Be You to Be Abundant!

Updated: August 5, 2019

Dearest You,

The energy in the universal Oracle Card reading this week is all about co-creation, abundance and our infinite potential for prosperity. 

When we can harness and get in alignment with the energy of abundance there’s an anticipation, a palpable buzz, that we can tune into that turns on a switch, like all of a sudden going from dim and hazy to bright and shiny.

The click happens when we fully embrace ourselves as we’re meant to be, not as we’ve been taught (or coerced) to be. We all have a window of opportunity now that requires casting off the shell of conformity, removing all the masks that we thought might help us gain social acceptance, to get to our molten core where Spirit’s spark waits for us to ignite our destiny.

When you tap into this energy and click into your own “destiny switch” abundance seems to appear as if magic sparkle dust got dumped on your head. One minute you were struggling to figure it all out then BAM you’re at a party!

I want me some of that—don’t you?

The best part is there is no complicated esoteric secret formula to discover. This is what’s needed to hear and feel that “click” and turn on that bright shiny light.

Like that quote by Oscar Wilde I love so much – “You be you, everyone else is taken.”  It’s our job to find out the answer to the question “What really turns me on?” not “How do I compete for what she’s having?”

The click happens by going inside to your heart and listening to your truths with your intuition.

So tune into yourself, get grounded, and stay out of your head – the switch isn’t there! It’s not an intellectual exercise in fact the biggest way people get screwed up around the subject of “purpose” or the definition of prosperity or abundance is when you get into analysis paralysis!

When I left Hay House for “ bigger and better things” I got them superficially but I lost a big part of “what turns me on” consequently my successes were not in alignment with my true core and I wasn’t happy.

When I came back it was because I had come to know 1000% who and what I was, and with sincere gratitude and humility I let go of my ambitions and surrendered to the flow. 

I’m happier now more than ever.

My passion for creating Oracle Cards and other ways to communicate with Spirit is #1 for me and as a result, I’m getting to do deeply satisfying work. It’s my service. 

I no longer “want what she’s having”. I want what I’m having!

Wherever that takes me I’m jazzed every morning with gratitude. There are lots of us in this field and that’s ok. There is no shortage of pie. There’s only one me just like there’s only one you!

Just like Joseph Campbell said – we follow our bliss and miracles abound.

Is it easy? Well, that’s a matter of perspective. Asking “what turns me on?” is answered through experience and being curious, allowing, receptive and playful. You can’t think or strategize this one.

The answer nor the method feels like a contraction. Quite the opposite… it’s more like a YAHOO.

And, the most interesting part is that it doesn’t feel like “self” oriented. It’s like you forget yourself totally and are just present, connected and yes… that’s what abundance really means. Destiny clicks in.. and the Light shines.. on the real truth.

Spirit is everywhere, the all is in the small.

Yep, that means you! Anything is possible when you hone in on your uniqueness. What a paradox isn’t it? Get to the real you, only to have the self dissolve into a palpable sense of unity?

Once you taste it… nothing is ever the same. I know the magic is waiting for you. May this week lead you to your “click”! Stay open, it’s rarely what you think it will or should be!

Ok now… tell me a story when something “ clicked” for you… You know when the doors of destiny swung wide (red sea parted, etc.)

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  • Cynthia Eyer

    Colette, as you say our gorgeous oracle goddess, “We can’t make this stuff up,” as I pulled two cards from your “The Good Tarot” deck before reading this blog. It was all about me being me so the doing of me can be 💖 (Ha! Say that fast three times 😃) Anywho, I’m an MA Ecopsychology graduate & over the past year since graduation I kept thinking I had to come up with a biz in Psychology, and yet that has never felt right. My two cards today (and what we learned in Stars and Cards) led me to know that my passion for Primordial Sound Meditation and Way of Council is a group form of therapy I can mix with other Ayurvedic practices from other professionals (yoga, Doshas, message therapy, oils, etc.) for whole health—all leading to psychological well-being. Co-creation with a whole lot of Spirit in others Indeed 🙏🏻💖🙏🏻 Much Love and Blessings in the Light, MiLady ✨💫
    P.S. I have your WOTO cards for my course with you next year, but I think your Good Tarot deck is the bomb in connection to Stars and Cards ♥️

    • Sonya

      Thank you so much Colette!!
      What you say rings very true with me!

