Santa Colette’s Favorite Things and Stocking Stuffers! ( plus a special gift for YOU)!

Updated: December 4, 2017

Santa Colette’s Favorite Things and Stocking Stuffers! ( plus a special gift for YOU)

Ho Ho Ho. Why can’t it snow?? I know I know I am insufferable around now with way too much joy so I MUST share it and spread it around! And, honestly I only want it to snow on Xmas, then it can move along but alas I am not in charge of the weather. (or much else for that matter- other than my thoughts which keep me very busy!)

So before we get to the stocking stuffers lets talk about my gift to you to say thank you for reading my blogs and showing up on Facebook, taking courses with me, etc.

One of my most favorite things is finding excellent quality meditation technology that I can share with my fans. If you saw my ipad (or itunes bills) you will see every meditation app you can think of!! I have taught meditation for over 30 years, and am planning to offer meditation coach training sometime soon (stay tuned) so I have really been immersed in the newest scientific findings and how to apply them mindfully!

Pun intended.

I have enjoyed many of them but my VERY favorite meditations come from a company called IAwake Technologies.

The science behind their technology is impeccably researched and I don’t think I have ever gone so deep into my practice as when I use their meditation tracks. Actually I bought so many and sent so many people to their website they wrote to find out who the heck I was!

And, now, after a wonderful meeting of the minds and hearts Ta-Da They have GENEROUSLY agreed to offer my 4 best choices for you this Christmas for free! ( absolutely no charge)


Here is what you’ll receive from me, and them, to YOU! :-

   The Call of the Heart is a full album of Nordic lullabies accompanied by brainwave and heart energy enhancing technology that is so breathtakingly beautiful my heart opened so much I thought I would burst with love and compassion when I first heard it.

Then there are 3 more!

Deep Theta, a 20 minute meditation that will relax you and get you into a calm alert state of mind.



Ho’oponopono, a tribute to the Hawaiian forgiveness and acceptance healing technique



Gammaburst, the best wake up your mind meditation, which I use whenever I need to clear my energy and get focused and energized for my day! (or if I get sleepy or foggy from too many Xmas cookies- who me ??!)


I am so excited to introduce you to this company, their products and their integrity and meticulous care and love with everything they do. Stay tuned to some special CBR & iAwake collaborations and offerings next year!





Now let’s talk about Stocking Stuffers!

Let’s face it the holidays can get pricey with all the gifts you’d like to give and the meaning you’d like them to have when you gift them!

  1. Oracle Cards

How about gifting someone with a small yet mighty box of miracles, meaning and a whole lot of magic!?!
Everyone loves oracle cards (even the ones in the spiritual closet will dance with glee), and mine are all built from a similar “architecture” derived from ancient mystical divination traditions remade for the modern spiritual seeker.

The artwork is stunning and evocative and each oracle deck has its own personality and is accompanied by a detailed instruction booklet.
You can have a direct dial to the divine!!

Postcards from Spirit will make everyone smile as they choose one card from the deck to connect them to a personal intimate, accurate and friendly message from Spirit. Imagine connecting with loved ones who have crossed over, your spirit guides or even guardian angel! Now you can get a powerful soothing message in the form of an antique postcard with a stamp that says 2 cents from heaven!



Wisdom of the Oracle for that special someone on a spiritual path who is on the road to creating their best life and needs guidance (who doesn’t?) from the Conscious Universe, Spirit, whatever name one calls the Higher Power that animates all of life. This is my most extensive deck with categories covering love and relationships, career and finance, and protection cards to steer you away from repeating that pesky pattern that didn’t work the first time!



The Enchanted Map Oracle is a beautiful gift for those who like to imagine their life an evolving map of amazing experiences and lessons learned along the way. This deck will give accurate guidance to those seeking empowerment to choose their next right action, learn how to avoid obstacles, and how to tend to their Field of Dreams to find treasures hidden in plain sight.



Wisdom of The Hidden Realms is for that someone who loves whimsy and fantasy and would connect to a magical world where wise beings come to shed Light on your path, support you to create your best life, steer you away from repeat patterns and guide you to manifest your dreams. Allies and Challengers guide you expertly to know your highest self and tune into the power to create reality.



