Cinderella and the Blood Moon!

Updated: September 28, 2015

Dear luminous tribal dancer,

Ah yes doesn’t that name conjure up images of dancing with passion and grace under a full moon by the sacred stones of Avalon or other sacred sites in the world?

I wish I could say I did such a thing but alas after imbibing in a large glass of kale and cucumber juice I caught a nasty bug and have been down for the count all weekend, only pirouetting to the “loo” and stumbling in and out of bed. I have been dancing the toilet tango. Not in the most graceful way either.

This weekend we have our Super Blood Moon, and lunar eclipse all in one shot. This is when the moon’s orbit brings it closest to the earth so it appears huge and because of the particles that reflect light between the earth and the moon, it also appears to shine with a reddish hue. It’s the most beautiful sight.

Soul Contract astrologer Robert Ohotto and me are hosting a wild and wondrous weekend – Intuition 3.0 -in a couple weeks at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY. (you should come!) During our planning session I asked his opinion on the meaning of this moon extravaganza and what we can expect for this week ahead. In alignment with my universal energy forecast (I’m always amazed at how in sync my cards are with the planetary influences that Robert knows about!) we can expect to feel that breakthrough of regenerative energy that we need to harness as we jettison our false truths in order to blast off into our authentic lives.

It’s been my experience and observation that the last month or so has been an interesting time for many of us of recognizing the tethers to our old stories that can so easily yank us back into what we don’t want as we try to blast off on our rockets to better vistas.
Whoa lemme go! Does that resonate with you?

As always it’s an inside job not about outer conditions. Once we can learn to gently cut the ties to our former selves while radically accepting and forgiving, clarity and freedom is the gift we can give ourselves, and others.

The Aries full moon invites us into new exciting beginnings! We will get to  begin again but only after disrupting the old and recognizing the ties that bind us that the eclipse represents.

It’s an exciting time for sure. False truths will be revealed and new ideas and inspirations will get a chance to flourish in the world. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Yes that means you too- even if you’re sitting and reading this feeling like donkey dung looking for someone to be mad at. Or, maybe you’re feeling like you’re a super being trapped in a teeny glass bowl that your cat thinks is a cool new toy. “Let me outta here!” prrrrrrrr- meow –thwat!”

Or, maybe you got stuck inside Harry Potter’s invisibility cape! No one can hear or see how awesome you are! Etc etc.

So this too shall pass as we keep going in our lives and keep believing in the best and good in ourselves and the world just like Cinderella who knew to “have courage, and be kind!”.

Yes I admit I am a die hard Disney girl and I spent Saturday night with the latest Cinderella Movie laughing and crying like the sentimental fool I am.

Perhaps we might learn from her as she convinced the prince not to hunt the majestic stag “Just because that’s the way it’s done, doesn’t mean that’s the way you have to do it!”

Imagine the ability to do things differently unencumbered by past conditioning?

Imagine being able to summon magic and claim who you really are?

Can you take a real risk?

Cinderella did.

My favorite line in the movie sums it up for us all.

“To be seen as we truly are, is the biggest risk we will ever take. Will we be enough as we really are?” And one day, the question will come, you will be asked, “Who are you?” And if you’re brave enough, you will answer, “I have nothing. I am nothing, but who I am.”

It’s time we all begin to risk our authenticity and drop our masks, untie the illusions, cut the tethers that keep us bound to old ways.
A new day is dawning. A new dance!  Remember this – it’s ok to be in the learning. Mastery doesn’t happen without practice.

Ok.. tag You’re it! Tell me who you thought you were, and tell me who you really are!

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  • Lisa ByGraceGoi

    Dear Colette .. You get me every single week ! .. Thank you for sharing .. You have said or written the perfect thing for me, so so many times .. So grateful .. I really want a miracle to occur so that I can join you and Robert .. Yet I am relaxed because the one thing I know for sure is that anything meant for me, will be for me .. I will not have to make it happen .. God Bless you .. And your lovely husband and pooches ! .. Thank you so much .. I am expecting my new deck to arrive this week .. Delighted ! .. Bye for now .. I can’t see my typing .. So I hope there are no real goofy spelling mistakes .. Blind typing .. You gotta love Spirit ! This is another matter of trust !

    • Cheryl

      A “rebirth” you say, hmmm. Little curious to see what that is. I finally ended my relationship a few weeks ago, I am not getting back into it.
      Another great reading, thank you.

    • Deborah

      who am I? . . . I thought I was a firefly, playing hide and seek in a darkened sky; Now I see the dancer between realms, playing a story on magical films;) Thank you all for your reflective waters; The oneness we all collectively charter!! Peace, Love And Joy In Each Savory Morsel, Alive In The Presence of Divine Blueprints Rehearsal;)

    • Erica Sussette

      Okay, you totally blew my mind . . .in fact we collided in the ether! Check out my poem about the sun dancer: and your forcast was right on last week, I think I had 3 mentions of “forks in the road.” Love it

      Thank you!

