Accountability, Courage and the Price of Your Freedom!

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Dearest Sparkly One,

I’m learning a lot lately since I’ve been plugged into the Spirit express while shooting my Messages from Spirit TV show.

I’ve been privileged to facilitate more than 100 readings in a short time and all of them have been about love and forgiveness, redemption and an opportunity to heal.

It’s undeniable what is happening- the evidence is there, the communication is true and details verifiable by the recipients. I still remain curious and unattached to what this is exactly. I don’t profess to know the secrets of the afterlife, and I’m not particularly interested in a debate on the details.

It’s just what I’ve experienced intimately by being the “bridge between worlds.”  There seems to be a definite and consistent desire on the part of the one crossed over to free the one still here from the burden of the past.
This I know—we don’t really die, our consciousness still exists in some other dimension and when an opportunity to make contact to the living arises, the “dead” want it to count. They want to hand us a key to let us out of the jail they helped build.

But, not everyone wants to leave.

Our stories are built on our memories, and what happened to us, how our loved ones have affected us, and the legacy we inherit and then reinforce over time by our behavior and choices. Those stories, the way we interpret them and integrate them rarely includes a deep understanding of what the other person has experienced. Yet, for most of us, they begin to define us and eventually create the box in which we reside, which naturally limits our capacity to see potential beyond those walls.

Our certainty is built from our wounds as well as our strengths and assets.

What happens when someone comes back to set us free from the old stories?
It can go one way or another.
What’s been deeply rewarding is seeing the shift happen in the moment when it hits home. Everyone can see how the information and connection lights up a person’s whole being as the experience ignites a fire of forgiveness and understanding that provides that essential epiphany that can create change. The person takes the key that’s offered and the walls crumble down and we witness a miracle.

If we want to change our old stories we can. But if we want to be free we need to pay a price.

The cost? We buy our freedom by relinquishing the old story and all the beliefs and behaviors that go along with it. We have to give up our old identity. But for some people the prospect is terrifying.

It can be so difficult to face how attached we are to the story that keeps us engaged and identified with the very thing we don’t want. No one intellectually says, “Sure, pain and hatred is good! Let’s have some more of that.” There is usually some kind of emotional justification for it, and for reinforcing being misunderstood, outcast, or victim.

Who would you be without this self that tells these tales? What if it’s so foreign to you that you’d rather stick to the old story for the sake of intimate familiarity even if it’s hard and brittle and represses every ounce of authenticity you have?

I have seen it first hand – Can you forgive?

No way -Not gonna happen!

But the truth is the only way to have the life we’re meant to have—to turn fate into destiny—is to be willing to pay this price, have courage, and make this sacrifice.
That is the one true thing I have learned by connecting to “the other side.”

What do you need to give up, what old belief, what idea about yourself have you inherited, or what ancestral pattern are you still indentured to?

Can you pay this price to claim the key to your freedom?

I’d rather do it here, grab that key and open those doors even if I have no clue what’s waiting on the other side than wait until I get “over there” to make retribution and reach out for forgiveness.

In the end we are all accountable.

It’s something to think about.

Have you identified your old belief or the idea you have about yourself that keeps you indentured to the past?  What is it?  What have you done to begin the work to detach from that story?  Have you seen changes in your life as a result of your work? How have you changed as the result of letting go the old story? Were you afraid to let go? Who have you become?
I’d love to hear from you!

Love you always and forever my tribe,
Truly yours,

Love Colette XO





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  • Ellen

    Dear Colette — this is *exactly* the message I’ve been writing about for the last 6 months at least! Thank you for validating what I’ve been hearing too. There are so many people unwilling to relinquish their story of pain, dis-ease, victim-hood, etc, even if it’s for their best and highest good. So many people in the trap of addiction because it’s a cheap substitute for spiritual connection — but to get to spirit, you have to be willing to let go of what gets in the way. I’ve been seeing even more resistance in my clients this year than ever before, as times are shifting and the energies are getting weirder. Yesterday I had a client who wanted me to tune into her physical body regarding a recent physical diagnosis she had… and as soon as I touched her feet, her body basically screamed at me NO!! and her guides were so protective of her that they were like presidential bodyguards. Whatever it was that her conscious mind thought it wanted access to, I don’t know… I hit on a couple of things, but then her energy was pushing me out so hard it felt like being in a high wind. The body said “self-protection” and I felt I had to respect her enough not to cross that line. Her “stuff” was that deeply embedded.

