Predicting the Future.. or Creating it?!

Updated: September 27, 2017

Ok this is a hot topic in my special forums online and so I thought what a great discussion it could be for my blog!

If you’ve been following my posts about Oracle School you will know and hear me say some strong things about working with oracles and how asking “ what’s going to happen” is about giving away your power instead of being empowered to choose, to intend, and to see who we can become in partnership with Spirit.

This may seem contradictory given I have built my reputation over 30 years on predictive accuracy as an intuitive although I have always maintained that I am only looking at probabilities and never absolutes.

I do not believe in absolute determinism.

If I did I would not be where I am today since a number of well known intuitives in the past have predicted things that had I continued on the path I was on would likely have happened.
I changed and the vantage point changed, the predictions changed because my choices changed.

It is always about potentials that you see from a specific vantage point.
Can you imagine that if you view looking into the future as an absolute then that is like saying you have no choice to change or to course correct!

It’s not that I am saying you can’t predict the future. Some of us have an ability to see into the Divine Matrix, like I see it as moving lines of energy brimming with potentials like silvery highways where I can track stories, and I can see when things criss cross and its like I see a snap-shot of what’s possible and it’s like I remember the future.

But that is the thing.. Yes one can begin to look into the grid and pull out the stories and yes it gives a level of certainty to the person wanting you to look but it does not remove life on life’s terms or even come vaguely close to describing a person’s experience along the way which is the most important part of the equation.

Today I feel strongly that to be fully empowered as a co-creator it’s so much more important to look at how you are manifesting your future, your part in the creating of it, the reactions, how your past continues to invite you to dance, whether you need to course correct, and how to manage your intentions within the framework of potentiality.

Someone asked me this week why, in a 3 card reading do you have a future position? Because it shows the direction you are heading into, the energy and theme that is evolving in your story in motion but not a destination. That is the most dangerous thing to think. That we will ever arrive and get to always feel good, prosperous and on purpose is a lie. We will experience all of life, suffering will come as it will of its own accord too as we live our lives, watch pets and loved ones cross over, experience heart break, failure and disappointment and shed the light of our hearts into our own shadows to heal.

So yes it’s a complicated subject but an important one since the past few years those of us who have committed to deliberate conscious living have begun to evolve at an accelerated pace and more often than not will already become a new self, and will have moved so far beyond any prediction or snap shot of the possible future that it doesn’t matter who sees what. It’s all possibilities and potentials and it’s SO much more fun to jump into the co-creation seat with Spirit as our partner to see where our adventure will take us.

Who do you want to become? Who is in there? Are you ready to shine? What prevents you from being all that you could?

So this is why in Oracle School and in all my teachings these days I steer people away from predictions and into the responsibility of co-creation. You can use oracles to view your potential future but you also need to release your hold on the exact form as 9 times out of 10 what arises comes in a form and experience much different that your expectations.

So I’m going to invite you to tune into your body and ask yourself. How does it feel to choose to co-create your reality in partnership with the Divine? How does it feel to ask “ what’s going to happen”? Does the second question bring up some fear? In the asking of it, what is your motive and what will the answer mean to you? Will it bring you more certainty? Then what? Compare the two.. Which feels more grounded?

It’s true that knowing the next right action , or step, or likely outcome is smart and strategic, and confirmation is always good but looking too far into the future can rob you of your power to create and discover, experience and embody life each moment. We co-create reality every day either deliberately planting the seeds of our most cherished desires and intentions, or scattering the seeds of weeds unconsciously. Asleep or awake we are always part of the dance, part of the planting.

I don’t know about you but as much as I can I would like to be awake to what I’m planting but at the same time I would like to know if I’ve inadvertently invited a pest or an old story that might choke out the growth I’m hoping to see out-pictured in my world. But knowing this is possible and doing something about it is very different than being told “ Your entire harvest will shrivel in
front of you ”, well it might if you don’t do anything about it!

Believe me I have had intuitives predict all kinds of things that I decided HELL NO, and did the work on my perceptions and perspectives, and became the person who could choose another outcome.

The future sure is seductive though especially in times of such deep uncertainty ( um like around now?) Everyone wants assurances they will be ok.
The thing is you are the only one to decide that and do what it takes for that to be true.

So if you are the kind of person that loves to go for predictive readings remember the law of non attachment, don’t hang on to it as if it was a permanent destination. You can always course correct if you hear something that doesn’t feel in alignment. Don’t give your power away and become an arm-chair astronaut sitting back waiting for this perfect thing to come true.

Now more than ever people need to learn to stay in the now and tend to their gardens, their Field of Dreams and not buy into the fear of needing to know “everything is going to be good one day”. It’s good right now. Even if it’s not temporarily.

