Can Predictions Be Changed?!

Updated: July 29, 2018

A lot of people are asking me what prediction I can make about our world and where we are headed. For the record I don’t make predictions, I track energy, watch for patterns and choice points and share the prescription to empower people. Everyone is looking for answers, for support, to be told they will be ok, that they will be safe, get what they want etc.
It’s always in times of great turmoil that people turn to an intuitive /psychic reading to make predictions to help them feel better. Certainty is a hot commodity right now but I say, buyer beware! If your motive is absolute certainty you run the risk of disempowering yourself, the opposite of what you need.

Over the years I’ve received tons of emails from people asking for my thoughts on predictions. Some of the common questions are: What do you do if you get a negative prediction? Are predictions absolute or can you change them? Why haven’t particular predictions from psychic readings come true yet? What about predictions (often doomy and gloomy) made about world events? I heard recently someone say with absolute surety we are heading to World War Three, and another person predicting aliens for sure will come to stop it.
I say be careful. It’s not that predictions or psychic readings are all useless, it’s that people tend to see them as absolutes which is harmful. It’s easy to make an assumption about the value of it too.
If you turn your power over to a reading you are setting yourself up to create it as your entire mindset will be influenced by what you heard and your choices, behaviours, and vibrational patterns will signal “Let’s have some of that!” even if it’s not what you want, or “Let’s live like that’s happening already!” Which can lead to hypervigilance and an expectation of negativity, pain etc. or conversely turn you into a lazy armchair astronaut. “She said it was going to all work out!”

It’s great if you got a reading that confirms the path you are on and it helps you stay focused and more trusting but if you’re told about difficulties and challenges without explanation about the nature of personal reality, you are likely going to hear that as “This is going to happen” instead of “Great info, does it feel right in my bones? Does this help me course correct? How can I use this information to get back into alignment with the highest good for all?” Fear is the most prevalent emotion when you accept a prediction as absolute and that is never a good feeling to foster.
Interesting that we are in a time where the media trains us to foster fear and chaos as the main event as soon as we take even a peek at what’s going on in the world. Fear and suffering sell. Notice how no one talks about the amazing things happening in the world? Is good news that boring? I talked about this in an earlier blog about the contagion of thought viruses.

My point is when you go to someone for a predictive psychic reading and you are already in stress mode/ fight-flight looking for certainty, which in essence says you have none,- that energy will influence the reading.

I’ve read for over 50,000 people in 29 countries over the last 30 years and have seen many predictions come true while others have changed due to free will. I’ve observed again and again that the future is a mutable (or changeable) place and isn’t written in stone for any of us. When I still did predictive readings, (many years ago I shifted my focus on empowerment, strategy, and prescription), I saw an outline of probable realities at the time of the reading. I looked at the story of your life—the past, present, and potential future—at that moment. I always told the client this is probable and potential not absolute.

But my observation became very clear that if a person was on a path of consciousness, healing, and empowerment and doing a lot of work to change their patterns, they would no longer be the person experiencing the story from that first point of vantage. That changed everything.

I believe we all have a blueprint that draws out the story of our fate and destiny, and that certain events and life experiences are preordained, but you still have the pen in your hands. If I tell someone that they need to stay conscious or they’re going to slip on a banana, and then they don’t stay conscious, they’re going to stumble on that banana.

The future is like a moving hologram that morphs as you evolve or don’t evolve.

In my experience, once we get the initial prediction, it seems we all want to know when it will happen. I used to always brace myself for this question because time is very difficult to predict. What if as I said earlier you move beyond your patterns and are calling in another reality? Does the first prediction still stand? The answer is no it changes and morphs just like you do. Time is like a spiral, not a straight logical line. Regardless of what is predicted you still need to be present to your life as it unfolds from the “now til the now” as you also run the risk of being too attached to a future that has not yet come to be. That’s always a hazard of clinging to the details of what someone says about your future.
Do not allow the perception of negative readings make you hopeless and freaked out. Readings should empower you, not leave you worried about your future. Even if difficult information is being shared, it should be delivered with compassion and a good reader should be able to show you an alternative path if there is one, or continue the reading to show what transpires after a difficult cycle ends.

