The Magic of 11:11!

Updated: November 14, 2023

Embracing the Magic of 11:11

As long as I can remember, the number 11:11 seems to show up just when I need a dose of guidance, or as a way to make me pay special attention to what’s going on around me. 

Many people call 11:11 an angel number, but I’ve always considered it as a “butterfly kiss” from Spirit, a message that I’m loved and cared for. 

It’s so fun to see the creative and playful ways that Spirit can communicate with us, and this has always been one of my favorites throughout my life. 

11:11 During My Teen Years

As I’ve shared many times before, my teen years were fraught with angst, stress, and anxiety (for me and my family!). This period was very difficult for me in large part because I could sense I was different from others, but I had no way of processing the strong emotions, prescient dreams, or intuitive “hits” I would get. 

Many of those intuitive episodes were preceded by periods where 11:11 would show up everywhere from clocks to the combination on my locker. At the time, I noticed the pattern, but I thought it was simply coincidence, not synchronicity

What does 11:11 Mean? 

Now I know that the double eleven signifies times when change is coming, as well as confirmation that I’m moving in the right direction. 

Getting a glimpse of 11:11 as I’m considering a decision gives me confidence that I’m never alone and Spirit is always with me and guiding me. 

Universal Significance of 11:11

But the magic of 11:11 doesn’t start and end with me. It’s something others have experienced, too! Most people — even those who don’t consider themselves to be “spiritually aware” — know that there’s something special when 11:11 appears during their day. 

When I had a weekly radio show with Hay House, hundreds of people would email me to tell me about the significance of 11:11 in their own lives.

When a clock shows this time or the number shows up in other forms, it’s hard NOT to pay attention! But as fun as it is to catch a glimpse of it, you may not be aware about this number’s powerful underpinnings. 

The Numerology of 11

In numerology, each letter of the English alphabet represents a numerical value, which is linked to a set of basic qualities or energies. Number 1 corresponds to confidence, inventiveness, leadership, action, and creative thought. And when doubled in 11, it’s considered to be in a special category of “master numbers.”

The figure 11:11 is an invitation to everyone to pay attention, to notice synchronicities, to be aware of the Divine, and to see how Spirit is guiding us. Even when 11:11 is associated with difficult lessons and experiences, as it has been for me, it still serves to open our awareness to see beyond the obvious. 

For another insightful take on the meaning of 11:11 and how we can work with these numbers when they show up, check out this clip from my interview with numerologist Glynis McCants on my podcast INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE: 

The Significance of 11:11 in Today’s World

Many of my audience members, readers, and students report that they’ve seen 11:11 popping up with more frequency lately. That’s not surprising, considering the major shifts that are occurring in the world right now! 

When you become aware of 11:11 in your daily life, take it as a sign that Spirit is speaking directly to you, and is reminding you that you — body, mind, and spirit — are one with the Divine. 

In my book, Messages from Spirit, I even suggest that you keep a journal of 11:11 to track how Spirit is communicating with you, and what the messages might mean.  

Start with these questions: 

1. What were you doing when this experience happened? 

2. Can you recall times in your past when 11:11 was associated with something important that happened, or when you received a nudge from Spirit through 11:11?

3. What kind of intuitive feelings did you have at the time? 

4. How do you now recognize this as a message from Spirit?

When you keep track of the occurrences of 11:11 in your life, you might be surprised at what comes up!

Reflect and Learn

The next time you see 11:11 on a clock, on the odometer of your car, or even on the scoreboard of a football game, take a moment to ask what you need to pay attention to. What message are you being given? What guidance is coming your way? Listen to the answers from your intuition. They won’t steer you wrong!

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Share Your 11:11 Experiences

I’d love to hear from you – where has the number 11:11 showed up in your life and what’s your favorite way to work with it when it shows up?



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  • Katrina Brewer

    Hi Colette, My name is Katrina, I’m 38yrs old, 11:11 would always catch my eye, on just about anything that had a number. But it didn’t stop there, it then went to 11:43 for quite a few yrs, and now it’s 12:46, I still see the 11:11 and the 11:43 here and there but 12:46 is always there, I feel it’s telling me that everything will be okay, and Iv had a lot of life learning around these numbers. thanks for your post. Hope you enjoy reading mine x ☺️

    • Shelley

      Thank you Colette.
      Your Book ” Messages from Spirit ” is the first of your books that I read. I felt so very comforted to read about your experiences and to know that I was not the only one with some of the things you mention!
      I see 11:11 regularly as well as my personal faves 17:07 and 4:44. I love the reassuring feeling that Spirit always has our back 💖 Also, thank you for your work to remind us all of this 💖

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been seeing the number 11, 1:11 or11:11 showing up at lot in the last month to the point where I asked in my prayer for it to be removed as I wasn’t sure what it meant, and it put fear in me. I’m still not sure why I was recieving this so often, most often I would wake up and the time would be one of those numbers.

