Course Correction from the Universe!

Updated: August 31, 2020

Think back to the last time you had your heart set on something — a job that’s perfect for you, a new apartment in the building you’ve had your eye on, the Caribbean cruise you’ve been planning for months — only to see it evaporate in front of your eyes. Someone else (with less experience) gets the job. The apartment sells before you can even make a phone call. Your trip gets canceled because of bad weather. 

No matter how “zen” you might consider yourself, it can be hard to not feel disappointed and let down when your dream bubble is burst into one big cloud of “WTF?!”

But have you ever then found out later that your sidetrack actually led you to something better — or at least helped you avoid a nasty situation? The new company ends up going bankrupt… you found a better apartment a month later at a lower price… the refund for your canceled trip gave you a cushion in your bank account that you ended up needing for car repairs. 

Suddenly, what seemed like a curse is actually a blessing — or a lesson — in disguise. 

I’ve lost count of how many times this has happened to me, where something I wanted desperately seemed to be taken away, but what I got instead was what I was meant to have all along! 

Prime example: Most of my life, I knew I was going to be a singer. There was no doubt in my mind. I was born to perform, and even had recording deals and multiple albums. I was on my way! But then my singing career hit the rocks, and I couldn’t understand it. This was my path… wasn’t it? Little did I know that what would replace a singing career was this wild and wacky world of Oracle Cards, including TV shows, radio shows, books, Oracle Card decks, traveling and speaking around the world, and yes, sometimes singing (whether you all want to hear it or not!). Now, as much as I love to sing, I can’t imagine living another life. I’m doing what was meant to do. 

Wisdom and insight come with time. In the moment, though, it’s not easy feeling like you’ve been sideswiped by Spirit. You can feel disappointed, betrayed and let down — and left wondering if you did something wrong. Like if you’d just meditated more or done some metaphysical juju you could have avoided whatever hurtful situation you’re now facing.

Rejected when you thought they were THE ONE? Ouchie! 

But what if we looked at these challenging situations from a different perspective — as a way the Universe uses to teach us and protect us?  

I like to think of this in terms of Oracle Cards. When I’m working with newer students, they often are downright scared of what we call “reverse cards,” or cards that appear upside-down in their reading. Sometimes this is a holdover from their experience working with other divination tools, such as the medieval interpretations of the Tarot, where reverse cards have been associated with bad news or have a “dark” quality to them. 

I see reverse cards — and events! — very differently. I believe they are a way the Universe is actually protecting us… and so I refer to them as “protection cards” in several of my decks, such as Wisdom of the Oracle and Spirit Animal. 

Here’s what I mean. Let’s say you and your best friend are single and ready to mingle, and you’re out on the town, (assuming you’re allowed to…!)  dressed to kill with face masks bedazzled with crystals and glitter, and excited as heck. A total hottie comes up and starts putting the moves on you. You’re ten minutes into the conversation and imagining what beautiful babies you’ll have together (once you’ve had your Covid tests of course). That’s when your BFF leans over and says, “That one’s bad news. He two-timed Sheila and Jae, and Marie says he still owes her a thousand bucks.” 

If you’re smart, you’ll smile, excuse yourself, and get the heck away from this disaster on two (very cute) legs. You just saved yourself a ton of heartache, right? 

Yes, you’re disappointed that your Mr. or Ms. 10 turned out to be sub-zero, but aren’t you glad you didn’t invest a month or 20 in a relationship with this loser? All thanks to a little protection redirection from someone who’s got your best interests at heart. 

Here’s another example. This one happened at Oracle School a while back. Students were pulling one-card readings, and one woman pulled the Soulmates card in reverse, about a relationship she was about to enter into. What this card reminded her was that this current guy she was thinking about was bringing up all kinds of familiar patterns, unhealthy stuff from relationships in her past that she wanted to move beyond. Yes, she had been all excited about meeting this man. But because she was open to the message from the Universe, this card helped her see what she’d been ignoring — the unhealthy patterns she was tempted to fall into again. This gave her the opportunity to make a different choice and avoid heartache and struggle. 

