What I’ve learned about Life from the Dead!

Updated: December 7, 2014

Sweet sparkly you,

I’m just back from my last live event for 2014 held in NYC where I was invited to present a live in person Messages from Spirit experience to an audience that included people who flew in from all over the USA as well as from Canada, Bermuda, and The UK for the evening.

I’m in a typical state of exhaustion as I am after most events and am pondering the messages that I was given to deliver with gratitude and a few giggles.

I’m not the most graceful medium, naturally defying traditional delivery and although the results are often deeply moving and poignant, I can still find myself bumbling while trying to piece together the puzzle of who belongs to whom, sometimes mixing up the details with hilarious results.

I love to recall the story of so reverently delivering a reading to a woman once that I thought was coming from her grandmother Lily (who in my mind and intuitive translation was clearly showing herself a lovable roly poly high strung small woman in a fur coat) yet who turned out to actually be a hamster named Lily.

At the NYC event I had a few more mistaken identities that eventually got sorted in the end that also made for some good comedy.

One thing for certain the dead have not lost their sense of humor.

I’ve learned so much about life from the dead.

So in tribute to those passed who visited myself and loved ones in NYC here’s the reminder for us all for this holiday season.

You can’t change the past but you can rewrite it with compassion and understanding.

Perspective is everything.

If we live in the past we set ourselves up for failure in the future.

We’re all wounded and in prisons of our old stories but we also have a key and the door’s not locked anyway.

Forgiveness is freedom.

Compassion, and understanding and kindness heal self and others.

We are never alone.

Life loves us.

Follow your bliss and trust the outcome.

Live each day as if it were the most important day of your life.

Trust the Invisible/ trust God.

Synchronicity is God working anonymously.

Pay attention.

Love is the answer- the only answer.

May this week be calm, and peaceful, soft and sparkly if not in the conditions of your life, then in your heart.


Love Colette XO




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  • Margaret Johnston

    Dearest Colette
    Thank you for Blog as always entertaining and uplifting but the final part resonated with me today about keeping heart calm and peaceful especially when outer conditions at this time are very trying (and will be for some time) Ps I so love the idea of being a sparkly being have never been called that ever and wouldn’t describe myself as sparkly but I love the thought of it bless you and your work xx

  • Charlene

    Dear, dear Colette,

    I so love you message this week. You always leave me with a comfortable, loving feeling and I thank you for that. In this world of greed and anger, there you are, giving of yourself and allowing people like me to feel your honest warm and compassion. I give thanks for having access to your incredible energy and am sending you love. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Ramesh Parmar

    Dear Colette
    I have heard your universal energies reading and enjoyed with open Heart. It is very interesting and taken with LOVE.
    Thanking you
    With Love and Peace
    Ramesh Parmar

  • sue

    Thank you Colette. With the holiday right around the corner this reading reminds us to stay centered and say no. This really helped.

  • Zoozy

    Lovely Colette,

    The weekly universal cards are always so helpful when beginning a new week. Your insights of the cards give us more to work with when drawing our daily cards and seeing how they will blend to show our paths in a way of our highest good during the week. Your work is the most motivating and inspiring I have ever come across. It keeps me reaching and expanding farther all the time. Thank you so much for helping all of us to continue working to be more of what we really are. I feel so blessed.

  • Auset

    Thank you for the belly laugh! Laughter is so healing. Thank you for being a sweet enough spirit to communicate with our furry buddies, have a blessed day Colette 🙂

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    L : ) V E compassion and understanding bless Lil’Bud on the 16th; her heart will be seven this year L : ) V E Babcia, Mommy, Gagee, and Babcius. Joy Grace Thoughtful Teaching Learning Sharing Respectful Blessings to the World …. Breathe @}-,-‘—- Peace

  • Lisa

    Dear Colette .. I had just finished saying to my 82 year old mother > that we are told Love is the only true answer > yet the world seems to be all about the money.
    As someone in the process of life re-building .. buying any kind of Christmas gift for our 2 children is a true feat .. we do have the fixings for a great meal and we all value that.
    Reading your blog and watching the weekly reading after my conversation with my mother .. well it made me feel more relaxed with myself and life as it is.

    Four years ago we lost our dream house .. we built it from used tires, cans and earth. We built it with our own hands > all our energy and money went into it > and we lost it all. We held out believing that spirit would guide us safely through. Instead, we found ourselves homeless, penniless and with 2 children to take care of. We had to give away our family dog of 10 years and go hundreds of miles away to stay with my mother.
    Because we know spirit never makes a mistake > we know the change happened for a purpose >> and we have been open to various opportunities that have presented themselves to us. None have yet shown themselves to be the way, or the path for us.

    I heard you on Hay House radio speak of houses and moving recently, and I realized that the house was done with us and that other people needed to have the teachings that house offers. It helped me lots when you said that. After that day I looked into a private reading with you because I felt strongly that you would be able to help me see the direction that would be correct for our family now. I did make a booking with you as I worked to get the funds together .. I could not do the required transaction at that moment .. so I had to let the reading spot go.

    I am taking the online reading course now .. and enjoying it .. I am of course still certain that a reading with you would provide me with answers I can trust. Trusting myself to know which path to take is difficult. I suppose that is because I was certain that the eco house in the woods was where we were meant to be .. and that turned out so badly. Yes we are all healthy, that is a blessing, yes we did not divorce or blame one another for the loss, another blessing indeed. Yes we have had a warm place to sleep and eat BUT we are without direction. I feel crazy sometimes because I feel I should know what to do next > and I don’t know.

