Grounding Our Potential and A Vision for us all!

Updated: July 18, 2016

Dearest You,

Not sure if you identify with this but lately it feels like if I open my computer a giant monster will jump out to swallow me whole, make my heart break and force me to watch unspeakable things that make me ashamed to be a human.
O that actually happened? Not a metaphor?

All Righty Then.

That may be true but after the initial breakdown I am now that much more committed to keep my focus on Love, Unity, Peace, and Understanding so I’m committed to spend way more time there respectful of what’s happening but refusing to allow hate to seep into my blood and mindful of my reactions.

People seem to want to pick fights a lot lately but none of us have the right answer to solve the past, only to co-create a new future.

Everything is so so complicated. Everyone wants to be heard. Like A Course in Miracles reminds us in the simplest of terms. We co-create the world from Love or Fear.

Sometimes you might start in fear and feel the hate and you want to retaliate but then you just know that if you act the same way and spread more hate you won’t get what you want at all, and you’ll just escalate the entire story further without ever finding a solution.

Fear that is rooted in the deep rotting brambles of history can set a trap that’s hard to escape from.

But, because deep down you believe in the Light, you just might muster enough strength to crawl over to the Love side grumbling but when you make it you hang on because miracles are over on this side not the other.

But we are human, and humans are built to shut down when fear strikes so it’s really hard to fumble around in the dark to find the path to Love. Yet in spite of it all perhaps a hand will suddenly be there, or a soft voice, a glimmering Light shines and then the next thing you know you get to make a choice.

I want to be that voice and that hand and that glimmering Light. Do You?

These days I am so aware that we are all riding a tidal wave that feels so chaotic and crazy destructive and its so scary because I know deep down it will get worse before it gets better.

Learning skills to manage uncertainty and upheavals and thriving in spite of the bumpy conditions is essential now. Staying present to all of it, yet wearing the world loosely, keeping your focus local in order to bring the highest good first from within, keeping on being teachable and humble, and choosing peace over hate has to be the order of the day.
And, yes sometimes dripping snot all over yourself in an ugly cry when you feel hopeless and powerless and wonder how the heck we all got here might be part of it too.

Yet, The world is on time with its fractal cycles and a choice point is coming.

If you haven’t read Gregg Braden’s book Fractal Time, now is the time to do so.

I had the privilege of interviewing him this weekend for my Real and Raw Master series of off the cuff conversations that I’m giving away when my book launches August 20th. He talked about the cycles that are happening in our world right now and how everything – from terrorism and other issues stemming from the middle east, to the racism and upheavals in the USA- everything is right on time.

  • A cycle is set in motion come round again for us to revisit and we need to get it right this time.
  • One thought, one action, one belief, one motive, one minute at a time.
  • Meditate, meditate, meditate, meditate, and more meditation.
  • O and did I mention meditation?
  • That and then some more of that will help a lot.
  • Then choosing from an integrated place.
  • The soul knows.. it observes it all.

So, I am here now, having just spent a meaningful Birthday weekend with hubby and friends, hunkering down for the full moon week that my friend Debra Silverman reminded me of and will be talking about this Thursday on my Hay House radio show (noon EST). Debra and I spent a few days together last week in Boulder Colorado and shot a Face Book Live conversation on friendship. It was such a healing trip and I got to spend some quality time with Robert Ohotto and Nancy Levin too which was amazing. And Debra introduced me to her friend Sting and we hung out then went to his concert with Peter Gabriel. Ah-maze balls!

Friendships are so so so important these days.

All my friends have a similar mission. Our purpose is to remain conscious of our roles as co-creators and help others do the same so we can collaborate to build a better world. We are fierce Light Warriors all of us.

So according to the stars this week’s full moon has a theme and it’s about grounding our potential into reality. It’s time to take the dream we have incubated and put it into action and get serious and practical about what that might look like in terms of an action plan. If there is any inauthenticity in your energy it really is time to say “Thank you for bringing me this far but I gotta let you go now!” No more denial just time to stake your claim on your teeny pulsing part of this insane world and make your little patch strong and healthy and stable in spite of the crazy waves and stormy skies. Bet this is what it felt like on Noah’s Ark.

I had a life altering series of visions when I saw a healer in Boulder last week that I was not expecting when I lay down (as visions do follow the unexpected surprise party theory at the best of times anyway) and although I will share the experience in greater detail soon I want to speak to the most profound parts as I know I am meant to carry this message to you today.

In the beginning of the session I relaxed then suddenly became aware that a circle of towering slender light beings and some shorter ones that appeared to be made of rock and metal surrounded me in a circle and while the healer placed his hands on me simultaneously these beings were intently working on these threads of light that were way above me. I was the observer rather than a participant although I knew I was part of the equation they were reminding me that Spirit is impersonal, and will reflect our dominant energy whatever that is.

Then for the next 90 minutes I was taken on a journey I will never forget. I was shown that I was one with the conscious universe that you and I were part of that oneness in an inextricable way. A chorus of voices kept repeating in a sing song way “What we do to the web we do to all of us. All of life is you and you are it.”

Then I literally became a conscious earth, then a conscious creature of air then I was both the fire in a funeral pyre and the body of a giant of a race that once walked the earth. I was water and played with a giant sea turtle and I was the spout of a whale who kept all our secrets since time began. I was an ice floe and I was the bright turquoise water that rushed through it like a river.

I saw that we were created deliberately to walk the earth and that we were meant to be its stewards as well as be descendants of the stars. I saw violence and how more will come to rock the earth but then I saw an image of how our minds engage the Great Mind and how we really can make a change. It must come from within.

I’m still processing all of it but these are the simple messages I gathered.

  • Separation is an Illusion
  • The Material world is a reflection of the mirror of Spirit.
  • We have the power to ground the invisible into reality.
  • We have the power to destroy or to re-create our world.
  • We are made of stardust and so we have extraordinary latent powers to make miracles.

We are in a cycle and we will know exactly the moment within it when we need to coordinate our choices so that Love can lead. Our hearts are already primed!

I’m not waiting .. I am going to commit to the Light and to Love now, so I can be ready. I am going to ground those into my reality and pursue my dreams and hopefully make the world a better place!

