Updated: March 3, 2010


Today the numbers 3.3.3 are activated. It is the 3rd day in the 3rd month in 2010 – a 3 Universal Year.

3 times 3 adds up to a 9 Universal Day – a  number of compassion, release, wisdom and endings. Like 3 and 6, the number 9 is an emotional vibration.

So you will FEEL deeply today.

In order to keep from getting overwhelmed by emotional distractions, put your thoughts and ideas into Action. 3 is a number of creative activity and self expression. Imagine a goal – large or small – and create it.

By putting your ideas into action you’ll experience the joy of this beautiful number. 3 in the highest sense symbolizes Perfection.

The flip side of the 3 is that some people will express negativity and get pulled into the drama.

Notice how 3 faces to the left. Left is the past – Right is the future. So if you feel negative emotions today, or during this 3 Universal Year, it is because you are caught up in what has been and never will be again.

You are not present in this moment CREATING.

Much of depression results from the pain of the past and an inability to clear the mind of emotional and mental cobwebs.

3 always reminds us that Creativity is the natural cure for fear.

So today, be bold. Pay attention to the positive in your life. This alone will uplift and attract the delight and joy of the number 3.

Today you can generate a major internal shift.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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