Oracle Card Readings – Not to Predict but to Help You Shift!

Updated: February 17, 2020


This week I was inspired to choose an Oracle Card to point me in a direction of what to share with you and from the Enchanted Map deck, I picked the card Education.

So with this in mind, I asked myself what I might offer you as something to learn this week.

Since I just finished creating the new amazing Oracle Card 101 course this week, (Most awesome one I might add!) how to get the most out of working with Oracle Cards are foremost on my mind.

So I’m sure if you’re reading this you also watch the weekly Oracle Card Guidance and Lesson as well as pull cards from my website for free (and hopefully own your own decks!) and I bet that once in a while you might get a “WTF- HUH?” reading that freaks you out because it a) may seem to have nothing at all to do with your question, and/or b) the cards are all upside down, or you think they imply fear, disappointment, or you interpret you’re going to get a visit from a boogeyman who might sabotage your plans. EEK!

Here is an essential tip for when you work with my Oracle Cards. They were all created (all of my decks, that is, as I can only speak for the ones I have created) to reflect the dominant energy and frequency that you are putting out into the world today right now.

Imagine your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are like seeds you’re planting in The Field! Oracle Cards essentially point to seeds and the weeds.

It reminds me of a plant called Horsetail that took over our entire garden in Sedona, Arizona. I remember thinking how beautiful they looked when they first showed up. The plant was sort of like a beautiful thinner version of bamboo, but then within a month it was everywhere choking out all the other pretty plants I had planted. We had to get the gardener to come and pull them all out but then every once in a while when we weren’t looking -kabam there it was again!

We had to be vigilant to notice the signs of the first batch before it would spread like a destructive wildfire.

So when you get a reading that seems to give you a warning as if from nowhere, it is an invitation to look within at your own inner dialog that you might be ignoring. When faced with new situations, you may well be afraid of the unknown and have a default setting of an expectation of disappointment, being hurt or even failure.

Remember the subconscious is an automatic pilot that is set to remind you of what you already know! The cards will mirror these patterns not only to predict them, but to help you shift your energy to be receptive and curious for something new and different. They do this by pointing out the inner weeds that need tending to. It’s so important to remember that there is no such thing as absolute determinism when looking at the future, but if you plant a weed and let it do its thing I guarantee you it will spell trouble. 

My Oracle Cards always invite us to look within and know what we’re projecting unawares into the world when we most need to make a shift. So yes, if you keep expecting to be disappointed, well then the outer world will eventually mirror that to you.

You might, for example, be searching for “The One”. You’ve had many of them already that failed, starting with your first heartbreak or bad parenting, etc., you might be afraid of intimacy even though you want it so badly. So this becomes your dominant energy even though you say you’re focused on manifesting a loving relationship. You’re sprinkling some weed seeds, honey! One more clunker on its way!

The thing is you might not be consciously aware of this at all.

Hence the beauty of working with Oracle Cards as they act as a magic mirror to reveal the hidden workings of our side of the energy field we’re manifesting from.

We are powerful co-creators and mostly unaware of the gazillions of stories we tell ourselves and others that define our experience. Oracle Cards can splash some cold water on our faces to give us a wake-up call to the facts that we may yet have some unresolved wounds that need tending to as well as encourage us to keep going with the way we’re thinking and feeling.

The good news is that if you and I are willing to dig deep with compassion and curiosity it’s not such a ginormous task.

Most times when a reading appears difficult it’s just about going into the basements of our psyches and flipping a light on to illuminate the fact that there are no boogeymen at all, just a box of memories that needed dusting off. Maybe we just needed to be reminded that to love means to risk being vulnerable and flexible. Or maybe we find that there is just way too much similarity and we don’t want to repeat what we find.

Spirit has our back and when we get afraid we are having a bout of spiritual amnesia. Instead, breathe through the fear, trust that when you get a reading that causes you that big contraction of Oh Oh NO, it’s an invitation to discover some valuable treasure as you co-create the life you truly desire.

