Add Your Light to the Sum of All Light!

Updated: February 15, 2015

Dear luminous you,

Last week I wrote about how our companion animals choose us and I was so touched and amazed at how many of you shared your stories too. It’s always been my intention that this blog be a conversation. I read them all (too many to comment on all of them!) and smiled and cried and was so thrilled that you shared with all of us. Tribal dancers – keep it going!

You see, the more we all share of ourselves, the more we feel the connection, the collaboration of our light to bring a sense of togetherness, dispelling the dark.

We light our candles together and Light grows as it illuminates our lives. Sharing helps us by practicing courage; to be heard, by being willing to be vulnerable, by having the courage to join, to speak our truth even if it may change.

It’s a way to mirror our humanity while we all strive to muster our trust in the Universe when conditions may confuse us. Sharing helps us when we know we need to let go our tight hold on our patterns, and our old ideas, and relax into the emergence and becoming that is the true essence of being human.

We are all in this together.

I spend most of my spare time reading the latest consciousness research and new discoveries in science (I am a total geek at heart) and it hit me this morning after an evening of pouring through the most difficult but amazing content on “ how we really create reality, how there is proof we live after we “die”, what the Akashic records really mean to quantum physics” etc., (are your eyes rolling back in your head yet?) that I’m still trying to defend my position and beliefs that are based on my own personal experience.

So I’m going to say this. Because I know in my heart and soul, and because I have experienced this, and not because I read it in a book that says I’m right.

We are all Light. Love is Light and Love never dies. No matter what our temporary conditions reflect- we have the universe inside us, as we are intrinsically connected within it and therefore we are powerful co-creators.

We are greater together than the sum of all our parts. When we remember we are connected, and if we share our humanity, if we focus our Light, we will add it to the sum of all Light and spread it out into the places still in darkness.

So much is going on in the world that is dark and destructive. It’s hard to go near the news. Yet there is also Light in the world.
No matter what Light will always dispel darkness not the other way around.

Someone wrote last week asking me if I might rally us all to send Light to those places in the world shrouded in violence and hatred.

It’s overwhelming to feel the powerlessness being the witness and not being able to do anything about it.

Here is my invitation. I invite you to imagine for 10 minutes a day that you are sending Light and Love to all who suffer, and that in doing so it grows exponentially.

Send it from the Source of Light that infuses you with life, not from your small self.

I like to ask to focus on one unknown “person” that they find hope again, solace, nourishment and safety. It’s an amazing feeling as I know in my heart someone will feel this intention somewhere in the world.

And so, outside of praying with intention to send Light “there” from our hearts, what can we do?

To bring more Light to the world the answer is simple.

Be the Light in your local tiny world today.

Be kind to a stranger. Choose to focus on Joy. Recognize a pattern and choose another one no matter how awkward and uncertain it makes you feel. Say no to ego based drama. One day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time choose to act as Light and offer it loosely with no expectations of return.

Share your stories, rewrite and reframe them if they foster the victim or critic. This adds Light exponentially as you heal the past you change your future.

Be the Light and the co-creative Artist from the inside out.

This is the way of miracles.

So my beautiful amazing tribal dancer.

Tell me your story? Have you found beauty in hard places?

What does it feel to add your Light to the sum of all Light?

How do you bring Light home?

When you make Light your focus how do you feel spreading it around?

How can you change a story to bring Light and dispel darkness?

Tell me a story

Love you always and forever.


PS – I am gifting you with a song I wrote, (and I am singing) called Beauty in Hard Places. It’s about me finding God, and seeing how Light could find me when I couldn’t see it for myself.

Beauty In Hard Places






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  • irene

    Thank you Colette. You are always right on with your guidance, cards, advice, and wisdom so perfectly aligned to my life and what I am experiencing. I want to thank you for doing this for us all because knowing the guidance each week, each day, gives me the “heads up” to be on alert to what needs attending to in my life and within myself and your thoughtful and thought provoking words with the cards and Spirit help so profoundly to guide me forward and grow more and more as a person living from my soul. I can’t tell you how much I have transformed into a more authentic version of myself through your work. Thank you. I am loving myself more than I ever have and can’t go back ever to that woman I don’t even recognize anymore, the woman who wasn’t loving herself nearly enough and accepting things that were not for my highest good. you are the best. I appreciate you very much.
    Love, Irene (Gardenia Rose on FB)

