The Wisdom of Hiccup’s Journey (or- why dragons need love, and you need to spit out the vinegar and choose honey)!

Updated: June 15, 2014







Dearest Wondrous Light Being,

Yes I mean you.

How did you do these past few days? How did you spend the super-moon holy doozy, Mercury retrograde, whammy weekend? Very interesting experience for many. My friend Connie describes it like a military helicopter with a giant search light beaming down on us with a voice booming, “Work Your S##T out PEOPLE!”  Although at the same time, some extraordinary growth is coming out of all that self-evaluation that is cause for celebration. Do you sense that you’re finally coming into your own? I bet I will hear a resounding, “YES!” from many of you, and a wobbly, “I dunno, I’m scared,” from some others.

Transformation Boot Camp is here, and it will make us into a team of authentic, powerful and compassionate, manifesting co-creators!

It will, that is, if we pay attention to what nourishes us. I talk about this in my video for the universal energy forecast this week. What do you love? What makes you feel alive? What vinegar have you been making yourself drink? When you’re not being your true self, when you allow yourself to stew in resentment or judgment or try too hard to fit in where you know deep down you don’t belong, that’s the vinegar. Yes, you can spit it out.

You have a choice. You really do.

Choose the honey. You get to choose the honey once you’ve tasted the vinegar too many times. It takes discipline though, which would make sense, right? “Yuck, that doesn’t taste good. Why is it in my mouth again?”

Conditioning needs a big re-do. Choose the truth and the honey and the unknown enough times, and that will be your default setting. Say no, no, no, no, no to the old S##T that makes you feel like a scared victim. Practice the state of mind of self-awareness, compassion and connection, and watch the miracle fireworks. It’s happening right now, and yes, you will be tested.

I want to tell you about an inspiring movie I saw this weekend called How to Train Your Dragon 2. I’m going to out myself as having seen the first one eight times. I cry every time, because I identify with this boy and his dragon so deeply it hurts – but in a good way. Yes, I own it, and it’s on my iPad. The main character is called Hiccup, and in many respects, he represents those of us who feel like we don’t fit in, but are curious and passionate about discovering life and love and, well, finding our place in the world, a place where we count, where we can serve, and where we can discover amazing, meaningful, and magical things. Hiccup was an outcast, a misfit, but on a special hero’s journey. I don’t want to spoil the movie, so I’ll try to leave the plot out of the message.

Here’s the gist of it. Hiccup found himself as he befriended a wounded dragon, and he discovered his self-worth through his devotion, understanding, and care of this dragon. He followed his heart and his passion and discovered a truth that changed everything.

His “honey” ( his passion and quirky individuality) didn’t cure everything. No, he still felt the vinegar sting. He still felt different from the others; but his conviction led him anyway, and as a result, he became the young man he was meant to be which benefited everyone.

In the second movie, now a young man, Hiccup’s love and compassion leads him on a haphazard journey with many losses to a new level of self-awareness and service. Choosing the unknown brings perils of many kind, and even if we think we know what we’re doing, we might stumble, and stumble again. We may even get some serious scars. Keep spitting out that familiar vinegar and choose to move forward anyway. Lead with what feels authentic no matter if you don’t know the way. You will find and claim the miracle and discover new territories within you that will eventually manifest in the conditions of your reality.

Will we all get an adorable dragon to slurp on us at the end? Probably not. But …. One never knows what magic is in store… choose the honey. It’s who you are, in spite of all that vinegar. I say let’s all leave that for tossed salads.


Love Colette XO


PS—Don’t forget to pick your own card.





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  • PVed


    is that a dragon fly pendant you are wearing in the video. For some reason i am seeing lots of dragonflies everywhere, not actual dragonflies but pendant, earrings, artwork…

    what could that mean?

    I love your blog, Colette. I eagerly wait for your updates 🙂 And I am slowly choosing the honey in my life.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yes it is.. it reminds you to dream..

