Spiritual Grounding Techniques!

Updated: September 21, 2021

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when it seemed like no matter what happened around you, you had a sense of peace, calm, and contentment that couldn’t be shaken?

This feeling of solidity and an emotional well-being that isn’t rocked by the events of life or the world is what it means to experience spiritual groundedness. 

Being spiritually grounded doesn’t mean you never experience a heavy or difficult emotion. It doesn’t mean things are always easy or that you’re not affected by the world around you. Instead, it means that whatever is happening outside of yourself, you know how to access a place of calm, peaceful serenity and groundedness that isn’t contingent on outside circumstances. 

When you’re spiritually grounded, it’s like being firmly rooted with both feet on the earth. You have a sense of clarity and resilience. An inner knowing that no matter what life throws your way, you can find joy and peace within yourself. 

Why do you need to be spiritually grounded? 

You might be tired of hearing about it by now, but we truly are living in unprecedented times. In the last two years, the world as we know it has entered into a disruptive cycle of chaos. A global pandemic, one of the greatest social justice movements in history, natural disasters, and more. All of these events have meant we’re living in a time of constant upheaval. 

It’s no wonder that self-reported stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high. No matter how you personally have been impacted by the recent events of the world, there’s no denying that we are in the midst of a massive collective awakening. 

Now more than ever, we need grounding techniques to help us find our center as we answer the call to be accountable for change. We need practical tools and approaches that allow us to come back to ourselves and not be swayed in the wind with every piece of news or every bit of change that happens in our outer reality. 

It is essential in these times to learn how to align ourselves spiritually and stay grounded regardless of our outer circumstances. 

Spiritual groundedness makes us more resilient 

As human beings, we have the capacity to hold and withstand so much. But in times of stress, we often make the mistake of thinking it is up to us alone to bear the weight of the world and all of our problems. 

We often forget that we aren’t in this alone – Spirit ( universe, God, etc.) is here protecting us, guiding us, and working alongside us at all times. We have a spiritual partnership (which is actually our primary relationship) that’s here to help us.

When it feels like all of your problems are yours alone to manage and when you feel the longing to help and serve in a world that is in pain, it can be incredibly overwhelming. It’s natural to get flooded with feelings of anxiety and to feel defeated. 

But when you return to spiritual grounding practices, you can be reminded that you aren’t in this alone. This can be an essential means to self-care. Creating this conscious relationship with your higher power increases your capacity to deal with life and to find resilience in even the most challenging times. We learn that we must find inner support and healing in order to participate in the call to change the external. 

Aligning your energies for more spiritual groundedness 

Many cultures and traditions reflect a mind/body/ spirit structure that describes seven main themes about life. These themes correspond to 7 different energies within each of us. When these energies are in alignment, they all work together to form a coherent sense of well-being. 

There are seemingly countless references to the spiritual and mystical significance of number 7 – from 7 heavens, to 7 spiritual laws, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 chakras, the 7 musical notes of the C scale, the esoteric 7 rays, and even lucky number 7 on slot machines in casinos! 

Suffice to say, the concept of 7 Energies is based on the seven dimensions of life and the core life themes all of us experience. These themes show up in the stories we tell ourselves and other people, consciously or unconsciously. So, in short, there are seven main stories that make up our lives. 

Using this as a reference, you can say that every person has certain energies that guide their lives to make them stronger or to cause challenges. And each energy has some key concepts associated with it. 

Feelings of stress, fear and anxiety around common themes like money, family, survival, stability, and the material world (in other words, the root of most of our anxieties) are attributed to Energy One. 

Many of the best grounding techniques for anxiety are practices that help balance and align the first energy. 

The first energy might be out of alignment if we’re stuck in the stress response of Fight / Flight/ Freeze. 

If you feel like your safety, security and abundance come solely from a sense of certainty about the outer conditions of the world remaining according to your expectations, you might need to balance your first energy. 

When this feeling of certainty is challenged, the way it has been for a while now with everything going on in the world, uncertainty becomes more prevalent (and rehearsed!). In this situation, we need to find an alternative sense of stability and resilience. 

In order to experience life in a way where our feeling of groundedness and peace isn’t swayed by every little thing that happens outside of us, we have to balance and align our first energy. 

When we begin to look at our lives and what we have in terms of the value of our relationships, our contributions on the planet, our inspirations, and our connection to all of life we can experience groundedness regardless of our outer conditions. 

One very accessible tool you can use to experience more groundedness and balance your first energy is meditation. This guided meditation is designed to help you experience a sense of spiritual groundedness regardless of the state of your life or things happening in your outer world. 


Using Oracle Cards to find spiritual groundedness

Another one of my favorite ways to find a sense of inner groundedness and calm despite the outer circumstances of our lives is using Oracle Cards as a spiritual tool. 

Oracle Cards are a spiritual yet practical tool that can help us receive intimate guidance when we need something to help us stay on course and in alignment with our highest good. It really is like having a direct dialog with the conscious Universe where it always reflects to you what is true and meaningful.

I’ve created an Oracle Card deck that is specifically designed to give us guidance in regards to the 7 Energies operating in our lives. The cards in this deck are meant to reflect themes from all of the aspects of your life story and to give you guidance on your spiritual journey. 

When you’re looking for some information or insight to help you come back to a place of groundedness, you can turn to the Oracle of the Seven Energies Deck for a little love from the Universe. 

If you don’t already have the Oracle of the Seven Energies Deck, you can purchase your copy here. 

To use your Oracle Cards as a spiritual grounding technique, simply find a way to bring yourself to a neutral state of mind (I like to use a short prayer or meditation), shuffle your cards, and ask, “What do I need to know today to help me stay spiritually grounded?” and pull a card. 

You can use the corresponding guidebook to read the message from the Oracle and find out what will help you come back to the place of peace and calm you’re seeking. 


Build your toolkit of spiritual grounding techniques 

Learning to stay in a grounded place no matter what happens in your external world takes practice. There’s an unlearning that has to happen around our relationship to the material world and learning to take our sense of stability from a spiritual source rather than a material one. 

If you’re tired of feeling pulled and thrown off track by every single thing that happens in your outer life and you’re craving a sense of stability from within, I have an invitation for you… 

On October 22nd at 11am ET I’m hosting a FREE online workshop with iAwake Technologies on Grounding Techniques to Quickly Align the Energy Centers of the Body, Mind and Spirit. 

This is a chance to learn practical techniques and tools you can use in your daily life to connect back to the Universe and find a sense of inner calm and grounding regardless of what’s going on in your outer world. 

I would love to see you there! Click here to save your spot for this FREE workshop




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  • Anonymous

    ahhh i feel so much better,,,,,thank you

  • Kathryn

    I use your oracle cards everyday to stay grounded & learn more about myself. Recently I have been using a mini grounding with smokey crystal quartz. I can’t wait to combine these 2 techniques with your meditation! This is a timely class you are giving on grounding. I see people everyday being pulled in all directions by the winds of change & they are so anxious & stressed. Can’t wait to take your class!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      woohoo! I’m so delighted that you appreciate this, Kathryn! let me know how it goes! 😉

  • Dawn

    I’m trying to register for this workshop but when I click on the link it is showing the event was scheduled for 22 September and not 22 October . . . have I missed this?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hi, Dawn! that free workshop was indeed last September 22. I’m so sorry that you missed it! hope to still see you o the next one! 💜

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