The New Moon in Scorpio: How to Calm the Emotional Rollercoaster!


Updated: November 5, 2010

eyesDo intense emotions keep coming up for you lately? Are you getting increasingly overwhelmed with your feelings and having trouble concentrating or keeping your cool?

With the New Moon in Scorpio coming on November 6, many of us have started to experience increasing intensity of our emotions. From sadness, depression, and regret to anger, anxiety, and all those other not so fun emotions, this New Moon is all about facing the darkness within so you can grow stronger and more satisfied with your life. While this process doesn’t exactly sound a joy ride, it’s a crucial part of transformation. Many of us have experienced new possibilities in our lives—and even within ourselves—with last month’s New Moon in Libra. Now with this New Moon in Scorpio, we have the opportunity to deepen the transformation by getting rid of negative patterns of emotions or habits that keep us from obtaining our goals and dreams.

As I’ve talked with clients over the last week, I’ve noticed a theme of emotional exhaustion. Ups and downs are getting the better of us and interfering with our relationships and work. As we gear up for the holiday season, family troubles have also been coming up for many of us. For example, earlier this week I spoke with one client who felt she was drowning in an array of conflicting emotions stemming from family problems. Her brother has been having difficulties, and even though he is a full-fledged adult with his own life, my client’s life had been turned upside down. She expressed dismay that even though she rationally knew that she couldn’t single-handedly change her brother’s situation, she also couldn’t seem to let it go. Whereas she was usually always serene and detached, she said that over the past week she felt that she was riding an overwhelming roller-coaster of emotions. It all made sense when I told her about this New Moon.

This New Moon in Scorpio pushes us into that vast landscape within, which is sometimes full of hidden darkness and emotions we didn’t even know were there, but is also full of great potential for healing. Scorpio is a sign that seeks out buried reservoirs of energy that can then be turned into power. Think of what it’s like to finally release something that’s dogged you for many years. Your energy is suddenly freed up and you can channel it into new endeavors. Scorpio gives you the opportunity to look deep inside yourself, to question what is important in your life and to strip away or reinvent anything that is no longer serving you. It’s all about letting go. The more you hang on to old stuff, the more difficult, intense, or bogged down things become. If you embrace the changes that are being asked of you, you will make room for new possibilities. If you’d like to learn more about the particulars of this New Moon, I’ll be sharing more insight in my Wisdom Circle seminar on Monday November 8th.

crossroadsOur paths aren’t always easy, but things are always in flow from one moment to the next. This too shall pass. In each moment, we have a choice of how to react and where to put our energy. When we allow ourselves to get caught up in the emotional intensity, we only feed the cycle; we disconnect from the Divine and our intuition, and step off our highest path in life. On the other hand, when we make the choice to step away from the intensity, we reconnect with Spirit and our higher callings. We also set the stage for inner and outer transformation.

So, back to my client. I had her do the exercise I’m about to share with you. She emailed me last night saying that she did the exercise a few days ago and is astounded at the shift she’s experienced since.

As we get closer to the holidays, I’ll be doing a series of blogs on family and navigating the ups and downs of your close relationships. So, stay tuned!

Remember, this too shall pass!

Exercise: Put the intensity on ice!

When we’re in the midst of intense emotions, we need to slow things down in order to gain the clarity we need to move forward. Brooding, ruminating, or eating a tub of ice cream doesn’t help! So, this week, take these two steps to put the intensity on ice, both literally and symbolically.

Step 1:

Meditate on any struggles or strong feelings you’re experiencing at this time. Then get a piece of paper and write down a sentence for each issue or you can even draw a symbol to represent it. Next fill a paper cup with water, put your pieces of paper in the cup, and then put it all in the freezer. Over the next few hours, your struggles will crystallize as the water turns to ice and the molecules slow down.

Step 2:

Take a time out! Rather than let the emotional intensity isolate you, take a break from the problem.Get out of your mind and into your body. Do something physical. For example; go for a walk, go for a run, swim, hike, play a sport, play your Xbox or Wii. The idea is to move out of your mind and into your body. And if you can’t do any of these things, then go for the old standards; take a bath, watch a movie, read a book, go to lunch with a friend, visit a local park, or try a new activity.

I’d love to hear your comments on your experiences with letting go of struggles and the New Moon in Scorpio!


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  • TJ

    My moon is always in Scorpio. As well I am born in the year of the sheep. I suppose one can imagine all the subterranean emotional intensity. The funny thing is it took me 36 years to finally grasp this exact concept of getting outside my head. I still struggle with it. So I thank you for the reminder.

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