Wisdom of Avalon – a beautiful gift for that someone who loves stories of ancient mystical realms and legends of Ancient Britain. Inspired by the time of King Arthur, and the legend of Avalon and her priestesses this deck offers symbols and animals and sacred journey markers to guide you to your most meaningful life in all aspects.



I hope you will choose to give the gift of Spirit this holiday and make it meaningful!

Love you always and forever. Enjoy the meditations. I am so grateful for you.




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  • Therese Castro

    Dearest Colette,

    Thank you so much for your gifts and for IAWAKE, too! I adore you and all that I do. I Wisdom of the Oracle for my personal life and for professional readings and I have Postcards from Spirit and Enchanted Map on the way! I’m so excited and truly healing is the best present anyone could give themselves and others.

    I appreciate you. You inspire me with your courage to be yourself and not be so brought down by what other people think. I want to speak more about spirituality because in my environment, there’s so many people struggling to find meaning, purpose, comfort, and God. I feel shy and even ashamed — it’s all this programming I’ve grown up with. Hearing you speak, reading your book (totally loving Uncharted!), and using your cards is helping me develop courage.

    I’m so sad I couldn’t see you in New York for your fundraiser, is it? I go to New York every summer to visit family (I’m all the way across the world, in the Philippines). It would have been awesome to see you do your thing live!

    My mom’s advocacy is animals so she would have loved it as well. We have a happy home of rescued cats and a dog, and are supporting a local shelter!

    Much love, hugs, and Christmas cheer!


  • Briana

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity, Colette! I am grateful for having found you and your work.
    Blessings to you,

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your generosity! 💜🙏💜🙏. I just purchased all of your decks I didn’t have from Hay House, in preparation for Shared Wisdom!!!

  • Brenda

    You are so generous Colette. Thank you <3

  • Jane

    Thanks for the gift, enjoyed listening. Love your readings and have all your cards. Looking forward to your new animal cards.

  • Joan

    Thank you so much for the meditation downloads! I look forward to listening. 🙂

    I love your oracle card decks. I already own The Map, The Good Tarot and Postcards from Spirit. The next one I want to get is Wisdom of the Oracle which may be a stocking stuffer to me! These cards help me start my day with good focus and intention.

  • Lisa Lawrence

    Let it snow- let it snow- let it snow- on Christmas Day I am with you on that one Colette. It looks beautiful but I prefer seeing green grass and beautiful trees full of leaves! Oh well this is Canada and it does snow you would think I would be used to it!! Thank you thank you for the beautiful free meditations I am so looking forward to trying them. You amazingly beautiful Oracle cards are on my Christmas list and I hope Santa brings me the ones I don’t have. Wishing you a Merry Merry Christmas Colette and all the blessings the Universe has to offer in 2018…Looking forward to what 2018 has in store for me – let see what I can manifest….ho ho ho….

  • Cheryl

    Thank you!!!! I just downloaded the meditations…can’t wait to try one today. I really want to thank you Colette. You are so generous in providing tools to help us on this soul journey.

    Although I have all of the cards, I’m currently using the Wisdom of Avalon deck. The growth I’ve experienced is so wonderful…and I’m having fun!! Fyi- I tend to draw a card from Postcards from Heaven whenever I need a “hug”. The postcards help me remember how loved I am.

    Thank you again!!

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you for the meditations, Colette! I am so grateful for you. May all good things come to you, too.

  • Catherine

    Hi Colette,

    Thank you very much for the medItation gift. As well as the gift we receive through out the year with your newsletter ( and thank you so much for all you do to raise money for animals !).

    My now husband, when we first met was my meditation teacher. I got a mediumship reading and wanted to know about a crush, she told me to join her psychic site as her guide told her I had ability. Well, straight away I met a sexy meditation teacher on the site who came onto me ;). He was smooth, charming and funny and after my mentor kept missing online circle and my meditation teacher took it upon himself to train me as well as showing up at all my other classes lol. It was pretty obvious the real reason I was led to that site. It was to met my soulmate and husband 🙂

  • Linda Day

    Want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

  • laveen thompson

    Thank you for the gifts of meditations from iAwake.!!!

