The Magic of Finding Your Lane.. (or, musings from a most awesome road trip)!

Updated: June 8, 2015

Dearest Sparkle Being!

I’m back! (Well, at least my body is back, my brain is on temporary leave other than to write this blog today). I have just finished 3 weeks on the road across 12 cities in Canada for my Messages from Spirit tour and am swimming in gratitude as I contemplate the experience.

Have you ever allowed yourself to really let go and let Spirit flow through you as you move fearlessly into your true lane, knowing your purpose on your life’s journey? I get it, it might not be all the time, but if you know what I’m talking about, I’m sure you can recall the strange sense of synergy between your self and your soul that finding your lane brings about inside you, even if you experience it only for a short time. When it happens, when the sense of well-being is present, you completely forget your self when you’re immersed in Spirit.

Once you know the feeling of being in your lane, truly being authentic, and letting that flow through you, affecting your thoughts, your perception, your motives and actions, I guarantee you will want more of it.

The magic of finding your lane requires you to relax your tight hold on what you think you want, what you think is best for you, what you think will be most successful. It requires putting your dreams and desires in Spirit’s hands, taking steps in that direction and then remaining open to serve, wearing the world loosely, without attachment and being willing to show up with all you are. It may mean relaxing your desire to conform, or giving it up altogether in order to be yourself and live with authenticity.

Yes you might lose people if you decide to be the person you know yourself to be. Maybe you won’t please them anymore, or maybe they will be threatened by your courage and audacity to break free of the accepted constraints? In the end, it won’t matter because as soon as you’re willing to let Spirit steer you into your lane magic happens- the right people are there, you feel amazing, and you begin to experience a sense of wonder and fulfillment.

Perhaps you wonder- Will I fit in here? How can I have the dream? How do I emulate, or assimilate, so I can compete, succeed, serve in a way that is accepted by the many? How can I belong? Where can I flourish? These represent a certain ambition but when you’re in your lane you don’t need it. You can become what you’re meant to be.

If you’ve accepted certain limits, either social, familial or cultural, and decided to define yourself within those, are pressured to do so, or do so because you’re afraid to come out of the “closet” as your true self, you might not feel like you belong anyway unless you’re really and truly energetically in alignment with those choices. But when you release those restrictions and allow your intuition, and your soul Self to lead, you effortlessly find your own lane and you will flourish naturally without artifice.

Let me give you an example.

For years I refused the call to being a medium, and spent so much time on trying to define myself, and my work as an intuitive, in order to fit better in the arena I thought was best for me. My ambition was to serve a more mainstream educated audience. I created my coaching school, and put a lot of focus on that, which also allowed me to stretch intellectually. I was a successful intuitive. But when it came to mediumship I was not having it. Yet it comes to me so easily and without effort, and was obviously calling me ( and then started yelling at me) but I kept refusing it. Yet I always felt somehow I wasn’t 100% in my own skin. Once I stopped resisting it, and allowed Spirit to lead me my life changed dramatically. Doors opened effortlessly. I am back where I belong at Hay House, and I am brimming with gratitude about that. I know why I am here and what my service is and I am getting out of my own way and allowing Spirit to lead me which means I also have to trust 1000% that all will be well no matter what. As long as I am being myself, being honest with myself and others, dropping the masks and the constructs that don’t serve, I will continue to experience my journey from my lane instead of swerving all over the place.

Taping the TV show Messages from Spirit as a medium and now touring, I know without a shadow of a doubt what it feels like to be 1000% myself. It doesn’t matter what others think of me anymore. I am not trying to serve or thinking about the right way to serve the right people for the right purpose.

I am serving. Period. I am living my purpose. That includes everything I am and all that I do. I don’t fit in any box nor will I ever. My lane is clear and paved with authenticity. Even though I expect there will be bumps in the road, and corners I wont be expecting I am right where I belong.

To be honest I love my life now more than ever and I think I feel free for the first time in my life.

So have courage my loves. Get out of your own way. Let Spirit lead you. Your inspirations may not fit a mold you think is best, or you might fear you won’t be successful etc. but I guarantee you if you allow yourself to let go your old ideas, and take one step towards the gods, trust they will take 10 towards you and your lane will light up with celestial electricity and you will be filled with awe.

Once you’re on it, you won’t ever want to get off it again.

Like the song says “ Life is a Highway.. and I’m gonna ride it!”

Love to hear from you in the comments. Have you ever felt this? Tell me a Story!