Also remember that whenever you get a reading from anyone, you’re getting that psychic or intuitive’s perspective from a number of sources. The person using their psychic abilities on your behalf is going to read through a filter of their own life experience and personality. And, the reading is only as good as the connection between you and the reader. I always encourage people to get references for a psychic and to pay close attention to their intuition.

If you don’t feel a connection with the psychic or you have a bad feeling about the reading, then trust your inner voice.

I’ve told this story before but it bears mentioning here. For example, I once had a very popular psychic tell me I would never have a relationship with a faithful man. In my heart, I knew that was not true, but it upset me so much it took me ages to shake it given my history. And, as you probably know, I’m now in a loving, very honest, trusting relationship with a completely faithful man. He also told me that I had reached the height of my career, and I should accept my path as someone who would never attain much. That was a year before I signed a record deal with EMI music followed by meeting Marc, then becoming a Hay House author. So was he wrong, or was it that his reading forced me to make changes in my life that aligned me with where I am today?
I believe wholeheartedly in the statement “the act of observation changes that which is being observed.” What he said was impactful and a great impetus for deep inner work, which I did do. But I know about these things and many people do not, as they give power to the reading and accept it as finite.

Sometimes predictions are meant to wake you up.

Oracles can at times be like tricksters, especially when you aren’t listening to them and you might keep going back to get more and more readings. I call this oracle abuse. In fact, as a general rule, I would n’t do more than two readings a year for my clients. When you get too many readings, you’re basically giving your power to the reader. If you keep asking for more signs and guidance through readings about the same subject over and over, the energy becomes desperate and all you see is what’s not there yet. You move from the reading empowering you to the reading fostering lack in your subconscious.

Readings should be treated with respect. Look to a reading as a means to track your course and to support what you already know or reveal what you may not know on your path. Remember the psychic is seeing what is potential and probable, but you still have to stay in the present and you can’t be a passive couch potato. You must take appropriate action and have faith that Spirit has a plan for you that may or not be revealed to you through a reading with a psychic. In the end, Spirit has the last say… not you or the psychic.


Are you getting caught up in a reading you had? Do you find yourself doing oracle card readings over and over about the same things? Even if these questions aren’t true for you, most of us have times when we need to let go and live more in the now. So, set an intention this week to go deeper into each moment and take action in the present. Then write down five steps to take this week, in the now. The actions don’t necessarily have to be about your future. You might need to clean out your closet and donate old clothes, start using sunscreen, or begin eating a healthy breakfast. Or, it may be time to get back to writing, sign up for a class, or do research on a career move.

Meditation is the one most important way to keep yourself more at peace and in tune with the now. So take some time to meditate! Download my Mindful Magic app with free meditations on Google Play or Android or on the App Store for iPhone for you!

Remember, the power is in your now and even small steps will open your future to exciting new possibilities!


Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe




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  • Annon

    I agree with what you have said, however ;
    “ Spirit has the last say… not you or the psychic.“

    I think we have enough free will in general in creating our futures ( with our thoughts/ actions) and have the choice in how we react to something spirit throws in our path. We can just reject it. I believe I co -create with the universe. I certainty no longer give power to my guides.

    So besides deaths, someone blowing up the world etc lol, can you elaborate please Colette? In what type of scenarios, do spirit have the final say?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      great question! its more of a general concept that the form of your desire is not for you to choose-the essence is what manifests- rarely do we experience or get the exact thing we are looking for. but yes free will is a key component although what one may be in denial about, can present itself again and again until we learn the pattern ….the subconscious is also always operating and projecting onto the screen of the world. its a lot more complex than we’re taught.

  • Tiziana Amagda Morgana

    Great article! That’s why I stopped using Tarots and making predictions, and now I am a Soul Coach. I am more happy reading Oracle Cards, and my clients are more happy and more motivated too (even if some of them don’t like to be coached ^_^) I also rejected a client or two recently, even if I needed the money, because they wanted an old style lecture with Tarots telling the future and answers to yes/no questions… sometimes it is difficult to explain that yes/no is not the right answer, and yes/no question should be reformulated, because some people understand only white or black… and doesn’t want to understand the why of the things…

  • Barbara Hyland

    wonderful advice
    Thank you

  • Darlene

    I’ve wondered why different psychics gave me different readings. My initial thoughts were, maybe they just weren’t good. But since I have been learning about quantum physics and the infinite possibilities that can happen in our timelines, I then thought maybe each psychic see a different probability from the other. This blog post kinda answered it for me. Thanks Colette!