  • Emilia

    I can feel your joyfullness beam through the screen(computer). Am smiling as I read this. Sooo delightful! Thankyou for the meditation gift. The best. Much appreciated. Wishing you snow-just for Christmas. 🙂

  • Sheri Butler

    Colette – you make me smile everyday! Thank you so much for the work you do, and for these meditations 🙂 I also LOVE that you do so many charity events to help the beautiful animals on this planet. These are the causes closest to my heart (Veterinary Technology is my field)! Animals are my passion, and they are given to us by God to care for and love!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family (human and canine)! And special blessings in 2018!

  • Renee Sugar

    Dear Colette;
    WOW!!!! So appreciated the weekly oracle guidance. SPOT ON!! I didn’t get what I thought I wanted and was receiving signals that maybe it wasn’t blessed, or there was something unethical about the collaborative partners and their business practice. Even though I really felt the form was the right one; I see now that I was protected and the deal didn’t proceed. So yes I was blessed, and learned to not second guess the intuitive signal that was telling me end of the story at least in this doorway. Nothing terrible happened, it really was a very proactive, learning experience. So for that I am grateful that Spirit does have my back and whatever is meant for me isn’t being withheld; it is being delayed because there is a better way/doorway. When I am feeling that anxious/uncomfortable it usually means that there is a sound reason not to proceed. Yes I was a little annoyed that “not yet” was the outcome but I am willing to be more patient for the best outcome that blesses everyone involved. Many Thanks
    Lots of Love Renee

  • Katherine

    Colette, as always you are so amazingly wonderful! I have all of your card ducks except postcards from spirit and they are all filled with such love, wisdom, and such accuracy. There is no way to get a bad reading. Thank you so much fit the meditation gifts! You are a magnificent example of our human potential! Love yoh

  • Colette Vosberg

    Thank you, thank you for the meditation gift. I already love them and will augment my practice perfectly.

  • Maria

    Thank you Colette !!!
    My life has been kind of caotic ,but i am bless through it all. Love you always 😘

  • Sharon

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Colette for opening up your heart and your life to all of us, so that we may share the love and the healing that comes with love. May you and Marc and all of your fur babies have a blessed holiday!!

  • Joy McElroy

    Thank you, Colette! What wonderful gifts to share with us- I am excited to listen! Beautiful blessings to you and yours! 🙂

  • Lindsey

    Awesome! Thanks Colette for reminding me to be grateful for everything!

  • Lisa

    Thank you so much Colette for these wonderful gifts.
    Many Smiles to

  • Tori

    Thank you so much Colette!
    My favorite gifts to give or receive is music!
    Sunday Dec. 10th is my birthday so you and spirit new EXACTLY what to surprise me with!🎂🎄🎁


  • Cynthia

    Thank you !

    Looking forward to listening to these gifts.

    May it snow on Christmas wherever you are. Like you I love it on Christmas, here in NYC the cheer is here.


  • Marlene

    Love it. Always great to listen to you. U always make everything. So exciting ,,,Marlene

  • Paulette

    Thanks you Collette,
    Your mails and videos always bring happiness! And I know one day I’ll be able to enroll in your wonderful school! Xoxo

  • Linda

    Collette, thank you so much for the meditations! wow, wow, wow! totally unexpected and totally delightful! Thank you!
    I’m in Colorado and won’t be in New York, but where can I contribute to the charity event you are doing tomorrow? Sending much love your way for a wonderful response with the readings, wish I could be there! huggs to you and Thomas, asking Angels to prepare your way

  • Anonymous

    I am really growing to love and be enriched by these weekly readings! Thank you so much!

  • Gaye Eaves

    I am really growing to love and be enriched by these weekly readings! Thank you so much!

  • Melissa Simons

    Hi Colette,
    I bought Wisdom of the Oracle and LOVE IT!!! Every reading is right on. I also am almost finished with Uncharted. I have the Audible version and plan on stating it over as soon as I finish. Slowly but surly I am learning to trust myself (intuition). I appreciate the way you explain things…you speak my language, I too am in recovery 16 years. Thank you for all the work you do.