  • Shelley

    Beautiful, Colette, thank you.
    I love your invitation and accept wholeheartedly. I fully believe in the power of small acts of kindness to change the world, drops of love creating an ocean. Collectively, we are powerful, in the Light. I have experienced firsthand the power of the kindness of others as I recovered from various addictions…the reflection of who I truly am, mirrored in the eyes of the loving people around me has helped me in re-membering my own Light. Through a painful loss, I learned that nothing of true value can ever be lost and in seeking support, I gained the lifelong companionship of dear friends. Together we can carry the Light to brighten the path for others.
    I believe this, and it continues to be reinforced through my daily experiences. I’m with you, dancing in the Light! ♥

  • Ramesh Parmar

    Dear Colette
    Thank you very much for the reading for the 16 to 22 February. Yes, changes going to happen and how we take that will be every one’s life how to shape it is their chose? Some will fears about it because the stepping in to unknown territories. We have to believe in our-self! And listen to our Heart. Do what gives us JOY! At the end leave it to Almighty who will guide us towards our destination.

  • Lisa

    Oh Colette!
    Great idea! Great, soothing words. I was asking myself the same question this morning after hearing about the latest hate craziness in Danemark! Deep sigh! Trying to keep my heart open and yet not be sitting duck stupid.
    I’ll take you up on your suggestion to us.

  • Barbara

    Thank you Colette for the light you bring into the world. I have been trying to live my life in a way that I bring blessings into others lives each day. Even if it is only a heartfelt smile that I have to share. I will take up your challenge and incorporate in my daily meditations the sending of love and light to someone who needs it.

  • Patrick

    Thank you Colette. I, like you try to do my part. (Small) I write SciFi and Fantasy, and while there is plenty of action and adventure in my stories, the core of the stories are about love. The MC tries to think his or her way through problems, without resorting to violence. Unfortunately, compassion in an action adventure isn’t a big seller. I keep trying, however, because the message is so important. The money isn’t.

  • Craig

    Hi Colette,

    Thank you for this blog post, it spoke directly to me with where I am currently at, feeling the need to step out and allow the real me to be seen by the world, but being careful and asking the divine to always guide my words to be sure they come from a place of love for others.

    I’ve just started Jean Houston’s Unleash Your Quantum Powers course and from all the comments I have read from many of the other students, it seems that so many of us are being called to be our authentic true selves, that is really exciting.

    As you asked for a story. I would like to share a meditation I had that guided me as to how I can share Divine love and light with the world. Sorry it is a little long but I hope you enjoy it.

    I had journeyed in my meditation to my garden as I often do, and was met by Archangel Michael, who always travels with me there. We went to an ancient castle and temple, one that had been abandoned by the people many years ago. I was shown a brief vision of how it used to be with people wearing brightly colored cloths and sharing the joy, peace and love that permeated everything.

    I then noticed a large group of stairs that lead up to the castle entrance and standing at the top was a monk, who invited me in. He lead me through the castle to the center and into the temple. Inside was the biggest tree I had ever seen, with it’s roots running deep and wide firmly anchoring it to Mother Earth and it’s strong trunk reaching out through the roof and into the heavens. I snuggled into the trunk and the large roots and instantly felt my energy connect with the trees. I felt the energy pulsing through me as it was channeled from the Divine and into Mother Earth, and Mother Earths energy pulsed back to the Divine. After a while the monk offered me 2 gifts which I accepted, and then lead me back to the entrance.

    As we walked together, I asked him where had all the people gone, and he said “oh they have just forgotten who they are, but they will return when they remember”. He also told me that the tree was the tree of life and how he was tending it until the people return. He also told me how we all contain the tree of life within us, and that we have the ability to use it to channel the Divine into our world. I then returned with Michael to my garden entrance and made my way back down the stairs, to physicality.

    The next day I was shown how to channel the Divine Love and light. So now my chakra cleanse meditation, includes working my way up through all of my chakra’s, (including the higher chakra’s) which I also see as the tree of life, starting with my roots deeply connected to Mother Earth and reaching up and connecting with the Divine through the leaves and branches of my highest chakra. The Divine love and light, then travels down through all of my chakra’s and deep down to the core of Mother Earth, where she then sends it radiating in a sphere of divine love, back up through her being and into our world, flooding everyone and everything with divine love and light.

    Isn’t this such an exciting time to be alive, as more and more of us remember who we are, that we are all light beings, channels of Divine Love and Light, and that each of us has an important gift to share in the evolution of our humanity.

    Much love and blessings to you – Namaste.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I love this! Thanx for sharing 😉

      • Anne

        Colette, As I enter the season of Lent, I am always trying to determine what I can do to make this a holy season for myself. This light- sharing practice is just what I need to make this a meaningful time, a season in which I draw closer to God, and in which I can share freely and completely with others the gifts of light and love in my own life. Your suggestion is a gift to me, a light and direction in my path. Thank you

  • Marla

    Thank you Colette, sometimes connections are all a person has when going through a difficult time.

