Let Go the Branch and Swim!

Updated: January 30, 2017

Let Go the Branch and Swim ( hint- the miracles are in the middle)

Imagine knowing that down a proverbial stream is a vast treasure with your name on it. You can’t see it but you know it’s there. So you think. Hmm how do I get there? What if I don’t know what’s in the water?

So you climb a metaphorical tree and then you try to swing into the water via a branch but you really don’t trust that if you leave behind what you know and find yourself in the Uncharted that you will find that treasure.

Hmm what to do. Ah HA! Hedge the bet! So you refuse to let go the branch you swung into it from, just in case? Ouch right? Not only do you swing right back to where you were, but your arm got yanked and you miss the water altogether. Now you feel like a Gumby with crab claws stretched between two worlds going nowhere and feeling and seeing, lots of distorted things.

You might have gotten your feet wet but face it. You did not get too far! And never mind the “ but I’m being flexible” part. The claws gave you away.

This goes the same with having too much attachment to the way you think things should be, being too rigid about your outlook or too sure that the way you know already and the “how” you have all figured out is the only way things will turn out “right” and “perfect”.

I think back to when I couldn’t for the life of me understand why not getting what I wanted was a good thing. When doors closed in front of me it took me awhile to get it through my stubborn head that meant they weren’t my doors.

Better doors opened up – my doors! Hindsight reminds me of this all the time. I wonder if it has for you too.

Wisdom is acquired through experience and integrating what we learn and so letting go , and the skill of wearing the world loosely in order to see what Spirit has in store needs to be practiced daily.

Not easy but very doable with discipline and determination and the willingness to forgive, let go and get into the mindset of curiosity and playfulness without losing sight of the efforting.

When setting intentions for your life in a deliberate fashion one of the key components to a successful manifestation that I’ve learned intimately is to keep the essence of my desire burning in my heart but remaining unattached to how that desire shows up in the material world, releasing the when and how fully into the Conscious Universe’s capable energy and functionality.

Everything after all exists as a potential in the Field, In Spirit, (other names etc.) We call it into being by the consistency and repetitive quality of our energy ( including thoughts and emotions, subconscious etc.).

That’s why it’s so important to meditate, to learn to discipline the chattering monkeys, bouncing puppies, and sneering goblin committees in our heads. The more we can observe and swim along with the current the more we can actually do without sabotaging what has been set in motion by the Greater Good. (especially since all we see is the sand irritating the oyster but not the pearl that will come from it).

Of course it’s also useful in addition to prayer ( communion with Source, Spirit/ God etc.) and meditation, to have some other navigational devices so you can “phone home” for direction.

Where do I go next? Ah yes follow the crumbs .. see where all this leads. I have my oracle cards to show me which to follow and the gifts of synchronicity and wisdom about what to do as one goes. “Dear Spirit.. Thy will be done through me.. What do I do next for the highest good?” Etc.

You can use them too ( free on my website).

This week remember we live in extraordinary times and we cannot know the greater wisdom for all that occurs and what can come of it all.

The calm is in the middle, the magic is there too, the miracles will arise but we need to keep swimming, and regardless of what you think of conditions, how you react to them, and what you do to yourself, others and the world will determine your journey and the kind of treasure you find.

Light Workers.. Keep shining and smiling and laughing and bringing kindness and joy and love to the world. (and granola bars and kumbaya songs to share in the most turbulent times).
My friends we really are in Uncharted waters.

And it will result in beauty and peace… just keep swimming, in the middle.

In the middle.

From the elders of the Hopi nation:
To my fellow swimmers:
Here is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid, who will try to hold on to the shore.
They are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.
Know that the river has its destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore.
Push off into the middle of the river, and keep our heads above water.
And I say see who is there with you and celebrate.
At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves, for the moment we do, our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves.
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
For we are the ones we have been waiting for. “

Love you always and forever!





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  • Lindsey

    Love it!

    • Mary

      Hi Colette,
      Could you tell me how much it is for the Oracle class is?

  • Teresa

    Hi Colette,

    As you may or may not know I have followed you for years, you are an inspiration to me. I woke up and watched your live and raw just by chance on Facebook. Then afterwards I prayed and pulled cards, the one I pulled for myself for inspiration was also chaos and conflict in protection mode. I was a little more than surprised! Anyway I’m trying to be the center of the hurricane and be calm, but after reading all this why do you suppose I got this card in protection mode? Thanks Teresa Mooney

  • Shelley

    Blessings, and thank you for your support, dear Colette. I feel like you are the General of the Live Brigade today. ♥

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      lololol xoxox

    • shelley

      Oops…that should have read *LOVE* Brigade…Got to learn to check my spelling! lol


    Excellent . inspirational post which helps navigate through life adventure specially when doors are not oppening and we wonder when and how they will open ! Love your beautiful tarots and your last book .

