The Divine Secrets of Neutral and Chill!

Updated: June 24, 2018

I’ve worked in this field for 30 years now and the secret to the best way to connect with divine guidance is decidedly not typically how people do it when in times of chaos and uncertainty. (especially lately)

You know what I mean right? You’re freaked out about something so you run to your computer or phone to pick a card online or grab the oracle cards on your table. Shuffle shuffle shuffle. OMG tell me what’s happening??

Your motive? Fear and the need to be told all will be well. You’re looking for certainty in the most uncertain of times, and your energy is completely wonky. You will likely have already decided what the cards mean anyway, or hope they mean and so you project onto them to suit your story rather than see the whole picture. If you don’t like what they say, heck no one is looking let’s put those back and pick new ones.

Or maybe you think you finally found The One and even though you just met you want to know if he (or she) is going to be your very own forever Beloved supporting your every move, cooking dinner while you embark on building the life of your dreams. Speaking of which, you also might be looking at your career and want to know how can you become all that you know you can when the world isn’t behaving? Of course, it’s natural to try to hold on to a branch when the world looks like a super ninja obstacle course.

I swear I wish I could just have a HUG button on my website that senses the energy the person brings to the request for a card’s advice that says “You belong, life will not pass you by, you are loved, hang in there, you won’t end up a bag lady, yes babies are for you! No one can take your dreams away from you. Come back when you’re calm!”

Remaining curious, open, unattached and receptive is the ONLY way to get a true and accurate glimpse into your life’s journey.

I get it. It’s so easy to be calm and curious when your state of mind is certain and you’re really only looking for confirmation about all the good stuff you already know is happening. Yet these days the outer conditions of the world have become so chaotic unless we find inner stillness and move to a new level of mindful choice making, we run the risk of being influenced by our old unprocessed wounds that can easily get triggered by our own reactions to our environment, not just actual events.  When we are in that state there is no truth, only projection like finger puppets casting shadows on a wall. Yes some days it’s daunting. And there are real things in the world that are painful. It is hard some days to face the day let alone the potential of the future.

Enter the need for guidance.

So, let me ask you this week to do one thing. Imagine your choices and the energy moving you forward when you’re coming from anxiety, scarcity, resentment, and fear as your main energy. What do you hear the world say to you? What do you notice or assume? What choices would you make? What options do you have? What would the oracle cards reflect?

What about coming at all of it now from a neutral place of observation? Start with centered, reverent, surrendered, receptive, open: and then approach an oracle with a question. Maybe when you get into that space you won’t even care about asking that first question you thought was the end of the world if you didn’t hear the message the way you wanted it? Maybe when you’re more relaxed and your intuition clicks into that soft focus you can really get the message you need to understand what certain things really mean in your life as you uplevel to manifest your most authentic, happy, prosperous and purposeful life.

That’s really what we all need to learn. How do we connect on a regular basis with the Higher Self, the inner Witness that is the most powerful place from which to shape reality and be shaped by the Divine? One of the guiding principles we explore in Oracle School is how to get into a state of neutrality, and I show you how to use this as an important step in approaching my oracle cards (or any Oracle for that matter).

When we make contact to that vast creative place within us, in a state of receptive curiosity, we’re able to know the will of the universe for us, and we can maybe chillax a little and remember that faith can move mountains, but fear just digs a hole.

This week the fiery planet Mars is going to go retrograde and that means we all need to check our impulses, be extra aware of our anxiety and anger levels. This planetary influence has already proven to show its effect as we’ve been moving closer to the retrograde. Have you noticed if you or your loved ones may have begun to show a level of irrational behavior that has been surprising? This is a time to be cautious when feeling the impulse to act on resentments and blame as it will backfire. For the rest of the summer as introspection is a welcome form of this retrograde,  find that inner center of quiet mindful peace and go within and search for the places that need compassion and healing. Stay playful too. Stay curious and watch the miracles happen.

Know that you are loved and love is always the answer.

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  • Trudy

    Good Sunday Colette,
    I just pulled my weekly cards, or I should say they flew out onto the floor!! I have a job interview Tues and feel very positive about these cards. I am a rookie reader though :). What are your thoughts?
    Card 9 – treasure island
    Card 41 – soul mates
    Card 24 (protected) – time for a nap
    Card 14 (protected) – truth be told
    I hope to join your school when it opens again.
    Thank you

  • Brenda

    Thank you 🙏

  • Jennie

    For this week I got cards that spoke about healing old wounds and shedding old skin. I felt heart broken yesteday yet somehow I knew I am loved and valuable. I prayed for ways to cleanse my inner harmful manners and thoughts this week in right ways for me, I am ready to be reborn.

  • Anonymous

    🙏💕 Colette

  • Brad

    Thank you Colette, that was a great read. I also wanted to apologize for my harsh response to your blog last week. I was already triggered and had to cut the last cord with my ex. I took it out on the wrong the people and I’m sorry. Keep up the great work, you’re awesome<3

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Honey no worries it happens a lot that when in pain its so easy to project shadows on people and make up stories that come from unprocessed emotion. I dont take it personally.

  • Nikki Alexander

    Thank you and boom!!! I have been listening and working with your WOTO for many months now and they are proving to be a sacred and accurate tool for divination. I start my week by listening to your oracle message, pull my own cards, reflect and journal about what comes up immediately than revisit the cards during the week to see how my remembering is going. I also find keeping your words in mind for the rest of the week really supports my service work and my relationships. Thank you for your open hearted work. xoxo

  • Carmen Davis

    I LOVE this article!