The future is created in the power of the 24 hours you are given today. Yes, it’s work to remain present and out of the Ghostlands of the past and the projection of the future. But when you remember that this moment now you are planting the seeds of your tomorrow, wouldn’t you want to get to work and dig up the weeds that got in your Field of Dreams?

In the end, all is perfect anyway!

The point is not to avoid life’s ups and downs and of course the experience of the unknown will cause us to be a bit nervous- sure!

But co-creation is our greatest adventure so wouldn’t it be awesome to be awake for it all, or at least for most of it, and have some say in what we plant in our Field of Dreams?

Ok, now it’s your turn. Tell me how you are, how are you working with the cards and how have they helped you get to know yourself better?

Big love always now and forever!

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  • Brittany L Ferera

    Beautiful article! Thank you! So valuable! I can’t wait to be able to invest into some of your decks! Sound so powerful!

  • Cindy

    I love how you can take something that may be a negative and turn it into being curious and aware so your future path may be bright! You have a great positive energy. Thank you! You.

    • Tina Smith

      Thank You for doing these little Articles!
      I completely see and understand what you’re saying.
      The problem is for a month now Im getting nothing but readings on new opportunities and multiples paths as well as telling me my emotions have taken on there own Life.
      No idea how to change or what I’m supposed to try for.
      However after reading what you wrote maybe this is just something I subconciously wish was there and not really a here and now thing.
      I’m taking Baby Steps.
      Sometime in the future could you cover how to not get so drained during readings?
      I’m an empath and I seem to draw in everything so Im trying to convert my bedroom into a calm meditation environment to help this.
      Any input you have I’d Love.
      Thank You Again

  • Betty

    Thank you so much for this reminder!!!

    • Nancygoldilocks

      Thank you🤗 Colette💕

      To read this, is a sign from the universe ✨

      I love your Oracle cards and your Senseo of humor and the love for animale.
      Feels like i AM connected.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I am new to this got my Christmas 2020. Having read your blog
    And look on your weekly youtube readings,
    I live in the U.k and only been here a short time
    Friends have moved on so little community but have a good book shop
    who helped to find stores that keep them in stock.
    So yes I love learning and getting better at card readings
    Love Normajeane

    • Vanessa

      Colette is coming to London on 7 March – a great opportunity to meet some like minded people.

  • Cheryl

    I’m so grateful for all your teachings! I’ve been using your cards for years and find much wisdom offered. I believe working with the cards has made it easier to hear my intuition and trust in the Divine. I consider it “a Divine conversation” as you say. It is my version of praying. Deep bows Colette! 💞🙏🏼

  • Carol Anne Bell-Smith

    I really am enjoying your blog and weekly readings. I have most if not all of your decals but the Wisdom Oracle really speaks to me. I find myself inspired to write just from your words. I am on Instagram as Wild Wheels Press…you might remember me. It is pure joy to listen to you.

    Thank you…truly.
    Carol Anne

    • Tiziana Amagda Morgana

      Your Weekly Oracle Readings and free mini lessons help me both to navigate the energies and to know and use better your decks (I own all of them, included Wisdom of the House of Night, excluding only Oracle of E and WOTO in English – I have the Italian version). And your decks, especially the Map and the House of Night, helped me develop a system I call Oracle Coaching. For the Map I use the six card spread in the booklet, while for the House of Night I have a spread on my own I adapted from a Scarabeo Tarot deck, very useful especially for shadow work. And the apps are so useful! So I thank you from the deep of my heart.