  • Amrita

    Thank you, Colette, for these words of wisdom. The eye of the storm, the place of calm reason.

  • Renee Sugar

    Sometimes it feels like parts of my life are unfolding as slow as molasses. Although much growth has unfolded in the past nearly three months. Now working for a new company with a novice entrepreneur and gratefully earning my fair share so financially so much improvement and much growth to celebrate. I am very grateful. BUT a transitional phase is a part of the agreement (3 month). As I am the only employee I have been entrusted with a fair bit of responsibility, and now have a key and work solo in the store. With the owner leaving for a buying trip I will be alone minding this new business. It is feeling like the person who owns it is skipping town. I’m trying to be patient with all of this uncharted reality; I know that the door opened in a well-timed way. It is a safe place, a beautiful store w/ much potential. Truth be told I am disappointed that the art-based business I built from the ground up didn’t bear fruit, but in the joy realm, it overflowed. I am missing my creative time, and the inspiration that prompts taking actions where I don’t know what will happen? I feel kind of ordinary, and uninspired and when I look at the creative work that I did in the past year; it is astonishing how prolific I could be and don’t want to settle for a lackluster option. Unrealistic? Feels like my wings have been clipped and I don’t have the freedom I was accustomed to. Am I being a brat? I do work very hard and have been as helpful and supportive to this budding entrepreneur as possible. So time will tell if this new chapter is going to continue beyond three months or Spirit does have something else in mind?
    I used to really enjoy being working alone, but feels like a lot of solitary. Oh well; at least I can eat regularly. Thank you as always for the thought provoking topics that are presented here. They are so helpful and offer a perspective that I am not able to sustain for the “bigger” picture. THY will NOT mine. “Today is upon me I shall not delay, please guide me and guard me and show me which way”?

    • Diana Boles

      We are always creating. In the spaces between then & now & now & next there lies the exercise that allows learning – and the creativity comes from what you learn by how you observe and utilize the tools you have to work with. Consider this a moment when all your pencil points are worn and broken. How can you gone them with what you have to work with??

    • Mary Ellen

      I can totally relate to how you are feeling. As Colette says, blind faith comes in, that truly the highest good for all concerned, will play out during this Divine time. Patience truly is a virtues!! Wishing you all the best!….. from Mary Ellen, Canada

  • lisa prine

    Dear Collette, thank you for everything that you do to make this world a better place. I always feel like your weekly forecast speaks right to my soul. It is uncanny how perfect your messages always are. Bless you for being the beautiful courageous giving spirit that you are. You help us to help ourselves and literally I can feel my energy shift after listening to you. Bless you bless you bless you!

    • Lynn Marie

      Yes,and I second that!!! I always enjoy reading your blogs, that’s how I first came to know about you, by the way! I had googled a question about relationships and one of your blogs popped up. You have a lot of good insight and wisdom and just plain common sense-and there is a saying out there that common sense is not so common!!! Keep up the great work, you have already helped me tremendously!!!

  • Diana Boles

    Funny you should mention irritating sand and forgetting the pearl it can become.
    Intending to set a stronger course towards my next “best me” —– The Cheif presented me with a fabulous opportunity to hone my instincts into a skill. Not just once, but twice – in the past 6 months. First offer was to continue my studies to become an astrologer. This is something I understand and want and know I can do. It’s semester break right now. So you may be thinking that the next semester for schooling in the stars would be the second offer. But here is what has been presented that is putting me in the middle of the river to revisit another talent—the “go with the flow”—the “let go and let spirit”—— there is someone who needs me. for this person it is a time of clinging to branches and needing to find the right moment to let go. Of learning to catch on to the rhythm of the waters in order to become liquid as the river.
    Yes, I have a past with this person. A history of emotional abuse and disrespect and their self centeredness — it is my X husband. This is where The Cheif has decided to create an opportunity for me to be the next best me. He has just been diagnosed with stage three rectal cancer that has spread to lymph nodes and into his liver. And he is alone. And it has been 10 yrs since the end of our 25 yr marriage—35 yrs of knowing him – understanding him – better than he understands himself (ASTROLOGY LOVER that I am✨????????).
    We are all here to reach our higher self, right??? Forgiveness is one of the highest platforms to help in our ascent. I forgave him a long time back. I am the observer in this relation that I have with him. There will never be the marital love I once had for him, but we do have children and that makes us family. I am the person he needs to aid him in this turbulent river he has just plunged into.