  • Alex

    Love this week’s read, and WOTO cards! However I do prefer the old way the cards were presented in the app(as opposed to scrolling through….)

  • Angie

    This is what I needed to hear. I was feeling like a victim and disempowered. I’m a Libra (aka peacemaker) dealing with family drama and old wounds. I was majorly triggered and just lost it yesterday! Everything came bubbling up and I unleashed my fire and anger. Mars in retrograde makes so much sense. I’m giving myself permission to be gentle and compassionate with myself during this time. Observe and be neutral. Thank you, Colette! I love you!

  • Judith

    Thank you, my cards today were awesome to direct my path and give me knowing right where I am. Breathe was precious, perfect and I claim it.
    Tick Tock , Time for a Nap, Higher Power
    Guidance, Protection, Protection❤️

  • Pompe Strater-Vidal

    “Faith can move mountains, but fear just digs a hole” can I share this quote? It’s so true. ❤️☮️🙏

  • Patricia Fernald

    Oh, Colette, Thank you for this..

    I swear I wish I could just have a HUG button on my website that senses the energy the person brings to the request for a card’s advice that says “You belong, life will not pass you by, you are loved, hang in there, you won’t end up a bag lady.
    I always feel that if I could get hugged everyday for the rest of my life and it still would not be enough and also my families nickname for me is “Bag Lady”.

  • Anonymous

    I find when I don’t like the answer and keep going back for something I want to hear if I slow down and think about what the cards are telling me the answer comes through the way the cards intended. For instance “round and round” keeps coming up until I see it from a higher view. Or “not for you” keeps coming up until I quit projecting what I want to hear. Get out of your own way and listen.

  • Renee Sugar

    Thank you Colette . This theme is key to maintaining dignity, and our integrity when the going gets really challenging. I just completed Sonia Choquettes’ newest book “Waking up in Paris.” Your writing this week reminds me to focus our attention on the Wizard of Awareness. The observer who views from a distance what is unfolding and does not get emotionally involved. In this book; Sonia is having a difficult exchange with the custodian because she isn’t understanding how imperative it is to attend to Sonia’s need to call someone to repair the electrical system that controls the lock to the entrance to the building. It will not open. Therefore she cannot enter the building. Here is the quote “ While at the same time restraining my overwhelming impulse to lunge at her and shake her silly “. This is what happens when we allow ourselves to react to outer conditions. Somehow igniting the sparks that fuel conflict, and dissonance. Needless to say I laughed so hard when reading this, because it was so “real “ and honest. It is important to not deny the “human “ part, and to have compassion for the fear and discomfort that usually ignites these conflicts of interest, but on a daily basis, it is key to step back, not be in denial, and to take action when these patience-testing matters test us. Neutrality, and chilling. Thank you for reminding me.
    I have come to understand, that uncertainty is an integral part of coping with life. The unexpected does happen, every day. It is how we respond that creates the climate that can assist us to navigate through the difficulty, or we can blow things out of proportion and contribute to making a mountain of a molehill intensifying the situation and creating bad vibrations, and discomfort for all concerned. I laughed compassionately with Sonia Choquettes’ predicament and her frustration and vulnerability with the custodian who was not budging at first. The matter was resolved as quickly as possible, but there was certainly a battle of egos at work, neither at first to see what was occurring from the others’ perspective. “Empathy, seeing through more than one I “. Sam Keen
    As always, when I read this blog each week, I am made aware of how I can shift my behavior and alter the patterns that might easily throw a wrench into the mechanism and can disable the simplest solution which might be reached if the “ emotional reactors ” aren’t in play. So appreciate this reminder.
    Lots of Love

  • Karen Mears

    I’m not sure I’ve ever been in alignment. The more I try the more I get frustrated that I’m not. I know what I want to do and be and I don’t know how to do that with the financial demands around me. I feel very isolated with many things left undone and needing to be mended. This reading made me cry. I feel very lost and yet I know what I want. I just don’t know, as Abraham-Hicks says, to find the relief to inch my way over to that vibration. I’ll feel better then wham! Something else hits sending me back, so then I wonder was I really vibrating in relief or was I just avoiding. And there is no one to talk to about this.

  • Lisa

    Loved reading this ..

  • Yenura

    Such an inspiration! Thank you!

  • Bettymay

    Strong and clear. You go girl!

  • wendy

    I am really new to this specter of spirituality pulling the card was exciting very sensitive for me. They actually spoke of what was going on in my life it was really eerie the first time
    I had found Jackie Harry and began to repair my spiritual journey and move on with my life.
    It has been in chaos the last few years.
    I bought the deck the wisdom of the oracles and until I got mine I was pulling on your site I just can’t tell you what it’s done for me and how it’s taught me to focus as well as reading Eckhart toll the power of now
    they say when the student is ready the teacher appears and Jackie and now you have come into my life
    I am not sure I do listen to the weekly msg and I understand retrograde I don’t know when I’m pulling my card if I only read the Oracle message or I read all of the messages under relationships etc. The card offers
    I know the protection is when it’s upside down so what part of the readings in the book do I read when I pull my cards.
    other than that you are a blessing and came into my life at the right time
    Thank you for all your gifts and all you do you are an inspiration beyond words love and blessings Wendy

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