What if this is what the Universe is doing all the time? I firmly believe we’re creating reality between two pillars of truth. On one hand, we co-create in partnership with the divine. Our thoughts and feelings create an energy field that draws circumstances to us. But on the other hand, we must accept life on life’s terms. We don’t always call all the shots. Sometimes we get a big piece of suck pie served to us. The question then becomes, can we find the lesson or meaning in the tough times? 

That job you would have given anything for? Maybe the boss is a jerk, or the company was going under. The soulmate who’s moving cross-country the month after you meet? Maybe there’s some needed growth on both your parts before you’re ready to be together, and if you tried to connect now, it would be too soon and it wouldn’t work out. You can’t see all that, but Spirit can. 

Reverse cards in an Oracle Card reading are ways the Universe protects and directs you. The same goes for things we might consider “reverse events” in our lives. Unexpected and potentially unwanted redirects can be protectors, opportunities to do things differently and make new choices (this post is specifically about our individual, personal choices and situations, but I’ve talked a lot in recent months about how we as a collective are being given a grand opportunity to rethink everything and create something new!). So those obstacles, disappointments, twists and turns in the road… instead of thinking of them as setbacks, think of them as Divinely inspired protection, think of them as the Universe’s way of steering you and helping you correct course when needed. 

Remember, you are so very loved. Trust that everything is working out for you — even if you can’t see it right in this moment. Two sayings here come to mind. “What is for you won’t go past you” and “Rejection is God’s protection”. 

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  • Darlene Vasser

    Hi Colette,

    I’m in your Membership Circle but the first time I read your blog. I have 3 decks of yours and use them almost every day. I attend most Spirit Jams since I began following you. Still waiting excited and hoping to be read and listen to others that do get read. However, reading your blog today helped me be calm as I’m still seeking employment. Rather than get freaked out I decided to read your blog. I’m so glad I did. Love all the reminders!

    Peace and light,

    Darlene Vasser

  • Amber

    Wow, I got this email moments after an apartment we had a hearts set on fell through…literally 1 or 2 minutes after. Spirit reminding me of how things work in case I forget in my moment of disappointment 🦋🤍🦋

  • Yolanda

    I always ask, “ what’s the gift?” For example, the other night at singing showcase I was suppose to perform two songs. The second song the band didn’t know and it was bombing! My teachers stop the band and told me to sing it a cappella, so I did. After that, the keyboardist felt so bad he offered me a to do a free demo at the music studio because I handled the situation like a professional. There’s the gift! We can’t see it at the time but the Universe always has our best interests at Heart!

    • Debbie

      Yolanda, Thank you for sharing your story. How uplifting and a good reminder to me there is a gift in situations.

  • Hy

    Beautifully written

  • Rachel

    Your writing was a delight. Thanks 😊

  • Sandra Eggerstedt

    Before Oracle School, I saw reversals, rejections, denials etc in a negative hurtful manner. Now I see them as You have said in You blog, as a way to course correct. It took a while to see it that way though!!! Sometimes I still want what I want but have to sit back n my disappointment and realize My plans need a course correction. So very Grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from You Colette and from Spirit. Oracle cards have become a guide to a better way of living.
    Thank You Thank You Thank You

  • Mila

    You are beautiful soul, thank you very much for your daily inspirations!

    • Normajeane

      I have your Teaching Deck
      Can I pull one card each day
      Sometimes find it too deep to use more then 1 card
      Before my yoga ?
      Had the Deck about 6 mths

