A Moment of Truth- A Lifetime of Freedom – It’s a Brave New World!

Updated: September 9, 2014





Dearest Sparkle Being,

I write in this moment thinking about the past few days and how I’ve been forced to be rigorously honest in my work and how amazing this has felt.

You know what I mean right? Telling the truth, only the truth whether the person in front of you is going to like it or not is invigorating. I’m not talking about the kind of jazzy feeling you can get from that ego honesty of “let me tell you how I really feel” kind of conversation.

No I’m talking about being 100% in your truth, about how you see things, even if you might become suddenly unpopular, or perhaps even if you might be “wrong”. Just a sense of being clear in your mind, being open and curious and unattached to how others may see you, is what I’m referring to.

When you tell the truth, be who you are in the moment, unfettered by opinion, and especially by the tendency to act and speak in a way to get a reaction, that is an act of freedom and authenticity.

So many of us are confused by our calling, wondering if we even have one, a purpose beyond the rat race, beyond our jobs and our personal current circumstances.

What does it mean for you to be authentic?

Where do we begin when we don’t know who we are except for the personas we’ve built around a social expression of who we thought we were supposed to be?

Ah but underneath it all, closer than you know is the real you waiting to come out.

But that said, we may need to drop some old habits to gain access to the prize.

Have you ever been so anxious around someone you didn’t tell them the truth of how you saw things in the moment because you were afraid of something awful that might happen if you were true and honest?

People pleasing and the desire to fit in can be deadly.

In the past, I have done it more often than I wish were true. For so long I tried to mold my “persona” into something more acceptable, less fringe, more mainstream, not so woo woo, hiding my true nature in layers of what I thought others would prefer, so I wouldn’t ruffle any feathers etc.

Maybe if I could squeeze myself somewhere in the middle it would all be OK.

Have you ever done that?

Fear and Truth can’t co-exist together.

Shooting this TV show is teaching me some important things. Rigorous honesty is freedom. I have to say what I see, remain curious, stay clear, admit when I don’t know, refuse to say what someone wants me to say. Be real, be vulnerable, be true every step of the way.

It stops being something you think about, when you’re being yourself.

I know a lot of us are being called to a new form of authenticity. It’s uncomfortable, it alienates some people, draws others near. But It’s the single most important thing you and I can do today.

It takes us out of automatic pilot and gives us back our wings.

It’s incredible when you make the decision to stay real, and stay awake regardless of the fear.

It’s a Brave New World and you and me are in it together.

Love you always and forever, and may you always keep your light shining so others can do so too.


Love Colette XO




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  • Diana Boles

    What a world, What A World! Ups, downs——to say the least. The hardest part of being authentic is when your truth has to wait in line for the others to finish with their authenticity. When the TIMING is the problem of another’s honest inner bell! When silence brings truth to light and patience shows the wisdom of letting the lamp stand alone! These moments can also show the authentic inner knowing of self. Dynamic disruptions in the force, the Great Mystery that drives us all. A full moon in Pisces opposite the Virgo sun! It has already been a month of stinging drones! I’m staying home and playing with my toys—alone.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Ah Diana ! I always am thrilled when you write after my blog goes up. Yes that discernment of the “when” that timing , patience and maturity it takes to understand when to play the note in the symphony while waiting for others to tune their instruments. That is an art.
      I did 80 readings in 4 shooting days for this new TV show,( 6 more to go) so I envy staying home with the toys lololol.

  • Diana Boles

    Right! Lots of rattlin’ goin’ on! Hahahahahaha — don’t wanna drown in the water and don’t want to smother in the earth—- I so enjoy these chats you start. Peace, sista!

  • Linda

    Ok, so this is a bit of fan mail. I use your Enchanted Map cards to do Life Path readings for clients and am getting great readings using them, especially when I read the reversals. People stunned and in tears great readings. Just some confirmation for you that what you’re doing changes people’s lives, multiplied a million times through others.