    There is a group from another blog, called Channeling Erik, that sends thoughts of love into the Earth every day at noon (noon whatever time zone you are in), to be sent to where ever it is needed on the planet. According to studies by Lynne McTaggart, there is real power in concentrated group thought. Either way, positive thoughts are better than being brought down by all the negativity in the world, so thanks for the reminder.

    Colette- if you feel compelled to answer this, what do you know about a Dark Night of the Soul? If you have any thoughts on this, it would be greatly appreciated. It is challenging, to say the least, to go through.

    Lots of love to you all, and thank you for the warm feeling blog.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      A dark Night of the Soul is a journey into truth.. an invitation to illuminate the dark, heal the ego, change the story and to be endured. It always passes xoxo

  • Delilah Praete

    Dear Colette, Thanks for your read on the upcoming week. I wasn’t able to access the song…but I’m on board with sending light to the dark places. I also hope that even though we are not feeding ourselves with the bad and scary and upsetting news that we aren’t avoiding the part we need to play in actual worldly events. I have the thought that while I was studying ACIM since 1976 and meditating and learning about energy and crystals and other beautiful things like so many of my beautiful brothers and sisters that we stopped participating in the world and didn’t show up to vote and make our voices heard that way too. I withdrew from all of that in my 20s and 30s and I think that many others of us who would have voted for more progressive leaders and legislation did the same thing. I know that when we don’t vote we give our vote away to others who may not value the same things we value.

    In the interest of full disclosure 🙂 I have been doing so much better since I have been back on a media diet. I remember what it was like to fast from bad and fear based news a while back. It really does make and difference. And I am so grateful for your having brought me back to keeping that out of my life. But I do worry that when we don’t show up and actively make a lot of noise and march and vote and march and write letters and vote and march etc. other people who have very different agendas and are quite determined to “rule the world” will fill the void. This is a serious concern of mine. I don’t want to give my sanity away to a crazy world but I don’t want to avoid doing my part in addressing the worldly issues because it is too upsetting or disturbing. As a child of holocaust survivors I know what people are capable of. And I know as I write this, there are holocausts happening right now. Edmund Burke said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I feel it is my responsibility to do something besides sending light and love. I believe it is our collective responsibility to do more than love the ones that are hurting and hurting people and destroying the planet. I believe we have to be in the world and not of it but we do have to be in the world. I’m not sure how to do this. I am not sure how to find a balance. Even as I write this my stomach hurts a little. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this.

    Delilah Praete

  • Sue

    Colette, Thank you.

  • CathyACorn

    I love your singing and bought some of your CD’s. Another great post. My way of helping out is visualizing pink or purple light with sacred geometry symbols in my energy fields,inhaling and expanding to include Gaia and her fields. I dream the dream for the world. Got the idea from a novel I wrote. Love you, lady.

  • Salome

    Really love and enjoy this blog.
    Now and always
    Thank you from the Old Albion

  • Lisa

    Dear Colette

    I absolutely LOVE your singing .. your voice lifts me up .. anyhow I could not get the song attached to the blog to play for me .. maybe it will work for
    me later .. thank you for all the insight you give 🙂

    Love Lisa

  • Jill

    I love your voice Collete, thank you for sharing

  • Feather

    Hi Colette! Thank you!
    I find when I get out of the way and stop the chewing over certain topics, things I want to change, things I am dealing with, the worry, fears, concerns, and what should I do and I tap into the Light – WOW! I instantly feel the Light and I feel amazed, strong, and a completely different person! It is so easy to share this Light! To radiate it out and to direct it. I can feel it doing good and coming to so many! I can feel it having an influence on so many, people, animals, rocks, trees, plants, Nature! It makes me feel powerful and that it is what I came here to do. It shifts so much for so many. It changes their thoughts and perceptions, gives them strength, inner power, self confidence, connected to the Light, hope, peace, and I can do anything when I am connected to Spirit, Light, empowering them. It really helps them to feel the Light. They are so much happier this way! Giving them direction and understanding. Relaxing into Life!

  • Nancy Vittum

    Dear Colette:

    More and more I’m realizing the Light that I am and the Beauty that surrounds us all. Through photography I am able to offer this vision to others. Photopia means “showing the light”. Years ago when I picked up my first camera I was told by my unseen forces “Shoot first — ask questions later” I have followed that advice and am constantly amazed at the results. As I go out each morning a gentle voice suggests “why don’t you capture that?” I’ve learned to do as I’m directed and it is only later when the image is on the computer that I recognize the gift. I’m so grateful for your insights!

