What are Oracle Cards?!

Updated: November 2, 2021

Imagine having a direct line to your Higher Power… 

A tool you could turn to for Divine guidance, spiritual support, and insight whenever you need it. A way to put a call into the Divine – like ET “phoning home.”

It may sound too good to be true, but this is exactly the way Oracle Cards work! They can help you learn about yourself, train your intuition and make decisions to support you as you create the life of your dreams. 

This practical yet spiritual tool has helped thousands of people (myself included) transform their lives, feel more grounded and spiritually connected, and find guidance on their path to their unique, authentic, and inspired life. 

Spirit is always speaking to us, but sometimes we need a little help listening and interpreting the messages we receive. Oracle Cards are the key to opening up your connection to the conscious Universe and accessing the information available to you all the time through the world around you. 

How Oracle Cards found me and changed my life… 

My very first exposure to cartomancy (divination using a deck of cards) came at a very young age. As a little girl, my Scottish nanny, Mrs. Kelly would read meanings in her deck of playing cards for her friends when my parents were out. 

When she read the cards, I remember feeling like something was crackling in the air. I felt this tangible sense of magic and I was amazed at the stories she could tell from the cards and the way people reacted to them. 

I was always attracted to the mystical & magical, and as a teenager, after my father taught me how to read the spiritual symbols in the dried grounds in Turkish coffee cups, I was hooked! I began reading books about divination, runes, pendulums, and other spiritual tools from the ancient world that had been modernized for our use, and I started exploring Tarot cards. My fascination with all things mystical was a part of me, but in my 20’s I lost my connection with this part of myself as I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction.

While on my path to recovery, I was exploring all forms of spirituality I could find – from visiting meditation centers to attending the Unity church, but I was looking for something concrete. A way to get confirmation and guidance that I was on track. To get the motivation to help me keep making the right decisions on a day-to-day basis. 

That’s when Oracle Cards came back into my life… 

The cards helped me remember that there was something greater than myself looking out for me. They gave me a place to turn for guidance and answers when I needed them. 

How Oracle Cards can support you in your life 

Think of Oracle Cards as a blend between a flashlight and a soul GPS system – a tool to help you illuminate what you can’t see and to get back on track when you are lost. Oracle Cards will always help guide you toward your highest good and the highest good of all.  

One of the best things about Oracle Cards as a spiritual tool is that anyone can pick them up and learn how to use them in a matter of minutes. 

They can help you learn to trust the Universe, strengthen your intuition and your connection to your own inner-guidance system, and make decisions that help you create a life that’s in alignment for you. They act as a sort of intermediary between you and the conscious Universe. I like to think of it as a sacred communication between you and your higher power. 

When people use Oracle decks, they start to know themselves better. They start to trust and see evidence that they are listened to and the Universe sees and cares about them. Through growing a relationship with the cards, you start to be more in touch with yourself and understand your relationship with yourself better. 

Oracle cards are a great tool for beginners 

Unlike Tarot cards which are a reliable fixed system of 78 cards, Oracle decks are different and they vary in structure. I’d say depending on the deck and in my humble opinion, they can be easier to read and are more accessible for beginners. You can learn more about the difference between Oracle and Tarot cards in this blog. 

Each and every Oracle deck is unique to the person who creates it and their intention for use. Each one is like its own little world. Personally, I have created 14 Oracle Card decks, and counting! ( 3 more in the mystical pipeline including one with my own art!) So, if you want to choose a deck that resonates with you, check out my Ultimate Guide to my Oracle Card Decks. 

My Wisdom of The Oracle deck is my teaching deck and is specifically designed for the person who wants to deepen their understanding of themselves and begin to sharpen their intuition and use Oracle Cards on their spiritual journey. Even though it’s very extensive, and my guidebooks are meaty this deck is great for a beginner serious about learning. 

How to start using Oracle Cards for beginners

When you begin using Oracle cards for the first time, remember to keep it simple! All you need to get insight from your Oracle Card deck is to do a simple one-card pull. In fact, I recommend pulling just one card a day and asking the simple question, “What do I need to know today to stay in alignment with my highest good?” 

Once you’ve spent more time with Oracle Cards and mastered the single card, you can begin experimenting with more complex readings like a three-card draw. 

Before you pull your card, I always recommend taking a moment to ground yourself and reach a neutral state of mind through a simple prayer or meditation. Keep in mind that the cards will always reflect your state of mind and what’s most present for you, including the things active in your environment that will influence you so approaching them from a relaxed and receptive place will help you get clear answers and guidance. 

I call this your “dominant energy.” In other words, if you’re in a bad mood thinking about the fight you had with your partner and then you turn to the cards to ask a question about your business, you’re going to end up pulling a card relating to the thing that’s dominating your mental and emotional space. 

In order to reach a neutral state, you can say a simple prayer you love, do a short meditation, or try out my guided visual journey, Get On Your Bird to help you come to a place of emotional groundedness and peace. 

If you have your own physical deck, get started by reaching a neutral state, shuffling your cards, and pulling one! Then, read the message in the corresponding guidebook to hear the Oracle’s message. If the message doesn’t make sense at first, resist the urge to simply pull yet another card. Instead, sit with it for a few hours. Read the message again later. You may be surprised by what is revealed. 

Through years of working with Oracle Cards, I’ve learned that the cards are never wrong. We just might need more time or perspective to understand what they are trying to tell us. 

If you don’t yet own a physical Oracle Card deck, you can pull a card using my FREE online card picker. Or visit my online store to purchase a deck of your own. 

Learn to use Oracle Cards on your transformation journey

If you’re just beginning to dabble in the world of Oracle Cards, there is so much to discover and learn! This mystical tool can open you up to a whole new way of seeing the world, understanding yourself, and relating with your Higher Power. 

Anyone can begin using Oracle Cards by reaching a neutral state and asking a simple question, but through education, you can discover how to use this tool as a true guidance and support system on your path. 

If you’re curious to learn more about how Oracle Cards can transform your life and support your spiritual evolution, you’ll love my course, Oracle Cards 101, which is open for registration right now for a limited time. 

In this course, you’ll get accessible 5-minute daily lessons for 30 days that will teach you the foundational information you need to do card readings for yourself and others. If you’re craving a feeling of trust in life and the Universe, and a way to get clarity and guidance on your path, I know you’ll love this course! 

Learn more here… 



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  • Anonymous

    That was a lovely read and l have a better understanding of my oracle cards that l do have. Btw love my map oracle cards. Thank you

  • Rose

    Also in recovery ❤️‍🩹 found a deck Doreen Virtue Message from Angels. In a thrift store after losing my Sister to cancer 15 yrs ago . Bought them and started to read at retreats and also with Women in recovery and other family members . Amazing powerful . Always interested and believe in power of prayers meditation and intuition. Interested in practicing and messages from spirit Thanks .

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