    So The Cheif has given me a moment to be the next best me. To “walk my talk” to rise in my higher power. And I see that my past with him was written on a chalkboard. And just like that old slate, when you take a felt eraser to it, you can still see some of the lines for the letters, but you can no longer read the words. They have become smeared and dusty and just in the way of the new lesson that is about to present itself. Just as chalk can become silt, and then become rock and then break into sand again and then become a pearl, here is a moment for me to crack open an oyster and find it ????

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      beautiful share Diana

    • Jacqueline

      Thank you, Diana! I am in a similar situation, so your share was truly Divine timing for me! I wish you peace as you rise to your calling; your words have certainly provided me with some!

  • Anonymous

    LOVES this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Oracle card I pulled from your deck todays was “To the Sea”. Love this message and all that you do and are.

  • Mary List


  • Lisa

    Thank you, as always, beautiful Colette! I appreciate all you do to help everyone stay calm, focused and connected to Spirit. This week’s reading is so perfect! Breathing, meditating, praying and sending you love and hugs!

  • Ronney Aden

    At 3:30 am, I could NOT sleep. Wiggling, frustrated I get up and open this fabulous BLOG. You are just what I needed!
    I set up an interview with you several months ago, and the timing just didn’t seem right – so I wrote to reschedule. Many wonderful things have come together as I wait for the ‘right’ time.
    One thing, is a daily practice of using your cards to set the TONE for the day, and of course they are always perfect too.
    I feel so blessed to have you in my life – and feel like I have known you for life times!
    With a Smile and You in my Heart,
    Ronney Aden

  • Kim Plaster

    Love it! The synchronicity… Spirit gives us answers and direction always at the right time! Was feeling confused and then watch your weekly oracle forecast. All smiles! Life is good! Hugs!

  • Trudy

    Thank you for all you share????????. Everything I’m doing is syncing!

  • Ali

    This is very much in line with my personal reality at the moment. Thank you, Colette, for this thoughtful piece.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Colette, I needed to hear this today while trying to study for final board exam. I’m shutting off the news.
    Xoxo Alexandra b

  • Alexandra

    Thanks Colette, I needed to read this today while studying for final board exam. I’m shutting off the news.
    Xoxo Alexandra b

  • Theresa

    I know the whole door open, next new thing. A few years ago I was in a loveless marriage, An old love I never got over came back in my life. I fell hard all over again. It took over a year to get our stuff in order, we worked to be together, we had a plan of what we wanted. I prayed for signs all the time if I was doing the right thing. My angels showed me over and over it was right. We were thrown back together. I was happy and looking forward to our future. All of which he orchestrated. All of a sudden after we were finally together, he backed off. Dragged it on for months. He is not sure what he wants, something is off. Bla Bla. I had a horrible time with it, I was holding on to what we had dreamed of together. We finally as of last week are “officially” broken up. I feel a little better not being caught in limbo. My question is Why were we bought together so strongly only to have my heart crushed? This is what I don’t get about the doors open/closed. People keep telling me a new door will open for me. But I want door #1 that already was…. Can you explain why spirit would want me to hurt so much???

  • Mary Ellen

    Thank you Colette, you are greatly appreciated for your heartfelt sincerity and words of wisdom. My daughter and I look forward to your weekly readings; we truly feel validated and inspired to think outside the box. It is so easy to get caught up and dragged down, especially now.

    I have started this last week and a half to sit against my beautiful majestic Spruce tree, in my back garden, everyday, despite the cold winter temps. I can see the shadows of the wildlife flying above, hear their feathered wings and their songs, hear the wind howl and feel Mr. Spruce bend with the force. The spruce scent is uplifting, healing, too….

    Yesterday, the sun was shining, and from my grounded vantage point from under the 40 ft tree, the snow crystals were glistening all colours of the rainbow, truly a beautiful sight. A new appreciation for the frozen rainwater!