  • Linda Gribko

    Thank you so much for this post!

    I just wrote about stretching a pink afghan that my grandmother crocheted for me across the world to bring love to everyone. It’s kind of a crazy way to think of sending love, but it’s where my mind went over Valentines weekend. It feels like so many people are sending love now in one way or another.

    I also had the opportunity to send a message to be read over a radio station in Nigeria to the isolated villages that were recently impacted by violence. It was so heartening to see the messages stream in from all over the world to be read.

    Much love to all!

  • Jan

    Have been reading your messages .can relate to most .I also wold like to save thank you to you as you have helped me on my path,After coming out of retro grade have taken a business course to help me get started again.I am no spring chicken ,so would like ro say never too late to start.thanks again for you work love it every week Jan

  • Beth

    Colette, would you be willing to share some of the titles you are reading? I, too, am a bit of a geek. 🙂

    The easiest way for me to share my light is to smile…the world can always use more smiles, and there is always something to smile about, no matter what conditions and circumstances surround us. Another way is through my writings in The Chautauqua ( a local newspaper I own.

    Thank you for sharing your light and wisdom with us.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      my faves are the Holographic Universe by the late Michael Talbot, I am reading Irvin Laszlo right now, – The Immortal Mind, which I am loving and for research; The Self Actualizing Cosmos is another but had to put it down as it made my brain cramp. I also have a stack of older stuff by Rudolf Steiner that I am loving. So many great thinkers.. I could go on and on…. I love books more than anything in the world other than my dogs, husband and motorcycle .. and then there is chocolate 😉

      • Beth

        Thanks…these are all new names to me…I look forward to reading their words. Books and chocolate do rate pretty high. 🙂

  • Wendy

    You have a beautiful voice. Thanks for the posts, always food for thought, and always relevant to what’s going on right now.

  • susan

    Perfect timing Colette! Thank you for the reminder to be and see the light in everything. This has been an especially challenging week for me as I put my home of 23 years on the market and although have received two offers in just a week, they were very low and not at all what I had anticipated. It felt personal although I know it’s not personal at all. This home represents so much of my past success – and it’s time to let it go and move on with my life. And then of course, the fear came up with the voice of “reason” telling me I should stay until the market turns around more and my heart telling me to take the leap and move to the city which has been a dream of mine since I was 17. Scary, a big leap and a ton of logistical things to work through, but consciously staying in gratitude and light are keeping me taking one step at a time. Precious message! xo

  • Debbi

    Hi Colette
    The best I can give is a smile and hope it influences someone to do the same. During my quiet time I imagine the Universe sends me its bright light, straight to my heart chakra, which glows emerald green with delight fueling me to spread love and cheer to anyone near me. Namaste xo

  • Maureen

    Such a beautiful intention, dear Colette! I have been practicing this for some time now and it becomes easier and easier to ‘live’ in that space of light. I teach yoga and as we practice, I see the light within each of my students, and then like raindrops falling into a pond where the concentric circles all become one, our light merges. Also love the idea of sending light and loving energy to an ‘unknown’ person and KNOW it is reaching them and bringing healing and sustenance. It is clear to me that so many of us feel the same, as indicated by the beautiful messages shared in this post. We are indeed one. Let it shine. Much love to you, Maureen

  • Eric


    I’ve been thinking all day how I was going to “r.s.v.p.” to your invitation. So much is going through my mind right now so I’m just going to write and let Spirit guide my words, so please bear with me.

    I’m going to be candid; I started my spiritual journey at a very early age. There’s something I haven’t told or asked my mother. She had a car accident when she was pregnant with me; I know this because I remember it. Over the years the details have gotten a little less clear but I remember just the same. As I grew older I remember seeing “lights” after my parents turned out the light at bedtime. As my eyes adjusted to the dark the lights would get more vivid. At times I would hide under my blankets hoping that they wouldn’t get me, or I would run into my parent’s room. They assured me that it was nothing and to go back to bed. A few years later the lights went away and I didn’t think about them anymore, that is until I saw the movie “Poltergeist”. The scene where the lights were coming down the staircase and they said, “Look at them all”. I said, “Those are the lights I saw in my bedroom!” I was relieved to find out what they were! Since then I’ve been on my journey to find out my place in this cosmic mix because I knew that there was “something more”. Recently I discovered the “Hubble Deep Field” and this confirmed to me that there is something more. How arrogant are some to think that we on our planet are the “end all to be all”. We are yet just one tiny piece of a cosmic community. And it saddened me that we are willing to risk destroying ourselves and our home.