    • Nadia

      Hi Collette, I love your posts and always look forward to your messages from spirit for the week. Who am I? I am an artist but I have been searching and studying metaphysical subjects for many years I’ve finally found and stepped into my true purpose and I feel like my heart is singing, I am happy, I know who I am, I am an energy and spiritual healer and artist, I feel like whirling around, dancing, spinning in the sun with arms out stretched in a field of lush green grass. Thank you for your insights, love, light and blessings. Xxx

    • Roberta

      Good morning Colette and my fellow friends,

      I love every single Disney movies. I love how each movie regardless if it is Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Aladdin, there is always that magical feel. Disney gives me hope that miracles are real. I believe everyone can have a happy ending. It is our choice to believe and to manifest positive things in our lives to have a happy life. I learned that from you Colette. I really hope you are feeling much better Colette. By the way I have a question, in your blog what did you mean by false truths? Take care and have a great day. 🙂

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        false truths are what we are conditioned to believe, our perspectives that don’t serve us, being a victim, being entitled, not good enough, etc. oxoxoxo

    • Kim Dobbins

      Once again, you nailed it for me. Thank you for continuing to help guide me along this path we call life!

    • Pat

      Lovely web page. No one hates gloom and doom like most people here, but I read a sentence regarding a drink with cucumber in it. Is everyone aware of the major cucumber recall in the USA? It is real and has infected quite a number of people through out the states. With prayers that you are feeling better and if not, please see your doctor.
      Thank you for all you do.

  • Diane

    Dear Collette,

    Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing the ‘toilet trot’…..I recently went through the same experience and ended up in the hospital ~ plenty of ‘Donkey Dung’ there!……no, they were very kind!

    One thing I did learn from the weeks stay was to take Probiotics. I’d heard of them but never took them. I now take 3 billion (one capsule a day) and I’m recovering really well. If you want to give them a go, get a brand that has to be refrigerated.

    You are always my weekly “Laughter Luv” and have given me so much from sharing your life with me. Hopefully I can return the favour and bring you back to your healthy self.

    Hugs to your fur-babies and your dear self,

    Luv, Diane.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      on my way to get those probiotics now!

      • Victoria

        I’n the mother of a Naturopathic Doctor…….the probiotics shoulld be 10 billion + called HMF powder.
        It’s kept in the fridge & I take it every day. It is amazing.

        • Victoria

          I saw ‘Cinderella’ at the movies this past spring, with my daughter & granddaughters. It was beautiful & I loved the many messages.
          We should all have courage & be kind. Thank you for sharing your many messages with us each & every week. I would love to see you in person & maybe you’ll come to Kelowna, BC one day.

  • Lisa ByGraceGoi

    Who am I ? .. I am a luminous tribal dancer ! .. Were you able to see me doing my tribal dancing yesterday ? .. I was in the bedroom with the door shut ! .. Dancing to Softcore Pow Wow album .. Pow Wow drums and singers mixed and mashed with keyboards, guitar and bass ! .. A dancers dream ! .. That was my Sunday fun for my soul ! I will send you a copy and you can dance too !

  • Barbara Sinclair

    Hi Colette! I went and saw “Cinderella” by my 61-year-old self 🙂 and wept at the “Have courage and be kind” part. And then I went and saw it again. So many beautiful life lessons. Thanks for sharing about the energies surrounding us – I can feel it “in the air”. And the Wisdom of Avalon cards that I’ve been picking every day have been spot on. 🙂 I thought I was a shy little turtle, but lately I’ve been busting out of my shell to share more of myself with the world. It’s never too late. Feel better soon…that is the worst feeling! xoxo

  • Remika

    Dear Colette,

    Thank you again for another awesome blog entry for this week. I recently discovered that who I thought I was, was a follower. Someone who always swayed to other people’s decisions, choices, opinions, etc. I now know that in fact, I am a leader. A recent pattern made me realize that I had been avoiding my truth all along; I can trust myself to make the right decisions and I don’t have to be afraid of the consequences of those choices, because no matter what the outcome, I will be okay. I’m still playing with this, but I truly feel that the situation that I find myself in right now is propelling me to step ‘up to the plate’ so to speak and swing my bat. Whether I hit the ball or not doesn’t matter, it’s the fact that I’m at least making the decision to get in the game without asking my other team mates if I should or shouldn’t play, what bat should I use? What uniform should I wear? etc. Thank you again for the amazing insights 🙂 love and light to you always!

  • Loralai

    I am a thread in the fabric of life. A Spark of Energy full of Hope and Excitement for the Upliftment of Humanity and Gaia …. Yay for everyone ?
    Who I thought I was , I’m letting that go
    Love you Colette

  • Tammy Frincu

    I actually watched Cinderella with my daughter on Sunday and was amazed about the message I received while watching the movie. To my amazement….similar to what you just wrote about. The message I received was one that despite her circumstances…Cinderella woke happy and positive about her life. She remained hopeful despite her circumstances and it was then that her dreams came true. It was a message for me that all will be as it should (despite what it seems at the present moment) if one remains positive, happy, and a believer. Thank you for your beautiful words of wisdom and I hope you feel better soon!