    Needless to say I continue to meditate and pray for clarity. I use the cards when I feel centered .. and I am saving for a reading .. little by little .. and if there is a Santa in my world > maybe Santa will give me an appointment.

    I love your music .. as I have said before it is Kate Bush like .. spiritual, uplifting and mysterious. Since I am around your age and I did live in Toronto back in the day .. and my husband is a Juno award winner who played in many venues in Toronto .. I am surprised I never heard you sing .. but now I can .. the music I get to hear in the background on your site is one of the reasons I return to the site over and over again.

    May you feel richly blessed and totally loved and valued .. because you are 🙂

    Love Lisa

  • Deb

    Dear Colette,

    Welcome back from NYC. Thank you for all your lovely sharings. Your love and generosity helps me to remember that being loving and generous is who we are – it’s who we are coming into this world – we need only remember and go from there.

    With every good wish,
    and love, Deb

  • vernika

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful n uplifting messages Collete!

  • Renee Sugar

    “If we knew everything beforehand; it would be called dictation, not creation. ” Gertrude Stein
    When we enter the unknown, it is bound to be uncomfortable, and disorienting and stressful.
    It is the 10th week of my adventure working for a natural cosmetic manufacturer in a factory
    setting using machines and handling lotions, and potions, and doing work that is completely
    unfamiliar to me. I can honestly say I don’t know HOW? I have done this; where the energy has
    come from; but one thing that I do KNOW for certain; is that it must be divine. I needed a job
    and this one appeared and it is not an easy job or setting to be in at times. The stress is
    high and the demands are unending due to the season. The doorway was opened and the
    invitation was for 3 months which may or may not be extended? BUT I have met some very
    kind people most of whom are a lot younger than I am, and they are very funny; and dramatic
    and it has rejuvenated my spirit; and flushed out some of the outmoded theories that were
    hanging on from the PAST. Well; there is no past, I just have this moment. Sometimes there
    can be a lifetime in one moment. So. gently; is the order of the day. Practice, progress, and not
    PERFECTION are the goal. And yes laughter is the best medicine anyone could ever take.
    Even better when shared. So Colette, I really appreciate your commitment; and integrity;
    and the way you just are who you are. I am learning to let go of the old ways and feel lighter
    for doing so. So one final quote’ ” You have brains in your head; and feet in your shoes;
    You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You are on your own and you KNOW what
    you know. And YOU will decide what direction to go.” Dr. Seuss. (don’t you love him?) So
    wise? XOXO

  • Diana Boles

    It is a mosaic, isn’t it? The tiles must be sorted by color and then by shape and then laid out to create the picture. But we’re still not finished. We have to pick up the tiles, apply the cement, push and wedge it all back into the finely fitted framework. One more layer of grout to fill in any gaps. When that dries, wash it off! Now, hang it on the wall and step back to look. OMG! Are those tiles falling off? Hahaha—start over. Pick it all up, but this time you know where the pieces go. And forgive yourself. Wakan Taka was te lo—Great Spirit is good.

  • Dayna Sokoloski

    Hi Colette,
    Not sure if you noticed, but your weekly reading came on the 34th anniversary of John Lennon’s death. You basically gave the message he did all those years ago in his song Mind Games, and it is still relevant today. Synchronicity?

  • Julie

    Fabulous way to start my morning! Laughter…thought provoking words…peacefulness. I particularly love that the door is not locked anyway. I can open it anytime I want and walk out of the darker spots where some of my “stories” want to keep me. What a concept. I lose keys ALL the time (as a realtor that can be, while amusing to some, rather frustrating) so keys and I don’t get along so well. Telling my brain that the door is always open… That I am not trapped in a story… That sunlight is JUST on the other a side… What a concept! How freeing!!! I have to go to funeral today and I am lying in bed preparing to get up …just locking my self in a door of grief and guilt and fear and expectation of how the day would go. And now I’m opening the door to sunlight… To celebration of life … To joy that Mildred is with her angels and in peace… To hope that I will feel a sign from her today… To gratitude that she KNOWS how much I love her! Thank you Colette… For always and all ways helping me shift my thinking and bringing me peace. Love you bunches!

  • Teresa

    Colette, I love your sparkly sweetness and your greetings to me that bring the love home. I’ve been reading your emails for quite some time now. Not all of them, life keeps me hopping from one thing to another. I really appreciate your website and the insight of the readings when it turns out I need one. Thank You for being there! I am one of the anonymous bunch that doesn’t participate in social media but am nevertheless part of the whole. Lots of Love. T.

  • Lina

    Thank-you for the story about Lily. It’s 3 am ( pee-o’clock) here and I have a big smile on my face. Yes, of course these 4 legged beings have souls as well as bladders.

  • Sara

    Colette my wonderful friend please I do not know if all things are checked everyday but my sister has been bugging me to get a reading for her with you, she does not care about cost as this does not happen to be a problem for her I saw that you are coming in Match to Toronto and she has VISA, MASTERCARD. and most importantly we want to get our reservations A.S.A.P. as you probably will sell the event out quickly, so please I went back to your Home Page and it was supposed to give details regarding event which I could not find so please, please as my dear friend get back to me on fb as I will contact her right away and we can buy our tickets and not worry about it should it sell out please, cost is not a problem for her anyway and she is the one who has no peace at all since our mother passed before you head back out of TORONTO PLEASE LET HER HAVE A PRIVATE READING AT YOUR REGULAR COSTS but it would be fun to come to that venue.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hi Sara please contact my office jill@colettebaronreid.com if your friend wants a reading I don’t do in person private sessions for many years now only by phone or in audience. I have not seen or spoken to you in 25 years I hope you’ve been well I remember you and always wondered what happened to you. Sending you much love

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