Oracle Cards

7 Steps to Creating Your 2023 Vision Board

The New Year is here and it’s a perfect time to create a vision board for your most magical year! […]

Importance of Community As the Year Comes to a Close

Community is one of the most valuable aspects of a full, spiritual life. The people we surround ourselves with can […]

Answers to Your Biggest Questions About Spirituality & Personal Growth

Your spiritual journey and your life journey are actually one and the same. There is no such thing as a […]

Oracle Card Reading for the Week of November 29th

Learn how to find balance in life! Using The Shaman’s Dream Oracle, Colette Baron-Reid does a predictive reading for the […]

Colette Baron-Reid’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Woo Person In Your Life

My Holiday Gift Guide for the Woo Person In Your Life The holiday season is officially upon us! No matter […]

How to Choose & Charge Your Crystals (Crystal Care by Colette)

After over 30 years of collecting crystals, I have quite the menagerie! If I were to combine all of the […]

What are Oracle Cards?

Imagine having a direct line to your Higher Power…  A tool you could turn to for Divine guidance, spiritual support, […]

5 Manifesting Secrets Hidden In The Week Before Halloween

We’re entering into my favorite time of year! I love the month of October and all of the mystical magic […]

Ultimate Guide to Shadow Work for Beginners

The path to your unique, inspired, and authentic life is through your shadow work. The parts of us that are […]

Everyday Oracles

Do you ever wish that you could talk directly to your higher power – asking for guidance and receiving clear […]

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