  • Dianne

    Oh Collette, You have such a wonderful way of telling your story! I am sorry to hear of your nasty…. But I have to say, you have an amazing gift of words, “pirouetting to the loo” and “dancing the toilet tango”, you make it sound like such fun! I am always inspired and uplifted by your positive take on life and am very grateful to receive your emails. Blessings to you and your family!

  • Jeannine

    Dear Colette, A special connection happened the first time I watched your show on TV. I can’t explain but know that you, being who you are, will probably get what I mean. You are authentic and provide such a big service. I look forward to your Facebook posts every day and am amazed how I always manage to pull the card that answers my question for the day.
    It is my wish that someday, I will get to not only meet you, but hear what you may have to say regarding some very special people and pets who have passed on, and possibly give me some idea of the direction my life is taking. I’ve been in a holding pattern for so long that I sometimes wonder what it will take to have a complete and healthy life. I certainly put effort into it. Despite feeling alone too much, I try to be optimistic. I do have a lot to be grateful for, that’s for sure. God Bless you and keep doing what you’re doing!

    • Lisa_AK

      Hi Jeannine,
      Yes indeed set your intention to see and hear Colette in person…so amazing! I got to hear and meet her briefly at the Celebrate Your Life in Scottsdale, AZ in Nov. 2014 along with 2 other amazing speakers…life changing!
      Just a suggestion, when I read your statement ‘I certainly put effort into it’ I immediately felt like ‘you need to let go’. Sometimes working so hard on something wears you out…maybe try ‘let go and let God’ and practice just ‘Being’ (this is what I’m working on too!) And know those who have passed on aren’t really gone, just in another form.
      Love, Light and Peace

  • LaTasha Gaither

    I so love that I found you–our alignment is really uncanny! I watched the Cinderella movie as well…and fell in love with the same line. Of course I loved the whole movie and I am too a Disney…Happily Ever After story girl who believes and LIVES magic!

    I truly have been in the throws of the energy attempting to pull me back into the old. Making me romanticize the dead marriage I’ve finally been free of for 3 months…crying and feeling like I want to return to the old…but really feeling shaky about all that it takes to march boldly into my new wild, beautiful, magical phase of life. I pulled from the new Wisdom of the Oracle deck last night and received the greatest message before going to bed….then to wake up to this message! I am so grateful that the universe has aligned me with my tribe and that there are beautiful signs that all is well, I’m on the right track and I must keep the faith.

    The old me was paralyzed in fear, finding my worth in the approval of others and DOING so much out of a desire to be needed, while not honoring myself and taking care of my mind, body and spirit. THE NEW me is invigorated by fear and moves forward with my legs shaking, finds my worth in loving myself and BEING worthy just because I am and I am learning to enjoy taking care of my physical body and honoring my spirit! The old me lived in lack and grasped to hold on to things just to be sure I didn’t have to do without…the new me flows in ABUNDANCE and has released all attachments and surrendered to divine will knowing that all things are possible and what is mine and is meant for me is on its way…I am just making sure I’m prepared and joyously expecting its arrival.

    I’m still learning, but whenever doubts creep in…I come back to my center space…that all is well, and life is MAGICAL! Thank you <3

  • Rosslyn Vail

    Colette;I was a Registered Nurse for 36 years.
    Now: “I am.”

  • Barbara

    Hope you are feeling better. A bug like yours has been going around work here in Colorado and it has been hitting people really hard. Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.

  • Bonnie

    Hi Colette,

    I used to dream about Disney’s Cinderella, too, when I was a kid. I grew up hoping that “someday my prince will come…” This, to me, was pure romance. I must have believed that I needed rescuing because I didn’t feel I was strong enough to handle what ever comes. I also must have believed there would be many negative things happening. I was also always “attracted” to the qualities of being a strong woman, because they encouraged me. I wanted to be a strong woman. I did have many negative things happen. And growing up in a fairly conservative family, I held onto feelings. But, similar to what you said about doing things differently, I never knew what release and forgiveness could do, and now I believe my heart’s open and I’ve come out as a woman with strength!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Love this thanks for sharing Bonnie and everyone here who took the time to add to our weekly conversation. I send you all love and light and all good things!!! xoxoxoxo ps healer Althea Gray had me on a distance healing program she did last night and today I swear I feel like a new person!

  • Sheila H.

    Colette, your words of wisdom always add sparkle to my being and are always so freakishly spot on with what’s going on in my life. I have been working for several months to let go of various parts of my past that have been keeping me weighed down and not allowing me to be my best, both in general and with regard to my personal relationships. Your words have given me the encouragement to keep going and keep on working to shed what I don’t need. I’m ready to summon the magic and claim who I really am!

    Sparkle on, Colette! Hope you’re back to 100% soon!

  • Nancy Vittum

    Dear Colette: I, too, watched Cinderella recently and was enthralled by the beautiful rendition of that story. Instead of waiting desperately to be ‘saved’ from her circumstances, she created her own beautiful world, despite what was going on around her, and was then ready to share it, not only with her prince, but with everyone she met. The Kingdom really is within. Sure hope you’re feeling “fit as a fiddle” – soon!