    During this past retrograde I was assessing a lot of things in my life: where I’ve been, where I am, where I’m going, and how I’m going to get there. I became a little depressed because I had that same feeling you get when your car breaks down and you’re on the side of the road as traffic speeds by you. I’m a recent master’s graduate with no job; I’m stuck in that “black hole” of being over qualified for some things but under qualified for others. This past Valentine’s Day weekend made it worse with social media posts. I started to feel like maybe I missed my chance at the things I wanted in life by joining the military: family, kids, and career. At the same time I’m dealing with an autoimmune disease that makes some days tougher than others. My friend Judy who does readings for me from time to time says she sees a bright future ahead for me. My astrology chart says that I will have these things later in life but I begin to wonder if I missed the train. I decided to ask the oracle cards (I know there’s another place to post these but please allow me to indulge). Using the Wisdom of Avalon deck I asked “What can I do now to achieve my life goals while bringing the greatest good to others?” I drew in order : Joy, The Bee, Love. To me this says that I will reap what I sow; that I need to get out and give and then I will receive the blessings that I want. But what do I do? What or where should I give? I drew another card for clarity and got the “Truth” card. This tells me that “above all to thine own self be true”; search within myself and as long as my intentions are honest and truthful for adding light to the world then I can find it and do it.

    When I get depressed and want to lift myself I listen to music. It seems to be no coincidence that you post a song that uplifts the soul Colette. It also seems to be no coincidence that I’m watching the benefit for Stevie Wonder while I’m writing this as well, a man who sees the world differently than most of us and spreads light through music. I happen to come across one of my favorite groups during my listening montage: Earth, Wind, and Fire. The group got its name from creator Maurice White because in his astrological chart he has no planets in water signs; however, his midheaven, his highest aspirations, is in the sign of Scorpio, a water sign. Scorpio goes to the deepest part of the soul. It also rules transformations. Earth, Wind and Fire and Maurice White want to transform your soul by connecting to it through music. There are many songs I came across including “Shining Star” from the album “That’s the Way of the World” and I invite you to read the lyrics to both songs. The one song that resonated with me was “Getaway”. I think it is talking more about a spiritual getaway rather than a physical one. Here are a few of the lyrics:

    So you say you tried but you just can’t find the pleasure
    People around you givin’ you pressure
    Try to resist all the hurt that’s all around you
    If you taste it, it will haunt you
    So come, take me by the hand
    We’ll leave this troubled land
    I know we can, I know we can
    I know we can, I know we can

    The rest of the lyrics are powerful as well; I invite you to read them on your own.

    The takeaways from this: just like they say on the aircraft when you fly, “be sure to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others”. Make sure you bring light to yourself as well as when you pass it to others. I’m going to need to meditate to find where I can reach my life goals as well as bring light to the world. When I meditate to bring light to others in the world I will make sure to ask for some for myself. A candle can’t light others without being lit itself. I pray that all of your candles are lit and can pass your light on to the world in whatever you do. Thank you Colette for bringing light to the world through your words and music. And thank you for indulging me in writing this “book”.

    Oh, the album that the song “Getaway” is from? It’s called “Spirit” 🙂

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I so so love this 😉 Thank you for sharing…. Eric your “books” are always welcome here.

      • Eric

        Colette thanks for allowing me a release for my mental energy. When I was younger (and I guess it still is) my outlet was writing. I would organize my thoughts and emotions through writing. I can relate to being a total geek. I likened myself to Mr. Spock from “Star Trek”. I tried to suppress my emotions growing up (I failed of course). My thoughts focused on, “why do things fall at 9.8 m/s2? Why don’t they fall faster? Why does water freeze at 32 deg F/ 0 deg C/273 deg K? Why not cooler/hotter? We can only do observational studies on this and all of the “discoveries” about gravity, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics are simply “ingredients” in a larger universal “recipe” and “something else” is doing the cooking; to me that was not a hard concept.