  • Anonymous

    thanks Colette, love the reading what I need to hear this week.
    Thanks for helping the animals they give us so much love and Joy. ( I do support in Canada as well,) Have a wonderful week . Light and Love Maggie

  • Tammy

    Thank you soooo much Santa Colette! I’m excited to start listening to the iAwake meditations! Happy Holidays to you and yours. <3

  • Pamela

    Thank you so much for the amazing gifts & reading & all that you do! Many blessings 🙂

  • Sandy

    Thanks for the gifts, Colette! Bless you for helping us all!

  • Dawn

    Dear Colette, I’m really looking forward to the meditations! Thank you so much! It’s been a wonderful awakening going through Personal Mastery again. Thank you so much for opening you Oracle School! This is the most life empowering course I have ever taken.

  • Debbi

    Colette, that’s an incredible gift — Thank you so much! 😀 Wishing you the merriest of Christmases! xoxo

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

  • Melody

    Thank you so much for the meditations! I’m looking forward most to listening to Deeply Theta. Really helpful for people who find the holidays stressful. Thanks a bunch! <3

  • Deborah

    Thank you! Got the sound tracks downloaded and that company seems pretty cool…chill… like I’ll be feeling soon after listening. 😁

  • Sherry

    Thank you so very much for the meditations Colette! I can’t wait to listen to them. Your timing is perfect – as usual. Much love.

  • Annie

    Thank you for your sweet and generous gift which will be the gift that keeps on giving!
    Love what you are doing in the world and grateful for your kindness. Blessings from a sober sister 🙂

  • Marissa

    Thank you, Colette! Love everything you do- you are one of the best teachers I have ever had! Happy Happy Joy Joy to you!

  • SRS

    Hi Colette, Thank you so much for offering these meditations to us! As an avid user of your meditations, I fully trust in your recommendations and am looking forward to incorporating these new ones into my practice.

  • Nancy Mason

    Thank you very much! & Merry Christmas! Best things are yet to come! xo

  • Celeste

    Ooh! Thank you for gifting these meditations–so many wonderful things to explore! I hope your holiday season is merry and bright and filled with love.

  • Barb

    I have actually missed your postings …Thank you so much …

  • Mary Martha Pazos

    Dear Colette,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your marvelous, magical gift from IAwake Technologies, and thanks to IAwake, also. I am listening to one of the tracks now. AWESOME!
    God bless you.

  • Robyn

    thank you so much for all your generosity and compassion, Collette, may you have a beautiful, loving and peaceful holiday season xxxx

  • Maria

    Hi there 🙂
    LV your Spirit that gives of yourself!
    Thank you for the explanation of the cards and will give my family a hint of what they can get me :for Christmas : Great idea for friends also!
    Thank u :))

  • Wendy

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Darling Colette! What an amazing generous gift!!. I’m so excited. I’m also so so excited to hear that you are looking at introducing more of your own meditations. I have always loved your meditations in the past so I am so looking forward to this. Wishing you a Magical beautiful white Christmas whilst we on the other side of the world will be basking by the sea having BBQ’s and enjoying summer time! Huge Love! xxx

  • Amrita

    Thank you Colette, for your beautiful generosity. Your oracle cards are the absolute best for accuracy and I have them all! Thank you for being the most awesome teacher in Oracle School, genuine, kind and really caring about your students. Oracle School has changed my life. It’s been a major blessing to learn from you. Hugs and big big love!

  • Elayne

    Love you…thx not being paying attention! Mercy…Merci!!

  • Tammie Kruse

    One of my cards yesterday were Why, Ying and Blessed, in Protection.