You? Love to hear from You.

How was your week? What’s happening to you? Have you had any visions as real as your coffee cup?

Love always.. CBR!

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  • Beth

    Happy Birthday Colette! Love your outfit in the reading video.

    I’ve always had – and have – the unshakable belief that all is well, and Love always prevails in the global/big picture sense – no matter what it may look like or what may be happening in the world…and I do believe the same is true for me, yet I sometimes falter when things happen to me personally and I’m in the midst of the mud of life. I’m spending more time lately working on my faith and manifesting muscles.

    And referring to the card reading, so much in my life in the past 3 or 4 years has either been removed or totally stalled. What is true for me, and is in my highest good, is the million dollar question! If I could only figure that out.

    • Sharleece Elizabeth Bellagosi

      Happy Birthday. I find it hard to believe that I will be found and married that rich successful white collar male who give me everything and by devoted to only me. Will the above technique make that happen.

    • Julie

      First Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your very interesting experience/vision! It is a ray of hope in this seemingly angry world. I am mostly happy and full of hope for what the future holds. Appreciating daily for all the little things that are good in my world. I do feel like a little fish that is pulling a large net with all my family and friends inside. Teaching by example only because my words seem to get lost in translation. Please keep sharing your insights, it’s something for this little fish to navigate by. ??

    • Debra

      Happy Birthday Collette I love your blog. My weekend was great, it was filled with lots of old friends connecting together by the Manatick River. Being by the water for me and just breathing is peace in this caotic life all around us. I believe love is the key to peace. Sending and receiving love out to the world is a daily routine in my life.Lets continue to spread love and enjoy the journey. May peace be with you always. Love you Colette.

    • Karen

      Happy Belated Burthday
      I related to the cards today. I have to continually remind myself to be here…today. I’m almost there; I try to enjoy today and not think about what’s going to happen next week, next month.

      And I feel that if I’m angry at someone, I remind myself they are a mirror and Bang, it bounces back at me. Why am I mad at them? Something must be bugging me….

      when are you coming to Calgary?

    • Bobbi Williams

      Thank you for keeping it real! You have written exactly how I feel and made me smile- finally! Thank you for being an inspiration in this craziness. Sending you so much Light and Live!!

  • Christina

    My heart is hurting a lot right now, right along with the world’s. Watching the news makes me sad and so does my life right now. I know you said in your post that separation is only an illusion, but unfortunately that’s going to be part of my life now given the last four days. I have to move on from an entire group of friends. I’m making the unilateral decision to step back from all of them. Passive aggressive behavior is sometimes worse than the violent sort and it reached a tipping point. I’m trying to frame it as you would, that I’m cutting ties with toxic people. But I am scared. They were my closest and oldest of friends, but their behavior is simply inexcusable, a flaw that’s crowded out any and all previously good qualities. Even the more personal, love relationships in my life are taking a hit. There’s more uncertainty. I spent a day and a half crying without stopping. (Literally.) But something interesting happened to me yesterday in the midst of it. I was in the Las Vegas airport heading back to NYC, still in the middle of crying, my heart was breaking all over the place into a million pieces. I was trying to distract myself in the Hudson News kiosk there and this song came on…no idea the name or the artist, definitely some sort of early-2000s rock band, something about even though you’re hanging by a thread, you’re still able to lean on everyone. Then I forced myself to eat something, thinking about my now no-longer friends and shaky love interest to find that someone left an already opened fortune sitting at my table that said “You will attract cultured and artistic people to your home.” I smiled, because I thought of something you said, about the Universe not allowing negative space to exist and how it will get filled, one way or the other. Then I got on the plane and found an abandoned tube of lipstick sitting on my airplane seat, which immediately made me think of both grandmothers, as I saw both their faces flash in my head. I just felt small hints that Spirit and my loved ones were there for me because I really was practically radiating such pain and sadness yesterday. It doesn’t make everything better, but it does feel nice to know that some how, some way, there is some greater power watching out for me, even if I’m slogging through a very trying, uncertain and scary time in my life right now.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      well.. we are slogging right along beside you. The thing is that this is a big test.. to see how we can manage not to implode, to keep the faith in times where we are in the crazy house. I don’t think any of us could have fathomed the damage, the suffering, the rage, the sorrow. But here we are. And no matter what the temporary conditions show.. we need to look beyond to the best in us. Hang in there…

      • Christina

        Thank you for this, Colette! And I can’t believe k forgot to wish you a very happy birthday. I’m so thankful, along with many others, to have your wonderful and inspiring work to fall back on in good and bad times. As a fellow sensitive and empath, you give me hope that I can have a fulfilling life doing what I love, with someone that I love beside me. You are a great example of all that could be.

    • Diana Boles

      Life on the perimeter —- we are a circle of linked light dancing in an to attempt to hold the frenetic behavior inside the orb. Slowly we lose our grip as lights on the other side of the sphere slip into static of the interior. Our grip becomes strained as the spinning creates the hum. We have to watch for the glow of light trying to work its way out without creating the Big Bang. Those glimmers are working to join the perimeter. Find them – let them out – “We are Stardust We are golden We billion year old Carbon and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden”

  • Lauren

    My Dad was ahead of his time…45 years ago he would say that the measuring stick for everything was “is it for the good of all concerned”. While I always try to look for that I have to say that while it is sometimes hit me over the head clear… is often obtuse and I feel like I am in the middle of a where’s Waldo picture 🙂 The gratitude thing is what keeps me going chasing after that “striped shirt and hat”
    And….as for the birthday thing we can have cake and ice-cream twice….once for your day and once for mine!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love it

      • Lauren

        And I should have added to the Happy Birthday theme….you are a Sun in Cancer with a pile up of planets in Leo….I have my Sun in Leo with 3 other planets in Cancer…..we are miss matched astrological bookends LOL

  • Anonymous

    My dearest Colette: as we have chosen lessons to learn in our earthly bodies we have as a universe chosen lessons to learn and until we have learned those lessons of peace love and understanding those monsters will jump out at us from our computor screens, newspapers and mouths of the fear based entities we may recognize as terrorists, bigots etc. and it will get worse. You are so right that we have to be the love and light to reach out that hand and help to raise the collective vibration one heart at a time. I for one refuse to live in fear and refuse to be at the mercy of those who delight in keeping us from our true path of healing ourselves, our families, our communities and our world. I will no longer be held hostage by those spewing hatred. There is too much good in this world to let it go to waste because we were too afraid to get out of our ego and say what has to be said. Each one of us can make a difference somehow, somewhere.
    Love and big hugs to you for all you do.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      YESSSS !!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, yes, and yes!! After all, we are first responsible to what we think, say and do, how we respond to the world. Staying in the moment and surfing reality as a wave is the best way I know how. It take core strength to do that, muscles we build by using them. As with everything, it is in the journey, the practice, the doing that we become that which we strive for. Love to you.