I’m so grateful to be able to offer this wisdom to people now at this point in my career. I’ve seen the future and I know staying in the now is the only way I can co-create it with Spirit and that way life will always be a surprise and an adventure!

Speaking of surprise and adventure. When co-creating deliberately and consciously the only way things come to fruition is to release the form and remember that Spirit has the plan you just need to get out of the way, and then there is the part where we also have to deal with life on life’s terms too. It’s how we show up that determines our most profound experience.

I have a great story about this to share.

So I had the great opportunity to tape a TV show called Messages from Spirit in Canada 3 years ago which changed my life. Now, it was seen on a cable network that had a small viewership so regardless of the experience I didn’t expect a huge end result. The experience was the thing of import not where it went or would go.My friend Connie, one of the producers and me had a statement since the day we met “ Spirit has a plan!” It was humbling and beautiful and scary and amazing all at once, and to be honest it didn’t felt finished when it was. I wrote about it in my book Uncharted.

A while later, I had about 18 months of connecting to a US TV opportunity wherein I got too attached then really knew I had to let go. Nothing happened in the end anyway ( normal in pitching tv shows) Now an intuitive friend predicted that my small tv show would lead to a tv show with a big network in the USA. ( of course I hoped that would be true) but last year when nothing happened I put all my focus into Oracle School. Now there was no time for TV etc. and had it happened I would not be here! My mantra has always been “ what is mine will not go past me” and I believe that wholeheartedly for everyone.

So I forgot all about TV, let it go and figured that seed would not bear fruit.
So not only does Spirit have a plan but a giant sense of humor.

Today I find out my little Canadian TV show is now on a huge major network in the USA. Where? Amazon !! I would never have thought that might happen.
So I hope you watch and love it. It’s all mediumship and no oracle cards but it’s honest, I’m grateful for the opportunity and it was something that forced me past my comfort zone and brought me to where I am today.

So have you ever had something happen you wanted then it fizzled then came back in a completely surprising form you were not expecting?

No matter what we’re told about the future, no matter what seeds we plant deliberately in the end it’s Spirit that has the plan of the form that is best for us that matches where we are. That’s why life is for co-creating.. Like spiritual teacher Forrest Gump said “ Life is a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get”.

Thing is you can choose a box of garbage or a box of chocolates.. That’s the part we can co-create!

Love you always and forever.



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  • Elisa Connelley

    Thanks for this!

  • catherine

    You are without a doubt one of the very best intutitives in future reads and all things..but as you have said and I know is that future reads are in that moment and a most likely probable and not absolute as we have the ability to re-create our future…When I have worked with you it has been amazingly helpful to have your insights as to how they jive with mine…Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees and to have your amazing ability of accessing the data available to give your perspective is priceless. It helps to avoid potential issues or to revise a business strategy, product or service or relationship…Surrounding you and your tribe with love and gratitude

  • chantal archambault

    Colette, I love your blog!
    We don’t know each other but I know that I just love you my dear ???????? God Bless you and everyone around you !

  • Marianne Boulejiouch

    I have been watching Messages from Spirit and you are amazing. Thank you for lifting up my energy and reminding me everyday to co-create with Spirit.

  • D.M.

    What if the “absolute” aka non-negotiable, set in stone kind of view that you advise us against coming to the cards with in our question… seems to be coming from the card? I recently asked “What do I need to know for my highest good, in alignment with Divine purpose, with regard to (my spouse)” The first card was one I’ve never seen before: “Not For You”. –Goes with the Forest Gump reference.

  • Caroline

    Your are as always, Inspiring!

  • Sandi Fleck

    ‘Imagine your guides;angels, and ancestors are sitting at your table’. I am sitting at my table with Wisdom of the Oracle and The Good Tarot are open facing me, as you spoke this tears came to my eyes and remain as I write this comment. Confirming I am right where I am suppose to be, I am okay and what is meant for me will not go past me. I guess I am thanking you for being the conduit or the head thumper that reminds me to be true to me and the soul the God of my understanding has called me to be. Yes, I am listening. Grateful that I have connected with you on the road to happy destiny. Love and Light.

  • Vicki

    I adore you! I absolutely adore you. I will meet you someday. I live in Sonoma County and I’ve been on a quest to CREATE my NOW and my future daily since I landed. I resound with your cards and with your classes so much. <3 Sending you Spirit Hugs, Love and Light.

  • Sarah Lou Artman Sauvage

    I stay meditative

    Thank to you

  • Karen

    This takes so much pressure off myself to always be right or choose the perfect way to do something, or not making a decision at all because of fear. I am learning how to trust that what I do will be for my highest good and I always have help along the way. Always trying to be perfect was very exhausting. I had paralysis from analysis. I now feel comfortable to make decisions. You are a great teacher! Will miss you while you are away at school.