  • Patricia

    I have pretty much been comfortable with being my true self through out my life. Now that I am on my true destiny path and speak more open and honest about my gift with people, I find many more can openly talk and share their experiences as well. There will always be those than mock what you say and those that are overly sensitive to your being truthful and honest. Always feeling that even a generalized comment is direct criticism in their direction. Those are the ones that frustrate me the most.

  • Toni

    I’ve been actually writing my truth this week. I finally got the courage to sit with who I am and put pen to paper like I always have wanted to. It started out being madding and stressful because the bulk of my story involves someone that I love so deeply and he’s very recently decided that his path isn’t going in the same direction as mine. But when I realized that my truth about this whole situation is love, and I really started to write from a place of authenticity and in who I really am the energy shifted and it’s been so joyous to retell.

    Do you have any advice or do you see anything in my future that would suggest that my shifted energy about the situation may actually change the situation between the two of us? Or perhaps a way to stay focused in love when things seem so desperate and lonely without him in my every day existence?

    Thank you for everything.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      always let go.. if he comes back he is yours, if he doesn’t love will come surely but in another form.. BIG HUG.. letting go is always hard when it’s not our choice to separate.

  • andrea killeen

    hi everyone, I cant tell you how wonderful it is to connect with like minded people, as sometimes it can feel as though your living in another world or reality. Its even better to know that whilst I am here in a little village in old England, that across the world others are sharing my experience with me it gives me hope and faith and even more encouragement to assist others in finding there own light and following there own true destiny and inviting them to come along ,where we can all enrich one another’s lives with our own unique presence. Its interesting that in the last two week I have been called to do my angel readings and have received abundance from them in more ways than one even though I have been `practicing` for ten years, I had decided to be completely honest with myself and start reading the cards for the beginning of my journey as a healer and I have found I have been able to` risk` the outcome be completely honest as I now intuitively this is what’s required. so thank you so much for the affirmations…..I look forward to starting the course later this evening on my return home ….blessings to you all, love and light from sunny old England (U.K) x

    • Nicole Reilly

      Andrea, I feel compelled to write and say how happy I am for you! Nicole

  • valerie

    Amen Sistar!!!. I love how real you are. Thank you for being here.
    All my love Valerie

  • Edel Mooney

    Colette colette colette ♡♡♡

  • Joceline

    Hi Colette, Sometimes hearing the honest truth is what someone needs. I loved your article this week and for you being your wonderful authentic self. Thank You for shining a light in my life.

  • Amber M.

    Thank you for a wonderful and insightful blog that has brought some clarity to my world at the moment. I will read it again I am sure as I am trying tune myself to the tone of Truth and this blog is so encouraging. Recently I often getting the truth card when I use the Avalon deck.

    You spoke of freedom as well and it resonated as well…. I have this whole idea of being Free…A constant thought in my mind is that I have to embrace freedom and break the illusions of all the rules I and others have imposed on me. I would love to do what you do-well give readings and be a healer. I also want to create music for a living. As soon as that thought arises the “rules” , the buts , the have to’s , and the feelings of inferiority echo in my being still ….I love when you wrote “It stops being something you think about, when you’re being yourself”…it really sums it all up. i have so much to do. Your teachings, your efforts, and messages are so helpful right now and very much appreciated. Thank you

  • Cindy O'Connor

    I am so grateful for your words today and having you validate the struggle between being true to one’s self and coping with the life one has created due others’ voices. Breaking old patterns and responses from forty plus years of living according to others’ expectations is difficult and a slow process. It doesn’t feel familiar to step into your truth but it does feel true, rich and inspiring. I try to remember to be gentle with myself when I respond from within the old groove, being patience as I create the new patterns and connections to my spirit. My new mantra is ‘the universe has my back’ and I keep receiving indications of this true daily. The more time I spend living my truth and listening to my spirit, the more affirmations I receive that it is the path I am suppose to be on. I just have to become accustomed to the disconnection between this true path and the voices in my head promoting my old path…I just realized if when I hear/feel this disconnection, I can take it as a positive sign that I am doing it differently, relaxing into the discord rather than resisting it and creating confusion, I might be able to stay in my truth with more strength. I will give this a try. I appreciate that your words stimulated my thoughts around living my truth. Thanks for sharing and I wish you well on your show.