    In any case, thank you so much for hitting this topic. I wish I could go see you in person, but that’s a long way from NM.

    Ellen Santistevan

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I get it – the “wind” it comes to me when I am afraid. Doing this TV show stirs up a lot of my own stuff- ego fear. The story is so not important yet we think it is. I wrote this as much for myself to be honest. What I see in others I see in myself too. Today we all get an opportunity for a clean slate. I came to a conclusion yesterday that this is what it’s all about. The story that “protects us” may mean very little in the end. Each day a new beginning… have a good one

      • DLLGRJandfurballs

        Perfection; the presentation or show, overall, looks appealing and comfortable – that’s a good sign. LOVE the Look.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Spot on, Ellen.

  • Karen

    Hi Colette,

    I loved this. It is so true. I need to let go of my self doubt when it comes to being loved. I am confident in my work life, and my intuition is great…..when it is not about myself. When the issue is about myself I tend to over think what my intuition is telling me. We do have alot of work to do on this planet, and I hope that I am truly working towards forgiving those who have made me feel insecure about myself and not just fooling myself into believing that I am. The real person that I think I need to forgive is myself, though. For believing it in the first place, and for letting it linger for so long. I don’t want to paint myself as looking like I am still in a rut. I feel much more confident in this time of my life, and I question myself when my ego starts to go there so that I can really be in the moment and distinguish if I am feeling sorry for myself, or if there is a red flag a-brewing! Thank for this blog. It is a beautiful reminder!

  • Georgina Cannon

    Hi Colette: Loving the work you do! Even after 18 + years of doing this work, I am still in awe of the learnings my clients get when they take their past and interlife journeys. They are profoundly moving and life-changing – if – as you say – they allow them to be!

    You are a blessing. Namaste. Georgina

  • Christy

    Hello Colette!
    I have been on this path for several years now and find something new to release from my old stories every day.
    It is so liberating and feels so good that I wish I could explain to others how easy it is, yet most believe it is so
    hard. And sometimes when I try to explain it, I get met with resistance…
    but I’ve come to far to turn back now and I will be in Seattle this weekend to see you!!!!
    So I hope to soak up as much good voodoo as I can, looking forward to it.
    Thank you for all you do, Christy in Florida

  • Jo

    Dear Colette <3
    I have one question.. since many years I love one man.. he loved me, now Im not sure about his feelings.. we live on different continents and there is a lot of obstacles.. I was trying to find another love, but every time I gave up, being unable to stop thinking about this "old love"..
    so, my question.. is it time to "forget" about this man or wait for him? Yes, I know it sounds so naive.. childish.. but in same cases Im really helpless..

    thanks a lot for your nice work :]

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      in this question is your answer – letting go with love is always the way and then you see what remains

  • J. C. Romero

    Good Morning Colette,
    Thank you for sharing. I believe that when we honestly look at and understand the labels we put on ourselves–and others–then we understand how we can change.

  • irene

    thank you Colette. So cute on your set! Ditto here, forgiveness, today, immediately, is crucial to any kind of life worth living. And miracles come to us from that wise act of forgiveness. The act of forgiveness is soul’s work and can only be done with the the understanding that forgiveness is a radical concept to many because they think it’s the mind that forgives when really it’s going to our deepest place within our soul and doing that hard work to get there, but once we live from that depth, forgiveness becomes possible because forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves and many of us don’t even realize that. We all get hurt, but after the initial hurt starts to heal, the only way to release it and live in the present is to hurry up and forgive ourselves, and others so that freedom can come.

