Intuition 101: The Truth Will Set You Free!!


Updated: March 3, 2010

cityMeditationWho are you? I know, I know… that’s a big question you may not think about on a daily basis! But it’s the best place to start if you want to revive your intuition. Through knowing your true self, you’re able to better distinguish between information that is coming from your personal local reality and insight coming from your higher consciousness.

As I mentioned in my last blog How To Tune Into Soul FM!, intuition feels like truth. It might not make logical sense, but when you initially tune into it, it will feel real. It’s only after you filter it through your ego mind, it can get distorted. So, today I’d like to invite you to explore the inner workings of your ego.

You can answer the question “Who am I?” in two ways: I am Me (the five senses, the ego, the mind, etc.) and I am more than Me (the higher self/higher consciousness, the soul, etc.). We filter all of our experience and even our intuition through the first Me or what I call the “Me Bubble.” Our higher self, on the other hand, directly engages with Spirit.

To tap into the higher self and your intuition, you have to get past all the extra fluff coming from your “Me Bubble.”

meBubble2Until you know who you really are, it can be very hard to distinguish between messages from your “Me Bubble” and your higher self. This is why many of us have had the experience of wishful thinking. The filter between the two gets clogged because your ego really wants to only acknowledge your local reality as truth. For example, you might meet a man and get all excited that he’s “the one” and block out the whispers from your intuition that he isn’t. When you objectively know and accept your truth—your ego tendencies, your story, your “stuff,” your idiosyncrasies, and so on—you fully open yourself to your intuition.

The bottom line is that in order to tune into your intuition, you need to know the true content of the world that exists in the mind of Me.

So, it’s time to take a personal inventory and get clear on who you are! Taking inventory is truly one of the most powerful exercises you can do shift your consciousness. I’ve done several personal inventories over the years and each time I gain greater awareness about myself and my higher consciousness.


First list the main events in your life. List them as facts in chronological order.

Then, write your story from the perspective of how you were wounded. It could be by anyone or by a situation. This helps you see how you may unknowingly be playing out the role of victim in your life.

Now, rewrite the same story from the perspective of what was good in your life.

Now, reread the three parts and notice how your perception has changed. We experience our personal truth through the interpretation of events. For intuition to be clear, we need to be neutral. You have to have perspective—for what is true for you today might not be true for you tomorrow. What is true for you now also may depend on your mood. Always keep this in mind so you can recognize your response to the world.

As you go about your day, stay conscious of what’s contained in your “Me Bubble.” Even small things such as likes and dislikes or a white lie may bias your perspective and leave you confused about what your intuition is telling you. So, live in your truth!

Staying in this truth will help you turn up the volume on your intuition.


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