Change this.. And Change Your Whole World.!

Updated: January 9, 2018

Change this… And Change Your Whole World.

Can our minds really shape our outer world? Yes, our thinking definitely affects a lot of things. If you think and believe you are unworthy (of love, prosperity, achievement etc.) your thoughts, even the random ones will reflect that, and your behaviors and choices will follow.

What we think about often enough will solidify, make a neural network in our brains (straight up science). What happens is that we essentially turn on an automatic pilot set to seek out evidence in the outer world of what we repeat internally. The Law of Abundance states that everything is possible at all times!

You may identify with my dating story. In my early years of dating I kept attracting men who would victimize me or betray me, most were unfaithful, and some were violent and abusive. I’ve shared my #metoo story about how I was raped, molested when I was little, and how shame took up residence inside me. I didn’t believe I was worthy of love, although I didn’t know that at the time, I saw myself as a victim and deep down I was terrified of intimacy. The outer world presented me with many ways to keep this story alive. I only noticed the bad boys.  

I healed from this. I didn’t stay in the victim mindset because I did the work of healing, first at a spiritual level, then when I believed I was worthy enough to heal more, I went to a deeper psychological level. I slowly changed my mind and, as a result of my new choices and sense of purpose, my mind began to work in my favor, thinking better thoughts more often. I eventually completely re-wrote my story and the outer world changed right along with my inner. (My amazing husband would agree)

All you need is the willingness to make the inner shift. You can practice who you want to become! Do it often enough and BAM.. new opportunities show up in front of you like magic. You will begin to notice different things in the world and choose different pathways, people to hang with and new loves.

I chose an oracle card for wise guidance to give something special to end the blog. The card is Imagine! Our minds are powerful and amazing. If we discipline our mind through a daily practice of meditation we can be inspired to create a new version of our self.  We won’t just change our outer world we will also change the world for everyone!  

To make the daily practice of meditation an easy and successful habit I’ve created a new app for you- check it out for iPhone or for Android. It’s already on the top ten list for lifestyle apps in the App store!

You can do it! You are the Magic!


“ Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe!”



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  • Lisa Lawrence

    Thank you Colette- I believe this to be very true and for me the key is to keep believing and “remembering” to be mindful of my own thoughts. I know you love meditations and I enjoy a number of yours, but I am wondering if you only had one meditation available what one would you select?

  • Yvette Moreel

    Thank you Co;tete. I love this app.

  • Lisa

    Hi Colette .. just moments before receiving the email about this blog, i had finished a short facebook live which ended with me hearing and saying something about desires, like forget how and be here now .. seeing your email with the little black, yellow and white “be here now” .. well that just made me smile .. i love life and synchronicity .. thank you for your Light .. it is bright, it is awesome and it is inspiring ! Big Love .. Lisa .. and i have been recommending your meditations to friends and clients .. i find them terrific !

  • Elise Severino

    Wauw that card is such an amazing ending together with an even more amazing reminder for today. Thank you for this beautiful message.

  • Ginny

    Hi Colette. I am confused with the cards at times and have chosen to stop using them. When I pick cards after asking the question I get a card in protection that I know is clearly wrong. I love your work and want to use the cards but I can’t because they aren’t connecting with me or something is amiss. Any thoughts?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      they ALWAYS work. use the booklet and make sure you are asking the right questions. Go to the Oracle School INsiders Group on FB and get a better hang of it there. The cards reflect the dominant energy ..

      • Darlene

        Collette , I think she is getting messages she does not want to hear ! When I first used them I thought the same thing ! But truth be told they are SPOT on ! You don’t always get what you want to hear but you get what you need to hear !! I stuck with them and now use them for daily guidance. They are always right . Spirit wouldn’t stear us wrong .

    • Lauren

      And always, always, always ask for help and protection from Spirit/The Divine/your Helpers before you start to shuffle and choose your cards…..then carefully craft your questions

  • Linda Stark

    Wow. That was exactly what I needed to hear today. Your story is my story. Except the the finding myself. Working on that part. It’s hard. Feeling just come up. People around you don’t get it. You feel so alone. People say your different, you’ve changed, why don’t you give anymore? It’s amazing what you lose with boundaries, oh what you gain though! My spiritual journey started last year and I’m not stopping, I’m fighting though, the people I lose just are not ment to be. I know I’ll find new ones when I’m ready. Thank you, for reminding me it’s a journey we all need to go though. Many Blessings.

