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Updated: August 26, 2019

I’m full of excitement and energy this week as people enroll in Oracle School and I am so ready to start teaching in September! So many have already signed up including a record number of alumni who are taking the course again.

We’ve also received lots of great questions from people who are curious about Oracle School. In my experience, if one person asks a question it means that others are also probably wondering the same thing so I thought I’d share some of our frequently asked questions…and of course my answers. And if you want even more information or you’d like to see testimonials then check out the page with all the goodies about Oracle School ready for you to explore. 

Q: Do I have to be intuitive or work as a professional psychic to enroll in Oracle School™?

A: Absolutely not! Personal Mastery is not specific to intuitive arts professionals – although many choose to join us. Personal Mastery is for people who want to consciously and deliberately create their own reality for the highest good, in partnership with the Universe. We ALL have inherent magic within us and Personal Mastery is designed to help you connect with the Divine energies that are all around you (which everyone has the ability to access). Whether you’re brand new to Oracle Cards and the intuitive world, or you’re an old pro, Oracle School™ will help you gain confidence in reading the cards – and access a deeper connection to your Higher Power. You already have a co-creative partnership with the Universe. In Oracle School™, you will learn to claim it.

Q: I’m a total newbie and don’t know much about Oracle Cards – will Oracle School™ work for me?

A: Yes! Just keep an open mind, and be willing to explore the magic. Oracle School™ will help you gain the confidence to understand what the cards are offering – a deeper and more profound connection to your Higher Power (your manifesting partner). You can use what you learn to ask questions of the cards in ANY area of your life (relationships, business, life purpose, next steps…).

This is a masterclass but presented in a way that is user-friendly for both newcomers and experienced people alike.

Q: I’ve been reading Oracle Cards for a long time – will Oracle School™ be too basic for me?

A: Not at all! Oracle School™ goes way beyond just reading the cards. You’ll be surprised at the amount of new information you’ll discover that you may never have taken into consideration – including new ways of looking at situations, plus a unique way to properly ask questions and understand the answers you receive, in order to gain deeper insight into any area of your life.

In Shared Wisdom (level two), you will expand your mystical understanding of the world around you – including signs and symbols, synchronicity, spirit animals, dinner plate readings, and much more. You will build a living oracle with the group that is beyond astounding. You will also dive deeper into both your intuition and co-creation with Universe.

Q: What will be my biggest takeaway from joining Oracle School™ and doing the work?

A: Radical personal growth is assured, plus you’ll get invaluable firsthand experience sharing with others. As a successful graduate of Oracle School™, you’ll walk away confident that you can read the cards accurately for yourself and give readings to bring clarity to your friends and family.

You’ll see your own worth and value in a way that perhaps has eluded you up until now, and how every experience (good or bad) you’ve had can be of great value to someone else. As a matter of fact, no one wants to leave Oracle School™!

Q: Do I need to do Oracle School™ at certain times or can I access the material anytime I want?

A: It’s completely up to you! Oracle School™: Personal Mastery takes place September 9th – October 29th.

It’s a live 8-week program with modules released on the Monday of each week, with a one break-week in the middle of the program. Our Live Training and Q&A Calls take place the next day – on Tuesdays at 7:00pm EST (including during your break week). All calls are recorded. 

You have lifetime access to the training, so you can go through the material each week as it’s released in the student portal, OR you can slow things down and work on your own schedule. The Oracle School™ Main Group will continue to be active after the live training ends, so you can stay in touch and continue to practice with your new friends all over the world. 

Q: What is the time commitment for Oracle School™? How many hours a week will I be spending on the homework and classes?

A: You will get as much as you put into the program. So it’s really up to you! Generally, students spend around 2–6 hours per week on the coursework, practice readings, mentoring and meditations while class is in session.

Q: How much help will I get?

A: Lots of it! Besides the weekly Live Group Calls, I love to go into the Oracle School™ Main Group and answer questions that come up…

And of course there are my fabulous mentors who have all been through the program. They are in the groups with you, helping with any questions you may have and offering guidance along the way. And you’ll be surprised how quickly someone – either myself or a mentor – answers you once you post.

We’re a lively, enthusiastic community with a mission to empower anyone who really wants that connection to their Higher Power and to live their true purpose, with grace and awareness.

Q: Will the sessions be recorded in case I can’t make a class?

A: Yes! Each class will be recorded, and you’ll have lifetime access to all of the content so you can revisit the lessons over and over again.

Q: What are the dates for Oracle School™?

A: Oracle School™ takes place September 9 – October 29, 2019.

Q: What happens if I want to keep studying with Colette??

A: After the course, which we call Personal Mastery, you will have the opportunity to then study Shared Wisdom, which is the next level, or you may want to continue on with Colette’s Oracle Circle Membership site.

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: Yes. We offer a 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee. Here’s how it works:

Sign up today and complete the first two modules, and if you’re not happy with what you’re learning, you can request a full refund within the first 14 days of the program. All we ask is that you login to the member portal at least twice, complete the required homework assignments, and demonstrate participation (twice per week) in the main group. If you do this and find the material doesn’t support you in any way, we’ll gladly refund your investment in the program.

If you don’t plan to start Oracle School™ right away, you are still welcome to join us. Just make sure this is the right investment for you, because our refund policy does have a firm deadline.

Q: Do I get Oracle Cards when I join?

A: Yes. When you join, we ask you to go to Amazon or for international students, a bookseller of your choice, order your cards, and we refund the amount of the invoice to the method of payment you used to join the course.

Because of our international student body, the logistics of fulfilling and shipping the decks can be incredibly complicated, we’ll just let Amazon do what they do best and we will refund you the payment.

Besides, if you already own the deck Colette teaches with, it’ll give you the opportunity to buy another of Colette’s decks of your choosing.

And don’t worry! You can always use Colette’s free Oracle Card App in place of a physical deck while you wait.

Q: I’m not able to take this class now. Will it be offered again in the future?

A: The class won’t be offered again until the fall of 2020, so if you don’t want to wait that long to join us, NOW is the time! All classes are recorded, so if the live dates don’t work for you, you can always listen to the recordings at your leisure.

Q: Will there be a community to continue working with after class ends?

A: Yes! Absolutely! The community we’re building is growing and thriving. Oracle School™ is not over at the end of the 8-week course – that’s just when the last of the content gets delivered. You’ll want to keep practicing long after that, within the Personal Mastery Lifetime Access Alumni Room.

Q: When does enrollment end?

A: The enrollment period ends at Midnight September 1st. Join us and save your spot today!  Sign Up for Oracle School! 

With So Much Love,




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    thank you….

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    Love your beehive God Box.
    Also the Aquarius card is right on.

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    Oh no! I missed the sign up by a week. I do hope in the future, if you get enough students, you might be open to doing another class before the fall of next year. I would love to join!

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    What is the total cost and are there payment plans.

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