    Hi Colette, I have greatly enjoyed your weekly blogs and daily readings. You are so right about this being a time of ebbs, flows, and goblins. I am SO stuck, I have lived my entire life being what other people think I should be, to the point where I know I should be doing something more, but I don’t even know where to start. I have been studying metaphysics for years, looking for answers to universal questions, but nothing. Just nothing. Where do I begin?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      at the beginning.One day at a time. ONe small action , step at a time. I suggest you hire a coach 😉

  • KR

    Colette, I still find it hard to tell people when I get a message from spirit. The truth sometimes get buried because I am afraid to let people know I get messages. I am trying to be more honest with people, I gave my mom a message from her uncle the other day and I was very surprised by her reaction, she believed me. Being truthful helped her and helped me.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      So here is the thing. It can be intrusive to some people who didn’t ask for a message. My advice if you will have it if you are gifted as you seem to be called to this, study with a medium, get your confidence up and once you’ve immersed yourself in a safe environment to try your skills out and perfect them you will feel very different. I had no training at all and it found me and yelled at me to get it together. Sounds like you’re the real deal my love. xooxox

  • Jai

    As always I’m truly touched by your weekly offerings Colette. I find this to be right on, especially when it comes to the physical manifestations of the waves. My energy is all over the place this week.
    I also LOVE what you wrote about being present and honest and vulnerable during te taping of your show. I myself have had HUGE breakthroughs (and I’ll admit a breakdown) this summer around truly being brave enough to be vulnerable in my relationships and the world. It is both terrifying and liberating at the same time isn’t it?
    For me it was bright about by reading Brene browns book “I thought it was just me, but it isn’t” which uncovers the reality it shame triggers and teaches shame resilience as well. Then a close relationship had a big “failure of compassion” that resulted in the end of that connection. I told my truth and it was not received or heard and there was no moving forward from that place.
    All this transformation made me feel like a snake that shed her skin and now I feel much truer, and more confident and real in the world.
    Thank you or this opportunity to weave together some pieces of my story. Much love

  • Connie

    This article fits in with what I dealt with yesterday. I have a very unique relationship going on with spirit. I know of no one dealing with the same thing that I am (we are all a piece of puzzle in some way). I had an apt. with a person who is able to shrink down and go inside your body and repair things that are there – she does remote viewing very well. You would think someone who can do that would be very open to others experiences. She was not very open to mine at all. She felt it was a bad thing, that no one should be in your space at all. We all have guides, guardians, spirit & angels in our space all the time, you are never alone! You cannot get rid of them either (I tried). Her speaking her truth, that it was not right, made me feel my own doubt, made me sad & that maybe I should be commited (more releasing for me ha ha). Not all spirits attached to you or working with you are bad. She felt it was not right (boy has she got some releasing to do coming up!). You need to be strong & courageous to be authentic, real & speak your truth (more releasing everyone)! Connie in Minnesota

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yep yep and yep.. Stay true to your truth – never let anyone tell you its wrong or bad. This is dogma. Stay open minded and curious. We are all a tad strange in our views. So be it. Live and let live xooxox

  • amber

    Thank you, Colette. Ive been feeling this pressure building in my life for some time, I can see the walls crumbling now, it feels, all around me. I realize every moment is perfect and the more Im able to stay in the, “Now. Now. Now,” it’s powerful to see what is really around my physical and emotional body. Im so grateful that I see now – patterns, these loops I’ve been going through, that my family has unknowingly been going through generation after the next. I am free from my rabbit hole where fear kept me. I can admit now, I dont know what im doing, yet..and it’s so wonderful to step into my own. In my current situation, I am truly at rock bottom (I’d been pulling that card for a week, I didnt see it yet); I’m so grateful that this is a part of my beautiful journey, and I’m so thankful for people like you who share this message, to me that says, “youre not alone!! Youre also not crazy, just speak from your honest place and all is well.” I trust that this world is magical beyond my current, wildest dreams. Thank the Divine <3 <

  • Deb

    Authenticity and telling the truth seem so scary. At the same time, it sounds like freedom, and you make me want to find the courage to do it.

