Finally, A Weight Loss Resolution That Works!!


Updated: January 1, 2013

Finally, A Weight Loss Resolution That Works!

It’s that time of year again! Is your weight loss resolution coming together? The traditional approach is to make a promise to ourselves to diet and get in shape; and we tell ourselves that with a renewed sense of commitment, we will succeed this time. Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you make lists, then rewrite and prioritize each one, eventually combining them into one long, ordered directive. Or maybe you enter it all into a fresh calendar, one solely dedicated to your quest, complete with weekly goal markers so you can track your progress. Do you plan meals? Create a workout schedule? Rearrange your days to accommodate this perfect new plan?
Whatever everyone’s method, come January 1st, we are ALL ready to attack those extra pounds with the best New Year’s Resolution yet… again!

But wait…

Isn’t there a definition stating that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Hmm, and isn’t that exactly what a RE-solution is? Applying the same solution to the same problem and expecting it to work when it didn’t work last time, meaning last year? Or the year before that? This is just like expecting the garbage can to stop overflowing by repeatedly repainting it: and we can’t just focus on fixing the outside; this issue is an INSIDE job.

“It’s time to consider a brand new perspective on weight loss.”

The extra pounds we carry might be serving a purpose that is not often talked about. For some of us, we hold unresolved pain from the past that has taught us we must protect ourselves, as the layers of fat provide a literal barrier between us and other people, and protect us from what our minds perceive as the dangers of intimacy.
As highly sensitive people, we absorb the energy of those around us, both from people in close physical proximity, and from a distance. This can happen simply by reading the news or while waiting in line at the grocery store, and when it does happen, we become disconnected and need to eat to, literally, re-ground ourselves. The physical act of chewing brings us back in touch with our bodies and gives us temporary relief, but this comes at a high cost to our health, as the calories and pounds add up.

The good news is that there finally IS a new and much more effective way to reach your goals:

• -Start by letting yourself off the hook for where you are. You’re doing your best!
• -Hide the scale and stop counting calories.
• -Keep the exercise, but find something that’s fun and doesn’t feel like work.
• -Start a journal. Getting your feelings out on paper will help you to not hold them inside.
• -Change your clothes at 4pm. If you can’t change your entire outfit, change one item. This is the time of day when emotion often becomes overwhelming.
• -Do your best to eliminate sugar and white flour from your diet.
• -And most importantly, learn about and use InVizion®, a cutting-edge, trademarked process that will enable you to release the internal conditions that are preventing you from losing weight.

A weight loss resolution doesn’t have to be a repeat of past disappointment. There are new tools available to you that WORK. For a more in depth discussion of empathy overload and how it impacts your health, read Colette Baron-Reid’s ground-breaking new book, Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much, due to be released Jan 1, 2013.

Jeanne Schraf
MICI Master Intuitive Coach®


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  • Michele Wilson

    As a person who always felt I had therapist written on my forehead, this really hit home with me. I felt people always wanted to share their problems with me and I would actually take on their feelings. And 4:00 was the witching hour for me, when I would “pig out” and feel horrible guilt for eating like that. Then I wouldn’t eat to make up for the binge eating. I realized this was the time of day when I became very emotional and food helped with those feelings.

    I’m very excited to read Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much.

    Thanks Jeanne and Colette for making me aware of this!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you will see all of that and more discussed in the book! You may read it and even want to become a coach lololol!

    • Jeanne Schraf

      It’s such a relief when we discover it’s not just about our eating habits! There is an invisible but very real dynamic going on here. And I agree with Colette’s intuitive hit… have you ever considered coaching? Your empathy is what draws people like a magnet!

  • Jamie

    Can’t wait to read the book! As a mother of four (two teens and two toddlers!), I have had difficulty losing my baby weight after # four, and it occurred to me when reading this that there might be more to it than just what I’m eating and how I’m exercising. I find myself “carrying around” a lot of the kids’ emotions and constantly intervening, refereeing or soothing someone in the family these days! I’m not sure who’s moodier–a toddler or a teenager! Add to this trying to be a daily source of support to my husband (who has a very emotionally taxing job taking care of cancer patients) and helping aging parents and a sick father, I may be carrying extra weight along with the extra emotion! I’m excited to explore a new perspective on this subject (and get some new advice as well). Thanks so much for the help and understanding!

  • Jeanne Schraf

    The tools here will help you begin to identify whose emotions belong to whom, and also help you release what belongs to someone else. You will love the book… it explains a lot more about how all this works!

  • love dating

    Very interesting subject, appreciate it for putting up.

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