Weight Release Tool: Mindful Exercise Before Your Meals!


Updated: February 25, 2013


In a previous post, I talked about how important it is to love our bodies and show self-compassion for the body we have now, without a comparison of the past or dreams of the future.

I’ll admit there are times that are easier than others – when we are wearing our best makes-me-look-skinny outfit rather than the reflection off the shower doors.  So how does that translate to your eating choices?  Are you motivated to starve yourself, reward yourself or mindlessly grab whatever is easiest?

Being mindful of your body and what’s on your plate is a fantastic way to connect with what nurtures you rather than just what feeds you.

In my book, Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much, I share an exercise that has helped hundreds of people release weight by becoming more mindful of their bodies at mealtime.

Before a meal, take several deep, slow breaths. Focus on your body and what it feels like to inhabit it. Feel its strength.

Imagine that your body has a voice. What does it sound like?

Do different parts of your body sound differently or the same?

What other impressions are you aware of? Ask your body,

What do you need?

If you discover that any part of your body is in discomfort or pain, ask that part of your body to speak to you. Ask this part of your body,

How are you serving me?

What gift do you have for me?

What do you need from me?

Listen to the answers.

How are you feeling? Are you hungry right now?

If you feel you want to change the food that is on your plate before you, do so. Then sit down again.

Thank your body for sharing its wisdom with you.


What insights did you gain?  How did it make you look at food and nourishment differently?  I’d love to hear your comments below.

Love and blessings,
Colette Baron-Reid
Intuitive Counselor

P.S.  If you are struggling with an area of your life – relationship, weight, loss, etc. and I can help you, please reach out.  Don’t be afraid if you think it’s not important enough, you never know who else you may be helping simply by sharing your issue.  Send your question to [email protected].  I will respect your privacy.

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  • Rose King

    I enjoyed this article.

    As someone who is relatively thin and fit, and who “works” at it, I’ve come up with an additional insight about how I can prevent myself from overeating.

    I connect it to the act of meditation. Just as we become quiet and empty, trying to still the constant chatter in our minds, so we can also encourage — perhaps even WELCOME — a similar feeling of quiet and emptiness in our body. When my stomach is empty, I can sometimes feel the same sense of peace which I find when my mind is empty.

    It seems as if one of the side effects of our current culture is a constant need for action, entertainment, FOOD of all kinds. I truly believe that if you can feel empty in your body and mind, and recognize that the emptiness is positive, so many things can change in your health and well-being.

  • Janice Plado Dalager

    This exercise really resonates with me, and I’m looking forward to trying it!

    Remember when we used to get together as families to eat meals and actually say something heartfelt when we said grace before we started eating? We might have been healthier then just because we would take pause. This exercise reminds me of saying grace before meals, of the great difference mindfulness makes in our lives, & how The wisdom is already there – we just have to ask for it!

    Thank you, Collette! Big love & hugs!

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