  • Michelle

    Wow! Wow! I think I am almost speechless. Definitely caugt of guard. Definitely feeling a bit — weird. My Mom passed in April. She stopped talking to me in October of last year. She died of Stage 4 brain and lung cancer. He last text message to me was, “Happy you kill your mother?” Here I sit with a lot of change – new job, new home after a year financially suffering because of the events surrounding my Mom. I have visited the gravesites of my ancestors and asked good hard questions because I knew what was emotionally wrong with my Mother I never could completely understand. But, I also learned that it has been passed down from generation to generation. I am trying to break the pattern. However, I am stuck in this one monumental spot because what my Mother did to me is something that I am having a hard time forgiving. The message your wrote here is powerful Colette! Extremely powerful. I have no idea how to respond exactly. I just know what has happened is huge. What is happening is hard and unexplainable and my future is……I am currently defined by a lot of this.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      i guarantee she would reach out and be deeply sorry for that… they all ask for forgiveness so you don’t carry that anymore…hugs

  • Jenny

    Your message is timely. I am discovering who I am without my past driving everything. It has been eye opening, to feel so untethered and makes me wonder who the heck am I, at times! It feels different and it feels very scary to be so unattached to the people, places and thoughts that occupied most of my existence. I am hopeful and trusting about who I am and the changes I experience, yet I feel alone at times in the physical as so many people I love are gone from my everyday life, some for good reason and some I still don’t understand. Also, the things I spent energy and time on don’t make sense anymore, yet the new has not arrived! Funky place to be for sure. Peace on Earth and making a difference to others and our world is my anchor. Transition is an interesting place of grieving the old, patience and faith building and trust that ALL is well. It is a challenging place for me, feeling so untethered…
    Love, Jenny

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette: It has been such a privilege to witness the process that unfolds during the readings on the set of “Messages from Spirit”.
    Although I have not yet had a reading; there have been many connected messages that have reached me through others.
    Recently I have begun a new exercise program; on a “rebounder”. I love the name because it signifies a launch pad, a place of
    bouncing back; and being lifted and propelled into motion. Even on a cellular level it restructures the body; clears out the lymphatic
    system; and recharges; and energizes the entire body. The “rebounder” was in a storage locker for over a year but due to a diagnosis
    of the beginning of osteoporosis I needed to make a new beginning and start to reverse the bone loss, and did not want to take
    pharmaceuticals to achieve that. I have also begun an EFT (tapping) routine to release some thought patterns that have been a
    part of the old structure of my thinking. Thoughts, beliefs, attitudes all need to be refreshed, and reconstructed , reassessed and
    replaced when they no longer fit the present tense. We must take action; to replace what no longer serves our well-being.
    I believe that living in a home with an alcoholic parent was a gift in many ways which opened the door to 12 step study for families of alcoholics. I was in my 20’s at the time, and it opened my mind/ heart/world and taught me what sharing was about; and understanding and learning by listening. This process has been an integral part of my life journey; and has enriched and inspired me in ways that I was
    so unfamiliar with. It can be an overwhelming assignment to begin the process to overhaul our belief system and rebuild the structure.
    What I am learning is that it is possible to make a different choice; every moment. It requires making a commitment to ourselves. Forgiving
    ourselves is crucial and will soften some of the hard edges that are still there. Blame is not an option; either of self or another. At age 59
    I have lived a very interesting life; and have met inspiring people and have read so many books that show me different ways to perceive the potential each and everyone of us has within. I have barely skimmed the surface and pray to be guided to do the work that serves others; and will contribute to the growth of our planet on some level. All the doors that have closed behind me are meant to stay that way.
    Each day is a precious gift and we must be mindful that it can snatched away in the blink of an eye!! I may not have a job today; but I have come home and have become reaquainted with who I am. I no longer live with a stranger. I have become a dear friend; ally and have invested years in rebuilding my mind, body and soul to where I find myself today. A labor of love, practice; patience and commitment.
    Thank you for reading this. I hope that it offers a perspective to what is possible. “If we knew what we were capable of; it would astound us”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Leigh Murphey

    Thank you for sharing this Colette! I have noticed this a lot in 2014, in those that I read for and definitely within myself. I am amazed at how deeply rooted some issues are. I did the work to understand how the roots got there in the first place, the pain they cause, how it no longer serves me. Ive cut cords, done energetic release, worked with gurus from all areas, and yet those big roots remain. It baffles me! But, I no longer feel alone in the struggle, I see it in so many. Thank you for all that you do!!