  • Renee Sugar

    Thank you for this Colette,
    Just the message that I needed to read. SPIRITS’ DELAYS ARE NOT DENIALS.
    I too was “terminated” after 3 1/2 years working with an emerging entrepreneur. Layed off at the beginning of Covid, and when stage two was announced the door was closed. As the sole employee and right hand to the owner that ending was very difficult as I played a significant role in the development of the business. We both tried really hard, but the traffic flow wasn’t strong enough to
    sustain the expenses. It was clear that we had been struggling for some time, and Covid was the right time to close the door with some dignity. Everything changed with Covid, and coming home was necessary as we were both exhausted. I remember the day the owner came to my home and we stood on the sidewalk wearing a mask and I handed her my key. So sad for both of us. I am very fortunate to be supported through this transformative time by a government program and have used the time to nurture many creative hobbies that I thoroughly enjoy. Reminder there is so much more to who we are than what we do. This has been a time for deep healing, integration and reflection about what’s next? Although I am 64 I do not want to retire, and am investing my time attending webinars, and listening to speakers, and coaches from across the globe, trying to reframe, and build a new vision. When will a new door open ? At the divinely appropriate time . So I continue to claim all of the resources that I have to offer, trying to keep an open mind about the form and how I will find the next doorway? In the meantime, I will hold the intention that there is a place looking for someone just like me, where I will be valued, and remunerated in fair exchange. I am very fortunate to have been given the gift of time to heal and to come home to a safe place. Thank you as always for the opportunity to share in this blog. I hope what I write is helpful to others.

  • Neena

    Very helpful, thank you for the reminder.

  • Sheila

    Thank you so very much for this valuable reminder Colette! I know how true your words are. Such a big disappointment after planning my first trip to Italy, spending months learning the language and dreaming about the adventure, when my magical flying carpet is suddenly pulled out from under me because of ‘you know what’. Well, as a single, self-employed artist I forge ahead, knowing and trusting that the Universe always has my back and wants only the very best for me. Thank you for always being the beautiful and gifted reminder of that undeniable truth.

    • Marilyn Lomas

      Thank you Collette receiving your email at this time has helped to raise my spirits.. blessings to you and everyone in these trying times, and trusting the universe has my back.

    • Tiziana Amagda Morgana

      Hi Sheila, I am an Italian follower of Colette. If you like, you can exercise your Italian language skills with me, waiting for your travel. You can find me on Facebook. Blessings of Light

      Tiziana Amagda Modotti

  • Lynn

    That’s what I love about you, Colette… you always look for and find the silver lining! Thank you.

  • Joan Batten

    This so true! I was so excited about going to the beach one weekend morning that I could not contain myself. I needed that connection to the water so badly. We were all set, just feeding our cats before leaving and Tiger Lily got sick on our bed and over the side. Such a big mess! It took us over an hour to clean up.
    Since the beach isn’t close by it meant our trip was cancelled that day. I was mad and heart broken. My husband suggested we try again the next day.
    It was perfect. We got there so early we had to wait for the state park to open. We were 4th in line! The area was chose had only 1 man fishing far from us. Great! Well we had the entire beach to ourselves for 5 hrs! Impossible these days.
    When we decided to leave is when more people were arriving.
    Spirit gave us the perfect beach day ever. I thanked Tiger Lily too for her upset tummy. ✨😻

  • Bonita

    Beautiful reminder! I just accepted a job that is not my favorite (bringing in old patterns) and 24 hours later I found out one of the staff members tested positive for COVID. I had been getting the nudge that not wearing face masks in the office was against my better judgement but pushed that aside. The Universe definitely course corrected me. (I’m 64).

  • Kathryn

    I love reading your blogs & look forward to them every week. They always ring a bell in my head & help me to remember. Thank you Colette!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Colette
    God’s greatest gift to us is in unanswered prayers. We just need to trust he knows best and for our highest good
    Let go and let God
    In Love and light

  • Cailin Webb

    Well put Colette. I’m watching every day all the twists and turns going.on in the world and thoroughly believe Spirit has it all in hand. “To everything there is a time and s purpose”. I will pass your words to a friend who is in need at this time.
    Thanks for showing up looking so gorgeous every day with your delightful personality and smile 😊❤❤❤

  • Shelley

    Yes! I totally trust this now even though my ” small self” may want to sulk. An elder at meetings taught me ” I’m glad I didn’t get what I wanted when I wanted it, because then I wouldn’t have what I’ve got now, which is what I would have wanted if I’d know about it at the time!” 🥰
    Blessings and love💞💞

  • Kathryn

    Yes, this happened with a dream job in 2013! I was in the running to work for the MGM in Las Vegas as an Executive Assistant in Marketing. HR, the hiring manager and the Director were all set to make me an offer….and then, I got the dreaded ”Thank you for your interest” email. I didn’t get the job! I cried for days.

