New Moon Intentions for Open-Hearted Connections!

Updated: September 23, 2019

This week on Saturday we have a New Moon in the sign of Libra, which is a cosmic invitation by this moon to plant the seeds of harmony, gratitude, and goodwill in all our relationships.

I always like to look at the week just before the New Moon as the one to start considering what I need to be open to, and what wants or needs to be born within me or in my outer life. So in preparation for the New Moon in Libra, this week really is an invitation to start over, to open your heart even if it’s been bruised and its a reminder to celebrate Love (and know that LOVE truly is the answer).

My father-in-law crossed over last week on his 94th birthday and so I think about what I learned from him about unconditional love and acceptance. He was very conservative in his religious beliefs and one would have expected that he’d not be able to accept me with the kind of work I do, as anything metaphysical is considered taboo and a big no-no. Instead, he welcomed me with open arms and loved me without one block of the hardcore dogma wall of separation that could have prevented that love, and I adored him. He was such an important teacher for me. There is always somewhere in the middle one can meet the “other” and that is the place of love and curiosity. I am now and will always be immensely grateful for this special relationship.

This New Moon offers all of us a new beginning to bring a more graceful approach to relationships with others. This means all others, not just romantic partnerships. If we have been addicted to approval from others, fearful of confrontation, or seeking harmony to dispel anxiety and fear rather than find a true solution, we have already seen how this disempowers everyone in the dynamic. If we allow ourselves to be bullied, we lose, and if we fight without being willing to listen, we lose too. I’m not even talking about other people here, we can do all this to ourselves too, in our own minds! Ever argued with your wounded self, or try to shut it down? Love, compassion, and kindness is the way, the first step, the relief.

Libra is all about partnerships and balance. Now is the time to bring something positive and loving to the world. This New Moon invites us first to intend the grace of self-healing, self-awareness of the ways in which we’ve survived by trying to manipulate the world to stay safe. Then we can set an intention to be that person who can be in a relationship without fear, and without sacrificing oneself for peace, or shutting the world out to avoid being vulnerable. That can be achieved when there is a win-win for all. I know it works and ya it’s hard sometimes to trust the process, but so well worth it.
I have a New Moon reading to share with you and to help you invite the energy of the New Moon into your life in a practical way. You can wait until the actual New Moon to do it, or start today. This reading can help you understand what you need to do, change, and commit to as you set new intentions in motion.

Card 1- What do I need to do in order to achieve true harmony in my relationships?
Card 2- What do I need to change in myself in order to maintain a healthy sense of self when engaging with others?
Card 3- What am I in denial about when considering my relationships with others?
Card 4- What can I do to course-correct for the highest good of all.
Card 5- In order to see my intention for an empowered way to be with others come to life what do I need to focus on for the highest good?

I’d love to hear from you. Tell me what are you grateful for this month as we step into a time of starting over. What are your intentions?

With Love and Blessings for the New Moon!


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  • Kay Sanford

    Hi Colette… I have been pulling two Crystal Spirits cards and three Wisdom of the Oracle cards, as you demonstrated, daily for me and that combination really works well for me. Thanks for the guidance. I tried the above questions with the Wisdom cards today, asking each question before pulling a card, and it tied in very nicely with my morning reading. Thanks for making it so easy to understand. I really enjoy your videos.
    PS I was drawn immediately a while back to the Wisdom of the Oracle deck and use them daily.

  • Lisa

    the eating scenes saved me from my oh too serious trudging along Aquarius thoughts !!! .. I needed that fun. thank you .. I am doing way way too much all on my own .. I will re-visit this reading throughout the week when I need a lift and a smile. Bless you, both. Condolences to you both. xox

    • Rosemary Byrne

      I used wisdom of the Oracle deck. All 5 cards were in reverse. In order they were: Here and Now, Clean it Up, Breathe, No Place Like Home, and Treasure Island.
      This reading so accurately depicted me in my relationships in so many ways. I felt a great sense of relief. So for me I must focus on the present moment, not past hurts or future worries. I need to develop better accountability boundaries. I am not helping anyone by abdicating others of responsibility and I don’t need to be needed to be loved. I do tend to spend too much time in my head pondering relationships instead of living them. I need to break free from the familiar. I need to do the opposite of what feels right because what feels right is just familiar. And lastly i need to move from a limitation mindset to an abundant mindset. The time is now to take a risk. The door that has been trappimg me has been on a prison of my own making. Time to throw the door open and walk out of that prison. I have punished myself long enough…Kind of like an inmate living inside this prison, as much as I said I hated it and dreamt of a life of freedom, every chance I got I chose to stay in my familiar, safe prison. I chose to victimize myself. I chose resentment and jealousy and bitterness..sadness and my perceived failures or failings of others. I chose not to live fully. Today I choose to be alive. I choose to be free. I choose love..starting with me.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      We had too much fun at Veggie Fest. I’m glad it was fun to watch too. Thank you for your sweet comment. Big hugs to you this week, Lisa! ❤️

  • Abbie

    Another insightful reading from you, Colette!! I adore working the WOTO deck, and even write small notes in my guidebook, of your interpretations in these weekly readings – as you’re the creator of these beautiful cards – and I love the nuances or particular phrasing that you use, in addition. This format is such eye-candy, too!! So rich with beautiful colors, textures, puppies and even food..what’s not to love??!! Thank you <3

  • Abbie

    Hi Colette, Oops, my previous comment was for your weekly reading, not for this blog post.