  • Kathryn

    Happy Birthday Colette May your dreams be fulfilled and your year filled with Good Fortune, Love and Happiness.

    I have been also blessed this week with cards New Life, All that Glitters, and Imagine (some in reverse). Now I have to do the baby steps and clean out the First World grumblings and whinges, I have biting in the background at my ankles so I too can shine brighter and be Pure of Mind and Pure of Heart. Daunting but if I catch them and stomp on them I am sure I can replant them with a better Imagine and Plan. Huge job though huge – but baby steps will win and in the meantime I can have a merry little dance (jig?) and fun while stomping on them.

    One of the strongest Martial Arts I have ever had association with was Aikido at which the very core and heart of it’s power is based on circles and flow – the dancing martial art but very powerful when done from the right place. Not so much about destruction / aggression and combat but merging and working with the energy and flow and redirection if of energy flow if required. So your words this week resonate very deeply with me on more than one level. Thank you.

    Have an awesome Birthday Week – Mine rocked last week and I had a blast seeing in the last year of my half century – great set up for the rest of the year – woohoo – roll on 50 loving it and proud (in a good way)!!!!! So happy thoughts to you – that this week also will set you up for the year of total awesome !!!!!!

    Big Hugs and Love to All! May our Imagines be the biggest and best for all that we can create for our unified new world.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love that image of working with the energies, flowing with them and stewarding them if needed to be redirected.. happy birthday to you too!

      • Kathryn

        Thank you!

  • Jen

    thanks – great vision !
    my world locally is shaking up just like the greater world,
    locally I am managing to hold my ground, not ‘accepting’ the drama or fear – stating with the detached and centered,
    and partaking of my trusted healer too!
    I too believe we must soon swing back from the extreme point we have collectively almost reached – joining with the many light seekers and you, co-creating a great future xx

  • Roxanne

    Happy birthday beautiful Colette!! As usual your message is real, amazing and I am grateful for you. <3

  • Tracey

    Dearest Colette, you speak so clearly what is on my mind and in my heart. I thank you for sharing as it strengthens my commitment to BE light and love in this world gone mad. I am anxious to be part of the solution but I am not as yet receiving any strong impulses to act. I AM receiving strong messages to ground and meditate – thank you! – and so I will become more disciplined in this area while I await further instruction. Blessings, love and light…with gratitude <3

  • Joanna

    I had a shift last week too where I realized Love is the answer and my choice. Where I could let all the hurts and fear from my past and about the present and the future go and just let that Love shine through me. Your video and blog really resonate this week. Happy birthday beautiful soul!

  • Francesca Saraceno

    Hi Colette,
    I saw you at Omega in Rhinebeck,NY a few years back with Panache and really enjoyed the workshop. Thank you for your blog. It is always just what I need to hear to put things in perspective! I am trying to keep the light and love turned on inside of me to hopefully have it spill out into the world!

  • Amrita

    I just wanted to say thank you, Colette, for being your authentic self, for being the hand, the voice that brings people to their senses when things get tough, for having the courage to come through the bad times – and not least – teaching others all you’ve learned so we too can be our better selves and be a help to those around us.
    Thank you for always reminding us to be our better selves no matter what. You even faced racism on your own website last week, but even though it must have hurt you, you didn’t lash out but responded with grace and kindness. Everyone who knows anything about your life knows you’ve been through some really horrific experiences, so thank you for your courage in coming through it all and your love for all humanity in teaching us all you’ve learned, so we too can come to our senses, shine the light and also be the hand, the voice that helps others. Love you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you made my day xoxo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you made my day xoxo About the comment of reverse racism. People are frustrated and want to be heard but the thing is the more we say “you will never know how we feel” or compare ourselves in any way without taking into account history and what has transpired to bring us all here – honoring the complexities we will never find a solution. I used to be really scared of people’s closed minds when they lash out because they were taught to believe certain things, and of course we are in a big cycle similar to where we were during the civil rights movement and that is happening at the very same time as a repeating cycle of WW2. Everything is happening at once. It is easy to lash out against a public person and to expect them to be more vocal about issues. However, I don’t believe that is my job.. I am an activist for sure but one for Compassion and I am a Light Warrior.. not going to take sides but instead use my platform to shed light , ask questions, keep an open dialog and be a model for peace. Our culture is damaged for sure. I know how to manage fear, to learn to tune into the Observer so that a response rather than a reaction can be set in motion. If my guides are right and this world is a mirror then we need to change ourselves. One by one.. heart by heart like the 100th monkey or the imaginal cells of a butterfly the more of us refusing to be swung by the extremes and keeping our focus on a peaceful loving compassionate solution – this will make a huge difference. There are vocal activists who have valid information we need to learn from them, implement the behavior and thinking they are calling for. Act as if now. Hard as it is to shut the news down or even feel safe at the mall. We can not let the chaos win… Be the change. Ghandi, Martin Luther King.. these are my spirit heroes. … follow the Light, even if it makes you see things you need to change. We all have a part to play.

      • Amrita

        Yes, absolutely.?
        You’re a lightworker who’s a public figure because people all over the world have read your books and take your courses (I’m in your summer immersion class right now!), but all that means is that more people in the world get to learn and grow from what you have to teach. I’m just a random person from across the world that you’ve never seen in your life before, but the things I’ve learnt from you literally get me out of the dark pits of fear I fall into from time to time. I remember what you’ve taught and then get myself out! And there’ll be people all over the planet who can say the same.
        You’re a lightworker spreading goodness and love throughout the world by your words and actions to people you don’t even know. That surely does have a flow on effect all over the world. That’s enough of a life purpose for anyone! Thank you, beautiful soul, for doing what you do.