        When I was listening to the music and made the connection it was truly a goose bump moment. Many times we can listen to a song, like the beat, the melody, but we don’t know what the lyrics, if any, are saying. “Beauty in Hard Places” is a song that easily nourishes the mind and soul and I thank you so much for sharing it. There is some music out there that is “musical junkfood” and we don’t realize that it is not healthy. Recently I’ve been having a phenomena where I can think of a song or a movie or T.V. show and then turn on the radio or T.V. and that song or program is playing or will be playing in short order. This has been strange but I guess this is a conduit to Spirit that I have. After the confusion and depression that I had I wanted to share some more lyrics to “Getaway” so that others can see the epiphany that I had. I’ll put them up without the chorus:

        Watch for the signs that lead in the right direction
        Not to heed them is a bad reflection
        They’ll show you the way into what you have been seeking
        To ignore them you’re only cheating

        Lay awake every night till the sun comes up in the morning
        Nothing exciting, it all seems boring
        Make up your mind which way to go about it
        To your road, you just don’t doubt it

        Again, a goose bump moment! Stay tuned for the next chapter of a man trying to find his way through life; he (and others) will surely find “Beauty in Hard Places” 😉

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          Eric I have no doubt that your bright light will get to shine for many …I’m sure your posts are already making a difference in the world, in this tribe for sure. By the way you bet Spirit is trying to connect with you – this phenomena of messages through songs is an innocent oracle.. called a Cledon!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      What to do?

      I enjoy your stories/writing also.

      Volunteering or creating a non-profit or for-profit organization that reaches out to people.

      This is a way to share light.

      If finances were not a roadblock for me I would be happily in business sharing the light.

      So, if there are no other roadblocks your passion and creativity as well as know-how could

      make a STRONG stance on issues you love to get up in the morning for, sort to speak.

      LOV : )

  • Jaime

    This was , What your beautiful voice inspired me ,
    and once I listened your song the third time ,
    I wrote you this message in Spanish ..

    C onquistar el universo con tu belleza,
    O simplemente sentir
    L os susurros del aire como
    E l alma poeta que eres
    T e haria llegar a tu belleza interna
    T an rapido como
    E ncontrar belleza en la oscuridad

    However , My translation into English would be like this :

    Conquer the universe with your beauty,
    Or just feel
    the Whispers of the air as
    The poet soul that you are
    Would make you reach your inner beauty
    As fast as
    Finding beauty in the darkness.

    Conquistar el universo con tu belleza,
    O simplemente sentir
    Los susurros del aire como
    El alma poeta que eres
    Te haria llegar a tu belleza interna
    Tan rapido como
    Encontrar belleza en la oscuridad

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is so incredibly beautiful… one day I will read the spanish version ( I have Rosetta Stone to learn) thank you so much.. truly

      • Jaime

        Wow !! Beautiful!!!! …
        You spoke in Spanish (in the 0,14 sg) in the video!!!!! Again…. Beautifuuull.. !!!
        And Million times Thank you,, That ” Black Video at the end ” was the perfect answer I was looking for, since January.!!! ( 72 sg)

        but , I must be organized… Firstly.. Last week once I read your answer, I went to wiki to search about Rosseta Stone and although I had heard about it , I never knew what it really was .. ( very interesting) . so I had to re-read what I wrote to you and I said to myself again..!!Woowo it was awesome what I wrote !!! .. But the disruption Card made the wonders last week in me, and sometimes is good to clear energies by ourselves , ( kind of a retreat ) and once recovering a little , time to back to stage..( your blog) Nice… ( by the way , the last time I was in a blog was in 1998 opss. ). So , for me , this is an EVENT hehe.. anyway…

        And what I wanted to write you last week, after reading the Rosseta Stone, was this Image that popped up to me:

        | |
        | Conquer the universe with your beauty,|
        | Or just feel |
        | the Whispers of the air as |
        | The poet soul that you are |
        | Would make you reach your inner beauty |
        | As fast as |
        | finding beauty in the darkness |

        let’s image that this is a pure crystal-pyramid ( in other words our body – the container ).!!
        so , in the base is the beginning, how we come into this world and at the top is the realization of the soul ( the real expression
        of the Universe through us ). So , let’s make another act of imagination.. imagine that on the base , there is a strong source of light
        that needs to cross over the pyramid to make the rainbow that we are meant to be , lighting not only light to ourselves, but to others
        in a beautiful way ( a rainbow ),

        then If we block the base , creating a dark cloud of confusion and all “negative” adjectives , there will be not light that can go through the crystal.. everything would be absorbed and we will be drained all alone …

        So this the nice part ::: People who read this,, Please don’t be afraid to dig into your fears , into your karmas.. into the darkness of your soul, or should I say , into the hidden secrets of your soul… because ” finding the beauty in the darkness ” = transforming all the blockages into a pure crystal.

        Again, let’s come back , into the pyramid , “The poet soul that you are , Would make you reach your inner beauty ” = that’s your music , your art , your art , your art…

        Then , ” Or just feel the Whispers of the air as..” = Listening the beautiful world that is around us , The Spirits….
        And then…. Guess What……!!!!! “Conquer the universe with your beauty”….= This has no words. because is
        basically the Youtube Video Background = Just a rainbow that emerge from nowhere but is always there.