  • Susan

    Thanks for sharing this Colette. I plan to share this blog with my 23 yr old son. He has been falling into depression due to life’s hardships. Your words and thoughts are so inspirational to me, I only hope he too can benefit from your wisdom. Thanks again, and never change you are truly a blessing to this world.

  • Anonymous


  • JANE

    I love that you care so passionately for your fellow humans. I have the Oracle deck and have been since it first came out. Yesterday I started to shuffle the deck and a card fell out, I put it back noting it. Then shuffled more. My spread included the card that fell out and two that I pulled last week. Speechless, I am full of wonder of Spirit.

  • Anonymous

    Whoop, Boom, Boom – so awesome and my heart is dancing surrounded by sunshine. Thank you for make the world a better place to be :-))

  • Marianne Thornberg

    Whoop, Boom, Boom – so awesome and my heart is dancing surrounded of the sunshine. Thank you so much for making the world a better place to be :-))

  • Sherri Darocha

    What a beautiful blog! It reiterates the message that first drew me to your work and I’m so grateful to have gotten to know you a bit over the past few months through the personal stories and lesson you share publicly. Until I heard you use the phrase ‘surrender to life on life’s terms,’ I had never actually considered that! You held up surrendering to life on life’s terms as the book end to co-creating with spirit. It was a dramatilc bolt of lightening for me. A wave of realization washed over. I thought,”You mean every failure, death and setback is not me deliberately or unconsciously setting it in motion? Are you saying life has its OWN terms?”
    I had always given the Universe co-authorship for every bit of the incredible love, magic and experiences in my life that have carried me on such an an amazing ride. Yet I maintained full responsibility for all of the messiness & losses, thinking each disappointment or heartbreak must be my screw-up for not working hard enough or creating fully enough or anticipating that someone would need to pass over or experience their own challenges or pain.
    In hindsight, it seems so naive to have held myself faithful to such a false belief. This piqued my curiosity about how many other nuggets of uselessness I must still be carrying around- absurdities that I don’t even realize are obstacles l’ve placed in my path or limits on my thinking. I’m filled with gratitude for the chance to explore this and much more in Oracle School. Thank you for being so real, authentic and generous. You have touched my life in so many ways. XOXO

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      LOVE this post so much!! thanx for writing Sherri!

    • Julie

      I feel this way too. Beautifully said.

  • QiaJenae

    Love the garden metaphor, gonna use that during Meds (Meditation). U Rock! Thanks CBR!

  • Terri

    Loved this post and energy that it gives me.

  • Bob

    Collette, God bless you. Your commitment to helping others is just amazing.

    We’re all special; yet you are beyond. Not blowing smoke…

    I’m so thrilled that my wife and Spirit helped me sign up for O. S. last night. ????????????????????????????

  • Sharon Horwood

    Colette I just read your Blog, it was amazing and simple to understand, it has opened my mind greatly..thank you.

  • Jill Brunak

    Right before I got to the final paragraph with your Forrest Gump quote, my mom walks in the room and offers me a chocolate ???? “It’s 90% cocoa”. Ha, ha! I am definitely supported on my path as are we all when we learn receptivity. Thanks Colette!

  • Lisa Francis

    Dear Colette, This blog is another gem ! .. Your Forest Gump comment, you never know ! .. (we ate the Gump restaurant in Universal, but thats another story) .. my “you never know” story, the Coles notes version, so in the early 80’s i began to read Tarot, i was being taught by a well known psychic in the Beaches .. i quit my secure job with the Hilton and went to work with her, long story short, i stayed with her only briefly because i saw first hand that she had ethics issues .. after that i still read cards for friends while painting fabric and sewing it into clothes .. it was a colourful time and i fell into a fashion career, short-lived but with painted fabric outfits that were in many avant garde shows (even Boy George got one) .. still the odd card readings on the side but for fun not money (i did take home baking) .. eventually after 10 years of reading like that, i decided that anyone could now buy their own cards and read for themselves from the booklet and i simply stopped .. my spiritual life continued but in other ways .. now all these years later i found myself using colour on little paintings, which became portals for messages which i began doing, then i got in your course where you are teaching us how to have a relationship with the Oracle through the cards and by using the booklet .. it feels so much like all the parts have be re-arranged by Spirit to serve a purpose .. so when you say have you had something that fizzled that comes back later in a new way and surprises you >> i totally feel that .. i love the course and the questions you have taught us to ask .. to be in the observer is a wonderful skill and you that teach that very effectively !! .. and about predictions, i was told i would never marry a Jamaican, and years later my husband of course is born there ! .. so we can change them, we have free will .. you predicted i would do something and at the time, it sounded far out .. and i am almost finished that very thing ! .. and it seems good .. but when you said it, i did not see how that could be .. again we never know the form !! .. thank you for the constant teachings, i open to all the good the Universe has for me !! .. you are so much a part of my come back .. xox .. big Love to you .. Lisa

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this! Lisa you are my little sister I made a living also doing avant garde clothes and painted on them!! early 80s!