  • Ada

    Get to feeling Fabulous again and so sorry you made a “poo juice cocktail” that made you unwell!! Been there done that with tomatoes!!!

    Thank you this feels like a more steady week if we do what the cards are suggesting and those were basically my plans.. Awesome, lots to do.

    Your new cards are lovely absolutely Lovely!!! Thank You & Blessings!!!

  • Jelena

    Hi Collete,

    First of all – sorry to hear about your toilet tango – hopefully you are all right now. As the blood moon energy – perhaps is the cleansing time.
    This week writing is very close to my feelings as well. I do feel exactly as you wrote – as a Harry Potter’s invisibility cape. No one can hear or see how awesome I am. Plus Cinderella story resonates with me all my life. BUT – this year I feel the energy of MY SOUL, only me, alone.

    I have nothing. I am nothing, but who I am. Love this! Love it!

    I am 50 years old, finally starting to feel good in my skin. And my family does not like it too much(mostly they do not understand, what I want, who I am), I am confused almost all the time, old habits are dying slowly, I am starting from zero again. I love them dearly realizing I have to leave them their “story” and move on. I realized my home is where I am happy and where love is. I realized I am really responsible for my happiness. The process of forgiveness to myself, especially for past and recent mistakes is taking pole on my family as well as myself and I am truly sorry for whatever wrong actions I took. I am sorry I did not see it all from above when spirit asked me to. I did not understand what do they want – the spirits. So blind. My favorite song is “I can see clearly now when rain is gone” and that is true. I can see clearly now – oh that’s for sure. Painful as it is, the lesson is learned – as always.
    Wouldn’t be nice to learn all what we need to know by other than painful experience? Like seeing for example something? Yellow crow perhaps? For me that would help for sure! :0))

    Thank you Collete for your teaching. Love you.


  • Kelly Francis

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I hope you’re feeling better soon.
    Thank you for all that you do for all of us, it’s such a blessing…

  • Karen

    Love your blog format Colette and all that you do. I listen frequently to you on HH Radio, but have not connected on the phone with you yet. You gave such a fresh outlook in this blog and I have to say, I intuited much the same for the big moon experience which you can read on my most recent blog. I am a new author with many more books in me …. coming soon. I see you healing quickly and send you much love. Keep being beautiful you!

  • Julie

    Loved this! For the eclipse I had a great meditation with my guides and then relaxed by watching Cinderella – your quote was my favorite as well. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Karen

    Love this post – like all your posts I have to say 🙂 I also love all the posts so far – it definitely seems to me that “the times they are changing” …… Cinderella was always the character I felt connected to ….. mainly, I thought, because I really don’t like doing housework 😉 but maybe it was because of the message in the film …. so I have just rented it online and look forward in a bit of me time with a box of tissues and a glass of wine – love to you and the team – hope you feel better soon xx

  • Faith

    Thanks, Colette for another week of exciting introspect for your readers such as myself and I definitely started cleaning out a room to make room for positive energy, etc. Wow, sounds like this week will be fruitful and I am waiting to see if a way will be made for me to join you along with Robert at your next event. Love your pooch!

  • Dawn

    I have been reconnecting with childhood friends whom I haven’t seen for 20 or 30 years. Your message points to the idea that perhaps these re-kindlings have occurred to allow me to revisit those old friends and tell my truth about my childhood, from the perspective I now have. Growing up, I didn’t know who I was and focussed instead on who I thought others wanted me to be. With lots of reflection, and therapy, I am uncovering who I really am and it has been amazing to see those old friends with new eyes. Equally amazing is to hear about their lives and share our perspectives on what we thought as kids and how we have reconsidered things as adults. I am now showing them who I really am, instead of who I thought they wanted me to be.

  • Amy Tammen

    Brilliant post. So on point. Thank you, Colette. Hope you’re feeling better and up and dancing soon.

  • Bikem

    I am a dancer, so loved the title, I am also a Buddha to be, definitely a Mom, a Mother to the World….

    I am silent, I am quiet, I laugh, I counsel, I love, I love my solitude, but an extreme extrovert at the same time….So I am multitudes, like all of us…

    Blessings, love you dear lady…Love, B….

  • Jennifer

    Hi Colette!!
    I watched Cinderella on Saturday! It was a wonderful movie! Even when you’re sick your words are so inspiring!

  • Jan

    Hi Colette,
    I have really enjoyed your writings and your readings – thank you so much. As you spoke of the joy coming from within my heart sank … I recently lost my big beloved boy Luke – a joy-filled Golden Retriever, to cancer. I knew his joy filled my house, and yet I had no idea how much it did. I thought my joy filled the house, and yet right now it feels so empty. I go from the sobbing sadness, to knowing I will be joyful again. I truly know it is an inside job … and yet I know it is important to allow the feelings of sadness to be expressed. I also know that grief is different for everyone – the way it is expressed, the length of time, …
    I loved the ‘observer’ card – and I get to that place of observing me as if from the outside, and from that place I know this too will pass. I will try to act as if I feel the happy, happy, happy … any suggestions for me?
    Thank you and bless you – and I hope you feel better very soon. The person who commented about you make even your situation sound like a happy dance – you are inspiring!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O honey don’t pretend to be happy. The joy we feel from our animals transitions into deep pain and grief for a while and its ok to feel the loss. Just also remember the joy – read A Dog’s Life and then A Dog’s Purpose then come back and tell me what it made you go do 😉 I’m sure Luke will be looking for you ever so soon ;))) Sending you so much love oxoxox