  • Leigh

    Thank you, deeply, Colette… I’m exceptionally grateful to be a part of this amazing community of loving souls of Light. I accept your invitation. I appreciate your gifts a million times over… Namaste.

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette;

    Since it has taken me an entire lifetime(s) to reach this moment
    how can I expect things to shift/change? “When eternity Is reckoned
    there’s a lifetime in a second. ” Let it begin with me. Take stock; take
    a good hard look and honestly review where I am and how I got here.
    The journey is the vehicle and the awareness comes when I can take ownership
    for what I have done or left undone sometimes consciously or unconsciously.
    Clarity or perspective is often only available when some distance has been placed
    between the no longer and the not yet. This might sound discombobulated ( love this word)
    but I could not be of any assistance to anyone until I have made peace with my soul.
    Recently (this weekend) I have been reading about under-earning. What that means is not
    being aware of my responsibility to myself to value, recognize, appreciate and celebrate the
    gifts and talents that are God-given. I gave up my power, unconsciously and didn’t attempt to
    move beyond where I was. I was too afraid to move beyond where I began in a very vulnerable,
    fragile place after a collision with a jeep. I had to start somewhere and I did make a comeback from
    that terrified place to being the top sales earner for the company I worked for. Yes I was proud of that
    but it seemed that no matter how hard I tried, it was never enough. This was the message that I constantly
    was reminded of by the owner of the company. I didn’t know how to appreciate the steps, taking actions toward.
    Everything was measured by the end result. What I learned after leaving that environment behind; is that the HOW
    is a very important and integral part of the result. Searching involves understanding where we have been. Looking at
    the core beliefs about any topic. It is a lifetime commitment to look within to find the key to unlocking out potential.
    The paradox is that we have the KEY. We have always had it except we looked somewhere else, to another person hoping
    they could provide the necessary support/information to light our way. I was very critical of myself. Relentless, and always
    finding fault with my less than “perfect” performance. Well the penny dropped!( better later than not at all.) I must be the
    one who is responsible for whatever actions or choices I may have made. Only armed with new information or a perspective that
    offers a new way to approach the topic of concern can we light the way FIRST and FOREMOST for ourselves. It is then and only then
    that we will be an example and will give us the courage to own the parts that may not have allowed us to thrive, that kept us hiding and
    small in fear and shame and aloneness. When I shed light on my own behavior/choices and learn to embrace wherever I am it is an example to others. The reason I make different decisions is to enhance and improve the quality of my life. It is never too late to make a
    new choice, to try a different approach. The motivation is to toward self-empowerment, healing and self-love.
    When I arrive maybe then I can be of service and with compassion understand how alike we are. I cannot do it for
    another human being. So LET IT BEGIN WITH ME. I hope that by making this commitment to myself to understand
    my own limitations, and humanity that I can offer some hope to others. Audrey Hepburn said . ” When you see the word
    impossible. It says I’m possible.” XOXO (WIsh me luck this afternoon). Out of the blue I had a call from a recruiter after a year
    of no communication inviting me to an interview. I felt blessed to receive this gift and the confidence of this person to be
    considered . If it has the highest and best interests of all concerned at heart, the door might open to something that I never would have know about. I am worthy otherwise this would not have happened? He obviously thinks highly of my skills otherwise he would not have
    contacted me. I am the one that must choose to believe if he is right? I DO BELIEVE IT. This has been a life-long learning process.
    Hope this is helpful to someone who is kind enough to read the posting. I appreciate the opportunity to share on this blog.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for sharing.. good luck!!! I love “impossible = I’m possible” … love that

    • Eric


      Hmmmmmmm, do we share a conscience? 😛 This sounds exactly like my story, and if you are anything like me it took some courage to share this. Thank you for doing so and, yes, this post was helpful to me, knowing that I’m not alone in trying to find meaning to life. You will succeed!

  • Elaine Veit

    Is there an archive about the animals? I lost a beloved cat in august last year one of many cats over the years.
    I knew he wanted to leave but I kept him alive and then a couple of months before he died (it was only diabetes)
    I told him if he really needed to leave it was okay and that I would be fine. I am not but I knew he wanted to leave.