Love you always and forever – your Colette

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  • Paul

    I am and have been following my dreams “My” meaning my soul and getting out of the way, but letting go fully does not come easy for me. I am in the final stages of preparing my book for conversion to Kindle for Amazon and I have a good feeling about that. I wanted to publish the more tradition way and held out for that – probably too long. It has been a long road, but I am a writer that is all there is to it. May the rest fall into place before I run out of money!


    • Paul

      I wanted to update my own comment. I suppose this is therapy for me. I have published my book on Amazon as an e-book called “The Fleecing of America”. I have gone through a very difficult time in my life. At the end of 2011, I had open heart surgery and just prior 2 strokes and very recently had back surgery and lost my job which had been 2 years coming but I took the first job I could get because I was not presenting my self very well 2 years ago, so I needed whatever I could get. During that time when I was recovering and all the way up to now, I have been writing and teaching and now I have self-published a book. It is a good book. I am in my lane but still looking for the opportunity to support myself. Being unemployed can really get you down, but I am resilient. I hope the book does well!

      Collete, we spoke on your radio show several years ago and you told me you say me speaking with a microphone to large audiences – I look for ward to that!


  • lynn

    thanks for this… I am still “in process”….. finding my lane…. still swerving…. striving to be a better passenger and let spirit lead….. releasing that which no longer serves me and move forward in confidence and courage…

  • Kathleen Roe

    I am glad there are people like you. That can help us in the spiritual way. Thank you for everything. I wish you all the best.
    Sincerely yours

    Kathleen Roe

  • Kathleen Roe

    Colette, God bless you!!! In todays’ reading you have given me relief. Thank you ever so much!

  • Lisa

    Hi Colette … Reading the blog and feeling like Spirit is speaking directly to me .. I will soak it in by reading it again and again .. And by doing the processes you teach in the course .. I am in awe of what Spirit orchestrates .. I got to come see you in Hamilton .. A rare treat indeed ! .. You are aiding me as I develop the courage needed to be all I am .. There are not really words for my gratitude .. And once I reach my stride, I will hope that Spirit places me in the full version of the invision course .. But I am not attaching to it, only seeing it as a possibility that attracts me .. The little painting I put in your hands was not the prettiest one but is filled with wisdom and the innate ability to communicate directly with others, which clearly you do so so well .. The craziest spiraling , dotting experience I have ever had .. Thank you for coaching me along in cyber space .. Blessings ox

  • Charline Savoie

    Thank you Colette for your inspiring words which resonated with me this morning. They are another confirmation for me to move forward and like you to accept what I am here to do. <3

  • Remika

    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog post! I feel as though I am going through this right now – what you said really resonates and that perhaps if I let go of what I think is best for me, and just let Spirit guide me maybe another path that I wouldn’t have thought of will open up. I recently discovered that my path I believe is to be a parent. Unfortunately I just don’t see how that is possible with both mine and my partner’s salaries (plus I might be let go of my job soon). I honestly don’t know which way to turn, but perhaps this is the moment where I just need to surrender and let God take the lead now. Thank you again Colette for a beautiful blog post. Really resonated with me 🙂

  • Lisa

    Wow, Colette! Bathe in that wonderful feeling you’re experiencing! ENJOY! You really deserve big “Kudos” from the spirit world (and us all, of course) that you are consciously and all-the-less-fearlessly following YOUR path.
    I believe I’m not alone when I say that we fans and listeners think that you have been living your spirit-led life courageously for, well, forEVER… just being that sparkly, effervescent and spot-on medium / intuitive and teacher that we love and cherish.
    I can totally relate…and am doing it more and more. The outside fearful-screams that kept me in my self-imposed status-quo prison for years are becoming quieter and quieter as I listen to the spirit-led drummer inside. I’ve begun to realize that the decision I’ve made is the right one when all my goblins line up to show me why I’m going to screw up again….only to melt like shadows in the brightness of more of my light released as I do yet another heart-felt but to others “unheard” of and out-of-character thing…

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette
    I am still beaming ear to ear from having seen you live in Ottawa…and initially, when I first saw your Messages from Spirit on TV last year in that Calgary hotel room, what struck me first was your authenticity. I sense no artifice in you whatsoever, and it’s what made me decide to take a course (and then another) with you. It was truly beautiful to see you work, healing messages pouring through you. Your genuine sense of humour is, to me, a hallmark of Spirit, and you delivered poignant and truly heartfelt messages to the people who so needed to hear them. Very, very moving.
    I followed Spirit’s guidance 28 years ago (I resisted a LOT for at least two years, til finally I gave up) and became an addiction counselor, though I thought at the time that it was such a cliche, or I couldn’t possibly be equipped, or many goblin-speak reasons. I was afraid of what i was clearly being guided in a not so subtle way to do. It has been a challenging, exciting, deeply fulfilling and interesting journey. I have learned so much. I am coming to a turning point and I am now paying attention for signals, as yet unclear, as to what comes next. I have no clue, but I am certain that Spirit knows how to use my abilities. My task is to keep asking and surrendering. People such as you inspire by re-minding all of us that we are here to serve Love in whatever way we are guided, and that there is enormous joy in letting go to this “Higher Ground” Highway 🙂

