A Magical and Mystical Metaphysical Event My Favorite OraclePalooza Memories!

Updated: May 23, 2023

There’s nothing quite like attending a lively event full of people who share your passions and interests, or who are on a similar path to you. Since we’re all coming off multiple years of unusual levels of isolation – live events (whether they are in person or online) are an amazing way to reconnect with others, build community, and fill up our emotional cup. 

I just got home from a fun & inspiring “I Can Do It!” event with Hay House in Tampa, FL



The entire time I was there, I was just buzzing with the excitement and energy of it all! I love being at events, meeting people (thank you to everyone in the video below who waited in line to meet me!!), and learning and expanding my horizons. The amount of growth, transformation, and ‘ahas’ that can happen during these experiences is like magic. It’s as if time melts away, and we enter a portal where anything is possible and our lives can change in the blink of an eye.


On my way home, I was reflecting on how much I adore a good event, when I realized that OraclePalooza Virtual (my biggest event of the year) is only 4 months away! 

And in honor of my love of events, I want to share some of my favorite memories from OraclePalooza over the years. 

What is OraclePalooza? 

Each year, I host a weekend long spiritual experience for my community and anyone interested in all things mystical and metaphysical. This event was originally born out of a desire for the students from my Oracle School, to meet in person after they completed the course – and over the years it’s grown into so much more! 

Today, OraclePalooza Virtual is a live, online, weekend-long event for the mystical, the magical, and the woo – where thousands of community members from around the world come together. 

These events are full of the coolest, most mystical, weird & wonderful spirit-loving people. Over the course of three days there are meditations, inspirations, dancing, thought-provoking exercises, laughter, Oracle readings and more. It’s a mystical, magical, and woo-filled weekend-long experience, and to me, it never gets old. 

OraclePalooza In Person 

The first few years of OraclePalooza, we held it as a live, in-person event in various cities around the United States. These memories are very special to me, because I can still close my eyes and go right back to the feeling of sitting in the room with hundreds of people and feeling breakthroughs and shifts happen.

One particularly magical memory is of a sound bath we held with special guest sound healer Mark David, who came on stage next to me and played his incredible crystal singing bowls. I can still remember how beautifully deep we all went in that meditative experience. 

Fast forward to 2020, and faced with the no-travel and group gathering restrictions of the pandemic, my team and I thought we were going to have to cancel OraclePalooza altogether. We found ourselves asking, “Can we possibly translate the magic and synergy of a live event to the digital realm?” 

We had our doubts, but we knew we had to try. And thus, OraclePalooza Virtual was born… 

Taking OraclePalooza to the Virtual World 

The pandemic may have been the catalyst for moving this event online, but it’s far from the only reason we’ve decided to stay with the virtual format – even as the world has returned to normal patterns of travel and gatherings. 

At first, we worried about how our live event would transfer to the online sphere, but what surprised even us was the fact that we absolutely LOVED it. The virtual format made it possible for this magical experience to be accessible to people around the world. 

Suddenly working parents, busy executives, people with financial constraints, and community members on the other side of the globe could join us! And with the incredible tech wizardry on our team, it truly feels like we’re all in the room together. 

Here’s a little clip of what it feels like to join this incredible virtual gathering: 

The high-vibe and the deep meaningful moments were not lost through the virtual connection. In fact, the way the event grew and evolved only added to the magic. 

This year on September 15th-17th will mark our fourth OraclePalooza Virtual, and I am beyond excited to bring this mystical event to our community once again! 

Each and every year, we have so many deep, meaningful, and magical moments. Here’s a little clip from a past OraclePalooza Virtual Event:

And, one of my favorite parts of OraclePalooza that we’ve done every year, whether it was in-person, or virtually, is that I host Spirit Jam – a night of mediumship readings – on the first night each year! 

If you’ve ever attended one of my Spirit Jam sessions, then you know that ANYTHING is possible! Some of the most memorable and healing readings I’ve ever done have come from our OraclePalooza Spirit Jams. 

Here’s a little taste of a few mediumship readings from past OraclePalooza Virtual events:

Every year of OraclePalooza is an unforgettable experience. It’s an event like no other, filled with wonder, excitement, healing, and growth, and I am absolutely beyond excited to see what OraclePalooza 2023 has in store for us! 

If you’re curious about joining us for OraclePalooza Virtual 2023, you can get on the waitlist now and we will send you an update as soon as our ticket presale begins! 

I’d love to hear from you! What kind of events light you up and keep you feeling connected and aligned? Have you ever joined us for OraclePalooza? Share with me in the comments. 





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  • Dana

    You bring the life to the party—loved meeting you at the Hay House event! Such good juju!

  • Diane Rane

    I can’t wait for Oracle Palooza! It’s the event that I was reintroduced to you and Mark. It’s life changing, transforming, and the connections I’ve experienced are incredible!

  • Sharon L Bech

    My first Oracle Palooza was in 2021
    I was living in an outback town in Western Australia and took time off work so I could attend everyday .. it was an incredible uplifting experience and to have Doug visit was such a beautiful gift for all of us who witnessed that moment.

  • Jill Pritchard

    Oh my! I can’t wait for this year’s oraclepalooza! I had my first experience last year, and wow, I had so many breakthroughs, it was so awesome! Thank you Colette, I can’t wait to join you in September xxx

  • Regina

    I haven’t been to one yet but I’d love to!

  • Pam G.

    Colette, first, I want to say that I’m soooo glad that you and your team decided to continue the virtual event for Oracle Palooza. It’s an amazing experience for so many more people now. I went to OPV 2 years ago and I have to say, I enjoyed myself. However, I don’t know why but I got overwhelmed. I had to disconnect and lay down on the floor in the dark the 2nd afternoon. I’m not sure what was going on with me. Anyway, I would love to try again. Sept. 15th is my birthday so I want to give myself a present and attend this year. Hopefully I can make it through the entire conference, God willing and the creek don’t rise! Ha! Also, the clip in this email showed a lady with a cranky mom and OMG I had a cledon just from that. I’ve been in the OCM for 2 years and I love the Spirit Jams. I originally signed up just for that. I’m hooked now. Got to have my OCM fix. Keep on Rockin’ the World!!

    • danielle

      hi pam, i just wanted to say that things like that happen to me, and i don’t know why either — i get so excited or so overwhelmed by an experience that i have to disconnect and take a long nap. it wasn’t with OPV — i’ve never been, just found colette in oct 2022, so this will be my first upcoming — but i suspect i will have a similar experience to you. thanks for sharing that — at least i know i’m not alone with this!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I’m so happy that you’re giving it another shot this year, Pam! see you!

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