  • Noreen

    This was very timely. I needed to hear this. 1- I can go back to reading the cards with more understanding and less fear and anxiety when I pick a card that brings those feelings up. I can see them as weeds that need tending to or my attention. Also the fact that you talked about being in the present is also timely. I struggle with this. I was so not present that 22 Dec 2019 I fell and fractured my right collarbone.. I am now in a better place as I am now appreciating what being in the Present moment to moment means. I a a work in progress. Thank you for this blog. I will read it again and again until I fully understand it.❤

  • Diana Davis

    In the last few months I have used the various decks of Colette’s cards. They have given me so much solace and much good advice. Many aha moments.
    Thank you Colette for the cards you have created.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very helpful information I purchased your Goddess cards and I love them

  • Lurdes

    I love all the words the road and my question do I am going to find love for futureIt’s OK to be by her self but it would be nice to find someone to love and care passion you name it that’s my dream

  • I love your comment I love your words I believe it all and I like to hear some feedback

    I love your comment I love your words I believe it all and I like to hear some feedback

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Colette, for all of your beautiful work. I did a reading for myself today, and I used a combination of The Mystical shaman Oracle, The Wisdom of the Oracle and The Goddess Oracle. They all speak in their own way and language, and I find them speaking well together. Spot on, as usual. With one card I see for first time, two that repeats, and two in reverse……
    Thank you for your service to the modern spiritual revolution.

  • Andrea

    Last week’s topic was about love. At one time I asked the Divine to indicate what is the main problem that’s stopping me from going forward. The card showed Love; you must love yourself regardless of the situation. I’m a pretty independent person but can feel lonely as I try to adjust going forward on my latest personal project. I’m happy knowing the answers can only come from within. I am glad to have time for myself, recognizing when I awake that I created this opportunity.

  • Debbie D

    The best thing I have ever learned to do I believe was from your guidance. It was taking my self-will and hopes out of the question by asking my Higher Power “what do you want me to know about X”. I get vastly more information when I do this. Also, depending on the question I do ask for a time frame of usually a month to three months. God’s time is vastly different than my time so it helps me to put my time in the question sometimes.

  • Paula

    I love your cards. I love the depth of work you have done to allow me a dialogue with Spirit. Thank you so very much for your heart, your commitment.

  • collette

    As always your reading sets me on the perfect path to having a great week and be as productive as I can– Again I thank you for being who you are and making my life so much more fulfilling than it used to be. Thank you for generosity in sharing your advice, readings, looking to the future and all around sowing of happiness and pleasure.

  • Lyndsey Wilson

    I have 3 of your decks so far, but am always drawn to use Spirit Animal Oracle cards. These cards seem to have the messages I need to hear. I have just ordered the Goddess Oracle and the Shaman Oracle decks and am looking forward to receiving them. I did not order the Wisdom of the Oracle deck as I seem to have an aversion to this deck because the background of the cards is in red. I do not care for the color red, but gravitate towards yellow,orange and all shades of purple and blue/green…My sun sign is Leo and I cannot determine why I have an aversion to the color red!

  • Fonda C Haight

    Hi Colette…I teach intuitive art online and will often use your cards as a jump start for a lesson. I don’t know how many people I’ve sent your way for cards but it’s a lot. I’m doing great, loving your tips, and loving the energy of your beautiful oracle cards. Thanks for all you do to educate and help in getting in touch with that higher self!!!!

    • Heather

      Fonda, randomly, I felt compelled to look you up. Your artwork is so touching and beautiful! I love your drawings of the giraffe and the horse/unicorn. Such beautiful, tender work!

  • Debbie

    This week’s reading was incredibly accurate for just the first day of the week. Both the Oracle reading and Astro Oracle about discernment, knowing who and what makes me feel good and being aware of who does not give back to me. I really worked with this and am grateful for this lesson as I have embraced my power. I recognize that my intuition was accurate and have shut the door to the toxicity that was trying to come in.

    Thank you for all that you share.
    Love and hugs

  • kathy waits

    I have loved how the cards have helped me in a situation that has happened and I had no control over. Everyday I would wonder what to do next and go to the cards hoping for a better outcome. Unfortunately the cards were very accurate every day and have helped me come to an acceptance of the situation that is out of my control. Even though I was hoping for a better outcome, they always told the truth.

  • Anonymous

    I have learnt so much from you and your cards, thank you! The cards have really helped me to see how synchronicity works. But I have decided to take a rest from the cards, trying to focus on being here and now – I have a bit more to learn before I can handle not “giving away my power to the cards”. The cards do not lie but my way of interpreting them is not always correct and that misguides me sometimes. Do you ever take a rest from the cards in your personal life? Thank you very much for giving so much of yourself and your wisdom!