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Putting the experience into words can be difficult because it entails a feeling while looking peacefully upward into the pale fluffy billows and sky-blue realm on a sunny day sensing the presence of who “they” were to you, maybe at its best the peak of a once real relationship still extending. I had a reading maybe several years ago – time flies by – so I wondered and mentioned that I feel my relatives around me. The so-called psychic seemed to wipe them out because I did not feel or hear them after that – it upset me not to be able to revel in their comfort toward me. I am sorry I mentioned my curiosity about knowing and think I should have kept it to myself therefore they would still be with me. I moved from one location states (in the USA) away to another; each property has its own spirit – I had someone helping me at the later place and this place is not totally devoid just different yet not extremely helpful or embedded with spirit as the other had been – so I think so far. I actually want spirit helping me. My problems were differentiating the real spirit voice (positive or helpful) from the Goblin or destructive (evil – bad intentions). I think we (all people) should all be “endowed” with Himalayan salts as a natural state… LOL : ) LOVE. LOVing “for people who feel too much” book. Colette, very relieved to be on this path with you, sister. Stay safe, Amen. THANKs.

  • MJ Mendes

    What happens if it’s past lives that are attached to you despite all the work of doing many clearings, energy work and personal work on forgiving and letting go. It seems there is still a pattern of victimhood that creeps up despite all that hard work on the consciuos front.
    What can one do to finally break free.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ..know it, name it claim it and leave it behind and find a new way home..

  • Sarah

    Thank you so much Colette! This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I’ve just recently started doing the Daily Oracle cards and reading your blog and I love it!
    My Mom passed away when I was 10 years old from Cancer. She was also overweight and unhappy. I loved her so so much and I think a part of me has always feared I would follow in her footsteps. I truly believed I would get overweight and get Cancer and die young. I’ve only now started to untangle those feelings and try to break away and make my own choices. Because in fearing that that would happen I was making it happen! And I don’t believe my Mom would want that. You are amazing Colette, thank you!

  • Teresa Mooney

    Hi Colette,

    I have listened to you and watched you for years. You are a great inspiration and I am so happy you have your own show! How can we see it? I live in Utah, is it ever going to be on TV here or what?

  • Diana Boles

    So the trick to it all is to forgive before there is a crossing over – even if you cannot quite forget. Does the hurt define you completely or is it a building block to your wisdom and character. Using it as a tool to sculpt the person YOU WANT TO BE! To realize that YOU HAVE THE POWER to use every experience in a positive, creative manner. It is not “justifying” another’s misbehavior, it is understanding the shortcomings of humanness. It is owning YOUR ACTIONS and not blaming the past for our own misbehavior, or phobias or obsessions. When you can do this you already have a set of your own keys – keys that open the memories that make us smile – yes, the keys to freedom. Because in the passing only joy survives.

  • Diana Boles

    Oh and this weeks cards pick up where last weeks left off. The energies have already caused me to begin on the route the Map has shown to take for the best travel.

  • Bettwsy-Anne

    Amazing… I was sitting on my parents memorial bench this evening; ( we made it and positioned it between a Protea Tree and and Apricot tree in the garden where Dad and Mum’s ashes were put!) quietly contemplating my relationship with both of them and remembering times when I was less than kind… wishing I could say sorry and how very grateful I am to them both for the wonderful parents they were! I do feel their forgiveness but find it so difficult to let myself off the hook. Your wonderful message seems to have done the trick. I feel an incredible lightness! Thank you!

  • Diana Boles

    It has been brought to my attention that the best way to forgive is to start with honesty. The courage to say what you are holding back is also the truth of what you are holding back and and the ownership of behavior. How did this come to my attention? In a conversation today—I could have carried the truth in silence, pretending nothing is wrong. Avoiding the person creating the issue. I was being presented with a choice–what I had just been meditating upon throughout my entire yoga practice. There it was, and I chuckled–let it go. Tell the truth. It is the only way to truly move on. To forgive. To release the hurt. So I let it rip. Amazing how that makes you feel. I thought I learned that a long time ago. But I realized that I learned to be selective with who knows the truth. The reality is the person who SHOULD know the truth, is the one causing the issue. Isn’t it grand that each day brings a re-education when you are fine tuning your heart strings?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ooooo yes I get that selectiveness .. me too on that one.. and at what cost. sigh.. …let it rip now me too me too!

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