    Then, one sunny day, I got an email from an previous boss, asking me to come work with him at a new resort. And the starting pay was 20k more!! And, it turned out that the person I would have reported to at the MGM, turned out to be a total jerk. Not to mention that today, I probably would be laid off anyway under the mass unemployment in the U.S.

    So yes, rejection is absolutely God’s protection!


  • Chris

    I always appreciate the insight and humor of your writing. Thank you for being you.

  • Barbara

    This is a needed reminder for me every once in a while. We forget that sometimes the best is around the corner!! It’s a great way to look at changes we don’t expect – the universe may have something better in mind! Thanks so much Colette!!

  • Lynn Segarra

    This is so true…. when something doesn’t work out for me the way I want it to, I always think ..ok… It wasn’t meant for me and its not in Spirits plan. Something better will come my way.
    Then I try to remember to be grateful for what I have. (its taken me many years to finally get it! Lots of hard work and its always a process and a learning experience that never ever ends.)
    If there ever comes a day where I think OK, Im finished, I know it all and don’t need any more teachings… That is the day Spirit will show me… Ya think so, and BOOM. Back down to square one.
    I heard this a few weeks ago and now its my favorite:
    Do you think of the glass as half full or half empty? Neither! Im just grateful to have the glass.

  • Cornelia Rutherford

    Hi Colette
    I am very disappointed about this recent post of yours. We all should know by now that not the Universe did bring that situation over us! With this post you give support to…. for us to stay further with bended knees and accept what we never would have accepted before instead of getting off our knees!
    I am a Oracle Circle member and a long time follower of you still. But now I am really wondering, how you mix up things and blame it on the Universe or God. God wants us to be happy and fulfilled – this now is not from God!!!!!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      dearest Cornelia, thank you for this. To clarify. I believe 100% that God wants the best for us. It is humans that cause strife and it is our illusion of being separate from God that is our biggest downfall. Our job is to discover meaning even in the most difficult experiences. My blog was not speaking in full generality, only about how, at times when something is withheld from us and we look back we can see the value in the lessons learned about attachment and insistence that we get our way all the time. That said I also believe in fighting for what is right- but again this is a human story. The blog was illustrating only the aspects of looking back and seeing value of times when we got something better that made us happier.

  • JB Owen

    I Love the Title of your blog, “Course Correction”! Good one for sure! Yes, I am SO grateful that most of the time, I am open to what the Universe is trying to tell me. However, there have been times when I was in my “self” mode and I did not want to hear it! Any of it! Especially when it came to relationships. I had to learn the hard way, unfortunately. But I believe that each lesson, each time the Universe has shown me the Truth about the situation, it was ALWAYS for my Highest Good! <3 Maybe at this stage of my life, I am finally ready to Listen. Thank you Colette for sharing your insights. JB

  • Aaron Scott

    It’s a little odd that after just releasing a deck on manifesting and co creating your dreams in partnership with Spirit, that she would write this blog basically telling you to give up on a dream. I personally, have a lot of different “dreams” or goals. I am just not 100% clear on which one to pursue. It’s interesting that my sun sign card this week was The Land Between from the new deck. Very similar to the Between Worlds card in WOTO. Or The “Dreamer” from the tarot. All things said, I really like the new one. X0

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this isn’t about giving up on a dream its about “surrendering the outcome!” All my dreams have come true just not always in the form I expected.. 😉 its a dance .. between desire and release xooxox

  • Åsa Nilsson

    Hi birthday twin! Åsa here from Sweden! Thank you for this blog post, you made me laugh. Love the visuals of the night out. 🙂

    I am wanting to learn more about Oracle cards and I want to buy one deck. And I want it to be one of yours, of course! Which one would you recommend?

    I am 53, a soulful and spiritual gal who wants to start trusting her intuition more and more. I am learning more about Astrology from your cutie pie friend Debra Silverman and reading her book right now. I want to start applying these cool lessons in my work as well so your insight is really appreciated.

    Thank you and big hugs!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Wisdom of The Oracle !!! BIIIIG HUG.. come join us at Oracle School we are going to launch again in a few weeks xooxoxox

  • Helena

    Always a pleasure to read, good food for thought. Thank you

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