  • Patricia Stevens

    You have topped yourself with this message, Colette! It is wowser inspiring! Although we miss having your energy spilling over the Seacoast, it makes me so happy to see how your life continues to unfold. Thanks for sharing. Love/Light/Honor, GrannyFreezeBug

  • Renee Sugar

    Welcome Home Colette;

    I’m certain there were so many “wonder-filled” moments for you, and for those invited to share
    your innate and original gifts while on tour. What a privilege and responsibility to
    fill your place, and to bring through just the right information for others to be free
    to move forward. Must be very confusing with all of those people lining up to speak
    to their loved ones. I had the opportunity to see you in Toronto, and it was an eye-opening

    I have experienced growth in leaps and bounds with the synchronistic discovery of a marbling
    kit. It transformed my life in so many ways; and led me to pursue an entrepreneurial path-
    way, apply for a grant, participate in a business development program, and launch a collection
    of original wallpaper designs at a major Canadian Interior Design Show. This was followed by being featured with other
    artisans in an article in a major Toronto newspaper, and an invitation to exhibit the work at a very prestigious
    design showroom as well. The kit cost $7.98. I thought about whether I should purchase it as it looked
    like a lot of work!!! Had I decided not to buy it that day, none of the above would have been possible. Having said
    this; I also know that it was my enthusiasm, passion and determination to make a new beginning after being laid
    off from a twelve year role in sales/design. It wasn’t magic, by any measure, or stretch of my imagination. Practicing
    the process, to create a body of images took two and a half years. The bus. development program was 9 months, and
    the product development which is still evolving doesn’t have an end. Every step seemed as if it were blessed. The right
    partners were provided, I asked for this!! Doors were opened where I didn’t even knock!!! I was awed, and inspired in a
    way that I never have been before. Just one small downside; this wonderful uncharted adventure has not been a commercial
    success, YET!!! Someone recently asked me why? I thought it was so inconceivable that I would be invited to exhibit this work
    as I was an emerging artisan, with no prior background doing this. My response was that I had never been treated this way
    before. It was a completely new experience. I must have felt worthy, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. I must have believed
    it was possible, otherwise it couldn’t have manifested in the forms that it did. I haven’t given up hope, but do I need a day job?
    or is this taking longer than I expected? I DON’T KNOW. It is the “WHEN” that I am not given a date or deadline. It is the “HOW” that
    I don’t have all of the information yet. The plan is created as I move forward and continue to share the work with people I meet and
    trust. “If we knew everything we were capable of; It would astound us.”
    Thomas A. Edison.

  • elaine

    Hi Colette. Love your ‘lane blog’ because since I had a beautiful spiritual experience in 1993 when my beloved grandmother went to The Other Side, I have felt like my soul travels forward in its own lane. Since then when someone interferes in my life, not staying in THEIR lane, but jumps into mine, I feel so offended and I know they are not doing right by me.

    Every year there is one synchronicity or spiritual experience / knowledge that stands out, and a few years ago it was impressed on me that the soul is singular. Simply said, it is my soul, my journey, my path, my lane and though I may get attached to my partner / children / parents / grandparents, etc., meet my kindred spirits, and care for people in each lifetime, my journey is only my own.

    Seeing you in Calgary, well, first, I was inspired by your tiny, fit, beautiful self. I have 50 pounds to lose, and I now want to look like YOU !!

    Then it was so obvious that you were meant to help people with your gift and thank you for sharing yourself with us in Calgary … and the world. It was oh so nice to see you in person though your Messages From Spirit TV shows and emails have been enlightening … and so much more that words escape me !!

    Now weeks after May 19 I got to wondering if you knew just how much you impact the lives of the people you touch. I treasure your book The Map as you signed it and a speck of your loving energy is in it. My friend and I didn’t have a reading but we went home with an angel key chain that helped homeless women, we shared your book The Map with our friends and family in the days that followed with excitement and wonder, and we awoke every day excited with what The Map oracle cards would bring. I have not had the oracle card experience before and am finding them so spiritual positive and they have me even more excited about the amazing life we all can embrace on our beautiful Earth.

    I am just so darn grateful to be on this Earth at this time with all those 7 billion souls as we travel the meridians/highways of this home that Father / Mother God lent us for such a little bit of precious time in the course of eternity.