  • Cheryl D.

    I love this blog as it is so important for people to know this! I share this same perspective with my clients! I do what I do to empower others with their own freedom to co-create their story. People need to know how bright their light really is! Knowing they always have the freedom to choose also brings the awareness of full accountability. Owning your story makes for a life full of love and light!!

  • Pumpkin

    I had a palm reading done in 2016…and I have to say it was probably the worst thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been married since I was 18 (27 years) and she basically said my husband will die in the next five years and I would be getting a second husband. She said “your second husband is better and the, don’t worry about it.” Um, okay…You don’t spend 27 years with someone then they pass and forget about them. It was beyond odd and I’ve been in the 9 of swords every since. I wish I never did it.

    • Georgiana

      Hi Pumpkin, do not give any credibility to the reading! Besides that, you can really change the outcome, if, let’s say, there are probabilities. Have you heard of Aimed Solar Returns? If you travel for your birthday (and also your husband does the same) to a specific location (specifically chosen in accordance to Active Astrology), you can change any outcome.

  • T

    This article has come at a good time for me… several years ago I received a reading and the person administrating the info to me said I would never make that much money and that I would struggle.
    Afterward I had wished that person had never said those words to me or at least had put it in a different perspective. The reading was such a downer and I have wondered over the last few years if I have been perpetuating a self-propelled prophecy, because I have been struggling financially. I have come to my own conclusions after talking with others that the reader was giving me a glimpse through her eyes and not from a neutral stand point.
    I trust myself more and if I need clarification I have a trusted reader I discuss things with, a second opinion if you will.
    My favorite deck for bluntness is ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ because it cuts to the chase when I need an answer (though sometimes I find the wording ambiguous and I’m not sure of the meaning being conveyed).
    Thank you for the clarification.

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette;

    Thank you for such a “juicy” and controversial topic to consider.
    As someone who has never really given much attention to psychic
    predictions, nor sought this kind of spiritual guidance; the human
    factor is always an integral part of any prediction, plan, or blueprint;

    it is impossible that someone gifted with psychic abilities to demonstrate
    100% accuracy. As in any profession; some misrepresenting their gifts, who are absent of integrity can invite clients to become dependent .This is misusing the gift. Just as some medical practitioners might predict that someone can expect to live for another ____ months. Often times that
    information can disempower the patient and be a catalyst for their
    early death. Others can defy the prediction and live for many years in
    relative peace, and comfort. There needs to be a clear distinction between willing, willful, free will. In each case a decision needs to be made. I always love when you say ” In divine appropriate timing”.

    I believe that consulting a psychic could be likened to getting another opinion from a medical practitioner. Each doorway offers a different perspective, and conclusions. Any psychic can shed some light on a topic of concern. Here is another fine line , expectancy and expectation. Open-mindedness, receptivity, and willingness are necessary components for including this information. Not unlike a jigsaw puzzle, which doesn’t always make sense until the details are filled in. To have a glimpse of how information or clues can be made visible, or clear only in relation to the larger underlying “blueprint”/story. Dr. Wayne Dyer said; ” Whatever you desire that is aligned with spirit is on its way”. So a psychic reading might reveal information that does not match present circumstances, but as the puzzle begins to take shape, a single fragment can shed light on the larger picture. This is how I view the matter. From my own life journey, I support the wisdom and integrity of higher realms, and information, and have seen numerous examples when a clue appears which leads to something unfolding that I never could have foreseen or imagined possible. There has always been an element of “free will”. Do I take this action? and then the decision. Yes, No, Not Now. The outcome is never in anyone’s hands, but the DIVINE. Thy will be done.

  • Kathryn

    Love you article. One question I have is you said you wouldn’t make more than 2 readings a year for your clients. However you make reading for the collective every week & have taught us to pick a card every day. I’m a little confused. Would you clarify this?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yes its different. it was when I made a living doing predictive readings and the focus was not on self development.