  • Rebecca

    there’s another wonderful astrologer named lorna bevan (hare in the moon astrology) whose forecast for the next calendar month spoke eloquently and inspiringly on the magnificent healing available as we become more deeply authentic in all aspects of our lives and how the planetary forces are uniquely aligned to support that. can’t wai watch your vlog for the weekly energies — thanks, as always, for being there for me ?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ooh this is really good.. check out Hare in The Moon Astrology! awesome oxox

  • Annette

    Colette hugs to the fur babies glad you are feeling better.

    “I Am more than I think I Am” now if I could just stay in the remembering of it.

    Thank you for reminding me to dust off the lens of illusion that dims my light.

  • Lisa

    Dear Colette,
    I really appreciate your down to earth and honest discussions and topics. I’m going thru a real rough time right now and trying to stay positive…..and trying to find that “state of happiness” of which you spoke of.
    I’m trying so desperately to live my purpose, my reason for what I’m to do ……..
    Knowing I’m responsible for my reality and I’m determined to manifest much happiness for me……now and forever more…….
    Saw you at Lilydale a couple of years ago and have been following you since.
    Wish I could see you at Omega…..never been there…..maybe one day…….

    Bless you in all that you do here, in helping others,

    Lisa F.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      so .. instead of ” desperately trying” maybe what you’re doing is seeing the tethers, recognizing the experience of being Between Worlds and learning that running away doesn’t take you any further away from the past, only radical acceptance of what was and is will set you free to claim your peace. Try that one. Trust the Big Spirit has your back 😉

  • Mary Jo Nicosia. Mary with the stroke

    Who am I? I have always lived as a cancer crab. Pulling in and hiding at any disruption of my life. Well I am fighting for my life and the Gremlin is at the helm! My son of 30 years committed suicide on the 4th of Sept. My immediate response is to pull in and crawl under the bed and wait for death. Could this be my calling? To share my pain with other survivors of suicides? No curing cancer. Just share my gut wrenching pain. How I have recounted every slight I ever committed towards my son? How I was blinded by my own whinning to see or hear the signs of his despair? Who am I? I want to be a helper! But my learned behavior is screaming at me to RUN HIDE!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O Mary… don’t blame yourself I know as a medium bringing through so many young people who suicide never once has a son blamed their parents!! Let people love you now and support you for this terrible loss. Grief has its own timetable. You may very well help many one day. I know your sharing has brought all of us closer to you. We hear you sister hang in there… sending so much love and hugs

  • Cheryl

    So sorry about your illness. Certainly hope it has passed (besides just the toilet dance) Must say you cracked me up with your descriptions, though.

    Just spent a week with unexpected blahs. That doesn’t happen to me very often…I’m happy to say. I’ve been doing some inner work, and your words, both written and in the video resonated with me. The happy is back, and I’ve wondered about the blahs, but I’m just taking it as a sign of needing to slow down, calm down and get grounded.

    Really just wanted to thank you for the blessing that you are, TRULY! I so look forward to your messages and guidance. Keep blessing the world the way you do it best. We are benefiting!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I’m so happy you are! You made my day 😉 I never know who reads my dribbles of guidance but so happy when peeps like it!

  • Rachael

    Hi Colette! I read your blog every week, watch all your videos and use your cards. I love following you as you are so authentic and real – and very funny! I laugh every week and love it!

    This blog post in particular hits home for me. I sat and watched the eclipse last night and reflected on my current romantic relationship – which happens to be with my ex husband! We have been divorced for 4 years and are testing the waters to see if we can make this work again. Well, this morning I wrote to him that my mission for not only our relationship but for my life moving forward is to live with complete authenticity, integrity and love. In order to do that, I needed to take a look at my subconscious patterns in relationships (which I have identified) and really do the work of letting those old relational patterns go and stepping instead into the beautiful space of vulnerability and truth. In the past, my boundaries were floppy and flimsy and co-dependence was a familiar friend of mine. No more. I will be brave and I will be kind to myself in the process.

    Thank you Colette! I hope you feel better soon and that those probiotics do the trick! Hugs xxxxx!

  • Vera

    Hi Collette,

    Wow this is a powerful message. I am going through a releasing of an old friendship at this time. The veil of illusion has been lifted or you could say I took off my rose colored glasses and after 25 + years with this friend, I realize that its time to move on. To release the dance and drama of this friendship. Thank you for your powerful messages, you cards, and you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Vera ( my middle name) your name means truth 😉 I have had to do the same thing and it hurts but it works out in the end.. my motto is no drama no matter what! You will be so happy and you will remember the good … no one is perfect but we can be discerning nonetheless

  • Karen

    I was what ever I thought “you” wanted me to be …now I’m Me, a human “being” living, loving, learning all about what it takes to be Me ….just realized after reading this …tee hee I’m Free <3 Thanks Colette for sharing this journey with me.