  • Julie Lowden

    Colette; thank you for these incredible meditations! Ty for OS … that little seed is growing into the beautiful pot you have shown me. Thank you to you and your team for helping me be receptive to Spirit and finding calm and peace in all of me. As I continue to to grow with love, kindness and compassion; 2018 is looking to be a awesome year! And my little Godbox may be full to attend SW in 2018 but definitely in 2019. All in divine timung. May your holiday season be delightful. Love Julie 😙

  • Mai Huong Nguyen

    I love how prescriptive your Wisdom of the Oracles are. I have many other decks from others I also enjoy, yet the prescription really resonates with me now. Your bubbly energy is so contagious! I’ve purchased your seminars through Hay House and really enjoy listening to them even though they’re from 10 years ago:). Thank you so much.

  • Cynthia Eyer


    Thank YOU so much for your awesome gift!!! I am so interested in your Meditation course when it comes about.

    Bowing in Honor of You and a Magikal Christmas to you and yours!

    Lady Fae

  • Donna

    thank you Colette! Blessings to you. I am looking forward to listening to your most wonderful and generous gift! love and light to you! xxoo

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for these downloads! I like having a variety of choice for my meditation regime and I trust your recommendation : ) I am looking forward to testing them out.
    Merry Christmas to you
    In Gratitude
    Jennifer xoxo

  • Alexandra Levin

    Dear Colette,
    I want to thank you for the gifts you have shared and thank you so much for your gift(s) that you have been sharing so generously over the years. I wish you and your loved ones an abundant 2018.
    Alexandra Levin

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much Colette ,wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy ,Healthy New Year, love Judy

  • Athena

    Hi Colette!

    I was just wondering if your meditations were still available to purchase? I loved the courage and sanctuary ones that you did a while back. 🙂


  • Jackmurphy

    You are truly an amazing lady ,,,,, can’t decide which cards are best for me ,,,,,,but so glad you are helping an animal shelter ,,,, blessings to you and your loved ones 💚💚💚

  • Bonita


    Thank you so much for sharing your cards, Spirit’s messages, and just for you being you. You are an inspiration! I am grateful for the blessing of you.

  • Anne

    Thank you for your gifts! What amazing tracks for meditation.
    Best wishes for the festive season.

  • Michelle Stone

    Thank you so much for the free gifts Colette. I respect your work so much. Your oracle cards are so amazing. The Enchanted Map and the Wisdom of the Oracle are my favorites.

  • Dee janes

    Merry.Christmas Colette! Thankyou verymuch for providing these meditations!! The synchronicity in how I came upon this blog tonight. So grateful to you and Spirit and one of the house mentors.

    Its snowing here in Atlanta. No electricty. I will send you some snow lol. This is the perfect way to end today! See you in Shared Wisdom.

  • Dora

    Hi Colette
    I love love ur weekly readings & try to catch u as much as can on Facebook live.
    Thank you for the Christmas gift of ur fav meditations can’t wait to relax n listen. Will check out the company too.
    I have 2 decks of urs Wisdom of the Oracle & The Enchanted Map Oracle. I use the 1st one more so I’m still try to wrap my mind around the latter. My next investment may be The Postcards from Spirit. I’m inspired by the cards when u pull for people. One day I’ll have the guts to call you or talk to on fb. I’m in Australia. Wish u were closer I would go to ur workshops.
    Anyway thank you for being you, being natural and no fuss. God bless and keep rocking, I know u help a great deal of people. X. Love you 🎄And Merry Christmas 🙋🏻

  • Laurien

    Thank you so much Colette, I am also like you curious to discover new meditations and I just love to listen to them and feel how they resonate with me.

    Thank you for gifting these meditations and giving your tip on IAwake. I will be gladly listening to these meditations.

    Have some great days with the holidays

    Love, Laurien <3

  • vera

    Thank you so, lots of Love Vera

  • Sherabdorji

    Thank you for sending this very good gifts very interesting

  • Caroline Behrens

    Dear Colette. It’s taken me a week, but I just want to thank you for your generous present of the downloads. from I awake. I listened to them every night for the past few nights and they seemed to have given me a gentle push to do the things I needed to do, as well as see parts of my shadow side which I had not looked at. Strangely enough it was ok, and I did n’t go into a downward spiral! I felt that everything was beautifully synchronised. I am very grateful for that. I love your blogs and your weekly readings. They seem to be always so spot on!

