trunk and give it out to people.
    The wisdom of Socrates was so clear to me in this book. 🙂 You might claim to be enlightened and meditate for hours a day, but if you do not practice it when life annoys you, what good is your practice.

  • Cat

    A Course in Miracles.

  • Diana Boles

    After my earlier post, I had to step into my “Moon Lodge” and explore my library and refresh mind storage of titles that have also truly influenced me. “Black Elk Speaks” is one of those that helped to sculpt the road I walk. “The Wind is My Mother” by Bear Heart with Mara Freeman. “Dancing the Wheel” by Jamie Sams. Though I dabbled with Tarot cards, it was Jamie Sams’ who opened my heart to the Native American path. I still use her oracle decks “Medicine Cards” and “Sacred Path” for my long distance frame work.
    There is person who has had an impact on my life in a more recent context. I began following her in 200????? Can’t even remember. she helped me through the stumbling road of divorice and I use 4 of her oracle decks practicly daily. Yes, Colette— I’m talking about you. Tribal shot out—–WHOOP WHOOP WOOT WOOT ?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      HUGS… and to everyone who shared this week a giant thank you I love it when we all get to contribute ..makes my heart sing!

  • Diana Boles

    Ooooooops!!!!’ Edit — “Dancing the Dream” —- not Dancing the Wheel. Daylight savings mush brain!

  • LeAnn

    I work in manufacturing and my job tends to be mindless as my work is very repetitive. I just got done asking the universe to help me find some new books to listen to as I’m working that I can learn from to further my spiritual journey. I’m taking this blog as the universes answer….THANK YOU!! hahaha

  • elaine patraschuk

    Dear Lovely Colette, thank you muchly for the Empty to be Filled Meditation which I faithfully listened to for the seven days and voila not the $$$ I expected but a blessing of independence in ‘finding’ a vehicle that I fell in love with at first sight, and she is an affordable dandy. I still feel airy and happy and smiley!! Spirit supplied.

    It had been seven years since I had the freedom of my own transportation so then came that ole fear that it would be taken away from me as it had been so long since something so good happened to me … hey, I am still a-learning and now I am settling into just enjoying her and, yes, I do deserve this surprise gift from Spirit and my Dear Mother as well so I can travel to heal my family and visit friends.

    I love your enchanting Wisdom of the Oracle divination cards feeling a bit of guilt as your Enchanted Map oracle cards wait to be touched. You are truly a gift to me and my friend since we saw you on TV and in Calgary and now look so forward to seeing you in Red Deer AB on April 9 … welcome to our beautiful, friendly (I promise) city.

    Your March 15 blog is one of my favourites and I reply with pleasure because I just love books, my passion and bed partner ho ho. I just adore when you open up to us and get personal … don’t we all have a Marguerite in our lives sometime? Thanks for letting us see another piece of your human heart and eternal soul, and I l also love that you generously allow us the space to interact with our Tribe as I just learned we are all connected by chords of Light in another great book — The Light Between Us: Stories From Heaven, Lessons for the Living by Laura Lynne Jackson, 2015.

    Surrender is difficult sometimes but I search for excitement, mystery, evolution, passion, miracles, synchronicity, joy, awareness, love, knowledge, magic, caring … and more !! Yes my life’s adventures require responsibility and even the worst times are the best of times as Spirit teaches me a lesson and I am grateful.

    And now to a book that was a life-changer. After about ten years of being abused and used by family, a male friend I thought cared, and a gal pal who was a good friend but brought me into a controlling and toxic situation, I became so depressed that when I had to get blood tests, Xrays, and an ECG back to back, I started to cry and couldn’t stop. In-house psychologist was no help but later I somehow stumbled upon this book:

    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology: Releasing the Power of Spiritual Numerology in My Life, authors Dr. Kay Lagerquist and Lisa Lenard, 2011.

    Purpose: To all who long for meaning and want to understand how to live their life with consciousness and moving with the flow (know myself) (a mandate of the Oracle of Delphi in Pythagoras’s time). Prayer: May I be guided to the highest and best expression of my soul’s purpose, through the numbers.

