The Map: Thank YOU & a Powerful Exercise to Navigate Your Next Steps!!


Updated: February 2, 2011

CBRbanner250WOW! The last week has been quite a fantastic and moving experience. I launched my new book, The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life, and have been profoundly touched by the outpouring of love and support from so many of you. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! You have no idea how grateful I am to everyone!

For nearly two years, I poured my heart and soul into writing The Map, and that’s in addition to the 22 years I spent perfecting the exercises as I worked with clients. I felt called to share something new with the world. Having worked with over 33,000 clients from all over and talked with countless others through my seminars and radio show, I saw that so many of us wanted to bring more meaning and magic into our lives, yet the same old steps weren’t working. And so, I developed an innovative process to help people successfully navigate to the authentic lives they longed for. Before long, I was astounded by the magical transformations in the lives of my clients. I even used the process on myself with incredible results. So, I put tons of energy into sharing everything in The Map.

As launch day approached last Tuesday, I found myself giddy with excitement as week as feeling a little bit daunted. “Will people like it?” “What if they don’t?” “What if they do?” “I really hope they do!” Wow, did my Goblin fears and Chatterbox distractions start to fill my head! Luckily, I know how to relax and cultivate trust by turning up the volume of my wise self, the Wizard of Awareness. (In the book, I teach you about all of these and other magical facets we each have in our consciousness.) Thanks to all of your support, The Map had broken into the top 10 charts of all the big book markets by the end of launch day, and it reached an amazing high as #1 on Barnes and Noble and #6 on Amazon!

I’m beyond moved by the support of all your for rallying to help make The Map a bestseller. I’ve often talked about the importance of community and reaching out to the world around us. This past week, I found myself asking for help from you… a step that was hard to take! My ego felt like I shouldn’t “bother” people, yet deep down I knew that the most authentic people know to ask for help when they need it. As I say on one of my Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards—The Horse: “Sometimes you need to be carried to your destination.” Thank YOU again!

So many of you have emailed me about how The Map is impacting your life and how you’re waking up to the power of your consciousness. I’m so touched by your letters and comments. Over my past few blogs, I’ve shared some of the concepts from The Map. Today, I want to share a powerful exercise from the book to help you start to tap into the power of YOUR consciousness and intuition.

In The Map, I share a story of one of my clients, Joel, and the difficulty he was having moving forward with a business deal. He and his friend were full of innovative, grandiose ideas and schemes, but the project wasn’t getting off the group because they were bickering over proverbial pieces of the pie. Joel was unhappy, frustrated, and unsure what to do. I noticed that he was caught up in the emotions surrounding the situation, which was preventing him from getting the clarity he needed to move forward. So I asked Joel to imagine that he and his partner were famous explorers having a business meeting about a new venture. I knew that if I helped him set the stage with different players, he would observe what he couldn’t see with his emotions.

Joel called me back the next week and told me the story he had imagined. He was Christopher Columbus, his business partner was his first mate, and they were in a tavern scheming about the riches they would discover in the New World. (Of course, the real Columbus didn’t know he was setting sail to “discover” the New World existed. Your imagination doesn’t have to be historically accurate.) As they sat in the tavern scheming about all the glory they would find, they become increasingly drunk from the alcohol and the dreams of their new riches. Soon, they began to argue about who would get what and got in a fistfight. They were thrown out of the bar, unable to pay the bill, and with no boat, crew, or supplies. What if all they did was drink and scheme, but never found a way to actually launch their journey?

After he created this magical tale in parallel to his situation, Joel was able to step back from his frustration with his partner and see his role in their bickering. He was able to implement changes in their business relationship by shifting his focus from the future to now and identifying what he could do differently to shift their relationship and get the business off the ground.

Now, it’s your turn! Think of a situation in your life that you need to guidance on. It could be your career, a relationship, anything. Now, close your eyes and let your imagine create a parallel scenario.

After you’re finished, write down your tale. Then, ask yourself what guidance your consciousness has for you through this fable. Write down whatever comes to mind. Trust your intuition!

I’d love to hear your feedback! What guidance did you get from this exercise? And, what do you think of The Map?



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