      • Kathryn

        Ah, thank you. That is the direction I desire to go in ~ helping myself (because it is a never-ending journey) & helping others along their journeys.

  • Deborah Tibbetts-Tumiel

    Great Blog as always !!
    I can’t wait to meet you at Oracle Palooza !
    Hope I make check in/registration time…Devine timing ….it’ll be close, I get in at 5pm…

  • Debbie W. W.

    Thanks for this week’s reading. I feel myself going down the same emotional path right now. I need to look at it from a different angle so I don’t end up inside my head without a door. 💓

  • Eileen

    I loved today’s blog! I met you at a Hay House event in Pasadena and was impressed! I took one of your online classes, as well. What I love about you is that you have a down-to-earth attitude and realistic view of using tarot. Keep up your wonderful work.

  • Susan Schneeberger

    Hi, Colette,
    This is beyond words brilliantly put. And you found the words to express it anyway!
    So many readers, of various types, give predictions suggesting that the questioner has limited or no free will, or that it should be surrendered to the “wiser vision” of the reader. As an astrologer and psychotherapist I see examples of this all too frequently. To predict for the masses that due to the moon doing this or that you are all going to feel a certain way. This can lead to the phenomena of “self-fulfilling prophecy,” as in “oh, I’m supposed to feel moody today…..well, yeah, I guess I do. Wow, she/he was right with that reading.” The purpose of any reading is to provide suggestions and tools that will help the questioner better understand his or her own inner resources. This facilitates the awareness of conscious choice, aka free will, and enhances the client’s power, rather than consciously or unconsciously encouraging that it be given to the reader. Thank you for putting it all so well in your blog!

  • Krista

    Thank you so much Colette! I’ve been thinking so much about how I can help people who give away their power and barometer to the media. So grateful to read this confirmation!

  • Lynn

    Wow! I sure needed this today. Back to my WOTO deck. Never fails me.

  • Kris McGowan

    Beautiful written Colette.

  • Annette Rawlings

    thank you Colette,
    that was the most spiritually mature statement i have ever read.
    Annette Rawlings
    south Australia

  • Susan Durupt

    Thank you. So clear, so true. I am so glad to read your blogs.

  • Kris

    You always soeak directly to my soul! Looking forward to Oracle School!!

  • Coco

    Dear Colette, thank you for this wonderful article! It is an eye-opener.
    I would like to know your perspective on spells/spell casting and how you see them influencing people and their actions, their reasoning. Also, how to remove spells from oneself and from others. Would love to maybe read about this in one of your next blog articles. Thank you so much!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I don’t do spells or anything that manipulates other people. This is not in my wheelhouse and so I have no comment

  • Anonymous

    I love you so much Colette! Thank you for always being a beacon of hope and positivity!

  • Leann

    Dear Colette, I appreciate you, and your heart-felt, thought-provoking, comments to the betterment of us, All! I agree with thoughts of many who have written here. I’m bookmarking this blog article to reread again. I look forward to meeting you, and John Holland, in the Spring for my first cruise!!! In the meantime, many Blessings to you, your family and friends…and all who “follow” your blog, etc. Thank you! Have a great day! 🙂

  • Darren

    Hello what an amazing read.

    I recently split up from my wife and met someone else and my wife went to see a phycic and they said I will have a bad life basically god will smack me and my new partner is only with me for money which I k ow could not be further from the truth. More alarming they said I would die in my 50 s 60s which has took over my thoughts constantly. I have been to see other psychic and they say they do not see this. I am really annoyed she could go to a psychicand ask questions about me. I’ve been told to believe the psychics I sat with face to face . Can you help as my heads all over the place

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I believe we are responsible for the reality we create. The psychic likely was reading your ex’s dominant energy and bad wishes which can happen but personally,I say listen to the one you went to that was grounded and it rang true in your body. AND, It can be damaging to hear what causes you fear and what has not yet occurred through someone who is hurt and wants to punish you. Take this as a sign to set boundaries and cut ties- refuse to listen and say FU. A well known psychic years ago told me I would never have a faithful husband and that I would not go far but would live a life where I would learn to be happy. I have an opposite life. Happy, great husband and successful.I took it as a sign that the reading matched my fears. I refused the reading and did my personal spiritual and mental healing. Let this go, make a good life for yourself. STOP getting readings for now, or go once a year to someone you trust. I know its tough, and you feel violated but when you slow down and trust your inner voice and your connection to an active conscious universe you will know what is true for you. Breathe…xoox