  • Lisa

    Dear Colette .. What a blessing it is that you have chosen to write a blog each week for all of us to read !!! ..
    I want to thank you for the inspiration that is contained in each blog you write, thank you !
    I had fallen into a deep deep sleep, I no longer trusted myself, I was in a pretty sad and lonely spot, feeling that my life would not improve, feeling like I had my shot and I blew it. I was so so deeply entrenched in the sleeping phase, no matter what tools I may have known, i was unable to use any of them.
    I was meditating daily, only so I could be kind to my family, not so much because i believed anything would ever improve, cause i was thinking the chance at a good life had come and gone for my family.
    One night, I needed to find something to make me calm, with no one to phone, I turned to the internet. I stumbled onto your site somehow, Spirit led me there, i am sure .. the oddness, the quirky idea of a world renowned psychic that is also a singer !! .. that intrigued me and i listened to a song ..
    From then onwards, I have read the blog each week ! .. I always like to read it !
    Mainly i would like to say that you helped me to become awake again, I had been given so many great teaching tools over the years, but i forgot.
    Staying in the ‘Middle’ is a teaching i had forgotten when my life went into the dumper !!! .. This is what you re-awakened in me “to walk the middle way” .. What a blessing !!!
    Around 2008, I/we had the pleasure of hosting a Peruvian shaman Willaru Huayta, he gave a talk at our home. He taught the teaching of walking the middle way, it profoundly affected me, i lived differently after that encounter. But during our financial downfall, i really forgot it. I was not doing it ..until i found you and you poked all the right places with your words, spoken and sung. Finding your site was a miracle my soul called for !
    I am beyond grateful for the awakening, again ! .. Walking the middle way now ! .. feeling groovy dare I say xoxo

  • Marilyn

    COLETTE, THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!!!! Eye contact….Big Smile, lil Giggle Hug, Heart to Heart. Namaste’

  • Richalyn

    Woohoo, I’m right in the middle with the Fun Bunch!! Thanks Colette!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for your continued wisdom and guidance and helping us to allow ourselves to focus on shining our lights vs taking sides or making judgements. Extremely grateful for that. As someone who is very empathic and used to look at it as a curse, I can truly say your teachings have helped tremendously… I am now grateful for my gift and am grateful to continue learning and helping others. That took a damn long time and many many damn lessons… and looking forward to gratefully flowing in the current… I know you recommend salt baths.. any recommendations for those of us with only a shower?

  • Lauren

    Ok..this is just too funny….glanced quickly at the title of this Blog and thought it said “Let’s Go to the Beach and Swim” LOL I will take that slip to mean I need to relax and have fun

  • janice

    Thank you so much for this reading Colette. It just fit like a glove for me–was in a state of confusion over a problem but your wonderful advice as usual has set me free. I know exactly where I am heading and happy to be getting started. Love all your readings , you are such a wonderful person to share with us unconditionally. thank you so much once again

  • Ivonne

    Thank you Colette for all your guidance! Can’t wait for the launch of your new Tarot!!

  • Elle

    Hi Colette! I appreciate your honest yet balanced readings. I’ve been meditating more, relying on my own intuition and “predictive” abilities as well as turning to balanced intuitives for guidance or confirmation. I’ve found a site posted by a local psychic who posts her own visions (and those of her students) plus those sent to her. They are incredibly dark, but often accurate – such as seeing a “grey haired man” as the next appointed Justice (which I have to admit is pretty vague, but others are far more accurate), and she herself comments on posts saying “that’s what I’m afraid of”. I find myself drawn to what people are seeing, but think that everyone on that site is operating from a place of fear, and I only go there when I’m frightened/unsure, or thinking that my feelings that things will work out in my favor aren’t true. Am I delusional to think that the intuitive guidance I’ve been receiving during meditation – to raise my vibration and “feed” people, even though I’m not sure what that last piece of advice means – is invalid and that a group of dark but somewhat spot on visions are true? Or are they true but not for me due to their basis of fear, which I’m working to rise above? I know this is a bit of a ramble, but it really makes me feel unsure of myself. Thanks in advance! E

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you know.. fear is relative You are not delusional in fact now is the time that we need to hammer down on happiness and joy, in spite of the shift ( which is always temporary and evolving anyway) Go be a bright light .. we need to shine into the dark not shy away from it. And, connect with others of like mind. Swim in the middle honey people from both sides need us..

      • Elle

        Thanks so much for your reply, Colette! I really appreciate it. I’m spending more and more time in meditation daily, and I find that it helps me to release fear and be joyful. A la prochaine!

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