  • De

    Thank you. I needed to hear that today. 😉

  • sam

    Again very accurate for me. Thanks Collette

  • Barb Parcells

    I wish I could turn back the clock and regain all of those years where I was living someone else’s idea of my life instead of my own. Being authentic, living in your truth regardless of how others react to it, is the most courageous thing we can do. I’d rather be thought of as strange and be truly free than be dishonest to myself. The things that have manifested in my life since I chose freedom have blown me away. And by the way, your Breathe In The Beauty meditation from a while back still keeps me focused on my dreams and intentions when I go astray. Love you, love you, love you. Wishing you so much joy and happiness with your show!

  • Linda Brown

    Wow It seems you always express exactly what I need to hear…I am in this place right now…
    It’s a very confusing time for me…I feel so lost most of the time….You are such a Light in my life..
    Thanks Colette…xo

  • Karen Gaynor

    Wow, thank you for sharing, as I was reading this it was yes, yEs, YES ..it is so liberating / comforting to see / learn about yourself in others. I so needed this reminder today. Thank Q. I have been on this journey of self discovery for about 24 years now ..thank god…but ya know how it gets someday it’s 2 steps forward 3 steps back. I know it all good …progress not perfection 😉 anyhoo ..Again thank you …Sister, you Rock, Love & much gratude to you & yours xo K

  • Erik Stearns

    Really? More half good news???? I mean, can’t we get something that says we’re reaching the end of the tunnel or something??? I’m struggling with trying to keep a roof over my head, debt and just plain eating until I get that first paycheck! I don’t need this!!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      then change it. Decide this will not be for you. I believe we can change our reality. ..

  • Samantha

    Hi Colette, My friend and I were at the taping on Monday have to say WOW! Loved watching you in action! What amazing readings your audience members are receiving. What do you do to clear your energy? The energy levels in that studio are so intense it took me a couple of days to completely clear myself.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Samantha I take a very strong salt bath in pink Himalayan salt – 2 to 3 cups and soak and I pray to be released from the emotional energy. Also I ask those who are still connected to me to leave. I actually have a friend – an incredible healer in Santa Fe. Look up Althea Gray.. she does distance clearings on me. Tuesday I was sick from it. Today it was electric but no matter in the bath I go then I just let it go. Thanx for coming that was a tough day. xoox

  • Patricia Campbell

    Oh Gawd… there you go again Colette… coming up with EXACTLY what I am struggling with :))). People pleasing is / was / is such an addiction for me… in fact I have the ‘addict archetype’ as verified by your good buddy ‘Robert Ohotto’ during a Soul Contract reading :).

    I struggle just a teensy weensy little bit with ‘believing in myself’… and my self esteem depends on whether everyone is happy or not. That said… Life kept presenting this SAME issue over and over again, until I just ‘knew’ that I had to be genuine… to myself! I also was aware that my boundary may be received with either ‘rejection’ or ‘cut off’. The ‘price’ was very high… this boundary was with my youngest son whom I love dearly. I decided to go ahead anyway and take a stand and be true to what was going on for me… on the inside. There was no ‘blame / shame’, ‘right or wrong’ involved… I just ‘knew’ it was time. I even told myself ‘Okay… if later I change my mind and / or I receive other insights… I will apologize. I felt very grounded and ok with my boundary.