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for your comforting words. I had a feeling it was because of the bad vibes my ex was giving off. Also the vivid 50-60 seemed a bit vague and coupled with the fact she couldn’t wait to tell me. I am turning this in to positive and have started running and getting healthier and I put this down to a wake up call and free will

    Thank u x

  • Anna

    This is helpful, especially when half of the prediction has already come true. I went to a psychic fair reading this november,and when I asked if having children would affect my potential career, I was told I was having a Baby girl, and that wouldn’t affect me much. He said if I chow to have a second she would have medical issues and take up all my time. This broke me, cause it felt so untrue. To some extent it still does. I still have fear it will come true even if now we plan on just having one. And I was in tears when I got the ultrasound and was told my first child is a girl. Still trying to shake it off one day at a time.

  • Hicham

    I usually get tarot readings once or twice a year and those tarot readings tend to be predictive readings. They kept saying that I was supposed to meet a brunette in 2019 who worked in the same field as me and that I would be meeting them in a crowded/busy space somewhere. They have predicted the same thing between 2015 and as recently as this April 2019. But when I did a reading in August of 2019 with the same reader I have been using since 2015, they said that the person I will be meeting is a blonde person who works in a completely different field than me, they also said I would be meeting this person in a crowded/busy space somewhere and it appeared that this would happen relatively soon from the time of this comment. How likely is it that my prediction changed or are bits and pieces of each reading that I have done since 2015 correct in some way shape or form since the August 2019 reading had details that matched the earlier readings done since 2015? Could it be that the cards are playing tricks on me? Could it be that the card is reflecting a state of high anxiety that I am in whenever I do an in person reading? Could it be that the cards are trying to say something confusing to make me take some sort of action to get the person I want to be with? TIA!

  • Ariel

    So I’ve recently found this page and well all of this does sound really great and I appreciate all your wise knowledge, I just feel I need reassurance . I had just gotten a reading and this women said I would fall pregnant the issue here is that I have no good health I literally have been ill for years I can barely take care of myself , no money due to my health and My relationship is on the rocks also my partner and I don’t have actual intercourse we only have outtercourse due to my health but I suppose you can still get pregnant that way… and to top it off I live with my parents because I can’t afford to live on my own they take care of me. She also said my boyfriend won’t have any luck with work so now he won’t be stable to take care of me ….This has been so heavy on my chest that i haven’t been able to sleep… she said this was deffinetly going to happen and that I was going to see another reader and she was going to tell me the same … ah I’m really stuck here , if you could please give me some words of advice to calm my nerves down

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      predictions are about potentials and probabilities and they are both valuable and dangerous. Valuable in that they prepare you for what could come so you can continue in the same direction, or make a choice, take precautions or make a strong decision to move out of the way, what is dangerous is the emotional attachments and reactions that can come when one makes you afraid and you then give all your power over to the reading. I suggest you step back and consider if you’d make another choice.Perhaps the real issue here is you giving this reader your power to influence your reality instead of you hearing the info, then turning to your Higher Power to make better choices, surrender to what you can’t change and move to higher ground if this is something you don’t want. I would not see any more psychics and focus on your own healing.

  • Hivas

    Hi Colette,

    This article was super duper helpful. I have myself struggled with love in the past and after a really powerful reading back in June from a respectable psychic, I think he told me what he saw with my present energies. I was completely isolated, wasn’t on any dating apps wasn’t putting any energy out there that could be read as wanting someone in my life. They said that I wouldn’t find my husband till my mid-30s with my present energy which was 5ish years out. I view this reading as an awakening and so started to search whether predictions can change. I started playing on dating apps and putting forth a healed energy, and focused much more on my spirituality and most importantly, finally convinced myself that I am worthy of that kind of love.

    So with this, I can take that timelines can be changed, correct? Hopefully my actions will prove fruitful!

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