  • Lisa_AK

    Hello lovely Colette and tribe,
    Glad to see you’re feeling better Colette! Love seeing your furry babies…and I do mean furry!! LOL!

    Who was I and who am I? I used to be a lion, defensive, assertive/aggressive and also negative about the world and people around me. Like a lion too I was protective of myself and my ‘pride’ (family), walls up, alert to any intruders.

    Now after many years of working on myself and of course with Spirit’s help I’m a turtle (also my totem animal). I’m laid back, calm, go with the flow, observe, listen and experience the wonders of this fascinating world!!! I wake up every day grateful and happy, even when things go a little haywire I find something to be grateful about.

    The cards last week talked about ‘chaos’ and that was right on at work…whew, glad that week is behind us! And as always the cards this week are right on…getting back to my inside projects, continue the de-cluttering, cleaning out and organizing so my home can become really mine…will make me and the house spirit much happier!
    Love, Light and Peace to all

  • Ed Lehner

    Feel better, Colette. The moon was awesome.

  • C

    Not sure where all this Cinderella speak came from (you and your tribe) but talk about timing …I have recently come to realize that I was Cinderella in my family (prior to the fairy godmother who brought her the gift(s) of a much better life). She rose from the “cinders”. I have to say your writing this week has given me new perspective on the Cinderella story … on hope and courage and, of course always, kindness….and through those positive vibes she rose into a better life….as I “hope” I will as well as I am realizing my ignored and forgotten authentic self. Thank you so much for giving me this new perspective through this blood moon eclipse and your Oracle reading (which I have ordered for me and a dear friend), and to your tribe contributing their points of view. Rock on … love and appreciate your good works and your Oracle cards.

  • Emma-Jane

    Dear Colette, I was fortunate to receive these new cards for my birthday (30th Sept). They feel fantastic and look forward to using them. Love the glitter effect. Most times I tingle when I watch your videos, but today I didn’t don’t know what happened. Thanks for the teaching you give with the cards each week.

  • Renee Sugar

    Sorry you are undergoing a “cleanse”. Me too. I haven’t been sick for years. Hard swallowing.
    Lots of salt water gargles.
    Spirit brings us to open new doors, and then sometimes closes them, which can be a total
    surprise. I am learning that I am not my resume; or my “experience”. Seems that is the biggest
    lesson for me these days. One month ago I began a new job. I was quite excited, it was
    an opportunity to expand my horizons, to learn in a new direction; and to rebuild my finances.
    I felt it was all to the good, which it WAS.
    On Saturday, I learned that I wasn’t “producing” quickly enough. The person who hired me, admitted she
    was partly at fault, as she knew that I did not have any prior experience in this facet of the industry;
    and that the learning curve would be steep. I did however accept the assignment, knowing that it would
    propel me forward, get me back on my feet, and present an opportunity that would allow me to learn
    something new.
    So I still am ME, that will never change; but who I might become is impacted
    by the courage to enter new doorways, and experience the UNCHARTED.
    I know that I accepted the opportunity for all of the right reasons.
    I did grow, and I did learn, and met and shared with a new group of “young” people.
    I am not a techno-wizard; I am the tortoise, not the hare; but I am “present” , and am always open to discovering what I don’t know.
    Obviously, speed, and “results” are the measuring gauge of commerce. Pressure does not create a climate that encourages growth.
    It is the voice of “power”, “greed”. Patience, kindness, and encouragement, work much more effectively. Impatience, criticism do not.
    So this time around, I acknowledged the steps and growth, and celebrated the attempt. Only a failure if we do not try. I did work for the
    entire month and earned what I need to cover my expenses. It is about growth, not PERFECTION. I am not PERFECT nor do I want to
    carry the weight of the “image” that supports that myth. It is too much work!!! and too heavy to carry.
    Sometimes it is better to have attempted, and to acknowledge that the assignment was really too much for me. I don’t want all that pressure any more. I want a life, and work, and time for other priorities, like love, play and relaxation.
    Hope you are feeling back in tune very soon.
    Take Care

  • Guida

    Dear Collette, I look forward to every Monday for your reading! I don’t have a clue who I am, I married young and spent the next 30 years raising kids and getting them thru college. There have been times when I thought I knew what I wanted to be ‘when I grow up’ but was not able to act or had no support. I’m not blaming anyone it’s just the way it turned out. I have a job, part time seasonal that is all smoke and mirrors. They have a great slogan but they break their own rules. Fortunately the season just ended so I can regroup and recover. I love the metaphysical and have studied some astrology, I know I need to serve but haven’t figured out in what way. When I’ve gone to workshops ( I saw you with Silvia Brown in Denver years ago ) I always feel so uplifted and wonderful, how do I keep that going? I know, I need to figure that out myself! Love your words of wisdom! Take Care. Guida

  • Amanda

    Hi Colette,

    I think right now my “thinking mind” has to catch up to my “soul mind….” a theme in my life seems to be that it takes many many (add a lot more many’s here) tries at accepting those truths that are deep within myself – That I AM an eternal being, a sliver of light that is one with all that is, pure consciousness and love, that never has to fear anything, EVER. I have this realization, and have always known it, but I seem to suffer from short term memory loss – or “temporary spiritual insanity” is what I think you called it in your blog a week or two ago. I was like – TOTALLY!!!