    Elaine Veit

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Elaine it is last week’s blog … easy to find on my website 😉 sorry for your loss in body but his new freedom in spirit will keep him as a close companion…

  • Diana Boles

    Having been raised Catholic during the ’50’s and beyond, I was told to give up my penance to Jesus, he suffered for you. Pray for the sick. Pray for the abused. Well, the praying part stuck, but the sacrifices made didn’t fit “to whom” the church to me to offer them to. By the time I was 18 I had my own interpretation of love and sacrifice and those less fortunate. I had begun looking around and saw the suffering of those alive and here on earth with me. Way back in 1968 I started doing just what you speak of. That eye opening, mind blowing hippy generation that “Peace and Love”ed it’s way to shape my philosophies. Energy into the earth. Energy into the sky. Energy to heal. Energy to understand. Energy to sense. Energy is light. Light is motion. Motion is music. Music is in the air. Air is into the sky. Sky surrounds the earth. And I, we, stand in the air we all share and stand on the earth we all share and feel the anguish that is upon the earth and hear the cries of the anguished in the air. The candle is lit. What ever I suffer, there is someone in greater need. For that need I give up my pain and see the light that gets me to the other side in hopes that someone else will not have to cry.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is so so beautiful thank you for sharing your light with all of us oxox

  • Donna Paris

    Dear Colette,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice! As I was listening to your song, I could feel my vibration lift with each note! And it is through my vibration that I shine light upon myself and onto those around me! I do it in many many ways, some of which you mentioned in your blog.

    I also make it a point to search in peoples eyes when speaking with them, when in a grocery store, as I hold the door open for someone or they hold the door open for me. As a Massage Therapist and Angel Energy Healer, I tend to be a very touchy feely person, even when I am not working on a client. Just the act of reaching out to someone and touching their arm or shoulder or shaking their hand, well, that is sharing my light. But I have to work at keeping my light bright through meditation and prayer and setting the intention daily to go out in the world and shine my light, to be the best person I can possibly be for that day, for this I am responsible, truly one day at a time!

    Sometimes, and this is mostly when my light dims if I am not doing what I need to do, I sometimes feel that I am just me, how much can I accomplish, who do I think I am? I am not Colette, I am not Dr. Dyer, I am not Doreen..I am just me! But I do not listen to that stinkin thinkin for too long, thank God! But it is a sign post for me, telling me that I need to pay attention to my spiritual foundation, my spiritual practice because, again I AM responsible for when anyone puts their hand out, I want to be there and be in fit condition to have enough light to share with others!

    Thank you for getting this conversation going, it is just what I needed today! As always, Light & Love & Blessings to you and thank you for your service, you are so loved!
    Donna Paris, Tribe Member 😉

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I love that ” stinking thinking” hahahah That is so true but none of us is greater or less than the other. We are all sharing the umbrella together … and our stories.. most importantly our stories… oxox

  • Lisa AK

    Love your postings every week! I was raised in the deep south, the bible belt where you went to church every Sunday no matter what and those good old Baptist preachers gave the best hellfire and brimstone sermons you ever heard. From whatever age it was I was allowed into the ‘big church’ to sit through those sermons I totally knew something wasn’t right…first you tell me God loves me unconditionally but then you tell me how God will punish me if I’m bad?!?!?! So you could say my spiritual journey started at a very young age…started questioning everything about everything, much to my mom’s dismay! She didn’t know how to answer all my questions because when she was growing up she didn’t dare question anything taught in church. Hence I started playing the ‘Fear’ card and the ‘Disruption’ cards very early in life (have always been a rebel) but as I pushed through, the ‘Fire Faery’ was always there helping me find answers and hints of more answers to help create my new reality and understanding. One thing I’ve learned is that this human experience we’re having is a continuous journey, ever unfolding the more we’re willing to look, learn and listen. There’s the ‘Butterfly’, the symbol of change and renewal which we all do all along our journey, hopefully we all end up in the same place…a better person, more caring, sharing and loving. Since I started studying energy work in 2004, I’ve found a myriad of ways to share my Light with others…at some point each day (try to do it first thing but not always successful) I bring the Earth’s energy and the Divine’s energy into my heart then send the combined energy out to family, friends, co-workers, community, etc. until it’s expanded to everyone in the world…send intention for all people to have shelter, clothing, food/water, health and safety…intention for all people to go deep inside to their true self where we are all connected to the Divine and thus to each other…for everyone to remember they are ‘love’ and so we are all ‘love’. Much love to you Colette!

  • Lourdes Petrilli

    So sorry about the lost of your beloved Beannie , I know it really hurts, but now he is close to you and your husband in light. I want to thank you for all your oracle card, they are great!!! Your message for this week is almost custom made for me, ThankYou!!!!
    Blessings,Love and Light

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