    Well that was two weeks ago. I am now ‘pulling out my hair’… not because I changed my mind or received greater insights… but because I need my ‘FIX’. I can only be happy and ok if everyone else is happy and ok with me 🙁 Codependency is such a ‘shape shifter’ and is no ‘mickey mouse’ addiction. It can bring so much pain and shame, and in one’s ‘dream state’, you even get to ‘pass it on’ :)))

    Thank you… thank you for what you shared in this blog. The synchronicity of your ‘situation’ brings strength and inspiration! It literally helped me to breathe, ‘slow down’ and come back to being ‘okay with me’… even though my truth may ‘pith off’ even my family!

    With genuine gratitude!

    ps… I just love your ‘realness!’

  • Scott moses

    Thank you very much colette baron reid. Now I know where i stand in my life everyday and it helps me a lot.

  • Mary Jo Nicosia

    Wow!! Colette! You are incredible! Thank you for sharing! I didn’t know what was dragging me down…until I read your blog! Haven’t contacted my dear friend for some time..she feared for my health safety….I replied to her email honestly….. Then felt like I had divulged my inner thoughts….had a physical pain in my back like an iron rod going thru me, hard to even breathe…. But sent the email and took a deep breath and the pain was gone. I was “honest” and felt a relief for being honest. After reading your blog made me realize that she will understand, or not. Thank you for your honesty! God Bless YOU, MARC AND YOUR DOGGIES, love to you and happinessXO. Mary Jo

  • Em

    Hi Colette , thank you, this is interesting. I live with a paralysing fear of being ‘killed’ for speaking my truth. It haunts me everyday.

  • Mindy

    I have found through my whole life that people don’t want to hear the truth because it usually bursts some bubble of a notion that they need to hold onto to perceive that they are accepted by family, friends, co-workers & society.

    I’ve always been a lone wolf in the sense, that I never understood why we turn ourselves into what we perceive others want in us. I remember feeling this way very clearly from the tender age of 7 years old. Then all through life feeling blocked or terribly misunderstood because I was being told to stifle my truth & be what my family wanted me to be. I just turned 57 & with daily diligence and patience with myself & others have only just begun to embrace the lone wolf and experience my true untethered freedom. For me it’s a constant awareness that keeps me mostly quiet in the presence of others who are not as in tune with the rhythms of their own truth.

    Embrace your truth and worry not about what others perceive…all is well. Thank you Colette, and all the others posting here for your truth and for being able to share a common bond with all of you. Empower yourself, do no harm, give compassionately & question everything.

    Wising everyone much love & light today.

  • Desiree

    Thanks for the reminder to be true to who we are. I struggle against being the people pleaser, and often stay silent when I should speak up. Some things are so easy to help others with but not myself!

  • Renee Sugar

    That’s what I enjoy about this blog. Sharing a perspective unique to each person who chooses to.
    That is how we learn, expand our perspective; invite growth and new opportunities into our lives.
    Once upon a time; when I didn’t have a sense of self that allowed me to be a distinctive soul; unlike
    anyone else. The measuring gauge was comparing myself to others and how I perceived them/ or
    the reverse ; how they perceived or accepted who I was. That created the world with a very limited picture.
    Well that has shifted considerably since the door to a prior professional connection closed.
    There was no mirror any more. Now what do I do??? It was a very unsettling time to let go of the
    sometimes not so good opinion of others and to begin to see who I am and learn to understand how
    I felt about something. Much of the time it began in written form so I could articulate how I felt about
    something and at least clarify that first. Now I can state an opinion but I don’t need everyone else to
    agree, and I can also respond when someone shares a perspective I don’t agree with; with diplomacy
    and try to be open-minded about it . I hadn’t considered that option, but thank you for sharing.
    There is no longer a competition; but a coming together of different aspects. Collaboration is the
    way of creating harmony and synergy. The petty-minded prefer to bicker and criticize. I prefer to
    try to reach the heart of the matter and resolve any differences of opinion by compromise and
    collaboration. It enlarges the potential and supports our equidistance from the centre. “One of the
    joys of maturity is to no longer be competitive; but to be happy to be one flower of many in G-d’s
    great meadow”.

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