    Because all of a sudden, just when I feel I have really “got it” the next thing I know, I am dragged back into my fears, anxiety, over maybe nothing at all – it just creeps up – and WHAM! I am in the throws of a panic attack and am sure that I am facing certain death, or worse, that I am going nuts. Your blog for this week that I just read certainly resonates with me, (as usual.)

    So, I WAS: an interior designer, go-getter, with a sneaky ego that made me always want to do and achieve more “stuff.” trying to get “there” from “here.” Comparing myself to others. Feeling like I was never good enough – who happened to be deeply interested in spirituality, with hobbies like tarot, crystals, going to sweat lodge ceremonies, meditation classes, etc…Kundalini yoga, basically anything that could connect me to spirit and nature.

    I AM: a free spirit !!

    So… I know this is a long post – I am a “long poster” today. And sorry about all the parenthesis, but I want to share a story from this weekend. I went out of town for a long weekend with my husband, our 2 year old son and my sister and her boyfriend to his cabin in the mountains. I was pretty stressed on the day we were heading there, although I didn’t realize how stressed until later. We arrived there kind of late on Thursday night, about 10:30p and unpacked the cars, etc…and the cabin was so nice, very rustic and cozy and I was excited to just relax with family and enjoy myself. We settled after putting things away and sat to just chat for awhile before going to bed and all of a sudden I was struck with pure terror – my mind started to race, I felt really strange, unsettled and sure that the thin mountain air was going to cause me to have a heart attack or stop breathing. I was shaking all over and it lasted for a few hours before I was able to settle down and fall asleep. I am prone to anxiety when going through something and I am very sensitive, but this was unusual even for me.

    Throughout the weekend, we had a great time and the weather was beautiful. I had brought my book I am reading, your Messages from Spirit, and I am really enjoying it. I have had significant experiences with signs and synchronicity in my life and I love reading others’ experiences with oracles and signs as well. Anyway, on Saturday morning, it was another gorgeous day and I started to feel weird again, and it gripped me and my stomach was in knots, and I felt really on the edge. I stepped outside to the deck and was pacing around, starting to let the fear get out of control, when something inside me made me walk down into the grass and over to a grouping of trees on the property. I was praying to God to help me – I was just trying to relax and enjoy myself – I mean, Jeez!! So I am trying to ground myself and open my heart, and I noticed in the pines of one of the trees was a teeny tiny feather, held so gently as if it was floating, by the pine needles surrounding it. The breeze was gently blowing, and there it sat, held so safe. I immediately recognized it in my heart as a sign that like that feather, I was being held and cared for, even though it seemed in that moment that I was gripped by fear and felt alone in the universe. I continued to walk down and around a small bend, looking at the tall grasses, smelling the sweet mountain air and trying to calm myself, when I heard a tractor sound in the distance. It was coming closer but I couldn’t see because there were trees as I was at the edge of the open grassy part of the property and there were thick trees separating the neighboring land. Then a small tractor came into sight at the clearing, driven by a smiling man who waved and I waved back. Attached to the tractor was a small wooden trailer with the words Snuggle Hollow Farm on it, and there was a red heart between Snuggle and Hollow. Tears came to my eyes as he passed by me and on up to the road. I received my heart message from the universe and I instantly started to breathe easier and felt myself come back to my happy self.

    The day after that was Sunday, the night of the blood moon. We all sat outside on the deck and had a fantastic view of the eclipse. (I am sorry you were sick Colette) The night sky became even more beautiful with all the stars and the even the sparkley dust of the milky way glowing in the darkness of the eclipse and I realized that it is in those moments of what seems like the scariest darkness, that can allow our lights to shine the brightest.

    On further contemplation, I realized I have been having bouts of super sensitivity recently (with sound, smells, everything) and I think it may have something to do with taking a Reiki I class and receiving my attunements a couple weeks ago, and this whole transformation that is happening within me. Let it go!! (Sing like Elsa) That is another story, but I don’t want to make this post any longer than it already is… when that card came up in your reading a week ago – I had a crazy experience but didn’t get to post. OK – Im done now. xo

    Thank you Colette! I can’t wait to meet you in person in Rhinebeck! Sending Good Vibes to everyone in the Tribe!


  • Angali Dabideen

    Dearest Goddess Sister Colette!

    I’ve been hiding in an old creaky boarded up outhouse, glearing through the cracks of the weathered wooded door, admiring your grace, beauty, and light.
    ( This was a literal dream I had a few days ago with you in it ; I am fortunate and delighted to have your guidance in spirit and in person since 2012.)

    Thank you for the courage today via this blog post to finally step out of the outhouse I’ve been hiding in and share with ALL.