      • Cindy King

        I love your comment “One by one..heart by heart like the 100th monkey”. Several months ago, feeling angry and helpless in the face of our collective political and social turmoil, I resolved to Be The Light and be the change I wanted to see reflected in my world. I realized that this approach was the only way that I can actually make a difference, instead of adding to the collective fear vibration. It has become easier each day as I refuse to enmesh myself in the negative news stories and remain in my heart. I agree with Gregg Braden that this is all a necessary part of the cycle we need to go through. I chose to hold space for love and light to prevail.

  • Candi

    I hear and feel your pain, I am learning to be a light warrior and you are so right in how hard it is to keep love and joy in our hearts during this assault upon our senses by the out picturing of horrific hate, violence and anger. This truly is a spiritual war that permeates our every minute and it is imperative we remain grounded and keep love in our hearts. Namaste

  • Lyn Ross

    Yes it is a process, divinely timed as each Soul learns what they, as light beings,have returned here to learn and to teach. Being Human, feeling the emotions, picking up on the the current Collective consciousness can be damn hard to work through and takes a lot of self-love and nurturance to stay in alignment with Fred/God.
    Happy Birthday Colette, you Cancer with a Virgo rising?. Looking foreward to meeting you this weekend at Kingbridge/Uncharted.
    Lyn Ross

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hey Lyn! look forward to meeting you. I found out my birth time was wrong and I am 0 degrees Libra!

  • Lisa

    Your healing message was beautiful. I hope you share more with us. I am writing from Baton Rouge where the air is thick with grief. It is not the city I once knew, but it is also not the city portrayed in the media. We are a community of good and loving people and we are mourning. Pray for us, as we pray for for everyone affected by violence all over the world. This morning I did a Heart Math meditation and prayer. I will continue it.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O Lisa.. I cried so hard when I read the Facebook post from that black officer who said it all so clearly and with such compassion and sadness too and then who had been gunned down. His passing has deeply affected me and I am praying for all of you there. xoxox

  • Martha

    Happy Birthday Colette! And thank you for your words.

  • Ivan / Atrayo

    Hello Soul Sister Colette,

    First off, a belated Happy Birthday I’m glad it was spent well and cozy.

    Second, it’s now you’re committing to “Love & Light”? What? I presumed like many Light Workers that would be old hat for you and a given. Hmm… Unless this is just a renewal of your sacred vows to God and the Heavens.

    The glimpse you were given of totality in your session or dream (ie vision) with the Angels. What you may have felt with mother nature God see’s / lives times infinity all simultaneously. Although much of what you have stated spiritually and metaphysically isn’t all that new thankfully. It bears constant repeating to those who are open to receive the holy broadcast a.k.a. the eternal Good news.

    The elemental beings of rock and metal that encircled you in the vision. Pulling or plucking the threads of light almost sounds like they were playing on the etherical light threads like it was a musical instrument. (maybe the concert you attended in real life triggered or aided in the vision?) The chorus accompanying the elemental beings plucking the light strings had you experience concentric rings of the various incarnations of the plethora of life itself on Earth and beyond. At least that’s my interpretation of it.

    Namaste Dear One.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Always committing and re-commiting and the obvious needs to be committed. I come from a place where daily I want to remind myself of my purpose, my commitment and when I waver I say it again and again. I am not so filled with spiritual arrogance that I see myself as that much more enlightened. Those are the kind of people that walk around in denial of their own work. Always a happy work in progress am I. I straddle both worlds … material and invisible. … and yes nothing new.. thank goodness

  • Donna

    I’m not waiting .. I am going to commit to the Light and to Love now, so I can be ready. I am going to ground those into my reality and pursue my dreams and hopefully make the world a better place!

    Absolutely fabulous blog ……… I Love your “Light” as it is shining ever so Bright!

    Many Blessings, Love & HUGS …..

  • Catherine

    Happy Birthday Colette!!

    Of course, we should never give in to hate.

    To be able to not choose hate is so challenging when we go through horrendous situations.

    But as we know, no challenge, no lesson. No lesson, no growth.

    “No pain, no gain” works too.

    Trust and Faith are paramount on the journey toward Love. And Prayer too. We should never neglect the power of Prayer…and I’m not talking religion here.

    Of course, our mind & our free will are there to mess things up, aren’t they, in this material world of ours…or spice them up…depending on the moment…depending on what we’re going through.

    This is part of our Path I believe. To have enough Faith & Trust to re-connect with the Love, with our true Self.

    Yes…kind of a Life goal, right?

    But we’re here to learn, aren’t we?

    Much Love, Light and many Blessings to you all.

    Catherine (from France)