  • anna

    I love Postcards from Spirit!!!!!

  • Tonia Hudson

    Thank you,just the right message for me

  • Mary Connors-Carson

    Love your Oracle cards Colette. Still working on my “Dolores” character! ( And know what- I have that wee space between my teeth- brownish reddish hair ( Thank you Nutratint!) and blues eyes and am a singer). 🙂 Need to learn how to apply eyeliner better however! And you look so gorgeous in blue! Am a big fan of Schitt’s Creek- keeps me laughing! And spontaneous dancing to the Bee Gees or Earth Wind and Fire via my Sonos speaker with Pandora! Love to you dear one. Keep sparkling! Mary xoxoxo ps put up the CD baby site where Andy’s and my CD Frances and Dave exists. I think you’d appreciate Farewell Serenade and Such a Wonder.

  • Edna

    I would love to get this app but according to this website the app is not compatible with my cell phone. It is a very old android phone but works well enough so far. Maybe someday when I get a better phone I’ll be able to get this app.

  • Debbie

    I absolutely LOVE your new App !!!
    Thank You, SO much for being so nice to me in December ! It meant the world to me.
    My new baby “Oracle”, is the bees knees !!!
    Love & Blessings For A Magical 2018 !!!

  • Jo-Ann

    Hi Colette. I have been quietly observing you via your ‘decks’ for a while now. But 2nite I tuned into you reading the cards for the first time, & it was as if you had drawn the cards specifically for me. Thank you for helping me. Love & light. Jo

  • Alice

    Thankyou so much Colette! I’ve really missed oracle school and your guidance over Christmas New Year. Got a bit behind with all your wonderful stuff! 🌻🙂🧡

  • Paris Simpson

    Exactly what I have been going through – just yesterday I said to myself it’s all about the story you tell others, especially what you tell yourself. What do you do when you have to repeat a story of an accidents to health professionals, making it more positive and stop going to health professionals. I say, this happened in the past and I feel so much better, I’ve got some residual but I am open to healing those parts. Colette thank you for ALWAYS being a super shining star in my world, our world! Love, Love, Love your work, your words!

  • Renee Sugar

    I was thinking about this blog last night. Seems that there are blocks to how we think, perceive, and frame the world around us. ” Are we living in a hostile/friendly world” Albert Einstein
    Having lived with the plague of “perfectionism” from a fairly early age; it robbed me of
    the ability to celebrate or enjoy any accomplishments, or the gifts that I had been given to develop. Seeing what wasn’t right, the lack, the cracks, the flaws was what I focused my attention on. Pretty sad story. It really was a decision that was made when I met the wheels of a jeep, which nearly ended my life. My right arm broken, I couldn’t do anything the way I once could with ease. I had to relearn how to do the simple tasks and focus my total attention to do them. The surgeon informed me that the right hand would never be the same as the left because of the way the bone was broken. Long story short, it was the crossroads that led me to have a new awareness of the blessings and joys of (a) just being alive, and (b) taking incremental steps toward; that helped me to rebuild my life, and perspective. I know today that experience was a catalyst that was very impactful and fortunately after a lot of rewriting the beliefs, and changing the thoughts, and practicing new ways of approaching any assignment, that EVERTHING is possible. It takes time, patience and a lot of LOVE, FAITH. and BELIEF to till the soil to nurture whatever we conceive in our minds. RE-mind is how I like to think about shifting my attitude, from chronic criticism, dissatisfaction, to appreciation of the smallest blessings. One day while standing at a bus stop a truck stopped in front of me. On the side was written in bold letters. ” Whatever you dwell on grows”. The company was a landscaping business, but the message was clear. Thank you as always for RE-minding me about CHOICE, EMPOWERMENT, and LOVE which fuels all actions, and choices and outcomes. ” Love is the will to nurture ones’ own personal, spiritual growth, or that of another person.”
    Let love lead the way.