    • doreen

      love to take a bath in honey, my personal life is ever evolving, apparent marital discord(vinegar), should I stay or leave?..(meditate), re-entry into work after a sabatacle for inner work and journey toward self actualization and self love.(breathe)..learning and balancing of my chakras which were so out of alignment do to my past alcoholism, but thankfully Grace and Love has filled the void I once thought I had….and the miracle is that I now desire to fulfill the dreams I know which will be manifested in my daily life through service to others…;love you

  • Hollan

    I had just pulled the Rescue card for my daily guidance when your email came in. Perfect timing! This had a lot of synchronistic messages for me. Great start to the day and week, thank you.

  • chirene

    I am so grateful for this blog. I cried because I do feel like an outcast. My personality is so outgoing and friendly and I do want to experience life but not being a loner. I meet people but usually men. I want girlfriends to hang with and watch movies with. I feel something but don’t know what it is. I see my life transforming because I’m sticking with the unknown and I’m learning hard lessons about not choosing the vinegar. I’m going to keep going forward and we shall see. Thanks so much again for this blog!

  • Patricia

    As a spiritually awakened person my entire life I have had the misfortune of not always paying attention to my own destiny at times. I know I am on a very special journey and a very special time in my life and am happy to have found your site. As I draw my cards each and every morning the messages described with in speak to me in a way that I understand and can follow each and every one. Thank you for your guidance on my path to fulfillment.

  • Diana Boles

    Graduation was yesterday! Certified, justified, mystified, but best of all, FORTIFIED! I was very lucky to be one of 16 women in the yoga teacher training. We could really let the vinegar pour out and share our person jars of honey to cure each other. We called it ” Goddess School”. I love that movie and can’t wait to see the new one. Now, you must see “Maleficent” if you haven’t already. Much to be learned there as well and truly shows the evaporation of vinegar, no matter how slow the process. Lots of love

  • deborah

    I adore you. Your clarity and humor are so refreshing!

  • Doreen Piazza

    Thanks Colette,
    I saw you many years ago in Norfolk VA, & even had the pleasure of speaking with you then & over the phone. I have been following you ever since. You are a true inspiration.

    I never associated the dragonfly to dreaming..I too have seen many of them this year:-)
    I was always taught growing up not to be a dreamer, but now turning 60 this year I know that it was totally wrong. Better late than never..LOL…..

    God Bless you,
    Light & Love
    Doreen Piazza

  • Teresa Mooney

    I look forward to your teachings every week, thank you!

  • Ashlee Morton

    Thank you for you’re words of inspiration! My daughter and I went and saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 as well and it is a spectacular movie but having lost my husband/her father two years ago the movie also made my little girl cry so that was heartbreaking.

  • Kerrie Waitai

    Hi Colette. I’m so blessed to have been steered to your website by a friend here in Australia. I get so much from it. Recently I have had the Swan come through in my cards on a regular basis and I’m grateful to say that my life is changing and all for the better and I can feel that it is only going to get better and better. Your blog today is so relevant and yes sometimes it is hard to “spit the vinegar” out but it is a necessary step to take to move forward as I lost my husband a couple of years ago which left a big hole. I find each day messages of encouragement to keep the faith all is working out as it should and it is such an uplifting and humbling feeling. So thank you for being part of my journey. I am a great believer in people come into your life for a reason and not by accident!

  • Frances

    Dear Colette,

    How amazing you are! Thank you for your wise words, going to spit out the vinegar now:-))

  • Lina

    I love the wind faerie in this week’s reading.
    I live in a river valley where the wind is constantly in motion. I have always associated the wind with both home and freedom.
    Last night in a dream I drew an oracle card called “breeze” I took it to mean I need to let thoughts go at the moment. That is, allow them to gently tangle in my hair or pass through me without attachment or anxieties. Just be with the wind, with my arm outstretched and my soul at peace.
    Thank – you wind faerie.

  • Joanne Boulter

    Colette you are so right about the bee. Love is what it’s all about whether with ourselves or with others. You said something that hit me very strongly, about thinking about it to much it will come to pass. I have a daughter who has spoken to me or her brothers for 3 years. I have tried everything in my power to make amends but to no a vale. So in my mind I don’t ever see her coming back. Does that mean she wont because of my thinking process?

    Help Joanne

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      It’s impossible to answer this in a short note. there are 2 books I would recommend. Positive Imaging by Norman Vincent Peale, You are the Placebo by DR. Joe Dispenza and another good one, O and have a look at Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, and I also recommend A Course in Miracles

  • Suza Ortego

    Hola Colette!

