Create Your Purposeful Connection to Spirit: The Seventh Energy!

Updated: April 12, 2021

Higher thought.



God consciousness.



Does that list seem way too ambitious for little old you to ever attain? 

Well, my darling… all these things are already part of you. You just need to learn how to access your seventh energy, that we connect to through Higher Thought. 

It is through the seventh energy that we make our unique and purposeful connection to Spirit, to the Conscious Universe, to our Higher Power, God, or whatever name you use. 

This truth can cause much confusion because so many people have grown up steeped in religiosity,  and shame. If you were taught that guilt was the path to God, or that the Great Spirit lies outside of yourself, your seventh energy may be out of whack! 

When you’re unbalanced in this center, you can become blind to your inherent and innate connection to the Divine. You don’t see how magical you truly are, and how all of life is infused with divine spirit. Instead, you can tell stories about how you feel like a disconnected victim, over worked, doing everything “all by myself” rather than a co-creator in partnership with Spirit. 

Spirit Is Within

Hear me when I say, being spiritual does not depend upon how “good” you are, or how successfully you are at obeying dogmatic rules. Instead, a connection with the Divine is your innate gift, simply for being alive. You cannot be separated from God, the Universe, Gaia, whatever name you choose, because all is One. 

If you feel distant from Spirit, unworthy, or otherwise rejected — I can relate! 

I grew up with lots of confusing experiences around church and religion, and as time went on, and I struggled with drugs and alcohol, I lost touch with my connection to Spirituality altogether. It wasn’t until my mid 20s when I hit bottom and got clean and sober that I slowly, surely found a way back to a life interwoven with Spirit. 


Here’s the revolutionary thing: It didn’t involve working harder, being different or “more” than I was, or otherwise changing myself, other than opening my heart to healing my perception of being separate from Spirit. Spirit simply asked me to show up as I was, and embrace who I was created to be. 

Spirituality Does Not Mean Religion

So let me take you back to my childhood. I was unknowingly the daughter of a Jewish mother whose father was murdered in a concentration camp, and who pretended to be Christian to survive the war. I had no idea I was Jewish until my 20s! 

As a young child, I went to an Anglican church every Sunday and attended an Anglican school. I loved it. I sang in the choir, I had friends there. Lots of rituals. This church was our social life! The whole church experience always made me feel good. I just felt at home there. 

My parents didn’t like the teacher for Grades 3 and 4, so I enrolled in a Catholic school. That was just fine with me — I made friends, got voted as vice president of my 4th-grade class, and loved the whole thing. But what seemed like a beautiful innocent way of worshipping God, quickly became confusing. 

One day, I was excited because the class president was sick, which meant I got to lead prayers in chapel. When it came time, I jumped up to read – but all of a sudden, Sister Bertille, one of the nuns, grabbed me by the arm really hard and dragged me back to my chair – she actually hurt me! – and she said, “Sit down! You are not Catholic!” … and I was totally shocked! 

It was my first experience of realizing… wait, so all of our Jesuses are not the same?? I was only 8 or 9, so I couldn’t comprehend what the big deal was. How could God not be the same God? What difference did it make if I was Anglican or Catholic or something else? I was totally confused and hurt, that somehow I didn’t fully belong. 

Things got even more confusing when I came home from school one day and told my mom that I wanted to be a nun and marry Jesus. I mean, what could be better? 

But, SURPRISE, my mom wasn’t on board with that idea. She pulled me out of the Catholic school IMMEDIATELY, and I was never allowed to speak about the idea of becoming a nun again. Now that I know our family history, I understand why. But at the time, it was just another way I was told that what I wanted was somehow wrong or bad. 

So back to the Anglican school I went. My relationship with God started to get even more complicated in those years. To add some more spice to the mix, my dad decided he wanted to introduce us to his religion and his cultural Slavic heritage, so we started going to this dance troupe at the Serbian Orthodox church. 

On the one hand, I loved learning the traditional folk dances and history and getting to know the culture… but there was this weird chauvinism there too. In the church, the men sat on one side and the women on the other. And you could just feel that women were second class citizens there… and that really didn’t sit well with me. 