  • Diana Boles

    Since the last week of June, there have been many many pullings from spirits of bygone eras beckoning for my attention. Of course, they get it from me. No need to throw a brick here!
    I went home for vacation this year. I knew the minute I walked into my brothers house that it sat on hallowed ground, historical ground and a ground that held sadness. There was something odd about how it affected me. I could not stay awake. Sure, I was a bit strung out from the road, as it is a long drive from DC to DETROIT—but this was something more. Something that kept pulling at me to be the observer. I was there for 2 weeks, so I did have time for discovery. Besides, I was being pulled into a trance every time there was a moment to settle in a chair. I mean, in mid conversation I would just totally fall out. Now I was on vacation with lots of fun things to do, but no more active than when I’m home, so this falling asleep mid sentence was out of the ordinary. Also, I connect to the others quite a bit, but this was beyond the norm.
    I began having visions the minute I walked in. There was a shaman wrapped in a blanket who opened his arms in a welcoming gesture. So I walked the property from fence post to fence post – from the length to the breadth. I investigated every corner in every room. Outside and inside, I measured the decibels of sound waves with my inner pulse, revisited stale aromas of the old earth and the fresh smells of the hour, opened my eyes to search the shadow lands and people. The day arrived. The smudging day. The singing day. The day of deep, trance like meditation. The candles the crystals the feathers the silence.
    Then I saw it all unfold. A life of a Potawatami settlement. A trade trail that was centuries old and belong to them. And it led me to the events of 1819. Of disaster, and murder, and great anguish. I felt a pain in my chest and back. Something was wrong with my legs. There was an excruciating headache.
    I stood in the long house of the shaman and his wife as they cleansed and prayed over the bodies of the chief and his son. Both had been killed.
    Suddenly, I snapped into the present time. I gasped with open mouth as my eyes popped equally as wide. I knew where I was and what was yet I knew nothing at the same time.
    My brothers house is on Ann Arbor Trail. Yes, I knew it’s long history of being a trade route from early times of newcomers to the area right thru Henry Ford Sr. and all he did in the area to what it remains today. But I knew nothing of what I saw. So I had to go to the historic records. There I found an account of the events of the day/night that Cheif Tonquish and his son were murdered by settlers to the Wayne, Plymouth, Canton area of Michigan. What I witnessed was the perspective of the Potawatami — their grief of this loss of life. They were a peaceful people so they were chased away. The spot of the actual gun shots is about 2-3 football fields away from my brothers house. Upon further investigation, the intersection fairly there with a stop light. It holds the record for most auto accidents in the lower Penninsula of Michigan. There is a 7/11 nearby that spot, and my bro didn’t make a stop for milk because there was a fist fight going on in the parking lot. This is basically a quiet little burg, but with “skirmishes” all around that intersection.
    Ooooops! Gotta run! My bird Groucho just decided to fly around the house and my new dog Grizzly doesn’t have a clue what that is.
    Oh, and I see my healer tomorrow. My spirit guide is The Cheif—–I have I feeling I will learn his name then and maybe discover more about my past life.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I could have kept reading and reading Thankyou for sharing.. Groucho and Grizzly so so cute!

      • Diana Boles

        There is Groucho-Gloria & Grizzly! Ha! “3 G’s”!!!!!!! Wonder what the deeper meaning of that is? ✨??
        I have a belief that Mother Earth witnesses all we children go through. She carries the happiness as well as the sadness. Where there is forgotten and unresolved turmoil the pattern will continue until a true apology is dealt, until a true forgiveness is realized. And it falls on us. We disciples of the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Pisces. We can do this.

  • Michele

    Awe-mazing, Colette! Happy full moon day and belated birthday blessings. My heart knows the way and I continue to BE a light and seek to find it in All That Is.

  • Jelena Škipina


  • Faith M Oglesby

    Happy Birthday, Colette! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. When I read about your healing session in Boulder, I thought that is something that I would like to have sometime soon. Sounds intriguing, insightful, and refreshing.

    The reading for this week touched me, especially tge part to not chase after someone elses dream, but authentically me. Thanks again for the uplift for the week. Hope everyone your page finds peace in their own space this week.

  • Lisa Claudia Briggs

    Maybe my favorite post (and my favorite outfit… you just look beautiful in the video here, Colette). This felt like pleasure to read… a breeze of the best most beautiful energies and beliefs. Lately I’ve been sitting outside, under the ancient tree canopies, underneath the buzzing honeybees, by the salty ocean, by the windows of my treehouse bedroom….and just listening and then writing what comes in… I guess it’s a kind of channeling but I don’t see anything with it, I just get these beautiful streams of images and thoughts and support and perspective…I think it’s nature intelligence speaking, I’m not sure of the ‘who’…and it doesn’t matter. But I’m loving it and feel something reshaping…big changes along with tons of kundalini yoga which is like my new love. Glad your birthday week was filled with such beauty and magic…Love and xo Lisa

  • Janice

    Powerful blog, thank you so much for sharing! Can’t wait to read your new book and hear Gregg’s conversation with you. Thank you so much for being who you are and all you had to go through to become who you are…you are so authentic and down to earth and truly an inspiration! Much love to you, xoxo.

  • Renee Sugar

    “I am” “We are”. “Love is all that matters”.
    We are granted the gift of life one moment at a time. Reverence/ a kinship for all life in the many forms that it is created. We can focus on the destruction, the hostility, the fear and hate. There are other options. Kindness, appreciation, noticing the beauty, acknowledging our power to choose. It doesn’t soften the impact of the explosive drama that is recurring in so many parts of the world. It isn’t denying they are happening in spades. It is important to not lose sight of the joy, the celebration, the force for good that is born of these archaic and destructive attitudes.

    We all have a voice, and a choice. Kindness is the mightiest force in the world. May we all be reminded that what divides us, separates us also has the potential to unite us in harmony and in the spirit of oneness. My prayer is that we can stand together side by side honoring the perspectives, listening to others’ truths. Hearing their pain, not judging/attempting to understand the ” cry for help” that is originating from so many sources. Love is stronger than hate, compassion more powerful than hostility, and peace the gift that establishes the climate where we can come together with respect for each other with dignity and pride.

    Happiest Birthday to you Colette.

  • Renata M. Kolbus

    Right on Point Colette…Thank You…

  • Anonymous

    Colette, I love your message this week (and that gorgeous outfit, too). It is so true that we are being bombarded with violence and hatred and all forms of negativity at every turn, but our response to it is what will determine what happens in our lives.

    I stopped watching the news a long time ago and it has been marvelous. Also my shamanic practice has helped to reinforce the things you said and what many of us know–that we are all interconnected, and that we have within us the ability to determine which path our life will take. The goal of any spiritual path is to bring us into connection with our own divinity and into awareness of our creative genius.

    I believe we need to continue on our spiritual path and find ways to restore balance and harmony in our lives and create a positive, shining presence in the world so that we can extend that harmony to all those around us.

    You are a beautiful example of just that, and I very much honor your path, and am grateful for your gifts to us all.


  • Joannah.

    Happy birthday Collette. I am new to actively pursuing my spiritual growth. I have 2 decks of your Oracle cards and love them. While I’m still learning to work with them I plan on getting another deck. They have been a complete inspiration to me to continue to pursue this path because I was meant to be on it.