  • Brenda

    Great story love it

  • Brenda

    Great story love it

  • Lynn

    Have used the Oracle cards daily for past 2 weeks. They are right on target each day! My daily question is: What do I need to know today? I choose 1 Wisdom and 1 Good tarot card & the GT card always supports the Wisdom card. Amazing! I was also raised Anglican & moved to Unity but have done much spiritual research, especially into the mystical schools. Although I am unable to join O.S. at this time, I have learned much from your recent online talks and am encouraged to move forward on my life path. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  • karen wood

    Hi Colette that was so beautifully written I totally agree with you I too see into the future
    but it is possible to change direct and grow to a new vision its a bit like driving a car you check you have the petrol plan your trip (the seeing or knowing where we are going) but we can still tweak or fine tune which road we travel on (create our future) When you think about it we really
    do have it good we can take a peek at our future but can edit it if needed how lucky are we!
    Sending you a huge squeezy hug.
    🙂 xxx

  • Sarah Kernochan

    This post is so important and so eloquent I am going to keep it on hand forever. I think I did not understand the relationship between fate and free will until now. I knew it was a dance, and there was room for fluidity, but had never read it described by a major medium. Now I know how to go forward. Thanks and hugs, Colette. …But I confess I still rely on an annual astrology reading because astrology can best predict the general passages one will face and, most important to me, how long they will last. I mean, when things are stuck and I’m getting increasingly anxious, it helps me to relax and remain hopeful and proactive when I’m told this frustrating period will only last two years!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hi! Sarah! me too I get astrology reading once a year so I can track the energy better.. helped me so much this year in my Saturn return!

  • Renee Sugar

    “THINK ” Take Heart in NOT KNOWING. Love this blog, so full of insight, potential and wisdom. Sometimes I would prefer to not know what is on the way. Have always been able to see fragments of the whole, pieces of a giant puzzle that didn’t even have a picture on the top of the box. It is a lifestyle that asks for much patience, faith and trusting that there is an underlying connectedness about how life unfolds. Sometimes it is so confusing, disorienting, and might even include tragedy, trauma, loss and heartbreak. But on the other side there is discovery, surprise, and serendipity, which is usually a part of a synchronistic co-creative partnership/plan a larger story that hands the next piece to me when it is the right time to place it in just the right spot where it fits. No struggle, no frustration, no striving, pushing, expectation to complete the picture. Today I am celebrating 10 months working with an emerging entrepreneur. There is lots of NOT KNOWING in the unfolding and development of this business venture. Although risky to have entered this door, when I might have chosen a well-established company where the manual/rule book had already been written and to “fit” you were expected to follow the rules or be penalized, ostracized or criticized. Been there , done that!! As neither of us have had this experience before, we really are “experiencing” how to build this story as we go along, Lots of exploring, testing, experimenting and learning, and sharing the most important aspect of this adventure. As I did not know the person who launched the business before I was invited for an interview, she totally trusted me and has grown to rely on my insights, and value and invite feedback and observations. I have a long history in the industry, but don’t think of myself as an expert. In fact, very much a beginner who is seeing how to nurture a new business from the ground up. I am being paid well, and have autonomy, and independence. So almost one year ago as I watched my savings shrinking with no job opportunity in sight; I discovered a doorway that has empowered me to start again, and to get back and stand on my two feet and celebrate the independent woman now 61 years young who can always be ready for a new beginning. SO the moral of this comment is NEVER say NEVER. Be open-minded, expect the best and TRUST that SPIRIT does have your back. I thought I was on my way to retirement, but I have too much energy and insight to share. It feels wonderful to be a part of a larger story, community, and to be connected to the world again and to be of service. I am so grateful for the growth personally, professionally and financially and am currently taking steps to bring a collection my own original artwork into being very slowly, and in concert with the right partners. Where that will take me WHO KNOWS?? I look forward to being surprised beyond my ability to imagine what is possible!!!!!!!!!!!! As always thank you for this blog and your commitment to sharing and inviting others to do so. It is a much appreciated gift.
    Lots of Love
    Wishing you and Marc a Thanksgiving overflowing with many blessings.

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