    For this blog post:
    I started my new intentions on Sunday, by cleaning up/decluttering my home, and am also seriously contemplating trying online dating (gulp). Changes abound in may aspects.
    I also, most importantly, want to say how sorry I am about Marc’s father “ascending”…I hope that the love and connection that you both have with his Dad nurtures you during this time of transition. Much Love <3

  • Deborah Saunders

    Thank you for this reading and the guidance for the “new moon” reading. It is helpful to know what to focus on and learning from you and what you do. Love your puppie breaks….so cute!! I also really like the new reading set-up. My week card is #6 – Higher Power and Taurus (Sun/Moon/Rising) card Here and Now. So connect with my higher power and be in the here and now without worrying about the future. How exact for my current circumstance.
    Thank you

  • Normajeane

    Hi Colette This. E Mail
    From U K. I told my cards will be
    With me Oct. till use your page
    I have today ask
    Not help. Overwellm how do I
    Get out of the messy house move
    I have made.
    But. With your knowledge.
    The. Right way
    Answer. I am between 2 worlds
    Letting go of mistakes. Learn from
    It X

  • Colette

    My number card and sign card were perfect for me! Moving to a new home that we are still renovating. New beginnings for sure!

  • Renee Sugar

    Dear Colette;
    I wish I had the words to ease your broken hearts/Sincere condolences to both you and Marc.
    I am grateful for everything. Especially for any situation that challenges me and opens me to the possibility to become the best version of myself. Just began a new exercise program. The mini trampoline that was leaning up against the wall is now being put to good use. I will practice becoming more toned, tuned in and
    receptive to new possibilities. I am grateful for all of the growth no matter how small the steps. I have a new appreciation for my efforts. I am never a failure if I am willing to attempt something beyond my reach. I am grateful for the blunders and absurdities in life as they add some color and remind me that I am human , and don’t have all of the answers.
    My intention is to be more patient and kinder toward my own being. I intend to make ” risktakes ” and to learn something I didn’t know through the process. I intend to embrace being a beginner no matter how awkward and uncomfortable that might feel. I intend to celebrate all of my innate gifts and to acknowledge the Spirit that gave me this gift called ” life”. I intend to learn how to be silly, laugh more, and not take myself so seriously. I intend to relax more, and not hurry and worry. So on that note; I have my work cut out for the days ahead. So grateful to be alive and well and in very good health.

  • Rose Romani

    Ah condolences and deepest sympathy to Mark and yourself.🙏💜sounds like he was an amazing man.

  • Teri

    Hi, Colette: Thank you for the fun new video format! Your puppies are adorable and I really loved the recent “stroll through your garden” video.

    A special thanks for the New Moon / Full Moon readings. They give me so much to think about. Are you planning to offer the Stars and Cards course again next year?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Hi Teri, thank you for your comment. We’re hoping to offer Stars & Cards again in the future. Make sure you’re signed up on my email list for any new course announcements.

      • Teri

        Thank you! I am on your email list and I look forward to hearing when it will be available again.

  • Anonymous

    Colette – thanks for your wisdom & guidance and the great work you do. I’m sorry to learn of your father-in-laws passing. He sounds like he was a wonderful man.

  • Cathie van Rooyen

    Heartfelt condolences on the passing of your father-in-law.

    Thank you for your loving work, as always

  • Shelley

    dearest Colette
    My deepest condolences to both you and Marc for the passing of your beloved father-in-law and Marc’s Dad. Even when you know it’s coming and even when you absolutely know there is a life beyond this world, it can still be difficult. I am holding you both in a space of love in my mind and heart.
    Blessings to both of you. 💞💞

  • Jo Ellen Newman

    I’m sorry for Mark’s loss and yours too. Sounds like a lot of love there. I love these questions and will definitely pull my cards on Sat – the day of the new moon. I think I will use a few different cards since all of your decks speak to each other. I LOVE that they do that. Your cards are deep and knowing that I am accessing multiple counsels gives me such peace. xoxo

  • JoyClarkson

    Dearest Colette and Marc, may the love you both share with Marc’s Dad continue as a blanket of love surrounding you both and as this love reaches out and fills all realms, you are forever connecting. I had cataract surgery on Monday (23rd.) and my sight has now improved for reading and catching up. My 70th. birthday is tomorrow (28th.) and as I enter this new moon, setting big dream intentions, it is an auspicious time as I begin to formally plant and share seeds of awakening as gifted through Spirit, the essence of love in all forms. Continued heartfelt thanks for sharing your gifts and to being a part of my journey. You have lighted my path in many ways and I am truly grateful.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Thank you for your comment, Joy and happiest of birthdays to you! Big hugs to you!

  • Sharon Naicker

    A heartfelt thank you for all your readings. Sometimes I do readings for my family and they have been right on point. So very grateful… thanks

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