  • Kelley E

    Thanks so much for sharing your personal vision, Colette!! Your messages are always right on time (of course!). Your sharing really touched my heart and Was a great reminder of what I already know but may not be embodying. I got the message that it is time to take the action and embody love and light as you say. No more contemplating, being on the fence, doubting myself, etc etc etc. For example, I’ve finally said no to junk food (in a loving way) and am ready to take better care of myself. Love to you!!

  • Beth

    Last night my guy was really down and said that humans are doomed. I reminded him that there is way more good going on in the world, we just are shown the worst via the media. He then teased me about being a glass half-full girl…told him the glass is completely full – 1/2 liquid and 1/2 air…just because we can’t see all the love around us, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
    Hugs to everyone hurting right now…may the angels enfold you in their healing wings.

  • Gloria Taylor

    Colette my soul sister,
    I Too am a Cancerian (July 6th) and a singer songwriter, Energy/Sound Healer.
    I am enrolled in your class.. yea we meet tonight ;-D
    You already answered a question of mine thru the class that rocked my world.
    It was about my music etc.. you picked the card GO for it! (or something lke that)
    I absolutly love you and your style of teaching and sharing.YOU SO ROCK
    Funny about the element healing that you talked about..
    I am doing a Full Moon Sound Healing using all those elements. OMG
    Thank you for being such a BRIGHT F’ING LIGHT and helping me SEE ME
    Much Love & Gratitude
    Gloria from Carlsbad Ca

  • Safena

    Happy Birthday Colette. I’m glad you are here at this time. Much gratitude for you. We need light and love and genuine caring for all. The feeling I’m having at this time is no longer feeling a separation from the other parts of the world and to other people. I’m being honest here. Although I’m aware we are all one I was able to not really take on the world events and I was able to power thru my day in this blissful ignorance. Now there is no veil. I feel like I’m everywhere at once. It felt like my knees were taken out and I fell to the earth. The event in Nice was my catalyst. In the wake of all the events leading up to this now moment, I have lost my small self. I have lost ambition. I feel more earth bound which is not an easy place to be. I know who I am is what matters and not what I have or do. I had an image of getting blankets for people. Simple tasks simple basic needs small measures. Providing comfort. and in that reality working alongside others not knowing their job title or what they owned. Or even how I compare or measure up. It’s about who is willing to give who is strong enough to handle the needs of others. I think this is the point where we will find out who we really are. This doesn’t sound positive and light but it is my truth right now. I see a time of healers and people needing healing all over the planet. Each of us will be part of this equation. It will come down to the world focused on healing and loving. Unfortunately I can’t seem to return to who I was before this catalyst in my life. But I feel I will finally know myself for the first time. Thank you for sharing your insight. I see your awareness and appprecitae your guidance. Love to you.

  • Charlene Beaufils Amos

    Happy Birthday Colette, hope you have a healthy and happy year. Thank you for all you do to help us get through each day knowing that Spirit has got our back, much appreciated.

  • Therese

    Hi Colette, thank you for these readings. I am feeling inspired to share because, like many many people, I find it tempting to feel disheartened about the death throes of the old regime, the powers that were and how so many people are suffering during these times. On the other hand, partly because I have been thanking the guardian angels every day for a long time now, for their assistance in cleaning up the skies, the waters, the soils, the bodies and the hearts of us all, miracles have been happening. I guess the guardian angels are like us. When someone is constantly thanking you, you want to do more, give more, play more, contribute more, and now I am discovering that they are coming more and more into my reality. They are here in the form of people coming together with new technologies for healing bodies, for busting up chemtrail clouds, for arranging for free energy, for cleaning water, it is humbling to realize that what I am calling out for, Spririt is providing in an amazing and very practical way. So I wanted to share this, I don’t often put myself out there on the cyber cloud but today seemed a good day to do so. Thank you again!!

  • Nancy

    Thank you Colette and happy birthday! Yes, the events in the world have my stomach in knots and I feel dizzy from time to time. I work internationally and am linked to others in countries where there is disruption and violence and innocents affected. To me, the very air has a dark tint to it. I think you are right that things will get worse before they get better, and we need to focus on light and love and grounding ourselves. Hanging on for the ride so we can survive it and rebuild. By the way, your healing vision resonated with me as I have been dreaming of whales in rivers, swimming under me, pulling me down into turquoise sunlit waters but I am able to swim to the surface and also able to breathe underwater!! Have a blessed week.

  • Dirk

    Excellent blog!

    I really like this part: “Everything is so so complicated. Everyone wants to be heard. Like A Course in Miracles reminds us in the simplest of terms. We co-create the world from Love or Fear.” –Colette

    I also like this: “There is no political solution/To our troubled evolution/Have no faith in constitution/There is no bloody revolution/We are spirits in the material world.” –Sting

  • Kelly

    Happy late Birthday, Colette! May all your wishes come true! Not sure when your birthday was but I am surrounded by people with birthdays on the 16, 17 and 18th….maybe why I resonate so highly with you!

    YES! To all that your wrote! In much gratitude for all you share in such a very real way!

    Oh, I an want that cute crocheted top you are wearing in this week’s Oracle Forecast video!

    With hugs and love, Kelly

  • Dee

    First – HAPPY BIRTHDAY Colette! And THANK YOU Great Spirit for sending us such an Awesome Teacher/ Mentor/ Guide/ Giver of Light!!!

    So many emotions swirling around right now it’s a challenge for me to even keep my Light on at times let alone bright! I LOVE your phrase “. . . wearing the world loosely.” I’m writing that one out and placing it everywhere I look! There are times I feel the world closing in and it’s actually hard to breathe. The pain, the suffering, the losses, all the emotions out there get sooooo overwhelming in ‘here’.

    I thank you for your words and for all the words of those who post comments. I am in awe of your and their eloquence and am honored to be part of the tribe.