    • Diane

      I’ve been seeing 1:11, 11:11, 11:44 and 4:44 since my Husband passed away. I don’t know if this represents him or if my angels are sending me messages. They do comfort me but I would like to understand this better. Numbers 333 555 as well.

  • Sharon Kiehlbauch

    I’ve been seeing the number 11, 1:11 or11:11 showing up at lot in the last month to the point where I asked in my prayer for it to be removed as I wasn’t sure what it meant, and it put fear in me. I’m still not sure why I was recieving this so often, most often I would wake up and the time would be one of those numbers.

  • Heather

    Love the number 11! I was born on 11/11/1961 which was my sisters 2nd birthday, and we are both intuitive, differently but we have some similarities.
    I also feel Angels at 4:44 am and pm

  • Connie haworth

    Thank you for your time and insight.🤗

  • Laura Ramos

    Hi Colette,

    First, I love your Oraclepalooza event and your newest cards! I am new to using Oracle cards, and really clicked with these.

    I never reply to these type of emails, but 11:11 propelled me. While I often noticed 11:11 in my younger years, now seeing it is bittersweet. My son chose to take his life on 11.11.11. Every time I see 11:11 I am reminded of him and smile, but have not been able to assimilate the idea that spirit is talking to me through this.

    I’d really like to get your insight, to see what divine connection I am missing in this synchronicity.


  • Rhonda

    As I was reading your email/blog about
    11:11 I happen to look up at the clock and it said 11:11 coincidence?

    • Katina

      Yes thank you so much for this I have been seeing 11:11 for a while a long while now a

  • Leslie Holt

    Yes numbers do play apart of life💜

  • Kristin

    11:11 has been so significant in my life that I put it on my license plates so everyone can have some 11:11 in their day!

  • Mary English

    I have been seeing numbers daily for about 6 weeks now 11:11;444,555,333 I know they are meaningful and powerful but was not able to conect them to anything parrticular .Today I finaly realized I had an inportant life changing decision to make I believe seeing those nunber were a sign that something was happening .now I feel I know what it was and That I have been fully supported in that journey incredibly gratefull!!!

  • Michelle

    Thank you Colette for your joyous explanations of what is. If you don’t mind, I’m adding this blog to my blog post regarding my 11:11 experience during meditation yesterday. It was quite amazing! Thank you again for giving me a perfect example to share with my readers. I LOVE your energy!

  • Susan McCord

    Hi Colette, I see consecutive numbers every day, all day long. It’s happening so often now that I just smile and say hello to the angels who are around me at those times. I thank them for keeping me aware that they are always there to support me. I often ask for guidance as well.

  • Michelle Meredith

    Hi Colette, I don’t tend to see 11.11, I see 22.22 or 2.22 or 3.33. I don’t know if they have the same meaning, but whenever I see them I have to smile and just say Thank you and even then, I don’t know why, but it feels right and always gives me a feel good moment.

  • Tammy Miller

    Colette, , Do the numbers 888 have any significance. Approximately 1 year ago at 12:00 a.m. I saw these numbers 3 times in a row. I’ve never seen this before in my life! Is this a coincidence or just a fluke? It literally freaked me out!

  • Becca

    My sister and I text each other 11:11 & 1:11, almost everyday, when it’s that time. 😍

  • Jessica

    My son was born 11/11/11 and since then 11 has been a special number. I see it all the time!

  • Casey cahalan

    Before my mom died I asked her when will we know she’s there with us, she said 111 and red balloons. I see them everywhere all the time. But then I would notice that I would see 1111 on a license plate and look down at the clock in my car and it was 1111, so I would getting doubles. I started to pay attention to what was I thinking just before I saw that. It was not always the best thoughts(recent divorce and negative stuff) but I didn’t correct those thoughts and now because of this podcast I see that the universe responded to my thoughts and gave me more. Thank you sooo much, shift in awareness =greater shift in my life

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      that’s amazing, Casey so happy you found your way to this post and seeing all the signs the universe has been leading you to!

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