At the same time, things in my home life and my family were getting harder and harder. I was navigating a difficult relationship with my mother, and eventually, my parents losing all of their money… I was going through a lot of personal, internal turmoil. And with it, I started separating myself more and from God and religion.

God Lives Everywhere

What I understood about God was a weird mix of different religions, and add in some divination taught to me by my Scottish nanny, and my Dad, and you can see how mixed up I was! I felt like I didn’t belong here, there, or anywhere. 

Always on the outside, looking in. Looking back, I realize I was looking for spirituality and a High Power always and everywhere and I always have been.

Talk about being out of balance. Wisdom, knowledge, ego transcendence… forget it! I was too busy getting drunk and high and running away from myself. There just wasn’t any room for God in my life. I figured God looked at me as one big mistake. And I kept pulling further and further away. 

Acceptance was the farthest thing from my experience!


Until I learned that Spirit transcends all religion.  

My “aha!” moment didn’t happen in a church or a temple or a Buddhist monastery. Basically, I had a spiritual awakening in the bathroom of my drug dealer’s basement after a multi-day bender. I was a mess. 

I was holding onto the dirty sink, staring in the mirror – I was so thin, my eyes were jaundiced and my teeth were loose in my mouth, gums bleeding. I had become a cocaine addict and finally seeing myself exactly as I was, all of a sudden, I just hit bottom. 

I looked at myself and I just remember saying, “Help me, God.”

Leaving the Past Stories Behind

But it was different than before. It wasn’t a plea for a momentary escape so I could return to my same life. This time, I really knew I was done. And for the first time, I really FELT that God hadn’t deserted me. I felt this incredible love and Presence encircle me, and I heard a voice that simply said, “It’s over.”

That was God. Not a God of judgment. Not a God of fly-swatter punishment. Not a God of anger at me for not being good enough. But an all-loving Presence that took me just as I was. And as soon as I made the decision, it was like everything started falling into place and working. Doors started to open left and right for me. 

That experience led to my recovery, which is at its core a spiritual journey. 

A friend of mine knew someone who was starting a brand new women’s treatment center and I was able to get a spot. I’ll never forget the feeling. Like the Universe was working with me and I started to feel that sense of connectedness and co-creation with Spirit (even though I didn’t know yet that this is what I was feeling). It felt like magic.

The program showed us how to take accountability and practice rigorous honesty in our lives. We got the chance to see ourselves through the eyes of the divine. To really get that no matter what we had done, we were accepted and loved by Spirit. And through that, to see that we had another shot. It really was incredible. That program changed my life and it reconnected me to a Higher Power. And I never looked back… 

Working this spiritual program of recovery was the first time I understood that I didn’t have to BE anything in particular to have that connection to Spirit or the Universe. I didn’t need to call it anything specific. I didn’t need a certain denomination. I didn’t have to be anything and at the same time, I could be anything – and still be accepted and loved by my Higher Power. 

During my recovery, I rediscovered parts of me I’d buried away, including my intuitive gifts. Divination tools like Runes, the Tarot, and Oracle Cards (of course!) became a sacred bridge between my spirituality and my intuitive psychic abilities. I was so excited by the way the cards allowed me to connect directly to my Higher Power and get clear guidance from the Divine on my path. 

Finding Your Path

From there on out, I was 100% committed to my spirituality… but it was different this time. It was from a place of choice and exploration. I continued going to meetings and working this spiritual program. I really learned the power of prayer and meditation. I didn’t even have to look for spiritual experiences – I saw them everywhere!

I went to every kind of meditation group you can imagine until I found one that fit me. I started attending a Unity church every week – sometimes twice a week. And I read book after book about spirituality. That was all I did for two straight years. 

The Unity church in particular had a massive impact on my renewed relationship with Spirit because it was a return to the biblical stories I grew up hearing but through a new lens. It was a Christian church, but they didn’t really care if you were Christian or Jewish or anything else… it was about the allegory of life through the stories of the Bible. 

So for the first time, I got to experience the stories I grew up with in a way I could relate to. I could actually see myself in the stories. 