  • Dee

    Thank you so much, Colette, for these wonderful gifts and most especially for your love and dedication to Spirit, yourself and to us!

  • Penny

    Thank you so much for your gifts – just what I called for and I’m looking forward to using and enjoying the meditations. Much love xo

  • Janine

    I have collected all of your cards except the Postcards. And I am excited to add them to the family of these wonderful decks!

  • Lisa Francis

    Thank you Colette for another whole year of providing blogs for me to read and ponder ! I so appreciate reading them ! .. I will download the meditations, thank you ! .. On a side note, when i read the blog to Errol, (my techie .. he will make sure my downloads end up where i can find them ! ) so today he told me that he has been playing your meditation daily over the brainwave beats he uses, since the summer !! .. how did i not know ? ! .. anyhow you have added so much goodness to our life in 2017 .. thank you thank you thank you .. happy holidays to you and to Marc !! xox Big Love, Lisa

  • Linda-Joy

    Thank you Colette for the many blessings you so generously share. I look forward to the IAWAKE meditations, thank you and them for the introduction and beautiful gifts. Merry Christmas to you, Marc, and your fur babies. Joyful Blessings now and for 2018.

  • Sharon Hiebert

    You’ve gone above and beyond again, Colette. Thank you! Your incredible generosity does not surprise me yet, it truly is a surprise each time you demonstrate your commitment to helping others. No need to wonder why you have so many dedicated fans and followers. You are a genuine leader! The real deal, as they say.

    I’ve just received my order of The Good Tarot, Enchanted Map, and Hidden Realms from Amazon. Cracked open The Good Tarot and got acquainted with the cards. They are lovely and I think I am going to enjoy working with them. I have a connection and affinity to The Wisdom of Avalon but love all of your cards.

    My best to you this Christmas Season! xo Sharon Hiebert

  • Janet

    Colette, wishing you a joyous holiday season and fabulous 2018❤️ Thank you for these great meditations, and your always generous Spirit🤩

  • Jacqueline

    Dear Colette,
    I am so grateful for this more than fabulous gift… that just arrived after I bought the Good Tarot deck. For so long, I have been scared of my intuition. For so long I had mixed feelings about my ability to see like Odin. Last november, I’ve decided to let go of my fears and past limiting beliefs. The journey is full of good surprises. I see now all the progress I’ve made on my journey.
    The meditations are beautiful. I love the Mama’s song.
    Thank you thank you thank you for being such a bright light for all of us. Merry Christmas to you and your family! xox

  • Corinna Downes

    Thank you so much for the meditations, Colette. The Nordic lullabies are so beautiful. Blessings for the Season to you and yours. xxx

  • Deborah Meert

    Thank you! Thank you! I can’t wait to try these <3

  • Michelle Keat

    Thank you Santa Colette for the free gifts. They are much appreciated and I have just downloaded them all. This year I have purchased two of your decks, The wisdom of the oracle, my absolute favorite and The Good Tarot.I love your weekly oracle card readings and have I learnt sooooo much from them. I would love to attend oracle school but financially it was out of reach this year, lets see what happens next year, Divine timing and all that. Thanks for being you and sharing your gifts to the world. It makes my life that little more Magical.

  • Shelagh

    Colette, you continue to amaze. Absolutely cannot thank you enough for these tracks, and everything you do, and give, and are. You’re a gift to the world. Big fan of iAwake also, and of John Dupuy’s work in addictions. All the very best to you and yours. Love you sooooo much.

  • Jeana

    Thank you for sharing this amazing gift Colette!! My heart is filled with so much gratitude. You’re a beautiful blessing. Wishing you and your family a magical holiday, and a safe, happy, & healthy 2018! Love you! xoxo

  • anonomous

    Thank you for your generosity . I am sincerely grateful

  • Denise

    Thank you Colette for such beautiful generous gifts! I have four of your card decks, and I am sharing the love by sending my sister “Postcards from Spirit” for Christmas! Sending you and your family much love and light for a Happy Healthy New Year!!

  • Brenda

    Thank you so much for your gift hope your Christmas was wonderful and you feel better
    Happy new year 🔮

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