Finding Joy in Life’s Small Moments and Furry Companions!


Updated: February 27, 2024

Dearest You,

I woke up this morning grateful and thoughtful.

Not sure about you but when I think about gratitude, for me it begins with small things—simplicity without desire or the need to make it be anything other than what it is.

There is no ambition in gratitude.

Gratitude doesn’t strive for gain or attention, and isn’t concerned with an exchange. It’s being fully present appreciative, and humble.

My gratitude begins as soon as my eyes open and immediately triples with the stretching and yawning of my three tiny dogs.

Well to be honest it’s not that idyllic since Tinkerbel waits on my left side after pushing Bisou out of the way and stares at me from 5:30 am on the dot every morning, even on weekends, to ensure I get up and feed her not a minute past 5:45 am. Then she grabs my nightgown and pulls it and then plasters my face with wet doggy kisses while she sneezes all over me due to her chronic nasal issues in winter.

Still, I am grateful, even if it’s because of them seeing me as the food machine.

I have to separate them because Tinkerbel eats really fast, Bisou a little slower and often I have to feed Coco by hand due to her worsening spinal issues. I call her my miracle dog as a veterinarian gave her not-so-great survival odds, but that was 5 years ago and I am a relentless optimist and take excellent care of my fur babies.

Once everyone is done they all line up for their medications and follow me back to my office and settle into their chosen spots.

I love the routine we have as it grounds me in our tiny world Marc and I call our “small square” and helps create a semblance of order, although that could be debated.

I sit at my desk, dogs at my feet waiting for Marc to get up. I love my perch as I watch the birds and savor the smells and steam of my coffee and invariably end up drinking a second cup. These are all the things that make me happy.

In uncertain times, small rituals are filled with grace.

My husband and I say that our world is the size of the bed we share with our dogs. Our world is decidedly small and our commitment to it is to be honest, open, loving, respectful, mutually supportive, and creative and we tend to it like it’s our garden. We always say that laughter and hilarity would be non-negotiable. When we married we said divorce would not be an option. Our small world comes first.

Growth for me begins with intimacy, but I had to learn how to be intimate and honest with myself first before I could be that with anyone else. In this marriage, I’ve taken down walls and dismantled most of my old stories. My husband has too.

Intimacy is about being brave. I’m incredibly grateful we both have the courage for it. For us it really is very simple—what counts and what makes us happy.

Bravery and courage are essentials when you open your heart to love your companion animals too. There is nothing like it, the responsibility to their quality of life and quality of their death.

Every time we adopt an animal we typically got sick ones (often knowingly, sometimes not) because we have the means and commitment to care for them. I believe animals choose us, not the other way around.

I have to remind myself of this sometimes when it feels overwhelming. We know we sign up for heartbreak but the pure love we receive in return makes us want to be brave when they cross the rainbow bridge. They leave us more, broken open, with even bigger hearts.

I have other things I am grateful for beyond our “small square”.

For example, I think about you, reading this and wondering how you find your happiness, your peace, your grace and gratitude. Maybe you have furry babies, maybe not. I don’t know who you are, but I know that if you’re here we share something in common. We want to be better people, making a better world. Maybe you’ve stumbled on my blog by “accident” or maybe you’ve chosen to join my community that reaches far around the globe with the desire to be more authentic and brave.

You’re not alone. I’m grateful you’re here.

Love Colette XO

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  • Linda


    Thank you for your loving message and for making me feel welcomed in your community. I really needed this today. ❤️

  • Anonymous

    Oh Colette thank you so much for your beautiful message I just lost my beautiful best friend my dog skye 13yr old blue heeler…I miss her soooo much ,I’m crying as I read this …she was my world ,like you my dogs have always been my world and number one…I miss her waking her her bark,her breathing, and her beautiful face..
    Thank you Colette please pray for me and my girl skye……we give thanks and gratitude to you and your amazing divinely team..many blessings to you and your husband and your beautiful beings…love them. Judi&skye 😭🙏🐕💔

  • Robin Mariani

    Thanks Colette for everything… I mean seriously. You are always so thoughtful about keeping things in perspective. I am grateful for you and your perfect square. ♥️

  • Bob Pelton

    Enjoyed your messages , and a little bit about our gifts we take care of , (our pets , dogs are the gifts) . I had 2 dogs that had to have surgery , chemotherapy on one with cancer and the other had to have one front leg taken off so that would stop the cancer spreading around the bones , both have passed away and it feels like just lately but it’s more like 10 years ago , our gifts stay with us FOREVER

  • Dana

    I love my small world! It makes me stronger to face the larger world with kindness and compassion. So I come back and reflect and refuel. You and yours are helping me do that. So thank you 💜

  • Renee Sugar

    Love what you said Colette about being intimate
    and honest with yourself first and then sharing
    with others. I am reminded daily through meditation,
    gratitude journalling, daily self-care practices to
    acknowledge I AM a part of this vast, expansive
    infinite potential. This is a source of grace, peace
    and celebration. I cherish my solitude. Live simply,
    exercise, and breathe. I love quiet, calm and being.
    I clearly remember those mornings with our
    beloved family pet Weinmaraner Conrad. I was awakened nose to nose. The whole bed shook
    with his energetic presence. He weighed 90 pounds. The moment he saw me move he was poised, and ready to gallop downstairs to where his can of Alpo was waiting to be served. His presence was such a gift. He was fiercely protective and loved listening to me playing the piano, or trying to, while he stood on his front legs perched on the arm of the sofa. Then he lifted his left “front ” leg to hang it over my arm to let me know he wanted my attention. His slivery gray
    fur was flat and smooth and he had beautiful green eyes. He passed away years ago, and the bond we shared was unlike anything I have experienced. Grateful to have shared many years with him.
    Many Blessings to you, Marc and your
    furry companions.

  • Dianne

    Reading this and it’s the weekend but I got up to let them out and feed them. My cat’s are the worse on being fed. My Scamp (a Pomeranian) is the one who sees that I have awaken and wants to give me his joy, joy, joy!! I’m not a morning person but then maybe he’s doing it for the cats because that gets me up. He likes to claw my face. My pets are my chi,

  • Suze Joyce

    Love my dog. Gordie keeps us laughing with his character/ facial. He loves tv. We almost gave him away at 2 as he was reactive/aggressive. With help from a behaviourist and also agility class , Gordie became a new dog. We wouldn’t give him away for the world. Sometimes we just need extra attention 🥰

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