Are you committed to living the life of your dreams?!

Updated: September 5, 2023

A question we explore both in Oracle School and at OraclePalooza Virtual is: “Who do you need to become in order to have the life you’ve always dreamed of?”

Making the life of your dreams a reality will require your commitment. It will ask you to claim that life and the version of you who lives it in advance – before you see the evidence in our outer reality. It will require you to consistently invest in yourself and your transformation. 

This isn’t about becoming something you aren’t or living a life that wasn’t meant for you. Instead, it’s about becoming the person you were always meant to be and claiming your unique, authentic, inspired life

Dig deep. But dig with a spoon, not a shovel. 

In order to design your life the way you want it, you will have to be committed to self improvement and doing your inner work. This will include looking at your shadow and being willing to take radical responsibility for your life. 

But when it comes to shadow work and the process of transformation I always say, “Dig with a spoon, not a shovel – you don’t want to miss some of those gems hiding in the dirt”

You won’t create your dream life by rushing your transformation or spiritual awakening. You’ll create it by taking your time to be intentional with the process of healing, looking at your shadow, and really committing to yourself. This process asks that you allow for imperfection, and invest self forgiveness, care and redemption.

It’s time to start claiming your dream life! 

Most of us know the life we want to live and who we want to become. 

I believe we’re born into this life with a blueprint of all of the options for how our lives can go. Not every path is available to all of us, but we do have choices. You have an opportunity to co-create the life you want with Spirit as your partner. 

I’m not going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to reinvent yourself, because this process is less about a reinvention and more about a deep remembering or becoming. 

And in order to begin that journey of coming home to yourself, you have to make a commitment to start putting yourself first. So many people live their lives putting everyone else first, and while true service is a beautiful act, sometimes this just acts as a distraction from your own personal work.

When you first make this commitment, be prepared that you may have some grief come up. Grief about the realization that you’ve put your own dreams on the back burner for far too long. 

Allow yourself to feel the grief, but don’t get stuck there. Use it as an energy to help you move forward with a new commitment to living the life you’ve always wanted and investing in yourself so you can make it a reality. 

Self Discipline is the path to the life you desire 

In order to claim the life of your dreams and become the version of you who can create it, you have to be willing to do the inner work. 

Self improvement only comes through self discipline. The discipline to look at things as they come up organically, and to take the time to integrate the lessons as they arise. 

You aren’t going to completely transform yourself and your life in the blink of an eye. But if you really commit to your growth, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come when you turn around and look back. 

In hindsight, you’ll look at your journey and see how quickly you grew as you started to design your life the way you wanted it. But in the moment, it might not always feel glamorous or beautiful. 

Trust that as long as you’re committed to yourself and to the vision of you that you are creating, the growth and change will happen organically. Especially if you learn to use curiosity to support you in your transformation. 

When you think about claiming the life you dream of and the blueprint that’s already within you, imagine yourself like an acorn that’s going to grow into a huge tree one day. The blueprint for your dreams exists in you already. You just need to connect to it and trust the Universe, Nature to work with you. 

You don’t have to know HOW you’ll get there, you just have to stay curious to the next step on your path. The next opportunity for growth. And then you have to trust that the process will unfold organically within you. 

We are designed to grow and transform, we just tend to get held up in our old patterns because it is comfortable there.

How to handle obstacles that pop up along the way 

It’s fun to think about your potential to design your life! And while you absolutely have the ability to claim and create the life you dream of, know that the Universe will still throw you curveballs along the way. 

There will be plenty of “life on life’s terms” moments as you must keep in mind you are also part of the collective, not just a solo act. We create the world together – we co-create with each other and with the Conscious Universe. 

When an obstacle shows up, rather than letting it create a bunch of resistance in you and letting it stop you in your tracks, try embracing this as a chance to slow down. 

We all have a pattern when we want change – we get enthusiastic at first then we have an immune response and resistance tries to stop us from leaving our old selves! Trust the obstacle in front of you, or inside you, and remember that nothing is wasted. Every obstacle, resistance and event in your life is an opportunity for your spiritual awakening and growth. 

Remember, claiming and living your dream life isn’t about getting to the end point or the destination. It’s about seeing that vision of where you want to be and becoming the person you need to become right now as you move closer to your vision. 

Sometimes the best way to get inspired and connected with the vision of the life you dream of is to connect with other people who are on a similar path and get some guidance on your spiritual path. Your spiritual path by the way is not meant to be separate from your everyday life! 

At our upcoming event, OraclePalooza Virtual, we will gather with our community of spiritual seekers around the world to go on an inner journey of claiming the unique, authentic, and inspired life you desire and becoming the person you’re meant to be.

After last year’s OraclePalooza, many of the participants shared that during the guided meditations and journaling exercises, they walked away with a new clarity about their vision for their lives, as well as their next right actions to move toward that vision. I always love hearing how many people leave this experience inspired for the next part of their journey! 

And although we’re meeting in a virtual space, the tech wizardry on our team truly makes it feel like we are all in the room together.  I would love to invite you to join me for this magical weekend coming up on September 15th-17th, 2023. Click here to save your spot and begin the journey to claiming the life of your dreams!



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  • Kathryn

    Loved this blog on living the life you dream of. However I never knew what I wanted to do or be. And at 69 I still don’t have a “dream” of what I want to become. I know I loved finding you 4 years ago and this has returned me to my spiritual path. As you say things pop up organically to be recognized and worked on with compassion, forgiveness and radical acceptance. I thank you for all that I have been remembering. I’d like to read cards for a living and to serve others. So I’m all in for going to Oracle Palooza and gaining some more insight and teachings! I have loved Oracle School for the past 3 years too! All have been invaluable to me❤️

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      oh I am so happy that we crossed paths, Kathryn! I’m so happy that you’re willing to share the magic with other people and create a positive impact in their lives! Oracle Palooza will be so fun! see you there! 💖💖💖


    Beautiful wisdom shared so well…I look forward to interacting with my community of like-minded souls during OraclePalooza!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      so happy that you appreciate this, Christine! I can’t wait to see you there! it’s going to be a lot of FUN!

    • Ruchi Dutta

      You know today this is the second time I’ve heard this. To become what you want be committed. I think that’s my signal to be committed. I am going to try to give my 💯 to my dream . Thank you for being a mentor and guide. ❤️

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        glad to hear that you’re trying your best to commit to your dreams, Ruchi! I’m so grateful that we crossed paths! 💖

  • Anonymous

    Will we receive by email a schedule of daily activities and times of breaks/ lunch/dinner?

    Maria E

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