    • Denise Lees

      I loved your blog today Colette! I have a similar story. One of my first mentors was an 80-year-old lady named Winnifred. She was darling. She showed me two plants that were side-by-side. She showed me pictures of what they look like when she first got them. They were exactly the same size. She told me she meditated on one of them and that is the one that doubled in size. One of the first books that I read which is basically the law of attraction, is called “the game of life and how to play it“ by Florence Scovel Shinn, Copyright 1925. This was the beginning of my spiritual studies in 1979. I can now connect to the other side and I get messages from Winnifred periodically. It’s wonderful to still stay in touch with my mentor!

  • Mary Ann Cicchelli’

    That was beautiful Colette. Thanks for sharing ur amazing life works. Love u!

  • Michelle Terrill

    Thank you for your guidance. This has all been coming up for me in my life lately. Will bookmark this post and come back many times, I’m sure! Blessings to you!

  • Mikaela Kastrevc

    AmaiZing moments with this weeks Oracle guideiance and your magic dust and thank YOU for this empowering moments above all moments of liberation confrotation and embracing this New chapter of magical Journey of abdunance.
    Stay YOU
    Be YOU
    Embrace YOU,
    Mikaela 💗🐚⚓🏳️‍🌈

  • Deanna L Robinson

    Thank you. I found you a couple of months ago. I have learned to trust my intuition, yet the tools you continue to share have allowed me to grow in confidence even more. I love your delivery and messaging. I also appreciate how you stand in your knowledge AND create space for people. I’m learning so much.
    In deep gratitude and blessings,

  • Lisa

    I totally LOVE the new video format. Your weekly forecasts and blogs really start my week off right. Thank you!

  • Mary

    Thank you so much just for being YOU! You are an inspiration for all of us!
    I have recently become very interested in stones and their properties so I am thrilled to know that you have the new deck out.
    I look forward to your blog and reading at the beginning of each week. It always helps me focus!

  • Marianne Goldyn

    I absolutely love your words “compassionate prosperity”. That has become a mantra for some of my meditations that helps me to move out of my old stories around prosperity and poverty consciousness. The reading for this week is so full of tools and wisdom to create our new abundance stories! I love the new format….you have always been raw and real and now it is as if you are sitting right here with me having a conversation. Thank you!

  • Rhonda

    I heard the “click” when I just couldn’t stay working at the place I was any longer. Incredibly narcissistic men there. So I took out a loan and built a studio where I’ve successfully created a space of peace ,healing and art. And little by little every single person I needed to make my dream come to fruition appeared before me. ✨ From general contractors, architects, and designers … it all happened as if magical fairy dust was sprinkled on top of my head(like you said) I had never felt so in the flow. I actually had an sought after intuitive come to me for her hair, I asked how do you want your haircut? She said “I trust you do anything you want I know I’m in good hand”. She also told me that the earth which I built my studio studio on had been waiting for me and it was going to be a very prosperous place.💰It has been and has shifted and morphed into different things. The one thing I can say is I was truly focused and there is magic in our thoughts For sure…✨💫✨💫
    Loved The stars in cards class 🌸💫

  • Kath

    Hi Colette,
    Just wanted to say…once again…that it often seems like these readings are just for me! I played with the new Crystal Spirits deck from your site yesterday (and then ordered them, as they are so beautiful!) and got the And deep, cold goose bumps all over!! Clearly, I’m in the right tribe! Can’t wait to receive the new deck in the mail, I love crystals and the messages from the deck are super (crystal) clear! Thanks for all you do! XOXO