  • Moira

    Happy Birthday Colette! Yes I love Greg Braden’s work bridging science and spirituality. I have shared in a thread before, however, the situation is worse. Any advice is welcome. Our neighbor(s) (lower level living) has continued to harass us at a level that is intruding on our lifestyle, space to enjoy outdoor in the summer on our deck, and bullying. His energy is dark, heavy and we are unsure if he could also be dangerous on other levels. He parks his leaky truck in front of our home any time he can, to just harass and both us; he is now playing his music loud as soon as he comes home at 2:28 p.m. and plays into the night. This takes away from any enjoyment to have time with my family on the deck and we know he is doing this on purpose. Also, planting trees right on or on our property (we are getting a survey) to encroach further into our space. I know this is not on the same level of what is happening in the world ~ I also know this is a situation I have never experienced before and looking for a solution, saying I will not tolerate this in my life. Thank you.

  • Tiffany Brokaw

    What a profound vision. Thank you for sharing! I’m looking forward to seeing you this weekend ? Fun! Fun!

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Happy Birthday, Tribal Soul-Sister, Colette!

    The last two times I had visions were the one of Seba(stian) and Beanie, your pups, and the colors surrounding them – they were playing; the other one was of my deceased fiancée, we separated, where I recognized the vision to be him and it left me thinking he appeared at this time to help me achieve my financial goals (it’s been two years alas my goals are a joke it seems almost a mirror of the life we had together but I believe there is a conversation continuing with him through symbols). I actually did not know he passed until 12 years later after the fact. Hence, I carried his photo with me as a reminder that he was on my side – “he was my rock” as well as “my rock” was my faith in a higher power so his photo is on my dreamboard now as he is a representation of “my life” and an image of the Psalm 18:2 as a representation of “my faith” both grounding symbols on this journey.

    I get proactive when I have a vision meaning I do something about it like sharing the one about your pups with you or actually believing in the “sense of knowing” as to what the vision was meant to represent for me according to my life at the time of the appearance.

    I have had other apparitions, visions, or feelings appear over the years and I apply that to what is going on. I shared the one with Sylvia Brown that I had when I was at young teen (14-16 year-old) to later catch up with her a decade ago in my early 40’s. That was an Ah-ha moment. Just by experience and a lifetime I believe that dates carry spirit, objects carry spirit, and that feelings meant to be spirit-filled travel to affect us “how we see fit”. I am grateful to experience them for myself and sometimes think others understand because many folks believe in these happenings but also I am wary of those who would hurt me for admitting it. So, yes, collectively a belief and practice of anything can make a difference so be careful what you send out to the universe, for sure.

    Lil’bud Come Home
    Mommy LOV : )s you Very Much
    Always Has
    Big Sister

  • Alina

    I have had many intense moments since last year with “friendships” and family members. I experienced people talking about me and doing things that are very cruel and had hurt me very much. The cycle kept going round and round and I thought when will they stop? I kept getting the guidance that my experiences and how I was responding was affecting all of humanity and that my forgiveness of both myself (how I got myself into the mess) and of others would indeed be for the better of all society. Well, when I decided stop being stubborn and go with the attitude of forgiveness and love towards those who hurt me, I slowly began to see things get better. My anger and sadness had me in a holding pattern that was not serving me or anyone else. I kept waiting for an apology from them that may or may never come. I realized I didn’t need this apology in order to forgive. I got tired of waiting and got busy living again. Letting this go was a tall order for me because my ego wanted to let them have it, especially since they were still being cruel. My ego kept whispering…”don’t let them think you are a dumb B_____!” After meditating one day it dawned on my so clearly…Really…this has to stop and I was the only who had to be the change. And so I was, and I continue to be the change everyday. Now, when I see someone not acting or speaking in the light, I bless them and send them forgiveness and love…and walk away. I know I can’t control them, only my reaction to them. And I know every time I react with love, the angels are applauding me and I am grateful for contributing light instead of adding to the fear. And yes, things are finally getting better.

    I pray that we may all forgive ourselves, each other and let go of the resentments and hatred that block us from receiving the love that is all around us.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      forgiveness is powerful..

    • Kathryn

      Thank you for your “Bless them and send forgiveness and love and walk away” comment – My Babysteps were going so well this morning on the way to work till somebody cut into the queue behind my car 10 mins from the end of my trip – I regressed and flipped them the bird – then the universe had a laugh and somebody cut immediately in front of me (my finger was still waving around in the air) – somehow my car horn erupted vehemently as did my naughty finger again, – Massive slip backwards – tomorrow I will try your suggestion of bless them and send forgiveness and love and walk/drive on – thank you again – I had been doing so well up to then thanking the Universe for the drivers who were giving me the opportunity to learn patience by leaving big lorry sized gaps between them and car in front while driving along at 20 kph and surrounding me with safe drivers. Yes sadly my ego played out and responded to others egos – tomorrow the ego will be reminded to bless and send love. What can be said about First World Problems – nothing wonderful! Babysteps all the way! Thank you.

  • Bikem

    Happy bday Collette, may you live a wonderful, joyfilled life with your loved ones….This week was an interesting week…When the events in Istanbul airport happened, we supposed to go to Istanbul the next day..I cancelled the trip but my husband and son went the following day…So while the coup in Turkey happened there were in Istanbul and I was here…I was getting minute messages from my friends in Turkey while the events were happening……And years of spiritual work helped and came to fruition…I send them prayers, wrote in FB to hold Golden Light over my country, I stayed positive and tried to lift the situation up, and inspire my friends and family..It is easier when you are not in the middle of the situation right there and then…I think my presence and staying grounded helped many people….So thank you my spiritual Path, thank you my Faith, thank you God for leading me and showing me the way…

    My son and husband are coming back on Sunday,s o I am praying still, and will continue to be a Lightworker in these situations as long as I am alive…Please pray for my country and the World…God bless, …I love you and your work and your community..Love, B…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for sharing.. I am overwhelmed with the number of posts.. I am going to read them now and approve them but may not have time to comment on all of them.. Please know how much I appreciate all of you.. thank you Bikem for contributing and every person on this blog!!

  • Jennifer

    You are such inspiration!! With gratitude and love.