So through finding an environment where I could explore these stories in a way that felt safe, and that blended it all together with meditation and the folk music I loved, I was able to heal so much of my relationship with religion and with God, and actually start to connect to the Universe – to a Higher Power that was loving, accepting, and present in everything.  

Spiritual Balance Leads to Love

As I became more balanced and integrated, my life stopped being about goals or ambitions, and instead, it became about service, compassion, peace and self-love. To this day, I continue to practice prayer and meditation, and when I don’t I get unbalanced. I continue doing the healing work, and I keep feeling more connected to the Universe. 

This can be your experience, too. No matter what your background, your wounds, your past beliefs, when you start to put Spirit first and see everything in life as Spirit, your whole world can transform. And that’s really what the 7th energy is all about. 

When this energy is in alignment in your life, you will feel that sense of connectedness and total liberation at once. 



In love, freedom, and harmony,

P.S. I hope I’ve inspired you to look at the interconnection of energies in your own life. If you’d like a guided experience to balancing and integrating your seven energies, please join me for my free 7 Energies Challenge

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We start on April 14th, 2021!

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  • Colleen R Richards

    Wow, did I just see my past slide across my mind, yes I did, I could see me doing the same. Bouncing from church to church and not knowing where I fit in, Plus not being wanted because of a divorced mother, doing everything I could to fit in, Drinking, drugs, Men, Black magic, and everything that made me feel like I was a part of something, but really wasn’t., I am so looking forward to the 7 energies challenge, at first I thought is was just one I needed to work on, but after all of this I realize it is All of them.
    Thank you Colette for your guidance, and am looking forward to the 14th.

  • Veroshka

    Wow, for the first time in my long life I finally get what the 7th energy is about! OMG if this energy is aligned, how can anything else be out of alignment – it is just not possible… thank you so much Colette 💕💕💕

  • Anonymous

    Wow 💜💜

  • Candace Smith

    Tyvm Colette,🙏
    For being of service & sharing your story. Much understanding… I am 56. I got married at 16. I was in that abuse of marriage for 17 years,had 2 children,lost one. Thankfully that marriage ended. But our adult children from that marriage now have been in abusive marriages & relationships. One has been in an abusive marriage also for right at 17 years, so severe that drug addiction, severe PTSD domestic violence syndrome and a type of schizophrenia because of it all… And we are still dealing with that at this moment. The other one in another domestic relationship. We lost all grandchildren to others & haven’t seen them in many years.
    I have been on my journey Awakening begin in 2010… Then around 2011 I got into oracle cards. I’ve been working hard to try and break all generational cycles & patterning…

  • Brenda

    Wow, I to church hopped as a child, until my teens when it became uncool, well so I thought.
    From Sunday school, to the Church of England, to the baptist church, and the Catholic Church, wherever my friends went I went.
    Then I married young and my then husband is an atheist, my now husband is catholic.
    What a confusing mess, I didn’t fit anywhere except being a mum.
    Then trauma hit me like a brick, and my intake of anxiety medication was or seemed my only way out.
    I had 2 choices up or down, I chose up.
    This is where my spiritual journey began, I started with meditation and released myself of my meds, this took 18months!
    I realised all those churches / religions were all saying the same thing.
    After doing an emotional fitness gym with meditation
    I then found oracle school, frowned by many of my family/friends, but with my hard work I now know different.
    Making me a better person each day and when I fall I don’t stay there as long, I get up and continue my journey and that’s internal peace ☮️ thank you 😊

  • Elizabeth Krebs

    I so relate to all of this and so many of the comments that have been posted. I am getting ready to turn 60yrs old and have been on my current spiritual path for three years now. But I feel like I take two steps forward and then one step backwards. For many years I bounced from one religion to another and never found peace. Then realized I needed something very different. I found Colette two years ago and am so grateful to Spirit for guiding me to her. I can’t wait for the 7 energies challenge. I participated in the vision board challenge and that was fantastic!! I know this new challenge will be just as awe inspiring! Thank you Colette for everything!!!

  • Tanya Jones

    That’s one of the things I love about you, your openness, you are so admired , thank you for sharing and your teachings!

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