    But, mostly I am grateful to have discovered your lovely, giving, warm, beautiful self on that Zoomer TV Show on Angels and the Afterlife. I have even discovered Conrad Black and what an outstanding human bean that man is !!

    Thank you for all you do … you are so in the right lane and please stay there and flourish for many a decade. Your work is so valuable and in these wacky, turbulent times, we NEED you … you are so loved, Colette. Blessings to you always, elaine

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      truly this made my day !

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      I agree, well spoken, Colette and Elaine:

      I especially like the part about Father/Mother God. I struggle with just identifying “God” with the male persona due to introduction and upbringing. My family should embrace me and if God is our Father then it should be a family spirit not just the masculine vibe (macho?) that is authority – this way of thinking is so controlling and old-fashioned. I suppose the argument could be that women give birth so the male should be the disciplinarian – not today so many women’s partners walk-away when a baby is in the picture some not and stay close as it should be. Even with that one example today’s civilization’s needs have changed especially in the United States and anywhere else for that matter. Culture and its effects on people is a tricky subject and to solve its degrees of worth as a whole will take a “forever” …. One step at a time. Usually brutal leaders are men and that needs to change to where men identify with a peace-keeping and nurturing life-style which means education, end-poverty, and abstinance (restraint) – its a start. Women need to follow suit because the other way around (this how vulnerable people are) it breeds more insensitivity. Wow, that is a loaded topic …. and a very old dilemma still in resolve.

      World Peace Blessings
      Adding Light to all Lights, Amen : )

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    You could say I am riding my lane: in the last week I have gotten some organization done in the house. This is after my last course for my degree – constraints due to finances – that turned out being treated horribly by the instructor. I have to write up a review for the department head, if you know what I mean – very lengthy, tiresome, I dread but I have to do it, it is only the right thing to do (the mentor was, as in the peak of a mountain, disappointing in comparison to the 20+ other courses I completed online). It was a 10-day intensive course form which I loved but not the insulting mentor (the least I can say). I thought the retrograde interfered because I really did not have the time nor reason for communication problems of which there were abundant. Looking at it in retrospect I have to communicate my findings to the department’s leadership – fun, fun, not….

    I am happy about the time I had to complete my God Box (very beautiful), clean-up some of the storage – cut the clutter and dust, finally. This is why I feel like I am in a lane that needs, for me, to be. I am now catching-up on stuff that needed attention like mowing and weeding the yard (poison this-n-that, yuck!). I am using scenery and symbols that are meaningful to me mediating such as taking me to a place that is spiritual by my standards – the sun, the seasons, a four-leaf clover, the woods, the waterways, the sky, and nature, for example.

    I gave up the form, sadly, of attaining my needs and desires hence the God Box, Dream Board, Yoga, and am floating along which feels like walking through water that is above the tip of my head – I am immersed the sparkle and moving forward. Business demands control and awareness whereas spirituality means letting go to receive blessings; so there is a contradiction but I have to find a balance and practice what I sometimes preach to others in need of hope and faith and apply methods that make sense to me at this time.

    Compass Blessings
    LOV: )

    Hope this comment finds C and her tribe well ….
    Love the photos of your tour, C, it would be fun to see your tv show; I will wait to see it in the USA.
    Sounds you are keeping busy, C, anticipating your next book.
    S and CD are cutie-pies like therapy to watch them frolic … LOL.

  • Charlene Newman-Harrell

    Thank you Colette for your inspired messages, they resonate with me on a very deep level. May God continue to bless you and his angels be with you.

  • Sylvie C.

    Ah! Madame Colette,

    Sooooo glad You are back. But with all You had to do, it was kind of normal that a break was
    Needed somewhere.

    I’m pretty sure everyone In this Tribe missed You. I did … But, like You say, Spirit brings us
    In the right lane. Surrendering, letting go all to Spirit, going with the flow, taking a leap etc. etc. that
    Is what is going on In my lane right now. Oh! Yeah! Breathing is a big part of everything to know and
    Realize that everything is all right and well.

    Take care my Dearest Madame Colette. Lots of affection, first to You and second to all In the
    Tribe cause is’ nt “Love” all there is.

  • Drea K.

    I am in an upheaval of everything. I feel lost and each time I think I have a plan, all these fears and reasons why I can’t come flooding in. This was the right message at the right time.
    Also, I have never wanted to be a medium and was afraid of it. I did want to grow my spiritual gifts, which I am doing. I want to be free of fear of mediumship: I think Spirit may lead me that way when it is important for others to heal.
    I so need to call in to your show!
    A fellow Cancer…

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