  • Amber

    Regarding practicing what we want to become: I love the idea of PRACTICE. A practice is something we attempt on a moment by moment basis, never actually arriving. Consequently we cannot fail. If we set our minds to practicing another language (this is the closest approximation I can currently think of) we would surround ourselves with people who are fluent in the language and also patient with our inadequacies in it. We would speak it every day, every chance we get, knowing we will make mistakes. We would learn to laugh at our blunders, when we order the complete wrong entree at the restaurant or ask for directions to the broom closet instead of the bathroom. We would be gentle and forgiving and we would try, try again. We would PRACTICE.
    And one day we would become fluent, and language would flow from us as easily as a stream flows to the sea. I invite you to be patient while you learn this new, empowering language. It is the language of true love. Love of self and love of all creation in our energetic connection. It will take time. Remember, discount the time it will take to do THE THING, because the time will pass whether you do it or not. Start today.
    Much love,

  • Cheryl Relf

    Thank you once again Collette! I hear you and feel everything you say – so wonderful to hear it expressed in your own way! Yes, yes, yes practice being who you want to be, your subconscious will learn to believe that you mean it!
    Love and Hugs!

  • Beth

    I love the sweater and necklaces you are wearing in the reading…gorgeous!

  • Karen

    Your cards , postcards and blog rang with me again.
    I am becoming more spiritual and along with this, more peaceful and calmer. However, I notice some people are dropping from my life. i believe they know they can’t talk to me in the disrespectful way I allowed them to. I’m so much stronger now. And HAPPY 🎉

  • Lynn Marie

    Dear Colette, I always enjoy reading what you have to say. It’s hard for me to think the law of abundance is really true, it’s the prison waif card that really speaks to me. I have had so many things in my life that did not work out as I had hoped. I was with someone for 20 years where we were planning on getting married years ago, now I can see I don’t love him like I used to and it’s just not going to happen. 10 years ago in my 30s I was going back to college trying to get an associate degree, that just ended up being some kind of wild goose chase and I feel really done with sitting in classrooms with teachers that are as old as me! And right now, I don’t even have an apartment or a car, I’m staying with my parents and it’s very hard for me to be around my dad. I myself don’t like how I’ve become so negative, I don’t want to sound like Debbie downer and I know I do, I’ve just got to not lose hope that good things can happen to me . Using your cards has given me hope when I had hardly any, and I thank you for that. And I am starting to see a therapist right now and I haven’t done therapy in a long time, she seems to be very nice and I hope it helps. It’s not fun to just feel constantly depressed.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      sounds like you are doing all the right things to turn your life around! Try tapping too it works wonders for depression

  • Lynn Marie

    Dear Colette, I wish I didn’t sound so much like Debbie downer or something, I have been through so much, that Prison waif card speaks to me, I need to change my thinking. I get the desert Prince card a lot too, it’s rough. Your cards give me hope.

  • Wenona Lee Gardner

    Dearest Beloved Colette,

    I listened to you celebrate your sobriety birthday and I decided to go to my very first 12 step meeting. I received a beautiful coin for being Mohican Indian that state Native American Recovery with a Medicine Shield and Eagle Feathers and on the back is the following prayer…. Great Spirit Whose Voice I hear in the Wind whose Breath gives life to the world hear me I come to you as one of your many children I am small and weak I need your strength and wisdom. May I walk in Beauty. I carry this coin everywhere and daily read this prayer. My sobriety date is December 26, 2017 and I am 17 days Sober. Here is to my new life!

    Also I am 11 years in the 12 Step group for Families and Friends of Alcoholics and there they said my picker was broken and I kept picking violent alcoholics as lovers. Now I am in love with a gentle gym trainer named Jason and he is Ojibwe Indian and I met his mom and she is so sweet and kind and says Jason and I have a relationship. His mom drove me to a 12 step meeting. I love him so much and I am taking my time to get to know him because they say the first year of recovery you should focus on yourself and not a relationship. So in 2019 I hope for a healthy relationship with Jason. Wish me Good Luck!

    I loved the reading for this week. So inspiration. I also love your Insiders Facebook group and I am saving money for Oracle School in Fall. I love it ! I love you! Thank you for being such an amazing teacher! I love your decks especially the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms. I love your book the Uncharted Journey I love reading it!

    Love Always,

    Wenona Lee Gardner
    Presidential Candidate 2020

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Congratulations dear this sounds so beautiful. This is such a difficult disease and the solution is a spiritual one. I am so happy you chose to go to the program. Remember you stay sober one day at a time only- not for your whole life- just for today. Miracles will come if you stay sober. BRAVO you for your courage. Now the work starts. 😉

  • Gunilla

    Hi Colette! I just read your blog about: Change this… And Change Your Whole World.
    It came exactly at the right time. Thank you!!!!

    I start to use your cards for two months ago, The Enchanted Map, I’ve got so much useful guidance. Thank you again!!!

    With love from Gunilla, Sweden

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