    As I did the work of the numbers my depression lifted, I shared the book with a friend, and I learned to love myself enough to follow a path to more awareness … and joy began to blossom. Thank you, Colette, for reminding me of how far I have come and how grateful I am to have kept going to discover the Light in people like yourself as well as Sylvia Browne, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and other special and inspiring souls that have made a difference in my humble life. I just bought a picture frame where my beloved kitty cat is pictured and it says: In Spirit, Heart, and Memory, LOVE Lives Forever and I thought of you … Love Never Dies … so grateful for all blessings, elaine

  • Catherine

    Amen Sister…the Creator is my power supply and gratitude my plugin…My first book on my realigned spiritual path in 1987 was Louise Hay…you can heal your life. I was leaving my 4 kids father and heading back to university to get my business degree so I could create a company that would allow me unlimited income as I choose and create positive changes in the world…LOL…well you would have thought that my plan was to my parents and so many in my little town was to unleash fire and brimstone upon everone…Who did I think I was…oh you are crazy!! The negativity and darkness that surrounded me was overwelming..but I had a minister that was truly a man of God and I had my faith in Creator (Jesus appeared to me when I was four so I remembered Home)…so I eliminated all negatives as Louise suggested…surrounded myself with the few positive friends and my Gram and walked forward in the darkest of time trusting the Creator was guidiing me…It has been a journey…three husbands…added a beautiful daughter and now 5 little grandsons…4 dogs and a interesting and loving new partner of a few years…I am a Divine Spark of God in partnership while maintaining my individual beingness of light…Daily gratitude for every positive or wild learning lesson…the looping of lessons unlearned is always my hardest to stay in gratitude about but when I do…and trust Creator the lesson comes to fruition and the positive emerges…I accomplished what I set out to accomplish when i started in 1987…it just came in ways that I didn’t think could be…I had set out to be a Billionaire Philanthropist( it is engraved on a red ipod…LOL) and in November I was shown that I had accomplished that goal…just not how I had quite envisioned as I had given so much away consciously…I was going wow…great and then…wow if I had kept half of that I would be helping so many more….LOL….but still I had done what I had sent out to the Universe to accomplish just in Creators way to be of service…..When you can let go and Let God miracles small and large really happen and the understanding that all is perfect just as it is as your Soul is learning the virtues it came to remember, learn or complete…Its an amazing ride this thing called life…so enjoy every minute…you rock it Sister…always…Thank you and always so grateful for your gifts you share Colette…Surrounding you all with love, strength and prayers…

  • Rhianne

    There is a whole bookcase full of titles that have changed the course of my life. The first was Louise L. Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” 3 book set with scrumptious illustrations from cover to cover. The set included the main book, a workbook, and a book of affirmations. After reading each and working through the workbook I opened up to the idea of love being The Source.

    Much later on I read all kinds of titles by many authors; many of which have become Hay House authors/speakers/radio hosts. Titles by Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, and Christianne Northrup.

    “Getting into TTouch”, and “Let’s Ride,” by Linda Tellington-Jones kicked-off my love affair with a more kind, gentle, healing approach to working with animals (mostly horses) which transfers so nicely to people as well. The shift in thinking was phenomenal – I felt like I finally found a way to work with and train horses that wasn’t appallingly debilitating to my soul or the horse’s psyche.

    My mom and I are VERY excited for your appearance in Red Deer this spring! We were able to first listen to and meet you at the I Can Do It conference in Edmonton last spring.

    🙂 Rhianne

  • Jenny

    LOVE the synchronicity of you talking about shoes and my kids’ school just started a shoe drive!! The book that stands out at the beginning of my journey is “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle. It’s so profound in it’s teachings of letting go and being present. I also really resonated with the part of the book that talked about “frequency holders;” people who are here to hold space for others to shift.

  • Mechita

    Collette, I love your blog. My book was by Unity , The Daily Word, this little booklet always in my purse reminded me about Spirit God is in charge and helping me every day of the month. It opened my eyes and my heart to a new wonderful way to expect always good in all situation.

  • Richard

    Hello Colette; I see that many of your readers listed You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay as a significant source of inspiration. This book has also been a great source for me and I keep having to order a new one because I keep giving mine away. But, in preparation, there is another book that I read about 5 – 10 years before that. This previous book, which I no longer remember the name, introduced me to the concept of the inner child. How I came to read that book is a story in itself. I was in Ankara Turkey on business and was getting ready to return to the United States. I was wondering the airport and decided to go into the news shop to find something to read for the trip back. Well, there was only two books in English, so I selected one. It was a red paperback and it seemed like a psychological book. It’s copywrite was from 1964 (and this time frame was the early 1990s). But as I read this book, the inner child explained so much about why I react in certain ways. It really opened me up for the Louise Hay book that came in mid 2000’s. I kept the book for awhile, but I think, eventually, my ex-wife threw it away during one of her cleaning purges. But in any case, this book was profound but I think it was meant for me to read it as it was the only choice to read. it was left for me.

  • sober pal

    An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who has been conducting a little homework on this. And he in fact bought me breakfast simply because I found it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending time to discuss this topic here on your web page.

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