    Next Monday I turn 32. From the age of 8 until April 28th 2015, I have been a victim of abuse of every kind. Starting with molestation by a male cousin, beating from a unhappy angry and alocoholic father, verbally abusive mother, raped by my dance teacher ( my guru and God at 16) drug abuse, ( meth, cocaine crack & other forms of chemical substances) ex dominatrix, prostitution and what I deemed my most major self abuse ( weight gain of maxing 268 pounds).

    I am proud to say I’ve been clean for 7+ years.

    I walked away from a psychologically, mentally, emotionally and physically abusive relationship of 2 1/2 years earlier this year ; I also ended a SUPER cycle or all forms of abuse. Funny how it all hits you at once! Patterns woven into the web of life events. NO MORE. Abuse.

    I am my voice. It is all I have and in the middle of being choked out on my bedroom wall earlier this year; time froze and a voice said to me ” Angali, imagine having your windpipe crushed and never being able to speak again?!” I now await testifying in an assult trial next year, putting away a man that I loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

    What I didn’t account for was being financially raped and on the brink of possibly loosing everything I’ve built as a business and home for the past 8 years.

    Talk about being stripped down to have a good glare of who I truly am. As reality would show, my family members and friends are scared for me, bills piling up, collectors, friends deserted me, and people I considered as family easily casted me out as nothingness.
    However , I feel fantastic, my magic is back and I feel stronger and more passion, love and trust than I have ever experienced before.

    I AM a naked soul, with only love to give, turning my pain into presents and truly ready to bare all to the world.

    I’ve been wearing a closet full of garments, we all have been programmed to believe we need; manufactured by the coutre label made in the designer house : SHAME & GUILT.

    I have danced my way from 268pounds to 183… And have learnt to love the good and continue the art of that goodness instead of dwelling in the bad experiences and not sharing my gifts.

    I devotedly dance daily towards my dreams, never forsaking again what’s most important; my pure heart and naked soul. It is all I am and all I have to give.

    Your Luminious Dancing Goddess

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O Angali BRAVO for your courageous share we all love and appreciate you here ! oxoxox Luminous Dancing Goddess

    • Lisa_AK

      I’m very moved by your story. So happy and proud for you that you are standing up for yourself and becoming your authentic self!! Yay!!! You go girl ! Many blessings to you!!! Stay strong, you are supported here in this sacred space.
      Love, Light and Peace

  • Gloria

    I’ve been stuck doing computer-techie work, updating websites, migrating them from Joomla to WordPress, when my heart is really in my WHolistic Success Method (for Geeks/Analytics, well the techniques really work for everyone, I’ve decided to focus on helping other Geeks) to get out of their head to achieve wondrous success. WHolistic combines Neurology, Quantum Physics, and more tech with scientifically proven spiritual practices, to change lives, to achieve seemingly miraculous success.

    The card readings have been very inspirational, and are providing great guidance to me making this move for good. Thanks for this service.


  • Diana Boles

    who was I before I am in this now. A piece of a spiral puzzle without edges. Begun as the center of another’s love, swirling with changes expanding with growth. With thoughts of the errors of distant youth. Twirling memories of my dance of motherhood. Pulling farther out from an unlasting spouse allowing myself to forgive. I am the box that holds the pieces of the puzzle. I am the pieces of the puzzle. I am the placement of the puzzle. I am the constant whirl of expansion.

  • Diana Boles

    Who was I before I AM in this now? A piece of a spiral puzzle ever forming. At the start, I was the center piece of someone’s hopes and dreams and love. Swirling with changes, expanding with growth. Pull ever farther away from the core. Twirling in visions of imagined control, learning the errors of egos way. Pirouette dance steps thru motherhood joy. Waltzing movement with an Unlasting Spouse. Flat footed steps pulling forgiveness along. I am the box that holds the pieces – I am the pieces of placement. I am the constant whirl of expansion.

  • Lynn

    I have been breaking free from feelings of inferiority I have held on to for more years than anyone should be comfortable.
    Now that I am recognizing my worth, I have been faces with the scary and uncertain task of “What comes next?”
    The courage to break free from comfortable mediocrity, into the uncomfortably real realm of my life’s true purpose.
    What is helping me to remember is can do this a little at a time is a quote I use often…
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it’s a quiet voice telling you, it’s okay, we’ll try again tomorrow.
    The key is to push through the fear.
    And let me tell you, I am absolutely terrified right now, but, I’m doing it anyways.
    Letting go of that old “never good enough” and embracing with relish who I’ve known was there all along, just never gave voice to, that beautiful, miraculous being I am.

  • Douglas

    I will explode in conversation if I don’t put a limit. We can easily put ourselves in a cage and close the door, throw away the key just to have boundaries. We can see out at every angle but are held firm for pseudo security. Later in life, some how, the cage door is opened but we can’t pass threw. The absolute terror of being an individual and the fear of failure keeps us in the cage. Those who are left inside will continue to live a shaky existence, but those who are dumped out will hide in the shadows until enough light reaches them. Things become clearer over time but “baby steps” are a starting point. Thanks for the clarity.

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