  • Diane

    Speaking your truth helps me in ways that are indescribable through words, Colette. I remember years ago I purchased something from you that I downloaded, but evidently I was not ready for what you had to show me then and here I am enjoying your weekly readings and have completed your Stars and Cards Class. There have been so many “little” things happen recently…too many to write about, but they are life-changing and I am so very grateful. The love that is flowing is magical 🦋

  • Teresa

    I had taught in the same school for two and a half years, and I kept thinking if I just waited long enough, it’d feel right. I cried every day going in and every day leaving–it never felt right. I never felt at home. A friend said a new school was opening and she thought it would be perfect for me. And it was. I felt at home. It wasn’t perfect but there wasn’t a day when I wanted to be somewhere else and the nights I went home in tears had very little to do with the WORK, it had to do with the space I held for the kids the whole day…

    I’m in a space of opportunity now…more than one door is opening and parts of me want to take one over the other…but neither is fully open yet…and I’m waiting for the universe to show me…

  • Craig

    I heard the click reading this blog post. I have known what turns me on and fills me with joy for some time, accept I would always try and strategize the best way to achieving that bliss and would end up in analysis paralysis creating so many options and achieving none. I’m sure there are some fears creating a state of confusion to avoid the inevitable, being seen for who I truly am, and yet that is the exact thing my heart and soul yearns for.
    Thank you Colette for the click, the knowing to keep my passions front and centre and to stop searching for ways and to simply walk the one that sets me free to be me.
    I would like to share something I read once from an unknown author that I find so freeing in its simplicity, “Only humankind has forgotten the purpose behind its creation, what is that purpose? To simply become a companion and co-creator with The Divine.”
    May we all walk each moment in constant companionship with The Divine, and see our lives as the amazing adventure they are. Namaste!

  • Shelley Seguin

    Thank you, Dear Colette.
    My deck has been sent out, excited to see and play with it.
    Thank you for all you are.
    Much love ♥

  • Sara

    I don’t think I’ve ever had one. I’d love to learn how or get some sort idea.

  • Tiziana Amagda Modotti

    I heard the click when I knew about Akashic Records a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, one step forward two steps backwards. Last year I bought a couple of books in Italian language and a couple in English (I’ve read the basic one in Italian for now), the Akashic Tarot in May 2018 and one Italian deck in October, both just gone into commerce. I took also the Certification for the Italian Oracle, but the clients didn’t come, and I am using only for me and friends actually. I had to take an Akashic Reader course last year too, but when the teacher came in town I hadn’t the money and had to quit. Now I am saving, but there aren’t courses in Italian around. I would have liked also doing a course with you (I have all your decks and follow your weekly readings and FB page from almost three years) but no job, no money, no courses. I still have a lot of work to do for creating my abundance mindset… I hope my copy of Crystal Spirit will arrive soon. I am waiting from two weeks… in the meanwhile, I am playing daily with the app. Thank you for your work and your gifts.

  • Abdikarim

    It was a long time ago, when i finished my Secondry.My fother were killed, And mum she couldn’t abble to suport me. We fleed to join a refugee camp in Ethiopia since 2009 that we are still playing with our life in Excile i started thinking abaut While it get’s so hard for kind of that opportunity to fill My University, I spend hard to work to cover my mother and I’s life to suport. So in this opportunity i still keep that my go’es to come’s true.

  • Anonymous

    I adore the threads you weave the colors and texture and life like a magic carpet to ride!! OOH! and this makes super sense to me now — so glad I chose to offer my gratitude for what loving inspiration you share — because it just came back to me 3-fold!! in a surprise epiphany! I’ve wondered of a magic carpet for a long time. Thanks Colette — you truly speak treasure of the heart.

  • Anonymous

    wow….glad to know it’s not just me and my neighbours feeling the swelling tides of emotions with retrograde and new moon… ahhh that’s the sound of the balloon in my chest releasing…. thx for another insightfilled read- the week of my boy’s birth.

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