  • shell

    Have a supersonic Birthday date day. thank you xxxx I hope the Birthday Fairies bring you something inspiring laced with lots of love xxxxx

  • Kirsty

    Happy Birthday my gorgeous lovely! I hope that all you desire manifests for you. I also send huge love and gratitude for all that you gift to the world and for the way-showing light you are!!!

    love and hugs,

  • Teresa Coleman

    Dear Dear Colette,
    I’ve had to reread your blog, wow, it blew me away.
    I feel the oneness of us all, not always, but you remind me.
    Thank you. Life has been one surprise after another for me of late.
    I love what you said about “Fear rooting in the rotting brambles of history…”
    We need these reminders with the world being so full of loud angry noise that is not true.
    Thank God for my computer that has manifested here on my desk.
    Thank God for this amazing time.
    God Bless!

  • Anonymous

    Happy belated birthday, beautiful, sparkly Colette. <3 This blog is so powerful and exactly what I needed to read right now. It begins with us, always. I personally had two really dreadful weeks, all around the time the world seemed to have lost it's collective mind, and where F.E.A.R. ruled and anger, and combativeness from an organisation sparked an angry, defensive response from me. . Not the way I usually roll. It went on for two long weeks, hitting my head on a brick wall, trying to resolve an issue, trying desperately to handle it in a positive way, and leave my ego at the door.. and I did the ugly cry several times. I prayed and asked for guidance but that nasty f.e.a.r. was blocking my inner voice. Your cards, on this site, kept me moving forward when I wanted to make like a turtle and hide. Yesterday, I had to face it again, I had decided that if I could not achieve a resolution that day, I would have to take it to a governing body, I was done with the battle. I was wracked with f.e.a.r. and prayed during meditation. I felt this incredible influx of love and gentleness, and before I made the call, I asked, "what would love do" I ignored the dispute process, began again, and called a new person, who reflected the love and kindness and resolved the issue within five minutes – that easy, problem resolved. I let her know how grateful I was and what a wonderful person she'd been that day, and heard the joy in her voice. Two strangers connecting through a phone.. 🙂
    Gratitude, love and peace, now reign again in my heart, and of course my world is reflecting that. I too choose love. Bless you Colette xxxxx <3 <3 <3

  • Alannah

    Happy belated birthday, beautiful, sparkly Colette. <3 This blog is so powerful and exactly what I needed to read right now. It begins with us, always. I personally had two really dreadful weeks, all around the time the world seemed to have lost it's collective mind, and where F.E.A.R. ruled and anger, and combativeness from an organisation sparked an angry, defensive response from me. . Not the way I usually roll. It went on for two long weeks, hitting my head on a brick wall, trying to resolve an issue, trying desperately to handle it in a positive way, and leave my ego at the door.. and I did the ugly cry several times. I prayed and asked for guidance but that nasty f.e.a.r. was blocking my inner voice. Your cards, on this site, kept me moving forward when I wanted to make like a turtle and hide. Yesterday, I had to face it again, I had decided that if I could not achieve a resolution that day, I would have to take it to a governing body, I was done with the battle. I was wracked with f.e.a.r. and prayed during meditation. I felt this incredible influx of love and gentleness, and before I made the call, I asked, "what would love do" I ignored the dispute process, began again, and called a new person, who reflected the love and kindness and resolved the issue within five minutes – that easy, problem resolved. I let her know how grateful I was and what a wonderful person she'd been that day, and heard the joy in her voice. Two strangers connecting through a phone.. 🙂
    Gratitude, love and peace, now reign again in my heart, and of course my world is reflecting that. I too choose love. Bless you Colette xxxxx <3 <3 <3

  • Marjana

    Oh my God, this blog is mind blowing. I can feel your words deep down in my bones – everything what you say is so real and true and I can totally feel what you are saying. I am afraid or better said my human self is afraid of what is going in the world but my soul, my eternal self knows we are the creators and we have the opportunity to choose love instead of fear. thank you Colette to be in the front line for many of us, to have the courage to speak up, and not to instill us with fear and anxiety but fill us with hope, optimism and make us realize that in spite of living in this vulnerable world we can still have our hearts open and spread peace and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And I am sending belated birthday wishes and wish you many more exciting experiences as the one you described in your blog. Sending you a big hug from the sunny side of the Alps, Marjana

  • Cheryl

    Happy Birthday, Colette! Sorry I’m late with this, have had to be away from my computer for a week. But I want you to know YOUR LIGHT IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!! Your words and wisdom bring peace, love and joy to myself and so many others, as evidenced by the many comments from this post alone.
    Keep doing what you’re doing and know it is having a very positive effect on the world! Much love!

  • catherine

    Happy Birthday! Wishing everyone love and light and joy!!Got to spend some quality time with my grandsons and youngest son…and I saw Adele last night…wow…so life is good…

  • Susan

    For me, this week’s blog and reading are supremely powerful. I have been over them several times because each time, I sit there just totally blown away and moving deeper inside viewing things. OMG! I’m sure I will return to them again and again because they speak sooooo much to the heart of it all.

    In general, I want to thank you for your wonderful honesty while sharing your gifts. In telling your story, with its ups and downs and struggles, your humanity shines through and lets us identify. You struggle as we do, you shine as we do. Thank you for being real. 🙂

  • Jenny

    “Life suction-cupped to our faces…” You are freakin’ hilarious (and sooo dead on)!!! Thanks so much for the validation of letting go of something that doesn’t feel right; I’m just about to hit the eject button…! Happy Happy Birthday Colette!!!

  • Ada M. Brown

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLETTE!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this1 No not for a while have I had visions as real as my coffee cup. Today, this morning actually, I realized how some of the energies (the schtuff floating around) have been affecting me. Not in the best ways and unfortunately I’ve been transmitting it to my other half, even 4000 miles away. Great lesson in we’re all antennas of some sort! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for your videos this week and this. Blessings 😀

  • Dee 2

    Happy Belated Birthday, Colette. Thank you so much for being who you are and sharing your light with us.

    I know I’m a bit late to this blog post, but I needed to go “underground” after some personal traumas and most especially the traumas of our world. Your work, the work of Debra Silverman and listening to Lana Del Rey’s music is helping me through it right now.

    Thank you!!!

  • Sherry

    I just read this and want to share it with the world “I will take the cards that have been dealt to me and I will be the champion that I am meant to be.”

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