    Thank you so much for your weekly videos and that i can use your Cards every time*

    This is heling me sooo much!!! I am a doble Libra and i am at the End from rally hard Years* And now i am coming out and getting me myself and i back with all the good and again with breathe and giggleing *;)

    My Son Celio (is becoming 21/08/) 17 years and finishes the School her in Spain where we moved six Years ago from Hamburg /Germany to take Care of my Parents with both Cancer*

    Now i am done with all the suffer and my son moves back to Germany and i will be free from all boundaryies and am so HAppy cause i know it is coming my favoritelife*

    Colette you help me so with your Infos and the way you do !!
    i wanna say :GRACIAS GUAPA !!!

    tonns of love and good things*


  • Renee Sugar

    Isn’t it so grand that we can just “be” who we are without fear, judgement, resentment.
    When we can look into our own eyes and feel love, and compassion for the effort, and
    willingness without any sign of an opening. This has been the hardest part of my journey since I was laid off from a 12 year story with an interior decorating business. As I have
    navigated through this transition; there was no “group” or company anymore, no community; and a major facet of my identity that was lost that I mourned that door closing.

    On the other side of that; sans ego was an opportunity to come face to face with my “true self” not the persona or “personality” that lead the way in most day to day exchanges. Sometimes I was just ordinary, a “human being”, and as I allowed time and space to read, and learn about how to “rethink” who I’d been and to discover that I had choices to make each day, it has made the world of difference. The greatest challenge in this transformation is that there is so much on-line communication. It is a world that I don’t
    overparticipate in. A reality, but I have always felt like I was an observer in the world, “in the world but not of it.”The Merlin card today was about this. I don’t feel lonely, I enjoy my solitude, but sometimes I wish that someone would extend themselves and think about how I am. I seem to always be the one that initiates the connections, and it isn’t reciprocated. I am really working hard trying to discover the next door/ opportunity that is a tailor-made fit to everything I have previously done to date; and I will not stop believing that the puzzle does have a place that only the piece I can fill will fit perfectly.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing that here so openly. I went through something similar when I changed publishers then had a motorcycle accident. I had no choice but to be a human being… letting go the identity, while feeling such a loss and finding a greater sense of authenticity. I agree with you too in the observation that a lot of true interaction is lost in the online experience. It’s an addiction as well as a way to connect. Somewhere in between is where the intimacy lies dormant waiting for us to claim it. … your post is a puzzle piece that fits just perfectly here. BIG BIG HUG fellow traveler xoxooxo

  • Laura frost

    I look forward to each one of your uplifting insights that shine a positive light on this world. After surviving cancer, a devastating house fire, the loss of a job of 32 years, and the loss of loved ones, I still believe in the light. I choose honey.

  • Ping

    Colette, this 2 is so magical, not only in its msg/teaching/beauty, but also energetically so vibrating ~~~I never felt so much calming yet strong vibrations like ocean waves in my body watching a movie in the past. But that day, I felt I was immersed in these waves.Curious what that is LOL, naughty 😛

  • Michelle

    For some reason this particular time on facebook I just blew my top. I am tired of people’s egos and I called them out on it. I mean I made so many comments it just blew me away about how much I responded. I feel I am making more of a shift from an ego perspective to a spiritual one. I know this may have sounded ego based an in some way it was but I am so tired of the lower energy. People trying to speak for other people or a particular group of people is so ego driven I was fed up and said something about it. Tolerance and acceptance is quite a challenge for people or its when people don’t share a particular set of beliefs they are “fake” I mean really? Why can’t people just have an opinion now a days with out being so defensive or have to sit there and explain themselves. I know that some people feel their culture or ethnicity is their identity but it’s only a part of who they are not what they are. I will not sit and explain who I am to people or what I am because I know who I am. I wish people could just be comfortable with who they are instead of demanding others be like them. It makes me reflect on what I am doing in myself. I perhaps could have responded in a better way but it makes me think about being authentic and loving myself and that others opinions of me do not matter. I pretty much stated it wasn’t their business who or what I am. Harsh but true for me at least.

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