    • Tiziana Amagda Morgana

      I took a rest lasted 5 years from Tarot (2006 – 2011) but in the meanwhile I learnt Runes. They have no images, only symbols or glyphs, and every one of them has a lot of meanings, so I had to develop my intuition and a set of keywords. It helped me so much. I don’t use physical decks daily, but I always pull something daily from some apps, and they help me so much.

  • Veroshka

    Love this, so very true. So reminded me of a clip I saw yesterday and the thoughts that go with it. Probably planted tumbleweeds in my dreams, it always seems to be out of reach, or when I think I have arrived, a nice huge gust of wind just sends all these tumbleweed of dreams rolling to the next goalpost 😁 so loved this in your writing today “You’re sprinkling some weed seeds, honey! One more clunker on its way!” So funny 😂🤣💞💞

  • Sage

    The cards have told me to rest. Spring keeps coming up as well and has over and over since fall. So I’m resting until then and can’t wait to see what spring has in store for me. It’s been a learning experience to figure out what I do want and what I want to give my energy to. I was giving my energy away to the wrong things. I also was manifesting incorrectly. I thought I’d given up the outcome, but I hadn’t! I was holding tight! Set intentions, not outcomes. Noted!

    I still need to work on why love keeps coming up. I have no interest in relationships right now but may need to dig deeper and let myself be a bit vulnerable, though I’m still hoping that’s not the case! We’ll see what the cards say when I’m brave enough to ask!

    I also keep getting messages about a co-creater/helper/guide. I think I’ve finally figured out it isn’t a person but the universe and my own inner dialogue I need to collaborate with!

    Lots and lots of inner work for sure…

  • Pat Burrows

    Lol, I feel like you were a fly on my wall today! Thank you, and the Oracles for the wisdom you brought to me today. Can’t wait to try out the new deck when it’s ready!

  • Lilla Petrocitto

    I’m 71, already have done an ORACLE COURSE with you, and have nearly all decks, digital (which I lost a few with device upgrades) and hard copies.
    They give me immense pleasure and have comforted many friends and family. Artwork is stunning but must confess, I prefer ones with shorter information, everyone is so much on a RUSH here in Australia.
    Digital much more assessable, but would love if COMMERCIALS, would appear after reading, as the Connection gets warped for me.
    I admire the non stop works, help and chances available.

  • Ann

    Love the yellow with the flowers

  • Maggie

    Thank you love the blog wisely said.

  • Heather

    This video is filled with a joyful energy! Thank you so much not only for your wisdom on how to read oracle cards (from front to back, as well as individually and collectively), but, also your spirited energy! I own one of your decks, but, honestly, one of my favorite parts of my day is to do a reading with your online decks; it’s a great jumping off point for my intuition. Thank you and many blessings to you!

  • Moira

    You are an amazing teacher! ❤️

  • Anna

    Hi Collette,
    I find the messages I’m receiving are confusing – some tell me to rest and be observant (fits right now as I have cancer and fatigue is a constant companion) but then the next message tells me to get out there and try something new and exciting.
    What should I be focusing on?

  • susan lauinger

    The cards don’t lie. But I find that many times I am lying to myself and completely unaware that I am doing it. The cards always set me straight.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your beautiful decks! I recently got the Wisdom of the Oracle deck and have been choosing a card each day with the intention of getting to know the deck with daily guidance. In the past five days I have chosen the same card – in protection – four times! What does that mean?

  • Nance

    I missed this writing and video when it first came out. I am interested in the Oracle Cards 101 and was wondering how I can sign up?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Hi Nance, you didn’t miss anything! It’s coming out this month! Next week I’ll be sharing my free Oracle Card Secrets Masterclass that you will want to check our first! I’ll be sharing more about Oracle Cards 101 on my website, social and via email in the coming weeks.

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